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The ALE pin latches the lower (A7-A0) address component .. If yo want to fetch data from the external program memory you have to use the PSEN pin .. Below you can find an example .. Regards, IanP
I'm working on a project with a Philips LPC2148 controller (512K flash, 32K RAM). This project is about measuring and log data in an external flash. There must a lot of calculation (FFT, etc.) be done and I have to handle 4 Interfaces (SPI0 fast -> Logger and measuring, SP1 slow -> I/O-Modul, UART0 fast -> configuration and read logger by (...)
Hi, Im looking for some specifications and/or source code which shows how to program an external flash on an ARM7 core through JTAG. It seems there are two possible ways of doing this. 1. Bit banging the boundary scan register of the ARM7 core 2. Running the ARM7 core in debug mode and injecting flash programming instructions (...)
I am Noby sebastian,An Engineering student from India.I have made the project 89 series flash microcontroller programmer from the link .I have made it as a part of my project work and the device is not working properly. I have used 74LS299 in place of it the problem .I connec
Hi, I am fresh in DSP field. I want to interface DSP processor with external flash which contain the code for DSP Processor.I am reading from net, i have found that there are two ways to interface .. 1) Parallel Interfacing 2) HPI interface. If i want to interface using above two i require any special code to be burned into t
Hi, i have read that TMS320C6713B could be interfaced with external flash using HPI. Now i have the doubt that whether will i write any special code that DSP will start reading data from external flash or will it automatically pick up the code from external flash automatically on (...)
Hi everybody! I want to use an external parellel flash memory to store my code in it.does anyone have the experience to write data in parallel flash memory with an Atmega128 and read it successfully? I have no idea how can i write the code!!! help me Plzzzzzzzz...:cry:
Hi, I'm doing an academic project in my project i'm using PIC18F47J53 micro-controller. It has built-in SPI protocol. I need to interface external flash memory (SST25LF020A). How to use it. Please post c-code for it....:roll:
i have purchased a lpc1788 Development kit. LPC1788 cortex-M3 512 kB of flash memory, 96 kB of data memory HY-LPC1788-Development Board Features JTAG connector ( 2*10 pin 2.00mm ) for programming/debugging with ARM-JTAG. LCD interface with backlight and TouchPanel circuit 800 * 480 7" inch TFT LCD touch screen.
Hi all. I am Automotive engineer working for BIZTeam company. I lost 10 minutes to find proper category for this question, if i made mistake, i apologize. --------- Here is problem We are working on Car Engine Computer, PSG16 (Opel 2.2DTI). ECU is on top of the Feul VP Pump, made on ceramic in BARE DIE packing. Inside we managed to
microchip hasn't got . You must use 18c801 series up to 4mbyte external flash
Dear All, I am new to 8051, and I have 2 questions that I hope some one can answer me. I have 2 winbond chips here, A. W78E058B (8bit microcontroller) B. W29EE011 (1M flash Memory) Basically, I want to Interface them together, but I don't know how to. 1. In W78E058B document, It does tell me how to interface
Hi Glenjoy, If you plan to use 89C420 the main concern is the ROMSIZE feature. Read more about implementing a bootstrap loader (other technique in addition to built-in ROM loader) in Dallas Application Notes the software
I have a project, which request connect ethernet 10/100M. also need extra large flash, say 256MB. It must handle the TCP/IP, so it reqire some internal or external RAM? how much is that? the large external flash memory. I'm not sure which one is the cheapest and easest solution.
Hi everybody, I need some info about external flash memories that include their maximum size and access time. I want to use flash memory as an external RAM. RGDS, KH
Take a look to Atmel application notes In-system Programming with C51 MCU and external flash . In "flash.c" file you can find all the functions that you need.
HI.. I want to send a binary file to the PIC microcontroller thru UART. sice the binary file is big, I am wanting to store that in an external flash memory. Is there a way that i could make a pause in the data transmission to the PIC so that i can write the previously sent data to the flash memory? or is there a better way (...)
Hi there, I have a 16F series microcontroller that receives serial numbers (barcode). All those number are unique and coded on 4 bytes. I have an external flash memory with 16Mbits. I'd like to find a way to map the barcode serial number to a memory address. The problem is that the flash memory device (from Atmel) has (...)
Hi, I've never made an embedded application program on a processor like 68000, but i have made simple assembly programs on 8085,8086 at college level. I do have made embedded application on Atmel AVR using AVR Studio and GCC. My questions are: -- Is there any compiler which can convert the code to machine level that i can write in C to w
Hi All, I am trying to read and write to external memory. and I want to read data from flash memory and output to P0 now I have a few questions. 1. do I need to set the ALE, EA, RD, and WR bits? 2. Following is my code, and it seem not to do anything, something wrong? main() { xdata char xdata *a_Ptr=0x8000; char myX;
Hello. I have a problem. I want to create a board using LPC2294 and I want to expand its RAM and program memory, so that I can use uclinux with it. I've been studying and simply expanding its memory seems relatively easy, but I the problem comes to the bootloader. I think the bootloader is located on-chip and writes on-chip only. Is there
Into what flash? U mean the program memory inside microcoontroller or external flash? What exactly do you want do do with the data
By ROM do you mean flash or EEPROM? Several of the PIC18s have an external Memory Interface (EMI) feature: external MEMORY INTERFACE (EMI) OVERVIEW external Memory Interface offers the user many options, including: • Operating the microcontroller entirely from external memory (...)
I would need to connect an external memory which is connected a dspic microcontroller via SPI protocol. I need a good tutorial about how is work the SPI protocol (for memories). Is anyone who can suggest me any tutorial????
Hi Maximilius26 80C390 has no flash inside. It's ROMless. I'm confident you know that and would like to fit and external flash and obvious program it. One of the greatest feature of 80C390 is using the internal 4KB SRAM as combined program and data memory starting at 0x400000, loaded with bootstrap loader and run it without disturbing (...)
April 28, 2003 - AUSTIN, TX ? Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. today announced the C8051F305, a full-featured flash microcontroller priced at $0.99 (suggested resale price in 10,000 piece quantities). The C8051F305 is targeted at a broad array of consumer applications, ranging from print toner cart
Can someone please tell me if the ARM7TMDI's JTAG port is proper and 'standards compliant' as far a JTAG goes or do you actually need to use the ARM MultiICE or compatible? I don't initially want to do ICE or ICD with it, I can initially use Angel for that, i just want to load code into the boot flash (an external chip AT49BV4096A that would be con
Hi ! You must place the Configuration-Word in your external flash. With the PIC18C601 and 801 it is hard to start but thera are very usefull microcontroller. Look at the Microchip homepage ( ) !! There a lot of Tips and Tricks on this side. Also realy important to read the Errata-Sheets ! Free Bootloadersoftware
I've 16-bit controller based on Infineon?s C166 (jtag compatible) connected to fujisu 29v160T flash memory (non Jtag). Is there a free tools that interface Jtag port trought a PC parallel port and allows to program the flash memory? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I am about to program ATMEL AT91RM9200 microcontroller, initially i am planning to write a simple progrm such as erasing external flash. I want to use Xmodem protocol for interfacing it with PC , and C language for programming ,I have some basic doubts like how to write program for AT91RM9200in C language(linux platform) how to (...)
I am looking for a 3.3V flash microcontroller with at least 2 UARTs (bit rate of 961200 is needed), SPI and industrial range. Any recommendation?
Hi All, i have a problem with the iar devkit. i wanna program my application in flash, but with the latest ewarm 4.20a is not possible. is needed an 'external' flash loader... but in the package the flashloader is not working. i had already write on the sh**ting support of iar, and in the forum (never see before a forum (...)
hey guys, jest try to help me out, it would be gr8.. 1) does a digital input voltage to frequency controller exist 2) if yes, how can i interface it with a microcontroller to control a stepper motor 3) which are the other methods of stepper motor control 4)how can i implement TCP/IP/Ethernet to interface a 8051 flash microcontroller to (...)
Hello I have written a simple program to receive CAN messages using the CAN1 interface. If I burn the monitor in flash and I run the program, it works, but if I burn the program in flash, it doesn't work. Does anybody know why? I have tested the Start167.asm file and I think all is correct. The variables are correctly put in the memory. I
For which ARM chip, with internal or external flash ?
Just to name a few micro with ISP features found on digikey. Just click on them and go straight to the digikey page. Why do you found only AVR as the only microcontroller with ISP feature ? CYPRESS PSoC (Programable System on Chip) flash microcontrollers
Hi, I have an Olimex kit, wich have a LPC2214 philips ARM7 chip, external flash MX26LV800BTC-55 (1M x 16 flash memory), and a external RAM of 256Kx32. The flash is mapped on the #CS0 line of ARM7 chip, and the RAM is on the #CS1. I'm using CrossStudio v1.4. I can access the internal (...)
Hi, everybody. I am doing a project about health care system. The project include get signal from sensor and process the signal in a micro-controller and send the signal through USB into computer and plot a graph.I have a few questions 1)Which micro-controller integerate USB controller?I want to write there any controller can be written
i am a begineer for NIOS(I), i am using APEX20K200E board, how can i write data into flash rom using C? sorry for my poor english.
Some Renesas H8/300H microcontrollers are ROM-less and you can use external flash chip for the program memory and also an external RAM.
Hi all, I have following questions. 1- The S-RAM based FPGA always need a bit file to be loaded from external flash every time on power up ? Is this correct ? 2- How many times in general a bit file can be can be downloaded to external flash ? 3- flash based FPGA can also be programmed (...)
you can boot from external flash !
Hi 1) Only if you want to make the processor run faster - you need to work from ram but you dont have to do that (for slow processor like 8051) 2)the processor see the external memory part, as a part of whole memory map 3)DMA - direct memory access it is a method for accessing the memory not throughthe cpu core All the best Bobi
HI I have used ST72264(flash type 28pin smt) micro in my design and all debug went well But when I try to program the device - the device RESET pin locked up in '0' (gnd). and I was unable to re-program or enter debug mode again but to replace the micro on board Any one encountered this phenomenon? can any one help please All the bes
are external memory and external memory bus interface one and the same?In Microchip parlance, an external (Memory) Bus Inteface is a set of I/O lines that allow you to connect to external memory that uses a parallel interface. if thats the case, the result shows no product if i select EBI and GD.[/quo
So the hex file is smaller than the one inside the flash..? And is it possible if my flash is small, then I use an external flash to save the hex file, and then run my code from there..? If yes, how to configure the uC in doing so? Added after 5 minutes: and how to know if it is fully loaded or not? (the
Hi AS an answer to your question: 1. SPI bus is the most easy to program 2. Yes, Search MAXIM site for data sheet application note and code 3. See answer to question 2 4. Depend how match data you need to save if a few byte - add an E2Prom to your design if large use SD card or external flash memory ,See M25P10 from ST 5. Easy to do
need to repair my hp have problem with display need a file for flash microcontroller ic. thank you
Hi, why don't you use the pin compatible P89LV51RD2 which is a 3V device? If other parts of your circuit really need the 5V, you have to scale down the voltage like Nandhu suggested for all signals originating from the MCU. You also need to make sure that the min high level of your external flash memory output is high enough to reach the minimum
Hi collegues, How can I establish a communication between a PPC440 and external memory! is there some documents regards!