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googled this: I guess the ideal is in the paper... just add a gnd plane to get a monopole.
I found the document attached online on how to design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna using a coaxial feed. Just go through the design procedure and modify it for elliptical patch. And go through some books of microstrip antenna design, you might find exact design procedure on how to determine the location of the feed point for the (...)
i am doing a project on elliptical patch antenna.i need design equations and calculations please give me any advice for this
Can anyone please design for me an elliptical patch antenna working at 1.5-2.5 GHz. I'll be grateful. Contact -
Hi, all: There are many kinds of structures to achieve UWB performance. The critical point is that you need to give it enough volume for the field. The physical part can be low profile. However, you should give it enough space in the proximity. I tried one antenna with 4 elliptical shapes, I can easily achieve S11 < - 10 dB from 3 to mroe than 1
Hi, A circular polarized wave radiates energy in both the horizontal and vertical planes and all planes in between. The difference, if any, between the maximum and the minimum peaks as the antenna is rotated through all angles, is called the axial ratio or ellipticity and is usually specified in decibels (dB). If the axial ratio is near 0 dB,
Hey, Try looking at the field orientation using the vector field display.. That should give you a fair idea regarding linear polarizations. If you look at the axial ratio of the simulation and if it is between 1 and 2, it is almost circular and if like 4-6, i think you can fairly assume it to be elliptical... Ananth.
Hi! I'm using Meep and what I want to do is simulating two antennas, one tansmitting and the other receiving, and make a comparison between the transmitted and the received pulse. How can I be sure I'm considering the distorsin introduced by antennas? and how can I be sure my antenna is indeed radiating? Is it correct the way I feed (...)
Hi, Wingji: Yes. You can do it quite easily using IE3DLibrary. Please use IE3DLibrary to open the existing examples in .\zeland\ie3d\ie3dlibrary_examples. There are quite some good examples. In fact, the ep4.ie3 file is a very interestsing one. It is a UWB antenna created using 4 elliptical shapes. You can change the dimensions of the (...)
Please find the file: c:\zeland\ie3d\ie3dlibrary_examples\crescent_patch_shifted.ie3 file for IE3DLIBRARY. It is more complicated than the monopole. The structure is object-oriented and fully parameterized. You can just take out the object for the circular circular hole and change the aspect ratio of the elliptical patcha nd it becomes the shape ma
I'm referring to polarization as in Linear, Circular & elliptical. For an antenna in general, there are 1/r, 1/r^2 and 1/r^3 terms for the field. In the near field, the 1/r^2 and 1/r terms are non-zero. Can i say that since the 1/r term exist also in the near field, the polarization would be independent of distance.
I think there are many ways to make a circular polarized patch antenna. Corner truncated is an easy one. The other ways are "dual microstrip-edge-fed circularly polarised rectangular patch antenna", "elliptical edge-fed circularly polarised patch", "circular-polarised slotted cross patch", and many more. I have experience with corner (...)
Hi All, I designed an UWB antenna Using HFSS. Is there any way that i can check the polarization of my antenna (e.g circular-linear-elliptical)?
An elliptical monopole printed antenna, for instance
Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and also to using HFSS for antenna design. I have simulated a design using HFSS and still unsure whether the antenna can be used within the UWB range. So far, I have the VSWR, s11 and Gain radiation patterns in DB from 2-11 GHz(attached). I need advices/suggestions on how to improve on my design, how to plot radia
Ultra Wide Band antennas in PCB can have an elliptical 2D form, for instance. You can find some HFSS tutorials, as starting point to know how to use the software. Ex. em: talk - HFSS Tutorial 1: Microstrip Patch antenna
Rain does not consist of round droplets but have more elliptical size and are tilted (due to wind). So when you excite a rainy area with a vertical polarized wave, the induced current in the rain droplets may have a (small) horizontal current component. This reradiates and creates a horizontal polarized EM wave component. This component couples
can u tel me what formulas used to find the resonating frequency or radii(elliptical patch antenna)...?? is it different from when we analysis for truncated elliptical patch antenna....
Hello, I'm trying to improve the gain of my antenna using superstrate. I read a few journals regarding this topic but i could not determine the thickness of the superstrate needed. The frequency that i need to obtain is 5.8GHz and i'm using coaxial feed. This was one of the papers i referred. The thickness of my ground plane is 0.035mm, substrate
Hello everyone, I've designed an elliptical patch antenna in CST which works in the frequency of 5.8GHz. But I'm having problems determining whether it is radiating in circular polarization. If I'm not mistaken, for circular polarization the axial ratio must be 1 and if in ludwig coordinates, the field of vertical and horizontal must be in the sam
Hi all I require an optimetrics example on microstrip patch antenna can u help regards kartik kartikkhurana@indiatimes I assume you are talking of HFSS since you said Optimetrics, but perhaps other software uses that name. If you have HFSS version 13 or 14, you can get a free antenna design kit,
Hi, The 'pole' is polarization. So, one electromagnetic wave can be characterized by her polarization of the electrical field (E-field) : in the orthogonal plane of propagation, the E-field can be moving in several ways. If the E-field describes one ellipse : the polarization is elliptical :-) If the E-field describes one circle (heliax
hi axial ratio is in this range:0dBelliptical polarization.
I am studying antenna and I have a few question: 1) Is Hertzian dipole linear polarization since the E field is parallel with the orientation of the dipole and radiates out equally out in all Azimuth angle when placed vertically? 2) Same reason as above, a short dipole antenna is linear polarization? 3) Is a horizontally placed loop
Thanks jiripolivka for your fine explanation, got two more questions... :) Why a rectangular waveguide creates elliptical polarization? is it because of the unequal lengths of the two sides of the rectangular cross section? Then, if we insert a quarter wave plate into a circular waveguide, will it create circular polarization with out any adju
Hi, Previously I managed to get dual frequency on a single patch by experimenting with random slots on the patch itself. I could share some links where the researcher actually manage to achieve dual frequencies using multiple slots. "elliptical Shaped antenna With Parasitic Superstrate" -IEEE Pap
hi can any body plz help me to understand polarization of my antenna,i draw rEx and rEy vs theta then calculate Ey/Ex and converting into db i consider it axial ratio value which is found to be 2 db,similarly i use ERHCP+ELHCP/ERHCP-ELHCP and converting into db i got axial ratio value aproximatly 2db but when i draw axial ratio vs frequency curve
i am doing my project in antenna design using FEKO software. I had already been through the official FEKO site regarding this matter. The video tutorial seems to rush through the part where the conformal antenna is made, giving a pretty unclear idea.I projected my patch antenna onto a surface that I made by lofting 2 (...)
If you have the Montgo mery's unpublished work on slotted WG antenna, I will appreciate your favor to PM is one of BST WSHS
What package is the best for 915 MHz antenna design? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks.
Hello, I am working on antenna desing, and I will like to exchange information and experience on it, ideas, simulation of dificult models, etc.
Hi Name modified Size Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00index 20-Aug-2001 12:45 3k 13-double-quad.jpg 14-Sep-2001 11:11 159k 13cm/ 19-Jul-2001 00:28 - 13cm2lambda-slot.txt 02-Sep-2001 0
Hi, I need to know if it is possible to build a simple antenna for GSM (900 MHz) on a 0.8mm thick FR4 PCB. If not, is there any other simple solution to build an antenna using a piece of wire (folded or bent in some way), for the GSM 900 band ? I need the antenna to be located inside a small Plastic Box (ABS material), coupled to a (...)
Hi,source code with MoM for antenna design:
Im Searching for Simultions on Bow Tie antennas from 2-10 GHZ! THx
I am working in Bluetooth development is a short range RF communication working in ISM unlicenced band of 2.4 GHz.I need a help for design an Rf antenna for bluetooth inthi please send your suggections inrhi forum thanks
Anyone have a design or link to a GSM pcb aerial.
HELLO, I'm looking for a fm antenna. I need know how can I build it on a printed pcb. Thank you in advance.
Who has the schematic of active antenna loop through of DVB_C tuner? Such as THOMSON DCF8716 Thanks ynhe
Hi all, Someone can help with antenna (for 173 Mhz and 3dBd) manufacturer in Europe with good prices? ThX NeuralC
Could someone please provide a circuit diagram or a link which advises how the signal levels are measured from a TV antenna. Basically I need to point the antenna in the right direction to get the best signals in 3 different channels (VHF and UHF - 2 separate aerials). It can be a meter which reads the signal level for a particular frequency.
While searching for a suitable antenna to build for my antenna challenged home I came across the author gives only enough info to get your interest...the rest is on some CD he sells... Does anyone know anything about
Dear All, Can some Guru out there pls tell me: What is the SMALLEST antenna can be used ? lambda/8 ? lamdba/4 ? Thanks Derijken
hello, I would like to implement an antenna in Psp*ce. Someone has an idea. :lol: thanks
Dear people of this forum!! I'm a student of the technical university of Delft and started in november 2000 with my thesis which has as title " Analysis and Design of a new type of dual-band patch antenna for mobile communication". As solution was chosen the Sierpinski patch antenna, which design is researched deeply at the university of Bar
Does anyone have the experience to design an antenna in the band 300 - 400MHz? It's a 100MHz BW antennna.
Hi "antenna related resources" 1. -> t tnx
Hi Folks: I'm looking for a coaxial cable antenna simulator, that can be able to simulate collinear antennas made with coaxial cable such as RG58, RG213 etc. Softwares that can simulate transmisson lines stubs are also welcome. In URL below you will find the kind of antenna that I want to simulate.
Hi... I need advices from everybody on how to design a microstrip antenna (on pcb) for 315mhz. For Tx, it's a loop antenna, and rx, it's a monopople PCB trace antenna. Also, one more thing, I just need to do transmission for a short distance only about 3 or 4 meters. Once, I just bluntly design the antenna as has (...)
I am looking for info on antenna design for gps. i.e which LNA to use? what is the substrate used for antenna? etc. any info. about this is welcomed