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Hi all, I want to generate random signal with exponential distribution (exp(T/tau) tau is my constant) in verilog. Could you please advice me how I should do it? Sincerely, Albert
please give me the charecteristic functions of 1)weibull distribution 2)rayleigh distribution 3)pareto distribution 4)exponential distribution
thanks very muchxulfee, but i think i'm looking for a random sequence with exponential pdf...And the problem is, such a sequence with zero mean returns all zeros as i already mentioned.
In order to find the inverse cdf of the exponential distribution I have solved Y=1-exp(-X) for X. This is the point. You have to find algebric inverse. Also if you jenerate the data using the line you have here, I think you can see that the drived data are not exponentially distributed. Yours, dspman.
The built-in potential is generated because of the diffusion of the mobile charges across the junction which leaves back the uncompensated immobile charges near the junction. The number of charges diffusing across the junction is equal to the number of immobile charges left back. The mobile charges diffuse in the p or n type material and follow a n
please somebody explain me that if the channel is Rayleigh faded than Instantaneous receives SNR is exponential distributed wit some mean. please elaborate it in bit detail.
Hi, I want to solve this problem for my friend.But I have some questions to ask you. "Paris Wholesale fruit distributors employ one worker whose job is to load fruit on outgoing company trucks. Trucks arrive at the loading gate at an average of 24 per day , or 3 per hour, according to a Poisson distribution. The worker loads them at a rate of 4
Basically, if the underlying fading channels are Rayleigh, then SNR follows exponential distribution. That is y0, y1, and y2 are all exponentials, where y0, y1, and y2 are the instantaneous SNR of the direct path, the first hop of the relay path, and the second hop of the relay path, respectively. After generating them, calculate the (...)
Here is the source file of exprnd function function r = exprnd(mu,varargin) %EXPRND Random arrays from exponential distribution. % R = EXPRND(MU) returns an array of random numbers chosen from the % exponential distribution with mean parameter MU. The size of R is % the size of MU. % % R = (...)
There are many trends exhibited by some research groups: 1. multiple or variable voltage supplies (transistor-level) 2. application transformations that infer differentiations at the system level e.g. the memory subsystem organization and the update rules for these memories. (RTL and system level) 3. adiabatic switching (transistor level)
G´day 8O from long time ago i´m working to create a new linux distribution from scratch, The intention of this distribution is to help all Electronics designers. The distribution will have all kind of EDA/PCB applications like eagle, components data sheets, mcu programmers and simulators, SPICE tools, 555 design wizards, (...)
When I design a coaxial connector in CST's MWstudio,I interest in the outer conductor's current distribution because there some area not regular.but MWstudio couldn't give me outer conductor current distribution,because it's background material is PEC,ther is only inner conductor's current can be seen.I have tried to use a loss metal brick to cont
Is there anybody who has a schematic of a distribution amplifier for the DCF77 RF signal. I am looking for an amplifier with 4 or more outputs. Greatings, radioman
plz help me...
Which linux distribution is best for computer programming and PC software development ? CHeers :)
I want to know if I can draw exponential function curve in the CST curve creation , because I want to know how I can get the planar metal with exponential function bounding in the vivaldi antenna simulation.who can tell me . thanks a lot Yes, it's possible Macros -> Construction -> Create 2D curve analytical. The
Which is the best open source embedded linux distribution, accompanied with the platform builder and source development kit? Thanks.
Hi everyone, I have some doubt as above. Under the single exponential profile, there is this equation d(z)=d2+(d1-d2)*(1-z/L)^T. it was mentioned by Saad(1983) that T is 1.3 for the taper from full waveguide height to d/b=0.1 ( d=slot width, b=height of the waveguide). My question is that if the d/b is not equal =0.1, what would the valu
Hi Valiant, An exponential decay pulse: 0 for t<0 k*exp(-t/tau) for t>=0 is the impulse response of a single pole low-pass filter. If you apply an impulse to a cascade of many identical low-pass stages (it doesn?t matter their shape, it?s enough they are identical), the result is asymptotically a gaussian pulse: 0 for t<0 k*ex
Hello Linux PlayMate: I have a question, in fact, a trivial one. Not sure where to start. Hope you can give me a few spare time of yours; guiding me through the process of updating my Linux laptop. Let's start. I have a laptop installed with SUSE 9.1 pro from the official disk. I am seeing some crashed on my PC due Linux windows manage
Hi Guys, I am designing 8-bit SAR Converter based on the following journal. (see attachment file) Can someone throw me some light on how to decide the capacitor value for the sample-hold circuit. Is there any good reference or design guidelines for this circuit? Cheers!
Hi, I would like to get 2 D plane plot of SAR distribution in HFSS. I don't know how to do it - something like "Plot 3D fields on 2D plane" in CST. Thanks Tom
cedance, your gaussian pdf function listed as: 1/sigma * sqrt(2*Pi) * exp(-(x-mean)/sigma)^2 is missing a 1/2 in the exponential term! When mean =0 and variance =1 its a normal distribution.
A bit confused by the thermal noise spectrum: people say thermal noise is white, i.e., it has same amplitude (power) through the whole frequency spectrum. But it's also said that thermal noise has Gaussian distribution. Isn't this a conflict? Thanks for clarifying this issue.
Hi, Has anybody access to the Chipcon ZigBee Developers site? I need Z-Stack End Customer distribution package by Chipcon or full Z-Stack by Figure8Wireless.
Hi all, I am in the design of a transition adapter between two rectuangular waveguides. One port is the standard rectuangular waveguide. The other port with a much smaller b compared with the first port. They have the same a. I am thinking to use exponential taper to get the lowest S11. Is the exponential taper the best choice? The other prob
hi, i'm looking many information about probability distributions such as gaussian distribution, iogonormal, and exponensial distribution, are there information on the net. thanx for th answer.
Random distribution is normally characterized by its probability distribution function (pdf). The area covered by the pdf is always one. Uniform is one where the probability of any value occuring within a specified range (say from a to b) is the same, ie p(x)=1/(b-a). Normal, or gaussian distributions follow a symmetrical bell-shape curve. (...)
Hi everyone, I want to plot the theoretical uniform and normal distribution by using surf() in Matlab. Can anyone help me to approach it?
Currently, I am looking for the union bound of my convolutional codes. Know that, I need the values of the weight distribution for my conv. codes before the calculation of union bound. Is there any one here has the value of weight distribution for coding rate-1/2,3/4,3/5,4/7 convolutional code (polynomial=,puntured from orignal code with codin
hi freinds how can measure current distribution on antenna? thanks
I tried to build a wide band BALUN using HFSS and wish to see the current distribution. I used lumped port for both sides of the BALUN. No error in geometry and simulation. However, when I used the the Field plotting function to plot Jvol or Jsuf, I see negligible value at all points of my structure. I viewed the E Mag plot and the fiel
Hi, anyone know how i can see the plot(curve) of current distribution on a strip(for example a microstrip line) in HFSS? thanks
My friend argued with me that e^x is periodic with a period of 2πj.I do not agree with him. Can we define such periodicity where the time period is imaginary? e^x is not even periodic . i think that exponential function is a nonperiodic...since it keeping on increasing or decreasing even at infinity...
Actually in microprocessors especially, to operate it in G Hz we surely require a optical intervention because of the frequency instability invoved in crystal oscillator or any other at high such a case why donot we look for global clock distribution using optical pulses.Optical pulses avoid the cross talk,EMI,skew and many other bugs
can any one decribe me what is the use of mmod functin and its probability distribution ? and how can we find an expression for the distributiion of mod funnction
Any hint to develop power distribution on a embedded system ?! (I mean shut down power to non user functional blocks) Do you know how to estimate de battery life just looking for its voltage? Thanks in advance
Hi friends ; I would like to measure the load distribution on a 50 cm by 50 cm surface. I will put an object on the surface and will read out the corresponding weight distribution on the surface points. For 50 cm by 50 cm surface totaly around 1000 contact points must be measured. I saw a sort of transparent measurement pad in an mattress te
Hi, all, I'm using HFSS to simulate an on-chip inductor, but whatever setting I used, still get bad results comparing with the measured data: the inductance is about 0.1nH larger, and the quality factor is about 6 less. Someone told me that the current distribution of the inductor was not smooth. But I just don't know how to make it smooth? W
I want to simulate a simple power distribution network using MATLAB 7.0 but I dont know where to start. Can anyone please suggest some good reference material and some examples or something ?
I would like to plot 256 values from 0 to x that follow an exponential curve. Could somebody please help.
i need the refrences on: 1- normal distribution 2- log-nromal distribution 3- poisson distribution thx
i need the refrences on: 1- normal distribution 2- log-nromal distribution 3- poisson distribution thx
Does anybody know the statistical distribution of the forward voltage of white phosphor leds ? Blue leds ? I have tried several of the manufacturers, but to no avail. I also wonder if anyone has noticed any effects that may suggest that there has been extensive selection of specific voltages from the expected range ? Thanks.
hello,everybody: in the cellular phone system, the output of TCXO will serve RX, TX and baseband circuit. How to design this clock distribution network. Are there some points we must care.
I have attached 2 Layout configurations below. The red rectangle is the pass transistor and the blue rectangles are the Pads that contact the transistor source and drain fingers. The Dark Green area marks the top metal connected to the IN pads and the light green area marks the top metal connected to the OUT pads. So which configuration of t
I wanna write a script with using matlab, which calculates the cummulative distribution function of the given input but i don't have any idea about this.I know that there is prepared function in matlab (cdf) but I have to write because this is homework.Thanks
Hi In communications, the purpose of using exponential signals instead of sinosuid ones is to use both halves of signal spectrum(Negative and Positive sides of spectrum). For example an FSK signal can not simply downconverted to DC. because its spectrum is not symmetric around its center frequency, so you should downconvert it with exponentia
Is the distribution of the chargs on the antenna is the same as the current distribution? and why we do the mesh for the antenna during the modelling?
Dear all, Hi, simulation of gaussian noise in Matlab (as we do in general) is not difficult. but in many application we face the non-gaussian noise such as ADSL or Underwater channels. in these cases we can use alpha-stable distribution to simulate impulsive noise. alpha-stable distribution is very usefull in many applications.( below, I r