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ref the paper Numerical Modeling of Microstrip Circuits and antennas, D. M. Sheen, Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991. The patch work 7.5GHz. But in Sullivan's fdtd book,as a example for 3D type.But in his book,the result is 6GHz,is it the result error?(in CH5)
Hello, in another thread (UWB-antennas Simulation) I got informations about fdtd method for antennas simulation special for uwb antennas for study the parameters in "time domain". Many thanks for all replies. Now next quastions: Should I write for fdtd method program codes? If yes: in which program
I am working in UWB microstrip antennas analysis using fdtd but facing problem in C code implementation. plz help me with some example codes..... Debashis
I am working in UWB microstrip antennas analysis using fdtd but facing problem in C code implementation. plz help me with some example codes... Regards Debashis
Conformal antennas require different solvers than full planar structures. There are quite a few solvers commercially available: CST, WIPL-D and HFSS are well known. If you look around on the web using google you can even find open source fdtd and FEM codes for solvers and meshers. It is also possible to calculate/simulate a large number of structur
Hi fgc, it is not a program but a paper in pdf avail in IEEE explorer. 1992 - fdtd Calculation of Radiation Patterns, Impedance and Gain for a monopole Antenna on a conducting Box. Cheers, Element7k thanks you , I think I need this program,but I don't download.
enjoy special to riyad that he seem to be interested in fdtd,pls thanks dr.hassan sallabi for his help regards
It looks like the book is the following: Qian, Y. and T. Itoh, fdtd Analysis and Design of Microwave Circuits and antennas (Software and Applications), Realize Inc.,Tokyo, 1999 Is that right? S. PS: There is a free fdtd software in java at the following link:
ref the famous paper: Numerical Modeling of Microstrip Circuits and antennas, D. M. Sheen, Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991. (MTT 1991), The patch work 7.5GHz. In Sullivan's fdtd book,as a example for 3D type. Question: But in his book,the result is 6GHz,is it the result error?(in CH5)
Anyone having these papers? thanks very much. Modification to convolution CFS-PML for the ADI-fdtd method, Feb 2006, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Microwave and Optical Technology Letters Volume 48, Issue 2 , Pages 261 - 265 Modification to convolution CFS-PML for the ADI-fdtd method Linnian Wan
Please, if any body can help me with ideas on how to go about Modelling and simulation of a Ground Penetrating radar antenna tranciever I will be very grateful.I am using fdtd method and I have a general idea of what is involved, but I need help in starting the project. For example, I need to know what type of antenna I am going to use, the reason
i need fdtd code to simulate dielectric resonator antennas, can any one herlp me? thanks in advance
please i need help to solve this problem i need to simulat an optical fiber one dimension in fdtd but with i take the materieal to be dispersive and nonlinear and i need to get the electric field at very large distance like 100 km but in simulation i can not simulat this large domain so i need to make some scaling to the material to get the same
Hi, I am glad to work with about UWB antennas by fdtd Method. So if you need help you can contact me on my email:
hi, I am working on antennas with metamaterials using fdtd method. So to simulate metamaterials with fdtd i need fristly to calculate the permittivity and the permeabilty using retrieval method. so I have used the smith article namely '' Electromagnetic parameters retieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials'' published in March 2005. (...)
i want to choose a general-purpose fdtd method, which is fast, accurate and easy for implementation. I read some documents about normal fdtd, Cfdtd and ADI-fdtd, but still cannot tell which one is better, somebody say Cfdtd is not easy in meshing, others say ADI-fdtd may not stable, etc, (...)
have a look at # K. Abdijalilov and J. B. Schneider, ``Analytic Field Propagation TFSF Boundary for fdtd Problems Involving Planar Interfaces: Lossy Material, Evanescent Fields,'' IEEE antennas and Wireless Propagat. Lett. vol. 5, pp. 454--458, 2006. (1.4 MB PDF file.) from
til now idon't understand about MoM n fdtd what is the diffrent? for designing antenna Microstrip i have been using MWO. my friend said MWO is using MoM n HFSS is using fdtd is it true.....n for running simulation of MWO its need long time, especially for high frequency how about HFSS its need long time too for running simukation....thx b 4
Hi, I'm simulating Dielectric Resonator antennas with an in house fdtd code. When the DRA has low permittivity, say around 20-30, few thousands time steps are enough to calculate the S11 parameter. When I use higher permittivities, the more time steps I use the more confused S11 plot I get; with confused I mean lots of resonances/minimums. It seems
the application relates specifically to electrically large problems, for instance modeling various types of antennas (but resonant types), such as wire or MPA's on vehicles. i have no practical experiencing solving any of these techniques, but am looking for a greater understanding as to why any solution technique would be better than another in
Hi, Download links for the e book EM Modeling of antennas and RF Components for Wireless Communication Systems is given below: OR Taflove's fdtd book (Second Edition) is available at http:/
Hello, i have final assignment about design of phased array antenna. Any body have codes matlab for fdtd analysis of phased array antenna? I need your help. Thank you
What about method of moments software? Despite the fact that less people use them than FEM or FIT/fdtd they are extremely efficient in antenna simulation and don't suffer from any radiation boundary/ PML related problems. By efficient, I mean very fast and employing small amount of memory. For instance, how much would it take to simulate accu
The short answer is: MOM is most efficient for wire and sheet antennas. FEM is best for moderately sized and volumetrically complex antennas. fdtd can handle the largest simulations and is best for broadband simulations. -Tip
hi for all please any persone help me: i have problem, when i read the paper R. J. Luebbers, Fellow, IEEE, and H. S. Langdon ?A Simple Feed Model that Reduces Time Steps Needed for fdtd Antenna and Microstrip Calculations? IEEE TRAKSACTIONS ON antennas AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 44, NO. I, JULY 1996. and programed by matlab ,i have the sam
A dipole source and a point source are the same thing when referring to fdtd. Keep in mind, however, that you can excite a dipole source with either an electric field or a magnetic field and each will produce a different configuration of fields and likely a different response from whatever you are modeling. The dipole source usually refers to the
I am working with fdtd. I want to simulate radiation of microstrip antennas ( Sullivan book). Can you show me the way to implement it?
I am studying an article by Maloney. the article is A Simple fdtd Model for Transient Excitation of antennas by Transmission Lines. I'm kind of lost, because I need to implement this article in MATLAB. Someone would have something to recommend me? Or maybe some implementation done in MATLAB. Thanks
hi if any one working on leaky wave antenna .please help me with fdtd to design this type of antenna .provide me with some books and numerical technique Hello, i am doing about leaky wave antenna simulation using the fdtd method. Any body help me to give algorithm leaky wave antenna simulation using the fdtd method? Or any body have (...)
Dear all, I'm looking for actually limits attained from the modern fdtd implementations on cluster in terms of time elapsed and grid sizing. I'm interested in scattering problems of large structures as airplanes or ships with antennas installed. Does anybody know the latest results reached from universities or commercial code ? Regards, Va
I would also recommend some time domain code for the antenna array. Empire XCcell (based on fdtd) is a good choice for antennas. It is very fast (>2000 Mcells/s) without accelerator card, and has cluster capability for very big models. EMPIRE XCcel Antenna Examples EMPIRE XCcel
I'm looking for software to analyse both Yagi-Uda antennas, and the Coaxial Colinear (CoCo) type, which consists of sections of transmission line Build A 9dB, 70cm Collinear Antenna joined end-to-end, wit
Does anyone work with fdtd using parallel processing in matlab? Do anyone have a sample code for 3d fdtd for antennas such as basic rectangular patch in matlab?
I need Construction Data of Bow Tie antennas!
Hi How does about xfdtd? tnx
i don't think IE3D can do the is based on MOM,SO it only can solve the 2.5D (planar)problem. zealand FIDELITY can solve the 3D is based on fdtd.
Hear it for the first time. fdtd code is relatively easy to write, I guess that is why there are so many products. It is not easy to make it fast, though.
antennas Softwares
I'ld like to know if you have experience about slotted patch antennas. I've realized and measured some prototype and the results are better than standard rectangular single-layer patch antennas in terms of Impedance Bandwidth and in terms of Polarization Bandwidth. I've read Wong book, do you have any other configuration idea to sharewere? Tha
This is because we put emotions over it I guess:) After all fdtd is a great and damn simple algorithm and many excellent devices have been designed with it. Great goody:). Like others, there are some restrictions but everything depends on one'st applications and pocket. Last but not least - the legacy software. Before turning to Ansoft HFSS we h
hi: I have one question: What do we mean by "Two Identical antennas"? Does it mean same gain, radiation pattern, ...etc Is it a stupid question? I'm still new to this field. thanks ayhz2002
Trends in antennas for Wireless Communications
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
Everything is good for a few type of antenna.....and only for a few. Once chosen the antenna yuo can chose the simulator...otherwise it's like you were trying to write with a chalk on a paper sheet. P.S. Tavarnelle is also a very nice place in Tuscany....with very good wine! Nice Nickname is it!
Are there anybody have a 3D fdtd matlab code with PML ???
Very difficult to answer man. The answer may vary according to the specific shape of element antenna as well as curvature. MOM/FEM could be OK if you can model it properly. fdtd is not well accepted for array simulatin. Codes: ooops they are very expensive man. Some days back i got a code for patch antenna from Erip which have been coded by one
1. I think you can use any wave-form. How to do it would depend on the software you are using. An example would be providing a data file specifying the amplitude of pusle at a series of time steps. Now the accuracy of the result and the time to convergence would be affected by the wave-form. If your source runs for 10000 time steps before reaching
exactly what is meant by frequency dependent fdtd method? Material properties are frequency dependent (dispersive)?
Hi to all: I need information and schemes to make a multicoupler of receiving antennas, 4 and 8 exits. I also need the scheme an preamplifier to compensate the losses. Frequency band: 150 & 80Mhz. tnk's & regards.
AWAS AWAS for Windows is a versatile program for analyzing wire antennas and scatterers assembled from arbitrarily located and interconnected straight-wire segments. The program consists of a shell for user-friendly interface and a kernel for numerical analysis. The wire structure can be in free space or located above a perfectly co