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hi there i am currently working on fdtd programming to model vlf propagation on earth-ionosphere waveguide during daytime to detect ionospheric anomalies before major aerthquake. i have go through some paper from berenger, 2002 and cummer,2000 but still did not have complete parameters to use in the codes. does anyone here have experience (...)
Hi. is there anyone who is expert in fdtd programming? I have one question about coaxal line feed of monopole antenna. if you are,please leave a message here.
hi to all. why in my 3D fdtd matlab code fields become very big?for example they are from order of 1e20! why my code become divergence? how should set a proper source for my cylindrical dielectric antenna? do I set proper permitivity in programming or should use from averaged permitivity in interface of dielectic antenna-air? this permitivity
You could be more precise in stating what you do and what you do not understand. For example is the problem 1) Matlab 2) fdtd 3) the telegraphers equation
I'm wanting to know if it's possible to easily model an electron in fdtd. I'm wanting to demonstrate how a moving electron can create a magnetic field. Also, you don't have to use simple speech with me. I'm very familar with electromagnetism and programming, this is just my first time putting the two together. :) Thanks
hallo i have a problem for programming fdtd for a transmission line i like a programme exemple ! and i like how to calculate V1 when my source is an current
My frined do you know why C is not preferred instead fortran being used in the simulations of fdtd ? Fortran and Lisp is very few old (and new) program language can handle complex numbers as datatype from begining in language - is very importent factor if want and try different types of math algorithm (...)
Well, conceptly it can be done by near field and far field transformation. You can see the materials form any classic fdtd books. As for E plane and H plane, you only need to define an angle of radiation pattern you want to caculate such as fai=0 and fai=90