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Hello, There is a good news that vivado 2016.4 now support version 2 ieee standard encryption. I succesfully encrypted (.v) files by using the command as shown below in tcl console of vivado: encrypt -key -lang verilog .v -ext .vp the above command (...)
Hello, we work on cadence tools and we have knowledge on how to perform encryption/decription and IP protection using NCPROTECT . but what is the standard encryption method so that the customer can use it on their EDA tools particularly Xilinx ISE. cadence says -ip200x option is the standard IEEE encryption ,I used it and got a (...)
hi, I am trying to encrypt my SV code in VCS simulator, by using +protect command in which codes enclosed in `protect and `endprotect macros are protected and change encrypted file extension to .svp from sv. but in my code unencrypted files are also converting into .svp which I dont want. I want only those file with extension .svp, which a
Hi guys! I'm trying to design an OTP encryption chip for a telephone. Here's the bit file: module encrypt(cleartext, key, ciphertext); input cleartext; input key; output ciphertext; wire cleartext; wire key; wire ciphertext; always @(cleartext or key) ciphertext = cleartext ^ key; endmodule The
You can compile encrypt.vp just like any other verilog file
Hi All, We need to encrypt some RTL and provide a model to our customer. We use NC-verilog and they use VCS. Has anybody used an 'ncprotect' encrypted model from NC-verilog and passed it along for usage with VCS? Any issues? My main concern is, of course, compatibility. Thanks much! --tony
Hi guyz.can any one say how to encrypt my design to convert into that i can verify my design with blackbox approach.its urgent
hello frndz, i hav a verilog code which i want to encrypt using Modelsim so that the final file is in the format such as "1010.." so that the user doesnt know wht the code is but is successful in using the file in his application. thanks in advance
In the upcoming Accellera VHDL 2006 (version 3.0) standard, it will be possible to encrypt (via triple-DES at least i think) specific parts of the source code (marked via meta-comments). the_penetrator
We want to encrypt our netlist after synthesis with DC.Our copartner should be able to simulate(VCS/NC-verilog) with the encrypted netlist.Which EDA tools /software you use?How do that? Thank you !
Hi, Please use verilog-XL or NC-verilog. You can encrypt your source code. Please use 'protect and 'unprotect option to your source code. You can encrypt your source code from start line to end line that you want to protect. But once you have protected your source code, you can not decrypt your code. You can olny (...)
Hi Guy : Who can tell me how to encrypt the verilog code ? what tool I can use ? --Thanks :(
DesinWare can produce BLOCK IP in encrypted format. If you want to provide your source code in encrypted format, you can choose pre-compiler base HDL simulator, these software can compile the original HDL code to it's "native-code". Modelsim, VCS, NC-verilog, SpeedSim, etc. can do this job.