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engine thermal management technology mainly consists of two systems: one is the cooling intelligent control mode, the second is the fan intelligent control mode. Thermal management system is to make the engine neither too cold nor overheated,making it been controlled in the 90? C which is the best
Sorry, the tach signal comes from an engine management module... This secret "...signal..." is TTL ,CMOS,AC,DC,quadrature,absolute number,sine/cosine or what ? 8O ( I don't dare to ask what's engine management module...:oops: ) I plan to use a position servo as a kind of govoner. Basical
HI guys im planning to build complete race data analysis system using matlab.. I saw dynojet..well it uses codes to control EMS.But my project is much complex it will give the standard features to tune and will have a race mode too to analyse by every second... So i need the code to do that any one can help me or suggest any link .. Thank you in
There is no difference. Embedded C just means that the application is going operate something like a washing machine, cash till, engine management system etc. like a stand alone application as opposed to a program running on a PC.
hi ecm hacker it seems ur r working related with engine management systems can u help me out . i need to design a EMS can u tell me as how to proceed and can u also tell me as how to determine the piston cycle position whether it is in power stroke r exhaust stroke 10q