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M1 1 2 4 4 CMOSP L=500n W=2u VDD 3 4 dc 3V Vin 1 4 pulse(4 3 4 ln ln 100ns 200ns) --------------------$ ERROR -- expecting keyword stimulus, saw ln. any help what that is? or how to solve it
Hi, I am new with ORCAD and its family of products , I was trying to build a inverter using single electron transistor and the netslist is created fine but when I try to run it using PSpice, i get the following errors : ERROR -- Model 1e5 used by J_J1 is undefined ERROR -- expecting keyword stimulus, saw 0 any one can help me to (...)
Hai, Could anybody please help me while solving my problem. When I am Creating Propositional controller in PSpice,I am getting error in running my my circuit,I am using OPamp of ALD1701/AL type and I provide path for OPamp,because I use Opamp are extra library element.After completion of Simulation settings and Run my circuit,It sho
Q1: I use Orcad 16_2, with pspice and when i want to simulate it i have an error. I define the Pspicetemplete: and the part is AD8129(Differential receiver Amplifiers) IC_U3^@REFDES %+IN %-IN %+Vs %-Vs %OUT %P\d\ %FB @MODEL but I have this error: ERROR -- expecting keyword stimulus, saw VDD. I don't know how can write for (...)
Hi, why am i getting the following erors? "ERROR -- expecting keyword stimulus, saw SIGNAL." please help me! thanks.
I guess this is a error due to something that I am ignoring while I simulate... The error is -- ERROR -- expecting keyword stimulus, saw SIGNAL. Why do you think I got this error???