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Hi, I've a problem when I try to execute the "update pcb" command, I receive the following error: "Failed to add class member:". How can I resolve this error?? thanks for the help
When i try to move a certain component in Altium pcb. The screen just jumps some else. I need to use view - Fit Document to bring the pcb in to view. What's going on? please help. Also does not happen to all components only 2 of them. thanks and regards, jai
I've inherited a design that needs to get some updates and fixes. All of the schematic work is done and compiles without error or warning. Now I am editing the pcb but am having quite a bit of trouble. Going to tools->update pcb from libraries seems to work. It comes up with a long list of parts whose (...)
I am using OrCAD 16.0 and new to OrCAD pcb Editor. I draw the schematic in Captur CIS .and copy foot print from OrCAD Laout Library manager and past it into the foot print(cell) in edit prorerties of Schematic. i got the error. inter-tool request denied in library manager. then i select creat netlist for pcb Editor. Check the option as (...)
hello dears i created a circuit in schematic and update it to pcb works fine.but when i delete all of them in pcb and the want to update it shows my this failed validate in can i solved
I am using Altium for pcb designing. I done most of the project & pcb with Altium software but now I am getting new error that is--- I am created new that I completed schematic. I also configure new pcb with my dimension. I update my pcb Document.(ECO Generation (...)
HI, I used Altium designer 10. the only change made ​​was to add a header 9 and when I have to transfer the schematic in pcb that is not read. saying the 'error mentioned above. thanks
This error occurs since pins numbers in schematic symbol library does not match with pcb library component
by running Allegro on PC I faced this error What is it, and how to fix it?
Also if you right click on the error... in this case the green pad you can select violations and it will list all the errors. It should give you a good idea of what's going on. Room violations is a good shout though. Chris pcb Design
1) Are you logged on to the PC in admin mode... sometimes if you are not in admin mode it might give errors for saving. 2) You can run DB doctor to see if any errors are there in the file (Utility present in Allegro package)
All, I have a problem updating the firmware on the uBLOX LEON-G100 GSM module. It originally came with FW 7.30.03 wich worked 100% uBlox release the latest firmware 7.40.01 I got all the tools from them, EasyFlash utility etc. However the device ONLY loads the .EBL file and then says its busy with the upgrade and then after 9 seconds stops an
i am getting an error as ''cannot match pads with new foot print in component:footprint CAN-8/D9.4" how to remove it?what does it means actually?i am using altium 2009 software..
Iam using orcad 16.0 version.I obtain the following session log error when i tried to create netlist from Orcad Capture to be used by pcb Editor for layout.I can able to get netlist files but it can't update in pcb editor.I getting following netlist files. 1) pstxnet.dat 2) pstxprt.dat 3) pstxchip.dat Iam attaching (...)
Hi, I am using Allegro pcb editor 16.3. during the process of board layout, I found some error in one footprint and modified it. How can I update the change to my .brd file? I tried ECO in Capture CIS but it didn't work for footprints update. Thank you!
Varun, From the ECO error report I can see that components U7 and U31 have changed. And to be specific, check the pins 11 of U7 and 6 & 50 of U31. See what is the trace name and where are they connected in the pcb. That will be the most recent design. ANd then check the net name and connectivity of these pins in schematics that wll be your older
I am using DxDesigner and PADS Layout software. After finishing the schematic and pcb design I decided to clean up all the files and folders. In the result I want to move the library files to another folder. Will this make an impact on my design (both schematic and layout)? I have tried to change the Symbol Libraries (Setup -> Settings -> Symbol Li
Hi everybody, I am a Project with Schematic Entry in Cadence Allegro Design Entry HDL and a first generation of Layout designed with pcb Editor. I have to update the layout with components that have a new footprint. I have thought to make this board update with this simple flow: 1. Start Part Manager in the DE HDL; 2. (...)
hi buddy's i am using orcad software for pcb board designing, i have net listed the circuit , and while place the components getting overlap , because the board dimension is poor. so my doubt is whether if i place the component like this whether i get the error or not while apply the gerber ? and one more thing dude , please
Hello, I'm going to be very descriptive because it is a strange error that I am getting. I am using Allegro 16.3 to design a multi-layer board. I have four different blind vias defined. They go from the top layer to the two immediate inner layers and the bottom layer to the two immediate lower inner layers. So if layers are numbered 1-12, I h
hi, sorry for wrong entry. this error happen due to your file is made in 14.X so you need to update that one.start-->cadence product-->pcb editor utilities-->db doctor. select the input file-->your board file (file type choose .brd) output file--->you can give same file path or path may be different and then select (drc (...)
hi, when i try to create an art file i got the data base error. 91330 when i open this view log,db doc,i have attached those errors 91331 Thank u
how i can fix this error? ** error ** There are no PDB partitions in search scheme 'Variant Manager' Lmc Parser operation complete... i checked for the PDB partition, it have one entries. still it give an error Binu G
Also keep in mind(when you have followd above step) that you update the schematic symbols(process is similar for schematics also) also otherwise it will show error whenever you ECO update.
Hi all A problem with PDIFOUT.EXE Have been using this to convert old DOS circuits to P-CAD 2002 with no problem. Anyway, went to use it yesterday to convert a circuit, and it started to run, then came up with: error: Could not open Message file. Not had this before, and as said was working OK last time. Has the wonderfull old PC chan
hi i am using altium designer 10 in windows xp OS service pack 2,grapic adapter intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME 64 Mb...m unable 2 switch to 3d error:graphic adapter does not meet directx ........but intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME is compatible for direct x is the problem???
hi buddy's i am using orcad16.0 and i created one project , created footprints for corresponding symbols, even also i shows some error while netlisting IT shows some refdes error , but i gave the name of the symbol while creating the foot prints, but no use couldn't clear the erro so , you guys please tell me the RULES
Hi dear all, I'm using allegro orcad pcb editor 16.6 hotfix February 2013 this day has never been a problem but today I can't create a gerber file. I am getting an error message like this : ?error: aborting film - Undefined aperture symbol, cannot continue.? Please look attached screenshot. who can help me with my problems? [ATTA