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Hi everyone, I am facing some problems in performing clarke-park transform for an induction motor(4 pole stator, squirrel cage IM). I am measuring the rotor position from the encoder and using twice of this value as theta for the park transform(position in radians). But since the rotor speed is slightly less than the synchronous (...)
Which input signal are you reading to get the speed information, e.g. incremental encoder pulses? What's the range and intended coding for the speed output signal?
i am using optical encoder in my dc motor speed control project using pid controller and pic16f877a and l293d. i set my output to 80rpm .but encoders output goes upto 166 . so basically the reading what optical encoder shows what is that reading ??? is it rpm or some other measurement. i have also added (...)
I am building a humanoid robot with DC motor actuated fingers. There are 16 brushed DC motors to be position controlled with help of hall effect sensors implanted at the joints of each fingers. I need a developed driver board to control these 16, 3 watt, 12 v,DC motors. Also each motor is equipped with an incremental (...)
I want to use the DRV8312 motor driver by TI to implement speed control of a BLDC motor. The motor has Hall sensors and encoder inbuilt. I am using STM32F4 discovery board. I want to use Hall sensor control. Can anyone tell me what circuit to use and what inputs to be provided to the motor (...)
you could use the encoder feedback to check the motor speed and direction and display it?
Hello! You can use a sensor attached to the blades or a encoder on the fan to measure the speed.
Please, am new to the project world. I am also a newbie at this forum. Pls i need help concerning this project. I am meant to 'get speed' and 'set speed' using a GSM modem, PIC 16F877A, LCD, DC motor, Optical encoder. I don't know how to program the microcontroller to set the speed using PWM and get the (...)
Hello guys I have a motor equipped with an encoder, which can generate 3 pulses per revolution. encoder = 3 pulses per revolution 1 pulse represents 120 degree Is there any away to extract a precision up to 1 degree, Note that the motor speed is variable + acceleration is non linear. In simple i (...)
It is quite common/useful to use PWM for speed control whether you are using a stepper motor or simple brushed DC motor with feedback or measuring motor emf. With many robot arm applications it is important to have the position or angle so most often a stepper (in which you know how many degrees per step) or a (...)
Hi all,, Im making a robotic Project that fix its speed whatever the slope of the surface.... I bought two used motors that each have an encoder installed onto it, that works with the effect of Hall Sensor. Im working with Pic 18F452. This is the speed and direction circuit for one motor : 93283 (...)
Hello, Is it possible to communicate without encoder a 5v arduino board with a servo,to measure speed? :???: if not,what encoder i must use? Thanks a lot
Thank you all for replying !!!!!!!!! I went through some DC motor control devices and have some ideas and questions. I thought of a device that can control motor speed of DC motors that has a range of supply voltages. The device will have an encoder input that can detect the motor (...)
i want to check the speed and the direction of motor encoder(servo motor) via 8051... i have made the speed and direction parts of the program separately and they work fine but when i combine those parts it is not giving the direction properly.....need help urgent
Before IGBTs and mosfets, scr were widely used for dc motor control. I repaired a 'folk lifter motor controller' with a 48V, 275A DC motor. A 450A thyrister was used as controller unit and a 50A thyrister to generate pulse to switch it off. An optical encoder in accelerator controls the speed. A huge (...)
I'm currently studying Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering. My project title is 12V DC Geared motor speed Control using Microcontroller PIC16F877A. In this project, a 12V DC Geared motor with encoder, bought from Cytron Technologies is being used. It has 2 channel, which are Channel A and Channel B. In this (...)
After init etc., I calculate the speed in following way. Could someone help me find anything wrong here?? Buz the measured result varies time by time(when running the motor at constant speed). while(1) { if(TMR3<23000) { if(POS1CNT=0) {CntsRev=0; CntsRev+=1;} Cnts=POS1CNT+(CntsRev-1)*MaxCnt; (...)
Tachometer is only suitable when is possible to take measurement directily inside motor mechanism. However, many times it is not accessible. In this case, if motor have coupled reducer, an rottary shaft encoder must be used, due to low RPM property, wich could derail the cloed loop control. +++
I have a 10HP motor with 1.375"(~34mm) diameter shaft. What's the best encoder option for it?? Thx a lot!
Even with two the same motors, and the same drivers, I don't think the car will go straight for a log time due to tolerances. The only solution is to add a rotary encoder and an intelligent drive system (feedback loop). If your system uses a variable speed drive at the moment, you should process the actual wheel position or (...)
You could attach a quadrature encoder to the motor, that would be able to tell you which direction and how fast it was going too.
Hi there, I'm doing a dc motor speed controller project and I actually want to measure the actual rpm the motor is running. motor details as follow: DC12V Output Power: 1.1 Watt Rated speed: 185RPM Rated Current: 410mA Rated Torque: 78.4mN.m 5V Quadrature Hall Effect encoder - (...)
Have you manage to measure this frequency in Simulink or have you got any general idea how to obtain the speed of motor having the impulse train from encoder ?
Pinch roller with chopper-wheel type encoder. X pulses/rev. Pulses fed to a microcontroller or PLC. Microcontroller or PLC controlles motor speed. or Tension idler with position output to microcontroller or PLC to motor. Ken
Hey am trying to control motor speed using PID. I am using encoders to detect the speed of the motor to be used as feedback.. I am using ATmel 2560 microcontroller. Kindly help me with the program to read the speed using the encoder....(preferably in c/c++.)
i wont to change this project to close loop i use resistance and feedback shaft encoder sensor i wont change in code in mikroc code unsigned long kp,speed=0,speed1=0,old=0; char speed2,kp,x=1; char key={'x','x',3,2,1,'x',6,5,4,'x',9,8,7,'x',10,0,11},txt; void main() { trisc=0; Pwm_Init(5000); (...)
You get a Warning! Do not post the same in different sections. Read rules, announcements before posting. Reposted from other forum Some of you may enjoy this problem, I simply cannot figure it out. For a big birthday present, I bought my wife a Long-Arm quilting machine complete with quilting frame for it. The machine sits on
My experimental setup is as shown in attached image. The prime mover is used to drive the motor at a constant speed, e.g. 1000rpm. The encoder used in the system is Hengstler RI58-O/2000AS.41RB with 2000ppr. Output signals A and B of the encoder are input to an EX-OR gate. The CLK signal is then input to a 12-bit counter (...)
the code for the motor control using the encoder is same in ccs or mikroe as the output of incoder will be connected to the input of the microcontroller use optiical incoder
you can only measure motor speed with resolver encoder some sort of hall effect device
i've an optical encoder to measure the motor speed 2 wires o/p from this sensor 1stwire>>>>>to count pulses 2nd wire>>>>specify the direction right or left i can count pulses. sensor has no name.i try to know how to specify the direction but i can't . any one know how those sensors work?? how to specify the direction?? i think all (...)
You can put output from encoder to interrupt pin and detect state change. So you can meassure time between pulses to get rpm and use PID algorithm for motor speed control. You can also put timer on overflow on 1/10s and count number of pulses in that time period to calculate RPM. In this manner you will have time delay of 1/10s for feedback (...)
in my design, the motor is required to lift up/down a base with a constant speed within 5-8rpm, i m using incremental encoder as the speed sensor and PIC-16f877A to control the pwm, the motor is directly connected to the base as well as the encoder, can anyone guide me in determine the (...)
Hello, It will not depend on the encoder type, but on the coupling type. If you have a cardanic coupling, the speed will vary along a complete turn, depending on the misalignment angle. Obviously, the mean speed, integrated in a complete turn will be constant and equal to the motor speed. If you use (...)
I would suggest that you calculate the required speed difference between the wheels (this is the number of encoder samples) and use PWM to drive each motor independently. This will allow the vehicle to move in circular or any other arbitrary paths. By running both motors at the same speed for different times (...)
I think it's good project. If you want to measure speed of the motor you have to buy an encoder and create a microcontroller circuit to read and display the speed. Good luck
wat sensor shud be used to sense the rotation and the speed of the servo motor Shaft encoder - this is the most common sensor for position and velocity of servo motors. They can be a bit expensine, though.
how to contrl a pmdc motor embedded with encoder using at89c51
hello Does anyone have a link or something on a stepper motor +drive that can accept a TTL 1024 encoder ,and that can be a slave for the encoder. thx
I need a C code for detecting motors speed. A 2-channel shaft encoder is attached to the motor which outputs 2-bit gray code. max velocity of the motor is 189 rpm I am using a PIC18F Microcontroller Please help me, Thanks in advance
One good way of controlling motor's speed is to use a rotary encoder attached the the motor's shaft . Alternatively you can use a disk with several holes, install LED(s) on one side and photoelement(s) on the other side, and using PIC microcontroller measure pulses' duration which is direct proportional to the (...)
I have a motor control project. In this project, i need to measure the speed. To measure the speed, i planned to use a 100ppr incremental encoder. With the ucontroller's ability it can count 400 pulses per revolution.(It counts decreasing and increasing edges of phase A and phase B) This means that, in order to measure the (...)
Using Steppers with a shaft encoder would be a good sollution. You can't rely on a pulse counter for determining the stepper motor position. If it's over torqued a stepper will slip and you'll have no idea it happend. There are many different methods for encoding shaft direction and speed, look up as many as you can.
speed control of DC motor speed encoder -> low pass filter -> ADC speed feedback -> PWM -> Duty Cycle
I want to design a closed loop speed controller for an induction machine. I plan to use an incremental encoder for speed feedback. motor speed will be between 0-5000rpm. For this purpose how must i choose the encoder? How much pulses must it be or what to care?
Hello, I'm doing a PID speed control for a DC motor, using a PIC 16 as the controller. To have a closed loop I'm using an optic sensor, and an dented wheel. Not quite a quadrature encoder, since I only have one signal. I still haven't mounted up the system, but I want to have the software as tuned up as possible before running