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The ALE pin latches the lower (A7-A0) address component .. If yo want to fetch data from the external program memory you have to use the PSEN pin .. Below you can find an example .. Regards, IanP
Hi Glenjoy, If you plan to use 89C420 the main concern is the ROMSIZE feature. Read more about implementing a bootstrap loader (other technique in addition to built-in ROM loader) in Dallas Application Notes the software
microchip hasn't got . You must use 18c801 series up to 4mbyte external flash
I have a project, which request connect ethernet 10/100M. also need extra large flash, say 256MB. It must handle the TCP/IP, so it reqire some internal or external RAM? how much is that? the large external flash memory. I'm not sure which one is the cheapest and easest solution.
Take a look to Atmel application notes In-system Programming with C51 MCU and external flash . In "flash.c" file you can find all the functions that you need.
HI.. I want to send a binary file to the PIC microcontroller thru UART. sice the binary file is big, I am wanting to store that in an external flash memory. Is there a way that i could make a pause in the data transmission to the PIC so that i can write the previously sent data to the flash memory? or is there a better way (...)
Hi there, I have a 16F series microcontroller that receives serial numbers (barcode). All those number are unique and coded on 4 bytes. I have an external flash memory with 16Mbits. I'd like to find a way to map the barcode serial number to a memory address. The problem is that the flash memory device (from Atmel) has (...)
are external memory and external memory bus interface one and the same?In Microchip parlance, an external (Memory) Bus Inteface is a set of I/O lines that allow you to connect to external memory that uses a parallel interface. if thats the case, the result shows no product if i select EBI and GD.[/quo
Hi, I've never made an embedded application program on a processor like 68000, but i have made simple assembly programs on 8085,8086 at college level. I do have made embedded application on Atmel AVR using AVR Studio and GCC. My questions are: -- Is there any compiler which can convert the code to machine level that i can write in C to w
Dear All, I am new to 8051, and I have 2 questions that I hope some one can answer me. I have 2 winbond chips here, A. W78E058B (8bit microcontroller) B. W29EE011 (1M flash Memory) Basically, I want to Interface them together, but I don't know how to. 1. In W78E058B document, It does tell me how to interface
Hello. I have a problem. I want to create a board using LPC2294 and I want to expand its RAM and program memory, so that I can use uclinux with it. I've been studying and simply expanding its memory seems relatively easy, but I the problem comes to the bootloader. I think the bootloader is located on-chip and writes on-chip only. Is there
Into what flash? U mean the program memory inside microcoontroller or external flash? What exactly do you want do do with the data
Hi Guys, this is a question that has been bugging me for a while now, is it possible to run some of the larger pin count Micochip PIC's with external ROM and not use any of the internal ROM?? thanks,
Hello! It would be easier to reply with more info. What you are saying is basically "my car does not start, could you help me?". Download from where? From a server through ethernet? From another MCU using I2C? What are these files? Programs to load to MCU flash and run? (in this case you need a bootloader). Or are they other hex files (for
I would need to connect an external memory which is connected a dspic microcontroller via SPI protocol. I need a good tutorial about how is work the SPI protocol (for memories). Is anyone who can suggest me any tutorial????
I need some suggestions and info about EZ USB2.0 chips. I need to send 8bit or 10bit parallel data comes from DSP to PC as fast as possible. Is it possible to do with these chips? What is the main idea? I read about internal FIFOs of EZ USB2.0s. Chip is not so fast itself. Is there anyone worked with these micros? What is the realistic data t
Hi, To find 8 pin smd+adc func. is too hard to find.If i were you i prefer atTiny15L and external smd adc ic. Analyzer.
Hi ! You must place the Configuration-Word in your external flash. With the PIC18C601 and 801 it is hard to start but thera are very usefull microcontroller. Look at the Microchip homepage ( ) !! There a lot of Tips and Tricks on this side. Also realy important to read the Errata-Sheets ! Free Bootloadersoftware
Hi I'm doing a school project that using pocketPC with Compact flash to make phone call. I have a Sycard 180HIB CF extend for development. I need some suggestion on the circuit design of the telephone and CF interfacing. I'm finding IC for the telephone circuit and microcontroller and this is quite difficult for me. I found that most telephon
AN133 AN133SW Embedded Ethernet Reference Design AN145 AN145SW Three-Channel Power Sequencer AN146 AN146SW High-Speed Lithium Ion Battery Charger AN147 AN147SW Wireless Digital Full-Duplex Voice Transceiver AN148 AN148SW Magnetic Stripe Reader AN155 AN155SW Steppe
Hi, You have two options 1) microcontroller with USB functionality 2) external microcontroller for handling some functions. You need microcontroller to handle the data storage/ endpoint configuration. b r m
Hi, I am about to program ATMEL AT91RM9200 microcontroller, initially i am planning to write a simple progrm such as erasing external flash. I want to use Xmodem protocol for interfacing it with PC , and C language for programming ,I have some basic doubts like how to write program for AT91RM9200in C language(linux platform) how to (...)
Samsung S3C4510, $3.5 on our local market. but 4510 has expired. 44B0 is also very cheap. The cheapest ARM maybe Philips' SOC, but no external bus.
8051 uses multiplexed address/data bus so you will have to use 74LS373 or similar to latch the lower 8 address lines. Example on how to do this you can find here: You can use another external ROM/EPROM and write a short program to erase the EEProm, which,as in the above example, can be co
I am looking for low cost ARM microcontroller with internal flash (128-256KB) and RAM (16KB) and with external bus (normal fast 32 or 16 bit), for connecting external devices.
Lets clarify something: why would you like to write into EProm? Do you mean EEProm? As far as flesh program memory is concerned there is no instruction (other then externally program this memory) which allows you to treat it as data memory and write to it.. Regards, IanP
Hmmm, seems P89LPC924 it's a little bit overwhelming for you. How about the chalenge of fitting 8MB code and data. If I were you, I've been looking first to the software able to compile my program wrote for 51MX Philips Architecture. Otherwise all features that follows are useless : the sta
Just to name a few micro with ISP features found on digikey. Just click on them and go straight to the digikey page. Why do you found only AVR as the only microcontroller with ISP feature ? CYPRESS PSoC (Programable System on Chip) flash microcontrollers
If you are new to microcontrollers you may consider PICAXE microcontrollers: PICAXE is the name of a UK-sourced microcontroller system based on the PIC chip. It was initially intended for education and electronics hobbyists, but has gained use in serious technical fields, especially for rapid prototype development. It uses pre-loaded bootst
I'ts impossible to write the flash while the Lpc is running! The only solution is to run it from a external Sram! Or use a external memory.
Hello, I am working on a project using a 16 bit mcu which is being connected to a 16 bit wide flash Memory. I just want to know the reason behind why is the A0 bit of the microcontroller does not usually connect to A0 of the flash memory (or some other types of memory device). A1 of the mcu is usually being connected to A0 of the (...)
is it alright to use an external memory and the flash memory of an 8051 based microcontroller at the same time?
I have to make a flash drive. I am using an Atmel ATmega microcontroller, an FTDI interface, and an external memory. I have to include the microcontroller for other functions of the device. I need to create a schematic and I am completely lost. I don't even know where to start. Any help would be appreciated. This (...)
Easy ! In synthesis: A microcontroller is a smart and cheap programmable integrated circuit with I/O port capabilities and RAM, ROM (flash) and EEPROM memories embedded inside (it turns it in a "complete" microcomputer in one package). A myriad of peripherals can be integrated as:
Hi, Can I write a data to the PIC24F series microcontroller. I want the data to be saved in the microcontroller when power is off, but does not want to use external EEPROM IC. How do I do that? Thank you. Siong Boon
Hi, If you are using Keil for the microcontroller programming, you can use MOVX instruction to write in the external memory. Check it out. It may help u. Thanks.. HAK.. Added after 3 minutes: Hi, this is the command description: Operation: MOVX Function: Move Data To/From external Memory
i need an external memory with infinity read/write cycles to connect the AVR microcontroller to update valuable data .. any part number ? the size is not important . thx
DS80C400 is a Romless 8051 based microcontroller. i want to do programming of DS80C400 using keil C compiler. but how can i do its programming in C. how DS80C400 upon reset will fetch code from external ROM attached with DS80C400? Kindly tell me. i have never interfaced external memory with any microcontroller. Thanks
Hi Friends, Till now i have worked on 8 bit 8051 architecture mixed signal based micro controllers(Which includes 10bit ADCs, 10 bit DACs, UART, I2C and SPI our applications we need higher resolution of ADCs and DACs. So we have chosen external ADCs and DACs.Now i want to change the micro controller design. Can some body suggest me a
Hi AS an answer to your question: 1. SPI bus is the most easy to program 2. Yes, Search MAXIM site for data sheet application note and code 3. See answer to question 2 4. Depend how match data you need to save if a few byte - add an E2Prom to your design if large use SD card or external flash memory ,See M25P10 from ST 5. Easy to do
All P1 port pins have “weak” internal pull-ups, so if you use them as general purpose input/output pins you don’t need to add any external pull-up resistors .. Rgds, IanP :|
hiii , arm microcontroller like s3c2440A ,s3c2440x , at91sam9260 have a external nand flash i write my program in c language by keil arm (led flasher :-P ) and i want to put my code in external nand flash did i must have program a internal rom for arm micrcontroller. or just (...)
I'm starting a new design that requires the quick transfer of a few megabytes of data between a FPGA and a microcontroller. The FPGA is the Altium Cyclone IV processor (EP4CE15F17I8L), and the microcontroller is the AT91SAM9RL64-CU microcontroller, which is an ARM9 chip with external EBI bus. Attached to the FPGA is a (...)
you need these port pins LCD 4 + 2 = 6 pins PIR = 1 GSM = 3 (tx rx and GND (Serial UART)) Buzzer = 1 why do you need decoder for this.... without this also you can do....... ---------- Post added at 12:07 ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 ---------- phone number can be stor
................................................................................................................................................................. MODE 1 lock bits : LB 1=U(unprogrammed),LB 2=U(unprogrammed),LB 3= U. protection type:no programmed lock features ................................................................
I find that flash program memory is useful for storing long term nonvolatile project information in processors that don't have onboard EEPROM (it also saves having an external EEPROM), i.e. information that once set when the device is commisioned will never change or may be changed every few weeks or months. It does have the disadvantage that when
Apart from telling your requirements, you should also ask, if they are feasible with a particular microcontroller family. Most PIC18 processor are only able to execute code from internal flash memory. So besides all handling details, the flash has to be reprogrammed when changing the code. This is referring to the bootloader operation mode, (...)
try to use an external progammer and see if it works.... or read the hex file in all chips???? more over what error you get??? put the snapshot to see......
The flash memory is a non volatile memory where the code is stored, the code that is executed, you can't write to the flash memory from your code, any change you do to variables is stored in RAM and is lost when the mcu restarts. The eeprom is a small non volatile memory space that is available to the user to store any data that should be preserve
can somebody explain me how port0 of 8051 microcontroller has internal pullups when we access the external memory as it does not have internal pullups during normal operation compared to other ports.