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What you got there is called "dead copper". You have isolated islands of GND pour, which aren't actually connected to anything. I took an image and colored some of the completely isolated GND spots: 106104 This view really helps with the GND pour, you can get this view if you fill the board, go to (...)
Just a view thoughts on this; - More copper means thinner prepeg layers. The resin in the prepeg layers will fill the gaps between the copper during lamination. More copper means less space to fill and thinner prepeg layers can be used. - More copper will reduce warpage of the board. - more copper is also a big (...)
if u want to initialise the memory only for simulation purpose means, there will be an option in the simulation tool itself for loading some initial value. for modelsim: view-> memory->select an item -> right click for import data pattens -> and fill the required data.. hope this will solve ur prob..
hi, metal fill is a necessary part of design aimed for drc. and it could be floating metal fill which is prefered or tied metal fill.