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Here is a link to evb8051:
HI Everybody! Nowdays I have bought a SIM300 evb KIT with SIM300 modul. My plan is to connect my GSM Modul to my PIC 18f14K50 Microchip with usart. Can you help me how can I do that? I have my program on the PIC which handles USART. There are two rs232 slot on the kit debug and main. I can use that with a PC. But I had to use a PIC to contro
hello my friends. I need pcb for evb sim300. can you help me ? please answer me soon . thx
hi all, i'm working on a positioning project, using a sim508 evaluation board(evb) and a simple board for an atmega32 micro controller. i have problem connecting these two together through usart(Rx and Tx pins): both evb and avr board are working well independently (while testing with PC), but when i connect them(evb and board) toge
Hi to all I got new SIM900 evb with SIM900 GSM modem. I have some problem to wake it up. When I turn it on LED POWER and STATUS are light. Pressing PWRKEY have no effect. On serial port I receive only some strange character (115k2 8/1/none) I try to change boud rate all same. On AT command I have no respond. Please take look video: [url=
Hi, Has anyone an evb for at91sam9260? I need an evb for this ARM9.
Attached. Enjoy
hi all we did ESD testing on the SIM connector connected to a SIM300D module in power off state. Before the test everything was working fine But after the test i am constantly getting on request of AT+CPIN? CPIN: SIM ERROR my VDD_SIM is showing 0V. one thing i would like to mention is that my schematic is according to the Reference Schemati
hello . I need help you . can you help me? I buy a evb of sim300 and I want conect this to atmega8. I can conect this to pc and send atcommand and recive answer. I write program for atmega8 with codevision and I simulate this code with com port in proteus and answer this . this mean my prog is correct . but connect this micro to evb sim300 and
Thanks Tonyolko, I already have that schematic (Evaluation Board sch). Could you share your schematic v57ali? Or could you send it to me, Thanks Hi Rod_O , I just read your post and think that maybe this schematic may give you an opinion