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Hello! Yes, it's possible. I'm doing it. But what you have to be careful about is that a radio path has some non negligible error rates. It will therefore depend on what BT you are using, etc. I have an external flash for LCD data, and I am using a part of this flash to temporarily store the firmware. As long as the firmware and its (...)
hi I'm use ATxmega128a1 and at45db161 for store my icons, I 'm design my own HMI by this microcontroller and 7 inch tft lcd, everything is OK but I used 6 font that stored in internal flash and now my code is 130% of microcontroller's flash! when i use optimize is 90% and my code still remind. what should i do? how can i (...)
Hello, I'm working on 320x240 pixels TFT which has the SSD1963 controller. I have interfaced this with the microcontroller. Basically I have written a code to store the image in the external flash memory interfaced with the microcontroller & this stored image will be displayed on the TFT. I have provided a switch to read (...)
It is far easier to use the internal eeprom or an external one
I would need to connect an external memory which is connected a dspic microcontroller via SPI protocol. I need a good tutorial about how is work the SPI protocol (for memories). Is anyone who can suggest me any tutorial????
I'm not sure why you find it strange. The point of the flash is to store the program of the microcontroller so that it is maintained after the mcu is powered down. What would the alternative be, to load the program from an external eeprom?
Microchip have a product selector tool for their MCUs do you require USB device (you can connect to a host such as a PC) or USB host (you can plug in a USB flash drive or similar device)? a simple way to add WiFi is to use an external device such as an XPORT Matchport which connec
I don't think it will be an easy task to modify the flash from your code during runtime. You should consider using an external eeprom or flash to store the data.
By ROM do you mean flash or EEPROM? Several of the PIC18s have an external Memory Interface (EMI) feature: external MEMORY INTERFACE (EMI) OVERVIEW external Memory Interface offers the user many options, including: • Operating the microcontroller entirely from external memory (...)
The microcontroller's instructions are stored internally in the flash or on external EEPROMs and, the controller must fetch these commands to initialize the internal hardware to a well know state. Then, start executing your code. That's why I think that instructions can't be transmitted wirelessly.
Configuration bits control the various logic, Flip-Flops, muxes, bus switches of the connectivity mesh, IO options, etc. The configuration bits are being uploaded after power-up from an external source (like flash memory or microcontroller), such that the FPGA internal elements are configured to implement your design. Depending on the (...)
Dear All, I am new to 8051, and I have 2 questions that I hope some one can answer me. I have 2 winbond chips here, A. W78E058B (8bit microcontroller) B. W29EE011 (1M flash Memory) Basically, I want to Interface them together, but I don't know how to. 1. In W78E058B document, It does tell me how to interface
hi guys, i am looking for a microcontroller which has the following properties: -any ARM core -few hundred kBytes flash -very small BGA package (0.8mm pitch) -lots of I2C channels: minimum 2, but 4 would be great -low power (less than 50mA) -8-10 analog inputs -external 8bits parallel bus interface to connect to peripherals. -8 (...)
i need an external memory with infinity read/write cycles to connect the AVR microcontroller to update valuable data .. any part number ? the size is not important . thx
Hi there, I have a 16F series microcontroller that receives serial numbers (barcode). All those number are unique and coded on 4 bytes. I have an external flash memory with 16Mbits. I'd like to find a way to map the barcode serial number to a memory address. The problem is that the flash memory device (from Atmel) has (...)
HI.. I want to send a binary file to the PIC microcontroller thru UART. sice the binary file is big, I am wanting to store that in an external flash memory. Is there a way that i could make a pause in the data transmission to the PIC so that i can write the previously sent data to the flash memory? or is there a better way (...)
is it alright to use an external memory and the flash memory of an 8051 based microcontroller at the same time?
Hi, If you are using Keil for the microcontroller programming, you can use MOVX instruction to write in the external memory. Check it out. It may help u. Thanks.. HAK.. Added after 3 minutes: Hi, this is the command description: Operation: MOVX Function: Move Data To/From external Memory
Any 8051-derivative (AT89S52 incl) can use 64kB of program memory (more with banking) .. If the EA pin is tied up to 0V microcontroller will fetch all instructions from external program memory, if EA connected to +Vcc it will first use 8kB from internal flash and after that it will automatically increase the PC to addresses above that ? of (...)
Both MCUs have an internal flash ROM. So there's no need and no bus to connect an external 2732 EPROM. Generally a hex file for this internal flash is created by an assembler or compiler. First you should elaborate some more details on your project ...
Hi Are you trying to design an avl who works drectly with GR47 processor ? If your answer is yes, you need the GR47 SDK thay use a semi C language who can be downloadded directly to the processor flash memory From my point of experience - this method is not working well the best way is to use an external microcontroller like (...)
microchip hasn't got . You must use 18c801 series up to 4mbyte external flash
The ALE pin latches the lower (A7-A0) address component .. If yo want to fetch data from the external program memory you have to use the PSEN pin .. Below you can find an example .. Regards, IanP
I am looking for low cost ARM microcontroller with internal flash (128-256KB) and RAM (16KB) and with external bus (normal fast 32 or 16 bit), for connecting external devices.
Hi, I am about to program ATMEL AT91RM9200 microcontroller, initially i am planning to write a simple progrm such as erasing external flash. I want to use Xmodem protocol for interfacing it with PC , and C language for programming ,I have some basic doubts like how to write program for AT91RM9200in C language(linux platform) how to (...)
Hi ! You must place the Configuration-Word in your external flash. With the PIC18C601 and 801 it is hard to start but thera are very usefull microcontroller. Look at the Microchip homepage ( ) !! There a lot of Tips and Tricks on this side. Also realy important to read the Errata-Sheets ! Free Bootloadersoftware