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Hi, I have to analysis a mode selector which has three modes TE01, TE02, TE03. Can anyone suggest whats steps to be followed to get the result without an error?? My Input signal frequency for mode selector is 42GHz. I have designed and executed it. But iam getting message "Analysis completed with some execution error". What I have to do (...)
hi, everybody. Does anyone know what causes port refinement error in hfss? any help appreciated. Regards
did anyone know what is the abc3d error in hfss?
Hi what is the timed error in hfss? I can't run the simulation file:(
I'm getting a mesh error in hfss(ver:13) if I keep two slots at a distance (say 8mm) and no error when they are placed far apart (17mm). What could be the reason?
Can anyone tell me what could be causing this error message: Initial mesh, process mesh3d:error while opening or writing the mesh files. Simulation completed with execution error on server:Local Machine. try to check the hfss project and temporary files paths. Try to rename it in a simple (...)
hello every body when i run programm in hfss it gives me error: "*Global - Messages Left-alt + shift is currently used by the system to toggle the input language. It is also used in some portions of this application, which may cause the input language to change unexpectedly. packagehfss (C:/Program (...)
Hi all, I simulate microstrip in indicates as following: hfssModel1 (DrivenTerminal) Port refinement, process hf3d error: Port 3 does not have a solved inside material on either side.. (1:13:59 May 03, 2012) Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (1:13:59 may 0
i m designing a patch antenna in hfss at 30 tetra hz but i m having a following error : hfssDesign1 (DrivenModal) 1. Port refinement, process hf3d error: Failed to solve the problem due to lack of precision. The likely cause is that the frequency is too low. 2. Simulation completed with (...)
when a component was defined as mu=(1,-1,1),My hfss model can run smoothly. However, if I redefine it as mu=(1,1,-1) or mu=(-1,1,1),there will be error, read: Discrete solution setup, process abc3d : error in finite element matrix generation in subprocess "Zero diagonal entry in matrix.". Please check to make sure that a valid model has b
Hi to all, I am a newbie in hfss 9.2. I have designed an inductor which is attached to this message and during the analysis I get the following message: " Port refinement, process abc3d : There are no tetrahedral faces assigned to boundary "PerfE1". Since boundary operations are order dependent, please check to make certain that this bo
Hello i have a similar problem. I really wonder what's wrong with hfss v10 meshing. I tried to run the manual example horn antenna hfss_chorn following all the instructions. Still i got this mesh error ,the same that has kept coming in other projects : Initial mesh, process mesh3d : error while opening or writing the (...)
Sometimes when I try to simulate an hfss design I get the following error: Adaptive solution setup, process abc3d : File write failed in subprocess "wave". Probable cause is running out of disk space. (1:18 ?? Ä?? 06, 2006) I haven't found anything on the net about this one. It sometimes happens but not always. When I tr
During my simulation of CPW-fed monopole antenna centered at 2.45Ghz, the error occured. Please experter or experienced man check it for me. What does it mean? What should I do next step? Thanks a lot! cpwfed_monopole (D:/Program Files/project/) glass_substrate Fast sweep setup, process abc3d
i am simulating a monopole antenna lambda/4 for 435 mhz in hfss. i am getting an error that simulation of the mesh is complex and thus the simulation does not start. please suggest a way to simulate the 435 mhz lambda/4 monopole because the mesh is very large. also please suggest all the parameters affecting the radiation patterns like emi...
Hi, Is there anyone can help me to simulate the attached design. When i tried to simulate it shows this error. "Probe_1"Boundary 'Rad1': A radiation boundary face has solid objects with SolveInside on both sides of it. Please check setup, as this could produce incorrect results. Thank you.
Hi.I need help because I have faced a problem in simulation a design in hfss. I draw my design,define boundary conditions and excitations and I press Validation check bears error:At least one material assignment should have solve inside set.I don't understand what it says.please help me. :cry:
Hi all...This is Yugandhar. I am working with hfss.I have 2 doubts. Can anyone guide me my multi layered problem analysis; hfss results and closed form solution results are matching only at a particular height. If I try to change the dimensions of my model, results are invalidated(hfss and closed form solutions are not matching for th
help me about this error Port refinement, process hf3d error: Terminal Source1_T1 on port p1 contains a non-conducting edge. The terminal may need to be assigned manually
I have designed a dipole folded antenna in hfss 13 version. when I start analyzing the design, it is showing "Simulation completed with executing error on server" and "out of memory". My system is a 32-bit one and has 2GB RAM. please, help me to overcome it. I need to complete the design within 3 days.. Thank you,
what does this massage mean in hfss!? " ... died unexpectedly!!!" or " ... died abnormaly!!!" for example: meshmaker died unexpectedly I've encountered those very often. but I don't know why they cause?
i use siwave simulate the pcb's farfield emi(radition boundary) and set the siwave project file as incident wave /far field wave(enforced field) and the airbox (radiation only) in hfss then insert far field setup i set the same sweep in both siwave and hfss. but when i start simulation,it shows "unable to obtain far field date to suppor
any body knows what is this erroe in hfss v10? Initial mesh, process mesh3d : erro while opening or writing the mesh files.
Hi ... i have to simulate a single cell , which is composed of a very small outer membrane and inner cytoplasm , basically membrane is a spherical shell of very small thickness d = 8 nm, ε=11 and conductivity =6 mS/m , and cytoplasm is a sphere of r = 4 micro meter ... when i simulated this structure exiting it with a plane wave and enclosed w
Hi, I am trying to design a RF MEMS T-switch in hfss. But when i am trying to simulate the complete structure without using switches, I am getting the following error. I am also unable to heal it. How shall I correct the error. I am trying to take input from port 1 and take the output through port 3. Kindly help me to solve the problem. (...)
Do someone have good skill to simulate in bad computer's hardware??? when i set the higher adative frequency in hfss, the error message show "lambda refinement will create large starting mesh". But i set lower adative frequency, my solution will not convergence. is it hardware's problem??someone kindly help me. Thks......
hi, i am sure i have assigned terminal lines properly, but still hfss keeps giving me port refinement error, process died unexpectedly. can somebody help me figure out why? regards ranjan
Hi all! I've a trouble modeling a patch antenna in hfss v.10 It still displays a meshing error report: Volume meshing failed. Fault tolerant mesher failure. error in stitch module. I think it's related to some mistake I did in desing but I'm not able to find out the bug. Could anybody be so kind to shine a light upon this prob
Hi, my name is Sehun, and I need your help or advice. I am very new to this area and hfss tool. I am designing a Microstirp patch antenna in multi-layers. (6 conductors and 5 substrates) I got an error of " port refinement, process abc3d: Port "Waveport1" has disconnected faces. Please replace the port with multiple ports, each of which is
new in using hfss.i got problem.i got error message Project21 (C:/Users/alan the great/Desktop/alan the great/) hfssDesign1 Objects "Substrate" and "Probe" intersect. (11:23 PM Aug 14, 2007) Objects "superstarte" and "Probe" intersect. (11:23 PM Aug 14, 2007) Warning - Boundary 'PerfE2' and Boun
How to define material properties according Drude model in hfss. ε=1- For gold, ωp=1.37*10^16,γ=4.05*10^13,unit 1/s. when Freq wω=0.11Thz, ε=-114423*10^6+(2.32*10^7)i When I edit Relative Permittivity=-114423, Dielectric Loss Tangent=(2.32*10^7)/(114423*10^6), the simulation compl
Hi I am trying to simulate corrugated horn antenna in hfss. When I run the simulation, a run time error occurs in the form of the the initial mesh procedure being unsuccesful. The exact error reported is "Initial mesh, process mesh3d : error in building initial triangulation. Detected an error in (...)
I keep getting this out of memory error in hfss, but the problem is I still have free memory and my computer never even started using the swap space. hfssDesign1 (DrivenModal) Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: out of memory.. (10:59 AM Jun 12, 2009) Simulation completed (...)
Hello I am using hfss for my PCB trace SI simulation. In my sweeps, the solver getting struck in one point at a particular interpolation error thinking that in that frequency convergence will occur. for example at freq 2.5 GHz where the interpolation error is 33%, the solver is thinking the convergence will occur at that frequency range (...)
HI,dear friends I recieve error in recovery and error in stitch module in hfss,when I analyze a helix antenna .What can I do?
Could anybody help me regarding the following error message in hfss v.10 >>Fast sweep setup, process abc3d : "WavePort1" mode 1 crosses cut-off in the specified fast sweep range. Consider splitting the sweep into multiple ranges. Use a port-only discrete sweep to locate the cut-off frequency. I am badly need the solution....please help me!
I have i5 processor and 16GB DDR3 RAM in my system, still it shows execution error message to do check the DESIRE and MAXIMUM RAM limitation. I tried many times to solve this by changing those limitation values. I am a beginner so please help me out in this. Earlier it took very less time for simulate the same model, but now it either terminated or
Hi , I trying to learn the Probe Feed Patch antenna( Co-ax Feed )...and I tried to design it in hfss but i get some errors in the Validation check Please Correct My errors ..I attach My hfss file here.. also give me some materials about Co-ax Feed Patch antenna ..... Thanks in advance.... Best Regards, Mehul Dabhi
Hi. I installed hfss 13 and 12 and 11,but I receive this error: Failed to check out license 'hfss_desktop'. Invalid (inconsistent) license key (FLEXlm error -8) How solve this problem?I was installed and used from hfss 13,about one year ago,without any problem in installation. But now I will receive (...)
hello everyone I'm doing simulation of GTEM cell using hfss 11.I had crwated 4 different models of diiferent size and materials.when i simulate 1st model it simulated completely bu for other 2 models simulation completed without getting result.and for the last simulation error came "hf3d error matrix exception: solver out of memory" then i (...)
hi,all 8O i have read the documentation,but in vain,i can't understand. anybody help me?thank you
HI Do you know "died abnormally" message in executing Ansoft hfss8.0.25 and ensemble 8.0 ? :cry:
Hi, does anybody know how to simulate on a remote computer using hfss 9.0? There's a section in the program where you can specify the IP of a machine on which you want the simulation to run... However, after doing so, it doesn't really work, returning an error... Does the target machine need to have hfss installed? To have it (...)
design a taper-optimized antipodal vivaldi antenna. the tapers are determined by a function y=f(x). can not draw the taper by hfss directly. plan to import .dxf file from AutoCAD, but havenot found a way to plot a function (draw the taper) in AutoCAD. have better ideas? thanks in advanced, guys.
Any body can help me. Thanks a lot. eoor message is : spectre (ver. -- 03 Dec 2003). ... ... Simulating `raw/inv' on xxxx at 10:13:48 PM, Thur May 6, 2004. error found by spectre during circuit read-in. No circuit given. *error* *error*spectre terminated prematurely due to fatal error. (...)
Hi group! I'm again here! :) I wrote yeasterday with a prolemin import .sat file in hfss. Now I try again to import a .sat file and I see this error message: "Acis error 'Fail to restore entity list acis error 34005 - save file is from a later version of acis" How can I solve my problem? I've attached my file (...)
I am working on microstrip antenna design in hfss 9.0. I learned more about it by the help of traning (A friend gives me) but I don't understand some functions' physical meaning in this program. In solution setup there are options: maximum number of passes and Maximum delta S per pass. If anyone explains their meaning and how to use
Let's say I have an object A which is assigned as silicon. And another object B which is located completely inside the object A. I assign object B as vacuum. Without doing any boolean operation, what would be the material for object B? Sorry for the rather silly question. I think B would be vacuum. Am I right????
Did anybody ever simulate symmetric structure (e.g. CPW, microstrip) in hfss 9.2 ? It is really ridiculous, the S11 is not the same as S22. Any comment on this?
Hello all, How do you draw a tetrahedron in hfss ? or for that matter a tapered structure ( like the flare of a rectangular horn ) in hfss ? Thanks for your time. -svarun