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hi elektro guys. I want to know envelope detection circuit & power detection ciruit. who have these schematic or diagram.? please help. loverrf.
if u multiply x(t) by cos(wt) you'll get a signal that is bounded to a signal with the same shape of x(t) that is called the detect it you can simply use RC circuit
i have to narrow band pm modulation and demodulation is simulink. i have done modulation and for demodualtion i am doing envelope detection using hilbert transform. but its giving error .can any one please rectify this error. i am attaching the simulink file.
Hi I am working on envelope detection of a speech signal using Hilbert transform in matlab.. It's mentioned that assuming signal is y(n) abs(y(n) + j*hilbert(y(n)) gives envelope of the signal.. How can this be interpreted intuitively?? I didn't understand the logic behind this... Could someone explain this to me
hi all, What is the envelope Detector For FM? How iTs work? Please Give the schematic and The reference...I really need it for my School Task Thanks Elits
I need to detect the envelope of a signal with a 90 kHz carrier wave. Has anyone use the digital envelope algorithm by performing the following digital processes : sample signal, square signal, take a moving average (LPF) and take the square root of the signal.
Hello, I have found this which says that the envelope detector mixes the carrier of an AM signal with the sidebands to produce audio, which makes sense. From the other side, I thought that an envelope detector does not used as a mixer, but it justs rectifies RF and converts it into a variable volt
Rectification effect of diode is some DC current throught it. To enable DC current you need circuit where DC current can flow. Inductor at the front end of detector is there for that purpous. Even the video output must be terminated with propriate load resistor. The value of load resistor and capacitor determine the type of rectification you want.
Hi, Whenever you encounter envelope detection you find the Rice/Rayleigh distribution. When you need to work with multiple rvs of rice/rayleigh (comparing, ... ) you need the Chi Square distribution. BRM
this type of code is hard to find, because the code generally is proprietary. Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ASK and FSK but i dont think they'd work for their analog counterpart. Tha
We using FM PLL demodulator with a data slicer as FSK demodulator, my question is what is it a coherent demodulator or non-coherent demodulator? And FSK demodulator has two another method: 1: general band pass filter and envelope comparator 2: match filter BPF and envelope comparator What 's 1 and 2 coherent demodualtor or non-coherent dem
A MatLab description of a noise gate from literature: function y=noisegt(x,holdtime,ltrhold,utrhold,release,attack,a,Fs) %y=noisegt(x,holdtime,ltrhold,utrhold,release,attack,a,Fs); % holdtime - time in seconds the sound level has to be below the noise gate with hysteresis % threshhold value before the gate is activated % ltrhold - thres
I have no idea as to how much the different demodulation schemes fare when it comes to area. choices are a)envelope detection b) zero crossing Anybody have Idea of comparitive areas of these two modulation schemes?
Hi, I want to extract carrier frequency at the receiver section of IR. The envelope detection is easily possible, Is there any way to extract the carrier ? Please help me if possible. Thanks Sreejith
Direct conversion is becoming more popular with DSP techniques. For traditional analogue circuits though, direct conversion has a number of drawbacks that make it more difficult to use than the seemingly more complex super-heterodyne design. Drawbacks such as: Lack of ability to decode AM signals at the baseband by envelope detection. No automati
hi I'm very new matlab and RWR . Tried and succeeded in generating composite ASK and then did FFT for freq spectrum and Hilbert transform for envelope detection. But now with this envelope detection i want to calculate TOA and then sort out the wave and meaasure PRI. Atleast i would be happy if anyone can help me to measure (...)
under which category will it come?i think that this question is paramount bcos all our receivers were fitted with envelope detector(...indeed a well known fact)
I want to detect the envelope(amplitude) of a signal V(t)= A(t)cos(2pi*f*t), where f=200Mhz and A(t) is a low-frequency signal (almost dc). The range of A(t) is about 1mV to 10mV. Is there any paper or book talking about such circuit? Thanks.
Hello, I need help about RF envelope detector design. I have to design it in order to implement an envelop tracking system with a RF power amplifier. Does somebody have experience in envelope detector design with 3G input signal for example? What kind of circuit is able to detect envelope and control a DC DC converter? thank you
In AM receiver I read that if the SNR is very less then product modulator is better compared to envelope dectector. Why is that so? Thanks a lot.
I made a dimmer a while back and had problems with the zero cross detection due to mains noise and got tired of it and put it on the shelf. Normally it worked fine but sometimes it could make a sudden flash (once a week). The software is minimal and reliable so I think it is the zero cross, most of the times the mains look fine but sometimes it loo
I'm looking for a spark ignition schematic end flame detection circuit used in boilers or heating equipment Anybody who have info thanks
Dear All ... Is there some simple IC (not a DSP) for the detection of the ringback tone on telephone lines? I've searched the web without success. Any hint will be appreciated. Thanks egeorgiev
Hi, How do I decide the threshold for quantizing for signal detection. The MSB (sign bit) is easy, i.e., zero cross over but how about the magnitude bit? TIA
How to setup envelope testing for RF circuits?
Hi there, Most of the modern VGA cards have a TV-Out SVHS connector, this O/P is capable of sending a standard video signal to a TV set through it's (video in) I/P, bit it does noe enable this O/P if you connect it to the (video-in) I/P of a VCR set. It seemd the vga card detects the I/P impedance of the set or something like that. As my TV
Hi All, Anybody where can I find the circuitry diagram for IR blocking detection. The circuit is for detection of a near object (e.g. hand). I saw some circuit will use a MCU and one 4069. Pls help me if you know where I can get it. Regards,
envelope simulation is used when you want to look at a low frequency signal that is modulated on a high frequency signal. If you use transient simulation on a 1GHz RF signal with 1kHz modulation, you would need very many small time steps to recover the low frequency modulation and it would take a long time. In envelope simulation, you don't sampl
Constant envelope signals can go through class C amplifiers. Nonconstant types have to go through class B with a lot of backoff to keep the out of channel power down. There is a big difference in DC power input between these two methods for the same RF output power.
Most mobile products are designed with Class C power amplifiers, which offer the highest power efficincey. However, because they are nonlinear, requires the amplified signal to have a constant envelope. why nonlinear PA amplifier a constant envelope? Because nonlinear PA amplify different amplitudes differently-not l
I'd like to extract a QAM signal's amplitude and phase from its IF (@40MHz) signal. I figure an envelope and phase detector will do the job, however I'd like some more information on the design issues entailed. Can anyone point me to a paper or book that describes these in some detail? Also is there another way to get amplitude&phase?
HI I'm studying an efficient light mines detector and it appeard to me that using aGPR(Ground Penetrating Radar)would be the best solution,but I don't know much about radars and didn't fin interesting documentation about this.I would like to build a sweeping synthesis radar,so any help for this would be welcome.Many thanks in advance for your help
attached very very good software tool for CDMA analysis and multiuser detection using matlab tray it using spanc_me at command prompt
Hi In the field of face detection I want to use lookup table of Color for detecting skin color of a face and eliminating other part of picture. I can adjust a good lookup table for a specific picture but when I use a picture with diffrent brightness the lookup table doesn't work. I think that brightness of pictures must be equal. But I haven't
hi,all can you give me some advices about edge-detection circuit? is it a good design?
Hi I need a sch for detection of the burned lamps that work with 220VAC voltage and give a logic 0 or 1 for Lamp-OK and Lamp-NOK. :)
I'm using a RS232 to rs485 converter to connect a PC to a rs485 bus. The bus is half-duplex, so how can I detect if someone is speaking in the bus and avoid collisions?? Could you advise me any rs232 to rs485 converter that has collision detection? thanks
hello, i want distance transform approch to implement number plate detection from captured car image.any e-books,lectures related distance tranform?
Hi can any body help me in this topic (food contamination detection) by using microwave imagging with my regards
Hi all ... i have a project about "Vehicle detection" and i am using Inductive Loop method ,i want all thing about this method in details. such as control module circuits and frequency detection methods (it's very important for me) looking forward for your help Thanks in advance
Hi, How do I write a code in verilog for pulse detection. The pulse width is assumed to be for 1 clock and is positive pulse. Thanks, Gold_kiss
Hi I have an Echo Cancellation project , in which , I want to do the double talk detection part , in Simulink , but as I'm not good at Simulink , I don't know how to create the if clauses , can anybody help me ? Parisa
Can anyone know how to build a QRS wave detection circuit or give me some files regarding? Thanks!
Hi all, Anyone has the C/C++ source code for Sobel - edge detection filter for color image. Pls support me the complete souce code. Thanks.
Has anybody got a circuit or a chip to recommend for the USB cable detection once plugged in ? And also detection when the cable is removed. I am using USBN9603 and PIC16F877
The carrier frequency varies from several KHz to several Meg Hz, and the envelope is very low speed, kilo Herz and maybe even less. How do I design the detector in analog? The signal is differential. Thank you.
Hi, I'm throwing some ideas around for this year's science fair. I want to build an electronic glove that can be used to detect 3-d hand gestures. I had a look into using gyroscopes and microaccelerometers but this is looking a little too complicated. I don't plan to go in the imaging direction for now, either. I've already seen the PowerGlo
Anybody had same problem with flash detection on OCDemon flash programmer for MPC8XX? Always gives me byte-swapper device/manufacturer ID but readout of flash is correct though...also endiannes settings have no effects in flash detection...
I am looking for motion detection algorithm. The work should be done to do comparison between JPEG photo to determine moving ogject exists. I plan to do it with micronctroller wothout DSP. Please do me a favor. Thanks.
Can anyone help me with Sobel's edge detection with simuatable HDL Codes. how do i input the the matrix and other details please.. with regards,