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Hello all, I am aware of a similar post on edaboard with this question. However I am unable to continue that thread as it is closed. Here I am asking the similar question. Will ATPG tool be able to generate patterns which simulate false paths and multi-cycle paths? I am sure (...)
Hey, false path constraint is much more strict, as you are saying that paths between launching and capturing flip flops will not exist, may be due to some architectural condition. Hence, tool will not time those paths. I guess SCP is single cycle (...)
112126 This image comes from Altera AN433. As we can see, AN433 requires to constraint the Opposite-Edge Capture Center-Aligned Input with multicycle and false path exception. However, in my opinion, we just have to constraint that with false path (...)
All constraints are having specific to a condition , one constraint can't replace another. In Hardware , there are many signals and sometime it might be possible when you have apply more then one constraint on same signal , in that case, tools will look for order of precedence and final constraint will be applied having higher priority. Fals
hai friends i have a setup violation in a path starting in the Q pin of a flipflop followed by some logic blocks and ending in the D pin of the same flip flop how can i over come this can i set false path or multicycle path (...)
Except asynchronous false path and combinational loop , what path cant STA analyse? Thanks for reply.
I have even seen designs that work without setting false path as well. You have to see this I am also pasting the script that does the real synthesis. "Note there is no false path or multicycle path command." (...)
I will take this in priority wise the constarints. As false path has more priority than multicycle path it would take the path as false path and not do the timing analysis there. It will (...)
Hi guyz.. What is multicycle path? and is it similar to false path?? thankx
I think they should be defined as false paths, since they are clearly crossing clock domains.
Hi, I am not able to find any link to download fishtail focus tool to determine false path and multicycle paths in your design. Has anyone downloaded the tool and used it? Is it free or free for limited time? Please send me personal message (...)
Hi All, How to identify the Multi cycle path and the false path in the design. do we need to identify after the Synthesis stage DC tool it self will recognize and through as warning or error. At what stage in the asic flow this multicycle (...)
Hi All, How to identify the Multi cycle path and the false path in the design. do we need to identify after the Synthesis stage or the XILINX (fpga tool) tool it self will recognize and through as warning or error. At what stage in the FPGA flow this (...)
Hi Badola, You will put the add slow cells to those flops which are the startpoint s of "false path" and "multicycle paths". During STA you dont do an analysis for the false and the multicycle (...)
synchronizers, or paths where signals which cross clock domains are usually added as false paths in the constraints. a good example of multicycle path would be a pipelined path
The majority of important paths will require human examination. This is not because computer are stupid, but because finding false path requires a higher level knowledge of the protocol and the signaling.
simply: multi-cycle path--->we need analyze timing but should over one clock cycle false path ---->we don't concern its timing.
hello folks........... What is false path and multi-cycle path? thanks
for false path detection, if you are using PrimeTime, u can use 3 commands: report_timing -justify report_timing -true report_timing -false check the manual or man for further info :)
For your example: suppose you have a 10 ns clock period and a multiplier that takes 13 ns to calculate the answer. If you make your control path that it launches the multiplication at clock edge @ time = 0 ns. If you don't clock (clock enable=false) what's coming out of the multiplier at time = 10ns, and (...)
example of false path is the reset signal as usually you don't really do a clock tree on the reset signal, you just let it skew and it should affect the timing of your IC.
Hi,everybody.Can any one explain the concept of critical path,multicycle path,false path ,and the differences? thanks!best regard.