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hi folks,,,, i am using feko 5.5 i am trying to excite a line(dipole antenna) using current source. i have used fem line port giving its coordinate values that are present on the line. but i am receiving the following error:The line current source must be inside a fem region.... any help
feko says it provides multiple computation methods such as fem, MOM. Having both these methods seems like a very powerful tool. HFSS uses fem. Does feko have the same capabilities as HFSS? I'm looking for something like HFSS provides but at a lower cost. I recently saw the price of HFSS and it was over $100k usd. (...)
please tell me how to create a fem model port in feko ... m having error "model port can be created on boundary of fem region" plz help me if possible sand me a link of some solved fem model port example thanks
Hi I m new to feko5.4 n just started to use it. I want to inject a copper coil with current source..but in feko fem current source is only available which can be used in fem region only...PLS help me regarding the use of current source in conductor Thanks..
we can read this there is a small comparison between HFSS and feko
Yes, the feko website says that it has the ability to use hybrid MOM/fem: I have not used it, so I cannot say if it is has the best source types to model the aperture coupled patc_h. It can handle dielectric layers using a variety of methods such as surface equivance, volume equivalence, and the Green's fu
hi kivet, I think I can help you: They have (-the only I know) MOM/fem hybrid and they have coupled also MOM with optic methods (PO/UTD) and the best: there is also a free Lite-Version!! Hope this helps :-) best: ricy
1) feko Suite 5: The most important feature (at least to me) is hybrid fem/MOM. 2) Momentum: 2-1) "It has a 64-bit version". 2-2) "It contains a new 3D metal interconnect modeling technique that allows horizontal as well as vertical current modeling on all sides of metal interconnects." It s
Element7k, everything is OK. :D This example is proof that MOM tool are the best EM tool for antenna today. Other like FDTD, fem will be good for 5-10 years with 10 times fastest processors than processors today. I'm try in CST and results are OK, but solver time... In your posted CST file, mesh is set on 50, do you have supercomputer?