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*pvaE* Please invoke hspice script instead of binary. *pvaE* Please invoke xa script instead of binary. ... .. . This error is originated from wrong path setting in shell environment. for example, in cusomsim right binary path is &{XA_HOME}/bin/xa but whe setting path were ${XA_HOME}/linux64/exe/xa , thess error is shown. Check (...)
*pvaE* Please invoke hspice script instead of binary. *pvaE* Please invoke xa script instead of binary. ... .. . This error is originated from wrong path setting in shell environment. for example, in cusomsim right binary path is &{XA_HOME}/bin/xa but whe setting path were ${XA_HOME}/linux64/exe/xa , thess error is shown. Check (...)
Hi, I'm trying to measure the delay in hspice for an inverter by using .measure command. **Test inverter .TEMP 110 **Use high temperature to simulate worst case delay and leakage power .OPTION + ARTIST=2 + INGOLD=2 + MEASOUT=1 + PARHIER=LOCAL + PSF=2 + P
I am running a 64 bit version of hspice and cosmos scope on windows 10. Cosmos seems to be working fine but hspice is quitting when I try to simulate. I get the message "hspice.exe has stopped working" and then just quits. Any clue as to why this might be the case?
error found by spectre during circuit read-in. error (SFE-678): "input.scs" 654: Statement is not in Spectre format. Use `simulator lang=spice' to introduce spice language sections. I can't understand this error why is it coming. How do I rectify this? :-? PLz Help..
Hello guys, I've imported some hspice models into ADS. There is a function named "pwr" which ADS cannot solve it. Do you have any idea how can I redefine it? 129172
I wonder if the circuit has any practical use. It will take really a long to time to charge in real life, so in simulation. If finding .IC values by trial and error is too inelegant, you can spend your time in designing a behavorial precharge circuit. Not sure which approach will succeed faster.
Hi there, I an designing 10-bit pipeline ADC in hspice. It works good with ideal switches. However, when I replace the switches with the ideal one, face the following error: **error** internal timestep too small in transient analysis Does any one knows about the reason? Please kindly let me know about the reason. Thanks
please help me for this error #tamrin2_nmos# .op .lib 'C:\models\MM018.L'TT vin vin 0 dc 0 vdd vdd 0 dc 1.8 Rs vin 1 1meg Rl vdd vo 100 m1 vo 1 0 0 nmos l=0.18u w= 9u .print I(vdd) .end ----------------- error:**error** model name nmos in the element 0:m is not defined.
need help for this error error:**error** model name nmos in the element 0:m is not defined. ------------ #tamrin2_nmos# .op .lib 'C:\models\MM018.L'TT vin vin 0 dc 0 vdd vdd 0 dc 1.8 Rs vin 1 1meg Rl vdd vo 100 m1 vo 1 0 0 nmos l=0.18u w= 9u .print I(vdd) .end
I am trying to add a Discrete device to the hspice I found library from the following link Whenever i try to simulate the code, It shows the f
Hello! I am new to hspice I am trying to add a Discrete device library (High voltage Mosfet) in the hspice, but whenever i try to add it, an error message appears "Entry name missing" I understand the basic concept of entry name, but i can't find in the library file. I have downloaded the library file from the following li
Hi Lili, first: forget about the warnings. Just the error message is important, for now: **error** L54: Effective channel length <= 0 for 'mn1' I guess, somewhere in your .INCLUDE files a SCALE=1e-6 factor is hidden, which reduces your W and L values from ?m to pm, and then leff reduction
Hi, I need to simulate SRAM SNM by trial an error method. then I came up with the this thread used DC sweep for noise sources but it didn't work. the code I used is this: 6T SNM test .include .GLOBAL VDD GND .PARAM VDD=0.9V .options list post .temp 100 .PAR
when i run cosmosscope ,to display hspice out figure, this error happen "failure creating the pid filename for the cuurent process'' os:windows8.1
Hi, I have written an hspice Netlist, the simulation for this netlist doesn't give any error but it doesn't generate '.tr0' file, I have attached the Netlist, kindly go through the file and guide me through my mistakes. Thanks
hi i want to implement frequency divider 2 with d flip flop i write this code x1 vdd 0 vd 1 NOT x2 vdd 0 1 vclk 2 and x3 vdd 0 vd vclk 3 and x7 vdd 0 3 vq 4 or x8 vdd 0 2 vqbar 5 or x9 vdd 0 4 vqbar NOT x10 vdd 0 5 vq NOT but when i want to attach vqbar witn vd, hspice give error. i don't know, please help me
I run a program in hspice, which deals with an SRAM Array (1k). But, I am getting the following error: **error** arith eval -- no operand address **error** no definition for 17590:photon Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance
I would like to use BSIMCMG and BSIMIMG models prepared in simulation was stopped because of this error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: hspice.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 521b7d26 Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e Fault Module Version: 0
Hi all, I simulate a clock oscillator with hspice using a priopretary MOSFET model (.option scale=0.12u) . The weird thing is that in hspice X-2005.09 under Windows 7 there is no problem at all. However, when I try to simulate the exactly same netlist in hspice A-2008.03-SP1 under Linux I get the message: (...)
Hello everybody, I want to estimate Soft error rate of iscas85 circuits using hspice.I add current pulse to a random transistor's node of a gate in a specific time moment and observe a voltage drop at the output of this gate. Should i examine how voltage drop attenuates passing through the other gates of each circuit and if it manages to reach f
I'm not sure if such a measurement will work for a swept .DC analysis. In any case, as the error message tells you "the measured variable for wnsize is not defined" you must define your measurement result as parameter. Try: .MEASURE DC WNSIZE=PAR('MIN I(MNA)-I(MNB)')
Can't you exchange the BSIM CMG 109 models against the N1, P1 models in heebah's Spice code above? error message? Maybe your 2008 hspice version cannot cope with these new BSIM models.
Hello please can one one tell me how to include image file/audio file/Bio-medical signal file as a source in hspice i tried to apply ECG signal as PWL source but i want to know how to include this file and then use it . i tried (.include) statement but it showed error. plz let me know if any one has a solution. thanks
I am now using hspice 2012 to do some system level simulation. In hspice 2012 a new feature is added to boost simulation speed, hpp which means "hspice Precision Parallel". But when I use hpp feature to do simulation, an error occurs from linux such as: **error** invalid memory reference can anybody (...)
hi everybody I ve recently installed hspice 2008.03 on my lap(win.8). it simulates correctly but has avanwaves error:License error-chech flexlm.log at c:.... although I copied all licenses. please help me.
I have tried a simulation in hspice with a circuit composed of a ring oscillator( 601 CMOS converters),but failed. The library I used is 350nm craft level. The netlist is as follows: .LIB 'D:\hspice_sim\SMIC35_SPICE\TD-MM35-SP-2002v5T\ASCII\ASCII\hspice\Enhanced_MS035_v0p6.lib' tt .GLOBAL VSS VDD .PARAM AEMI=0 .PARAM FEMI=1000MEG
When I try to add both the library, it shows the following error: ... redeclared. This was previously declared ... Redeclaration error. So copy the older library to a lib file with a new name, then remove all the models which are already declared in the newer lib file, and again .INCLUDE both li
If your circuit has multiple valid solutions (as many do) then accuracy and method choices, coupled with the vagaries of numerical solution goal-seeking, can give you different and yet valid solutions; error residues can be different and then differently amplified, etc. Multicore is all abotu solution speed, and speed-first often means lo
Hello, When I run Virtuoso, there is one error in CIW window like that: *error* load: can't access file - "/home/eda/cadence/ic614.hotfix/tools.lnx86/dfII/home/eda/synopsys/hspice_vE-2010.12/hspice/hspice.ini" DO you know how to fix it, how can we configure location of hspice.ini to avoid (...)
Hi everyone, I simulated my circuit using hspice and I got the error "error: Internal error: code in new analysis." The problem is I run 2 simulation, one-ckt1 can be finished and another-ckt2 got that error, and I tried to simulate ckt2 again, but it still was error. I really don't (...)
Hi, I am trying to import a hspice file and convert to schematic in cadence IC 6.1, but errors happened like: Inst: RXM0 Found net 'AIN'. Found net 'AINOUT'. Master Cell: 'resistor'. Did not find 'silterraC13.resistor:symbol'. error (SPICEIN-24): Spice In did not find the symbol view of the master cell 'resistor' of the (...)
I want to run an encrption circuit netlist in hspice. I have simulated all the subcircuits of the design separately and they all function correctly. But hspice cannot run the design, it broke down at the very beginning of the simulation. I don't know the reason since there are some warnings in compiling log. Here is the option summary part of the l
I've encountered the hspice syntax problem. Rload is variables. XR0 vdda outm vdda rnposab_3t_ckt M=1 W=2e-6 + L=((1.9664e-6*(((Rload)/1-0)-3.666666667)-0.0)/275.5-266e-9)*1 In this point, **error** (ibuf_eqx3_hsx3_dpjs.cdl:35)syntax error at or before ( ***** job aborted Please, give me an idea. Thanks
Find here the syntax and an example: 99788 What's this mean? **error** the value of col1(1) or col2(2) may exceed the max column of pwl file
Hello, I am using hspice for post layout simulation of inverter and got an error "No dc path to ground from node 1: 4". (Node 1 is vdd).
Hi, I am trying to simulate an analog circuit in hspice linux. I am using the parameters of IBM 0.13um CMRFSF process. The hspice not run due some VA compilation problem. In the .lis file the following mensage is shown: *pvaE* Please invoke hspice script instead of binary. **error** call to epvaHDLinit failed. (...)
Dear all In my transient analysis am getting this error. my input pulse is like PULSE (0 0.9 0 5N 5N 150N 300N) and my .tran 10N 500N UIC **error** internal timestep too small in transient analysis time = 0.80000E-11; delta = 0.37253E-22; numnit = 32168 1****** hspice -- C-2009.03-SP1 3
Hi to all, I am designing one model in verilogA. My equation is like Qs_low1 = Charge_low(`alpha_1,H1,b1_1,b0_1)-Charge_low(`alpha_1,L1,b1_1,b0_1); All H1,b1_1,bo_1,L1 are declared as real. It was showing the error at "," after H1, if i replace H1 wi
The error is obvious: set farm_fype nofarm FYI. I'm using NCX 200906 to build lib files with hspice simulation result, i am prety sure my hspice can work perfectly, but when i run this script : set model_file ./TD-LO13-SP-2006V0R/l013_io33_v1p0.mdl #set model_file ./hspice/hspice
Hi everyone I want to run a simulation in hspice which has an input file to sweep the parameters which size is 426 MG. when I start the simulation using this file I encounter the error: 'could not find data statement for 2nd sweep' . when I copy 20 line of the input file to a new file and simulate the file using the new input file there is no err
Hi, After creating and simulating a RF MEMS switch in HFSS, whenever I try to export equivalent circuit in .lib or hspice format, I am unable to generate circuit from .lib in PSPICE. I tried TINA, LT-SPICE. I tried conversions between .lib and .cir but no luck. Here is my netlist, the error is: "Circuit not found". I know the problem
Hi to all., While designing my hspice model, i have a conditional statement like .if (V=s1) .PARAM CURRENT='B' .endif it was showing some error like please contact encrypted file provider. For relaxed syntax check, please use '-R' command and retry. Please c
Hi , I am running Ultrasim on hspice control file. I have following syntax in the hspice and Ultraspice does not like "?" . error message says that "Unexpected ternary operator "?" . My hspice deck is .measure result param='(V_out < 0.4)?1:0' Please let me know if you know how to resolve this issue. Thanks Anil K.
Hi to all Am designing one spice compatible transistor, in that i need the error function erf(y). i have mentioned it as a function like .PARAM t(y)='1/(1+p*y)' .PARAM erf(y)= '(-((a1*t(y))+(a2*POW(t(y),2))+(a3*POW(t(y),3))+(a4*(POW(t(y),4)))+(a5*(POW(t(y),5))))*exp(-y*y))' Now., it was showing this error., if i mentioned every param
Hi... im getting the below error when i try to run a code in hspice.... **error** the memory request exceeds the current available space. # memory which has been allocated = 1347618 kbytes # memory in next memory request which fails = 1567038 kbytes Please continue by Step 1: Inspect input file for possible er
Put a sine wave through a bridge rectifier. If you use a high voltage source the error due to diodes will be small. Scale the signal with a voltage controlled voltage source. Keith
Hello everyone, I want to plot gm vs. Vgs plot for a CNFET model. I am having trouble in plotting this curve. I do get Id vs. Vgs plot but how plot gm using the expression builder ?? I mean I put this thing in the Expression blank: derivative (I(Vdd))/derivative(Vgg); Result blank: Gm.... but I get the error that "derivative must take node object"
hello , when i need to check the DC operating points of a certain instance on custom designer and hspice, it gives me the following warning : " instance '/M31' and parameter 'vds' not found in simulation results, Subsequent warnings on this matter will be suppressed for other instances." what can i do in order to check the dc operating points
Dear all, In .dcmatch simulation, we can use get_E() to get the width and length value as the example (from the hspice manual): .variation .end_global_variation .local_variation nmos MODN vth0='9.5e-9/sqrt(get_E(W)*get_E(L)*get_E(M))' pmos MODP vth0='14.5e-9/sqrt(get_E(W)*get_E(L)*get_E(M))' .end_local_variation .end_variation No