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Hi, I've a problem when I try to execute the "update pcb" command, I receive the following error: "Failed to add class member:". How can I resolve this error?? thanks for the help
Hello ! I'm a new p*otel user and i have trouble transferring my schematic capture to pcb layout. I read in the manual that there should be an update pcb Document command, but it's not there in this build, i guess. So, what could i do ? P.S.- I have tried under Tools -> update From Libraries but doesn't pop up (...)
LEDs and Diodes have their terminals "wrongly" defined in pcb library. Name - number, Number - letter Macro 1: New Node Add node led-2 to net NetR8_1 error: Node not found Macro 2: New Node Add node d11-2, to net netR1_2 error: Node not found Macro 3: New Node Add node d26-1 to net gnd error: Node not found (...)
Dear Experts, I have done the schematic and have completed the pcb placement for the design. I noticed some errors in the component placement(trace connections and component sizes) and I need to update the .scm file and .pcb file. I have updated the schematic with the changes and once I go to (...)
When i try to move a certain component in Altium pcb. The screen just jumps some else. I need to use view - Fit Document to bring the pcb in to view. What's going on? please help. Also does not happen to all components only 2 of them. thanks and regards, jai
Hello I am using pcb Editor and when i route the tracks, one single track always has this spotted line as seen when its being routed. I have attached a picture for reference. Kindly anyone let me know if its a error. if so how can i rectify it. Regards Sachin image
I've inherited a design that needs to get some updates and fixes. All of the schematic work is done and compiles without error or warning. Now I am editing the pcb but am having quite a bit of trouble. Going to tools->update pcb from libraries seems to work. It comes up with a long list of parts whose (...)
I am using OrCAD 16.0 and new to OrCAD pcb Editor. I draw the schematic in Captur CIS .and copy foot print from OrCAD Laout Library manager and past it into the foot print(cell) in edit prorerties of Schematic. i got the error. inter-tool request denied in library manager. then i select creat netlist for pcb Editor. Check the option as (...)
I have made new footprint for pcb.when this footprint is assigned to a component its giving an error as" pads are not matching".then how to match these pads?:roll:
hello dears i created a circuit in schematic and update it to pcb works fine.but when i delete all of them in pcb and the want to update it shows my this failed validate in can i solved
I created a schematic and a pcb with altium. I have routed the pcb and everything is finished. Now i made a change in schematic and trying to update the pcb. The differences are reflected the pcb but older routed ways are not cleaned. I tried clean net etc but nothing changed. Since there's smal change i can (...)
I am using Altium for pcb designing. I done most of the project & pcb with Altium software but now I am getting new error that is--- I am created new that I completed schematic. I also configure new pcb with my dimension. I update my pcb Document.(ECO Generation (...)
Hi, I have an idea - did you match the component links in Project -->Component Links you can then match part in the Schematic and pcb by thier designator meaning they will be left in the same place when you update changes. The only thing to watch out for is if you change say C1 from an 0402 to a 1206 obviously there are going to be er
Hello everyone, I would like to seek advice on the proper way to doing back annotation with Altium Designer. What is the proper way to update a schematic from pcb with net name changes?
HI, I used Altium designer 10. the only change made ​​was to add a header 9 and when I have to transfer the schematic in pcb that is not read. saying the 'error mentioned above. thanks
This error occurs since pins numbers in schematic symbol library does not match with pcb library component
You can´t autoroute until you have the netlist loaded in the pcb module. You can generate the netlist manually (in the SCH module and then open it in the pcb one) or just make an "update pcb" command. Be carefull with some old verions of DX*P and 99 thet generete extrange errors when the (...)
1. First create a new pcb document in the same project as your schematic. 2. In the Schematic Editor, go to Project>Compile pcb Project xxxxxx.xxxx 3. The errors an warnings for the electrical check will be shown in the "Messages" panel. Double clicking on an item will bring up the specific node where the problem was found. Double (...)
Today one of my pcb designs suddenly lost all net assignments in the pcb editor. Is this a known issue with AD? Luckily this board was auto routed so there will be little work to be redone. Edit: I recovered a good version via the 'history folder'. Good feature to save all previous versions. Thank you Altium...
Hi, In protel99 we can craet netlist then load it on pcb but in ALTUM DESIGNER2006 after creating netlist I can't find how to load it on pcb and I have to update pcb from schematic. Who can help me? Thanks alot.
Hi all, I've drawn a pcb using Altium Designer Summer 08. After the drawing of the pcb is completed, i updated some of the components i've used in the libraries by adding some STEP models which are downloaded from the web. Most of the footprints i used in my design now have a 3D STEP model that is getting displayed properly both in (...)
Also if you right click on the error... in this case the green pad you can select violations and it will list all the errors. It should give you a good idea of what's going on. Room violations is a good shout though. Chris pcb Design
Is manual routing or wire-width reduction are the only options to avoid 'clearance' error in pcb ? Auto routing should follow the rules you set so should not create clearance errors, although I hardly ever use it so I am not sure if you can end up setting a contradictory set of rules e.g. one set for routing and anot
Hello, In a the schlib of my altium project, I defined a Xilinx FPGA as a multi-part component (PARTA : Bank0, PARTB : Bank1, PARTC : Bank2, PARTD : Bank3, PARTE : Supply). I decided to use hierachical schematic design with one sub schematic per FPGA Part. Then, an upper lever schematic implements all the FPGA sub schematic in order to de
Dear All: I am facing a problem to convert a schematic into a pcb Design in Protel. I did the following steps. 1. Designed a schematic. 2. Then created a netlist in protel output format. 3. A Notepad file was created and was saved in PFW folder. 4. I opened Protel for window 1.5 for pcb Design. 5. I tried to Load the file, but got the mes
Hello Firstly i am using OrCAD 15.7 and designing the board using pcbEditor. I have designed a board wherein i am getting a DRC error for the distance between two parts. This is because i have placed these parts very close to eachother but on final board i am sure that it will not be a problem. Now how can i rectify this. I know there
Okay, the problems with the Windows 7 crashes have now mysteriously disappeared; all of this seems to have been associated with graphics card update problems. As suggested by john blue, I've deleted the components causing errors on the pcb (simply by selecting the component and pressing the delete key on the keyboard). After much (...)
Hi all when i try to generate the pcb netlist in DxDesigner it gives following error error 6000: Couldn't open file...i checked error on Help in that mentioned couse for error is " The indicated file is not readable or writeable" but my file is readable or writeable . guys if know the solution for this (...)
Hello I have a project altium design all ready done, that was supposed to work. It was for a 4 layer, and I want to do a 2 layer, so I want to redo the pcb. The schematic compiles without errors. It's a design with a top sheet, and 3 other sons sheets. I create a pcb, save it, I think up to here everything was correct. Then I select (...)
Hello, I am experimenting with eagle. Can someone please look at this small project I have done in eagle? Its a temperature control using PIC16F877. I have taken a construction from EFY, they have given the pcb Layout. I have tried to reproduce that. I have attached the project. Please tell me if there are any errors. Also, I am not a
Hi All, I am trying to work with Protel since some weeks ago and now I have a problem that I can not solve. I am trying to make 4 different layouts for the same schematic, just changing the footprint of one component and leaving the rest without changes. The problem is that if I want to do this, the only solution is making 4 different boards
I had no problems in using Mini-Circuits switches (several models). Are you sure that you don't have an error at pcb or broken component?
I have not used the ROOM in protel 99SE and DXP. But when i update pcb from sch in DXP, there are many ROOMs in the pcb layout. It seems that i do not delete them because errors will be generated when update pcb. Who can explain the usages and meaning of ROOM? How can i deal with them? THX!!!
Dear people, I have problems using classes in Protel 2004. In the pcb I can go to Design -> Classes And make a new class so that it may be used in my routing rules. However if I now go back to the schematic and I select Design -> update pcb Document -> I get Remove Net Classes Remove ?New Class? Which undoes that which (...)
Hi, I met some problem when I was drawing both schematics and pcbs. I read through the Learning Guides but dont think it's useful enough so I hope that I can get helps from here! May I know if it's possible to update my pcb after I had editted my footprint in the pcb library without completely remove it in the (...)
Hi,I'm beginner in altume designer 2006.I made an intl library then design schematic file & update pcb file .when I want to drag one component in pcb editor the page jume to an unknown place .I set the origin of component in pin1 and set the origin of page in suitable place but I have the problem again.How can I solve this problem? Thanks (...)
Hi all, I am back annotationg Ref Des from pcb to Schematic but the problem is that by doing this net names doesnot change with ref des they remain as per old (which result ion DRC errors and i have to unroute all the there any procedure with which I can change the only ref des. Thanks in Advance, Ricky
If blue is the color of your bottom traces(it is for me) then it sound to me like your trying to route net A through traces already routed on bottom for net B. Net A and B can't touch, that a short. Its just may be that you didn't see them (refresh screen) problem. Sometimes when I change from top to bottom layer, I'll zoom out and back in (
How do I edit an already existing part/footprint in Altium. I tried to add a 3D model to an existing footprint, but was not able to.
First of all, hello all, and sorry for my (very) noobish questions. I just started pcb design for my hobby project (it has both analog and digital parts in it). I'm trying to do schematic capture and then convert it to pcb. I tried several freeware/trialware EAD programs, but was not completely satisfied with any. So far I settled with Diptrace
Hello, I've noticed that the components in my pcb have silkscreen which is too big and takes up too much room....i want to edit the components, make the silkscreen more smaller, and then update the pcb with the new footprints...but how do i go about this? Is it possible to just adjust the footprint in the library and then click a (...)
Hi, All of a sudden my whole footprint library seems to be screwed up. I just added a new component to my company's Altium footprint library. I then added the schematic symbol to go with it and inserted it into my project. updated the pcb and everything looked just fine. I then added a few more parts to the schematic, hit update (...)
I have tried to auto route a design ( altium v10.589 ) for couple of times but after 20 min there was almost 16 (out of 1000) connector that doesn't connect so I changed the place of footprints and try again. suddenly the software doesn't work. it just use CPU resources but nothing happen at all.( even after 2.5 hour :( I don't see, it connect t
how to create netlist in altium schematic & to import in altium pcb editor ... please help me
Hi, I am using Allegro pcb editor 16.3. during the process of board layout, I found some error in one footprint and modified it. How can I update the change to my .brd file? I tried ECO in Capture CIS but it didn't work for footprints update. Thank you!
Hi. I have a similar problem in Designer with SP3, and have checked the power objects as described above. I am trying to update an existing pcb with changes from the schematic, and the ECO includes creation of Nets VCC and GND. These nets already exist on my pcb, and the ECO list shows an error symbol for this action. (...)
Hi binu george, it is not possible to avoid that error it occurs if any illegal type of work is done in the design but the design can be retrived from the backup file location specified in the SETUP-->PREFERENCES-->GLOBAL TAB
Hi, I am using Xilinx ISE Webpack 6.2.03i. I have updated my VHDL code and tried to update the testbench. It gives me an error, which says that it's unable to update the ports, .. check the syntax.. please see project navigator consolve for more details. My code has passed the syntax test. I've tried to disable several (...)
Hello All Friends, I have a problem with pcb Navigator after installation when I try to start it, it will give a error message THE APPLICATION FAILED TO INTIALISE PROPERLY as seen in attached file. Please help to get out of this error, Thanks in advance.
To all: I'm trying to use DXP2004 (or is it Protel 2004) evaluation. My pcb already has footprints with designators that correspond to the schematic. However, the updates wants to remove some components but not others. What is the difference. I want the components that are already on the pcb to be unaffected by the (...)