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When i try to connect mplab replies me with that.Please help Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0019: Communications: failed to open port: (Windows::GetLastError() = 0x2, 'El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado. ') ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2 MPLAB ICD 2 Ready
excuse me if i couldn't explain it as i have no background in makeing device drivers. i use the windriver to build the driver for usb18f4550 and the application in c++ and it works. but when i uninstall the windriver program i try to open the application it doesn't open and when i try to open it from command line window (...)
Hi, I have ke*il 7.0 Full version and Proteus 5.2 I download the Proteus VSM and ke*il Development Tools PDF I did the steps in this article but when i choose "Remote Debugger Monitor" from the Debug menu under ISIS a error window appears "VDM server failed to open socket for listening" I use WINME. I installed TCP/IP too What
Hi all I installed IC5141 and Assura3.13 in Redhat9 but i can't use the assura in IC5141.When I want to run my layout, in icfb window, I have a this warning: *WARNING* failed to open shared object file /.../tools/assura/ after this message, icfb tell me that it can't open the assura. If anybody had this problem and solved (...)
hello I am writing a vhdl program for h264 video compression transformation and quantization and i run it in modelsim but it gives me the following error ** Error: (vsim-7) failed to open VHDL file "sample_int.yuv" in rb mode. # No such file or directory. (errno = ENOENT) why? plz help me out.... [/c
Hi, I am trying to run cadence on redhat 6.5 by mounting the /apps directory from another server. I get the following error when i run virtuoso command: $ tcsh $ source /apps/cadence/setup.csh $ virtuoso & 2631 $ dlopen failed to open ''
hi Friends I have some error while running sdf file with vsim command: vsim mspram -sdftyp /home/ee5113/zxv764/sdfvsim/leon2-1.0.30-xst/iusyn_gates.sdf when I type the above command, I have errors mentioned below # vsim -sdftyp /home/ee5113/zxv764/sdfvsim/leon2-1.0.30-xst/iusyn_gates.sdf mspram # Loading std.stan
Hi friends, I am trying to run the following command vsim -sdfmin /tb_msp/p0=output.sdf -t ps tb_msp I have the following error, can you help me how to solve the error # ** Error: (vsim-7) failed to open VHDL file "us2test/mspfiles" in r mode. # Not a directory. (errno = ENOTDIR) # Time: 0 ps Iteration: 0 Instance: /tb_m
hi all i built the icd2 from the the error appear: Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0289: Unable to re-program ICD2 usb OS firmware. ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2 MPLAB ICD 2 Ready Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0019: Communications: failed to open port: (Windows::GetLastError() = 0x0, 'The operation (...)
Hi I have made the Stoltz ICD2 Clone (using a 16f876a) but i cant get mplab to open the port (and yes I know I have the right port) Can any one tell me if its MPLAB or Windows that are having troubble?? The eroor messages im getting are: ICDWarn0027: The selected baud rate is not supported by your system. Chances are (...)
Hi, I just made a RS232 ICD2 w/16F876A, but I got some error meesages on it. Could anyone tell me what the problem are, and can I solve these problems... Thanks!! Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0019: Communications Error: failed to open port: (Windows::GetLastError() = 0x2') ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2 MPLAB ICD 2 Ready (...)
Thanks guys. I can't seem to get the '877A files to work. I've tried several and none of them seem to be written. Is there some sort of code protection? The '4550 worked perfectly the first time and I was able to read the code back to verify. This is the error I get: Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0019: Communications: failed to open
hey there, (at the first, sorry the english is my 3rd language :wink:) i've a question how can i open my room's door using usb flash, that meaning put the usb in the port beside the door ... bty i've no idea how to do this, and i've no equipment. sincerley, Ramzy :smile:
I am unable to open serial port in WinXP using C. It is returning error even though the correct COM port has been specified. The code is given below: #include #include #include void main () { HANDLE hSerial; hSerial = CreateFile("COM1",(GENERIC_READ | (...)
How can you connect a usb printer, scanner etc to a serial, parralel or docking interface port on a laptop.
When I start up license daemon with lmgrd, I've got error message like as " failed to open the TCP port number in the license. " Lmgrd and vendor daemon is not runing at same time. I assume that this is kind of OS problem, I use RHEL 3 have any Ideas? root@linux01:/boot> cat /home/proj/rfbeam/stm_lic/v10-lic.log (...)
hai any body can seggest me something,,,,, i have a new project to interface from usb port to parallel pc relayed board, the purpose is to control 3 or 4 circuit with the relayed board, GUI is develope to communicate with pc to the parallel relayed board,,, the issue is i cannot communicate with pc and relyed until now,,,??? for information
Hi, I need a usb to Parallel port converter Design to Build? Where can i find it . I used usb to Printer port Converter but it didn't work. Thanks
How to probe the usb port whether it is connected by usb mass storage device or not? When I added EXport_SYMBOL(storage_probe()) in usb/storage/usb.c, and involked storage_prove() in another program, it can be compiled pass, but fails at running process and indicates "Segmentation fault". (...)
Now I search for usb to Parallel port convert. I just found FR245 from FTDI but it look like usb to Parallel for microcontroller. Does anyone knows the detail about this equiment?
Hi all I use Visual Basic 6 to interface with RS232 port in the PC but there are no serial ports in the laptops. Therefore, I want to interface with the usb port from Visual Basic 6. Any suggestions about how to write this code? Thanks a lot
Can someone please tell me how to access the usb port using MATLAB? Is there some similar mechanism available like the serial class? I am able to access it using Java, but I am facing some problems. Thanks a whole lot in advance.
Do I need to write a driver to disable the usb port? I've tried to disable the specific usb port on enhanced usb 2.0 hub(FDO) with DeviceIoControll fuction But It seems, doen't support the flag IOCTL_usb_HCD_DISABLE_port with DeviceIoControll Maybe (...)
how can i send data from a avr to pc via usb port?
hi i have serial port programmer but in my laptop only usb ports are available can anyone tell me how to interface the usb port to serial port programmer.
I have bought a usb to parallel port adapter so that I could program my AVR through laptop usb port (STK200). But windows recognises adapter as a "usb printing support" device not a LPT port. Is there any possibility that I can map this usb (...)
I m getting msg "failed to install -> wp800io.sys" when i start my WinPic800 software. I haven't connected any h/w. I have selected JDM programmer & COM1 in Hardware Setting tab of WinPic800. Plz help me please try to use the winXP as administrator and then install winpic800, that error wont come
I have a jtag to parallel port cable with the spartan fpga kit but i don't have a parallel port to in my pc.. Would using a usb to parallel port converter be convenient or would it cause problems in download?? Any has any experience with that?? Thanks in advance : )
hi all i am working in robotics field. i have a robots. but the cost is so high(Rs.16000) and i want to develop same kind of robot with low cost robot. so i have replaced all the sensors with some low cost sensors with compromise in accuracy. in this robot i am using 89s52 microcontroller. and i want to program it with my laptop ant i can it
hello everyone ! i m trying to use TMS320C2000 design tools, with a PMSM motor and the HVMTRPFCKIT along with the control suite and code composer studio installed. the OS i m running is win xp sp3 and is 32 bit. following the instructions as they are, when i set up the system, start the GUI and connect the system with my pc, i get an error msg
Hello! What is optimal and safe way to do that? Classical approach - LO output at the drain, match 50Ohms output line to Zl=-Zout near transistor. I am going to take LO from gate resonator, so drain port remains unused. Should i match its -Zout to open-circuit, or make "fake" 50Ohm line with 50Ohm resistor and match it to this thing? For exa
Hi Friends My Pic 16f877A send data to serial port , but my Lab top doesn't contain any serial port, can i convert usb to serial ? what is the solution ?
Hi, Hi, I have Keil 7.0 Full version and Proteus 5.2 I download the Proteus VSM and Keil Development Tools PDF I did the steps in this article but when i choose "Remote Debugger Monitor" from the Debug menu under ISIS a error window appears "VDM server failed to open socket for listening" I use WINME. I installed TCP/IP too What is
Hi,All: I need to design a usb charger for mobile phone. Anyone has experience about that?
how do i connect a heart beat monitor meter to a home PC using usb?i also require details regarding the mobile device usb..plz
i run the demo on matlab example Video Stabilization on DM642 DSP TI Board i got the error like this failed to find lib viputilities how can i solve it
I would like to ask for help from someone who knows their way around an icd2 clone. Here are the error messages displayed in mplab: Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ...Connected ICDWarn0031: MPLAB ICD 2 contains the incorrect operating system for the selected device. Would you like to download the correct operating system? Setting Vdd source to tar
i have visual .net on xp but i dont know how can i apen the ports and access it because xp doesnt allow accessing fillies 2- how can i use alibrary found in borland using
Hi Friends , I tried to simulate Post -place and Route Model from Xilinx ise 7.1 but intially i got error vcom failed ,i went thro the messages and found i need to create a VLIB SIMPRIM and then i need to go to xilinx/vhdl/src/simprims.. and select all vhd file and compile it . i repeated this 3 times and then i tried to runthe simulation again .
i want to interface cypress's sl811sh to a xsa-50 fpga board so that the combination can act as a usb host. sl811sh can be used as a low/full speed host controller with one usb port, with 8 bit i/o which can interface to a microcontroller. i need just need basic enumaration and handle bulk transfers. any help is highly appreciated.
hi define a box as your WG. define the material that fills it. change selection mode to faces instead of objects select the faces of box that are usual without slot assign Perfect Electric boundary condition NOW FOR SLOTTED FACES OF YOUR WG: define a usual rectangle (No 1) exactly where it is subtract another rectangle (No2) (YOUR
Hi, is possible to use the usb interface in the PIC18F4550 using assembler? I've found only examples in C language but I don't know it very much and I use always assembler Now for my projects I'm using the FT232 chips, but I'd like to implement all in the PIC micro. So I need only a simple serial port emulation like the FT232. Is possible?
when i made VCO with virilog-a and try to test it i got this error on simulation *ERROR*:failed to get the MPS handle *WARNING* aaTriggerEvent2: error calling (lambda((_simID status) _sevAfterSimulationWrapper('sevSession1 status)) t (stdobj@0xc4da900 nil nil)) ("funcall" 0 t nil ("*Error* funcall: argument #1 should be a function objec
Introduction This is documentation for a simple open-source usb AVR programmer and SPI interface. It is low cost, easy to make, works great with avrdude, is AVRStudio-compatible and tested under Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Perfect for students and beginners, or as a backup programmer. The project i
Hi every one, I installed the chrt18rf_sige_Rev2.1a_062405.tar from but when I try to open an testcase schematic which includes only a MOS symbol from chrt18base and a MOS symbol from chrt18rf ,then the failure appears in the cds.log as follows: ...... \\o failed! \o failed to load successfully!Loading ch
I installed IC5141 and Assura 3.15 on my pc with CentOS 4.5. When I tried to DRC with assura, I got the error message: "failed to build VDB. Cannot submit DRC Run". In the log file I saw "error: Illegal modifier: "withIntersection", and "error: Illegal modifier: "withSingularPoint". I am puzzled since the rule file comes from foundry and there shou
Are there many choice to make a usb to RS232? Curious how many type of design is available, and which one is the best.
Can any one send me the s/w which is required to open the .rar files in fedora 8
hi guys this is praveen, i've got an assignment to do. i've connect a 16x2 lcd to pc through usb. i dont know any thing about usb. i've worked on lcd previously. i've interfaced lcd to 8051 uc.
Hi everybody , i used tusb2046bi from ti to build up 4 port usb hub , after looking at the data sheet , i built the recommended circuit from the data sheet , the problem is when i connecting the hub to the pc the pc recognize the chip , and the message is ready to use shown by the windows , which good so far , but when i'm connecting (...)