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Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I've tried interfacing a SD Card to a microcontroller with a very fast read/write cycle (i'm writing data every second). After days of continuous run, I noticed that the performance degrades. My question is, is fat the only available format for writing to SD Cards using a (...)
hii to all, i want to read/write bytes on SD card in simple way (fat format is optional). Anybody who successfully interfaced SD card with 8051 architecture please share his code or any useful related link (if any). their are several example based on AVR and PIC microcontroller on internet but they are not useful for me. i required (...)
Hi all How to read/write Siemens SDE(a)2506EEPROM With IC-Prog or Ponyprog Propic2 Programmer or JDM Programmer I Unsuccesful Can you help me?
Hi, I need to read/write on a syncronous data bus. Is there some one that develop it for pci interface ?? If possibile using the quick logic components. Kikkus
Hi, I need a person that is able to develop on quick logic pci core. I need a little interface to read/write on a syncronous 8bits data bus Who can help me? Kikkus
Dear All, I'm trying to read/wtite to sle4428 EEPROM Smart Card. please if any one have a source/sample code or any help for that just tell me. thanks,
How to read/write a text from/to a file for Quartus II ver 4?
I need a C code snippet for E2PROM read/write 1 byte in PSoC CY8C26443 chip. I've tried the C examples in the E2PROM datasheet with a lot of compilation errors. Sorry but i'm a beginner in using PSoC Families. Yours,
I want to use MPU read/write data from/to SD Card. But I don't kno how can i do? If you know as same as the project? Please help me. Thank you.
Hi all, I am wrating code for read/write Multimedia card (MMC), I use paralel port first before I use microcontroller. I already use converter 3.3volt to 5volt and 5volt to 3.3volt. when I do initialize, there is no response from MMC. The MISO (Master Input Slave Output) pin on tri-state all time. Is there anyone have done (...)
Hello I have a coldfire board. it has a MCF5206FT33A and has conectors for: saw touchpand ir touchpand lcd lcd backlight memory expansion, i/o expansion and some reference like PCB#50-02996-01 and a "coldfire programer" connector. Hoy can I read/write soft on the internal flash memory? any free debuger? T
Can I say that flash memory is a read/write Memory? Thanks.
I want flash memory program to read/write. Micro MSP430F427, Using C. From the beginning
Hi, I want to generate burst read/write, used STMIA/LDMIA, but arm always generate single write/read, can anybody tell me how to config ARM? Thanks! hgz
hi,all in my memory,the read and write pointers used in FIFO are sequential data which are always implemented with counters. but someone said generally a FIFO is addressed with LFSR(linear feedback shift register) or Gray code read/write pointers. my questions the address of FIFO must (...)
I currently use verilogA (in cadence 2006) to simulate a component with non static internal variable that I'd like to load/store (read/write from/to a file) corresponding to its instance (number or name, like I0,I1...), since the same component is replicated many times, I don't know if it's possible to write some verilog A code and how to (...)
I have study 6T-SRAM but quite confuse right now. Can anyone give an intuitive description about 6T-SRAM. Please descrive how it can store data and its read/write operation. many thanks in advance.
Please, if someone knows how to get it. It should run on a PC and read / write a buffer to/from a USB HID element. Keil has such a tool but it only R/W a single byte. Thanks Sam
Hello, Can someone point me out how I can read/write to the following blockram RAM model ? I can read and write to external SRAM, but I am not able to make this work using blockram. Could someone help? ENTITY vram8k IS PORT ( data : IN STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (7 DOWNTO 0); rdaddress : IN STD_LOGIC_VECTOR (12 (...)
Does anyone have a link or a file that give an example of an asynchronous memory read/write cycle and its analysis. I have done one but I would feel more comfortable looking through an example too. Thanks
Hi everybody, I am working on a project in which I need to store my data in Intel strataflash memory. (FYI: I am using Xilinx Spartan 3e Stater kit). My verilog code performs the following operations in a sequence. Block Erase -> Byte program -> Status register check -> read byte (same address) But It looks like It is not writing at all. b
I want to find a SRAM, which can support burst read/write It'd better has a last burst input signal, which means the last symbols when burst transactions. any suggestion? if a rom can support burst read and has the last burst signal, it is ok too, thanks
i need an external memory with infinity read/write cycles to connect the AVR microcontroller to update valuable data .. any part number ? the size is not important . thx
hi.. how to write function in VHDL to read/write from/to file. am using resolved logic type for signals. so its not possible to use use IEEE.std_logic_textio.all; . plz guide me..
I am trying to read/write config registers in cc1100 as a first step to make RF communication but without success. Using ATmega8515 and code almost identical to this in next link but for AVR , not for PIC like in this example. After reset I read the folowing config registers which are not default valu
Hi edaborder... i need help. I need schematic programmer to read-write SAB-517A-LN. Please help me...
Hi, I downloaded a processor code from opencores and it has fsl ports. But I really dont know how to write a c code to read/write to the fsl port. This is an example of a C code: #include void main () { int i, z; z = 0; for (i=0; i < 10; i+1) { z = z + 1; } } I want to put the value of z int
what is read/write collision on dualram? how can it be handled? why reading and writing from same location is not possible?.... (we can get either old value or new value....knw?)
hi 2 ALL i am using following code for read write 24c128 it works ok if i read write 1 BYTE or 2 BYTE........ but if i read or write about 200 bytes contineus some of the data being currupt. In case of write some of the data are save courrupted. If i (...)
Tutorial Microcontroller MCS-51 ATMEL ISP i m using your isp programmer. its working. but after sometime i used it its giving me error.even that the initialize target is going fine. the device is read/write locked. i used 12 mhz crystal. plz help. i
Hi friends, I try read/write data in frames in Virtex-5 FPGA using C language, so I use the PowerPC440 integrated whithin the FPGA and the ICAP. some one can help me best regards,
I need a running C language code for eeprom read write but it should not contain any internal registers of 8051 as i have to modify it for msp430. ---------- Post added at 22:16 ---------- Previous post was at 22:14 ---------- I'm using AT25320 EEPROM which is SPI.
Hello, I am looking to design and create a OKI Semiconductor In Circuit Programmer to do a Memory Dump. The Device I am looking to read, write, and Erase to is an OKI - L66Q592 It is a 144pin LQFP Need to Develop a Programmer that will allow me to read, write erase to the Program memory, EEPROM, Internal and External (...)
Hi, I have to write a simple RAM acess(read/write) for ARM cortex M3 core. I need this for my test environment I think it should be very simple.I come from VLSI baground - I need a quick start on this .. Does any one give me some example code or links for example code. Thanks!
how many read/write cycles are needed(per bit) to test a 4*4 RAM.
hello everyone... i am having a problem with my parallax read/write failed to communicate with my rfid tag.. which in other word.. it does read my rfid tags... but when i try to swipe the tag to other rfid (other brand) the unique has been read....??? and when i interface it with arduino duemilanove atmeg328... the led (...)
COMPONENT some_component is PORT ( read : OUT std_logic ; write : OUT std_logic ; ); END COMPONENT; What is the purpose of "read" and "write" keywords is VHDL ? How are they used ?
Hello, I'm trying to do some read/write strings to/from eeprom but mostly unsuccessfully. Here is code: #include void delay1ms(unsigned int count); void _nop(unsigned int count); //--------------------------------------- void start_iic(void); void stop_iic(void); void write_iic(unsigned char Data); unsigned char (...)
Hi all, I am using dsPIC30F6014A controller and I am trying to write a driver program to read/write the port pins. I am using C30 compiler. Since this controller has A,B,C,D,F,G ports I am writing a value to each port and trying to read the value written using functions for read/write (...)
hi, im using ml605 board virtex 6 fpga .... im connecting mb to external ddr3 sdram(512 MB) using edk ... wen i run memory tests in sdk, the status is success !! ... but wen i try to access any address of ext memory (read/write), i get only 0x00000000 as output ... i can understand tht the hw configuration for ext memory is correct, bt in sw i h
Dear All I am FPGA (VHDL) designer but for a specific project I need to compare my results with AT and TI controller. Kindly provide me Memory and I/O read/write (8/16 and 32 bit) data access latency for OMAP (4 or 5) and Atmel UC3 Micro-controllers. I am not familiar with OMAP and Atemel tool chains. Can we get average clock cycles for pro
Hi all, Can anyone explain the relationship between the operating frequency and the read/write access time in sram. Best, - - - Updated - - - find some answer from a manual and share the answer with guys here. but still have some question about this. Why access time can be larger/equal to the cycle ti
Please bear with me. I've to toggle a pin every 125 milliseconds and every minute I've to update the eeprom with a value after comparing with the previous value. For measuring time I'm using Timer 0 and it's ISR. Every minute I've to display the eeprom value in an LCD. My PROBLEM is that for the 1 second period the toggling is working fine, but dur
Hi everyBody, I implement an xps system by using the Bus PLB. My IP core is added to the system using Create or Import Peripheral... I want to know how can Microblaze write several data to DDR2 SDRAM and how the IP core read all the data from this memory, modify it and write it back to DDR2 SDRAM via the PLB Bus interface. Therefore, (...)
Hi How can I read write a byte from input output port located at some address? please help me with some examples
pls can you help me for ibutton read write RW1990 softwear
Hello, I want to ask about the fastest method to read/write data into Nexys3 FPGA board. I use the parallel port method but it's really slow (in the order of 50 bps ). I need communication of at least 10 Mbps . Thanks
tested assembly program in 89s52 uc for initialise, read & write ADC CS5460a
i want to connect Compact Flash to a FPGA (SpartanIIE). , read & write, without fat configuration. read & write only for storage big DATA. can anybody help me ? (i want VHDL code :idea:)