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I'm using Nangate Open cell Library 45nm for my design. I have been trying to translate my design from Encounter to Virtuoso for a couple of days but with no success and there are no documentations available for this library. Here are my steps: **Exporting my design as GDSII in Encounter 1) I didn't find a map file in Nangate 45nm l
I got exact answer as follows, Main difference between Endcap cell is they have dummy poly. which Dcap or fillers does not have. SO it prevents any stress or DRC violation on actual circuit and design while fabrication. Have not seen actual layout of standard cell, will reply again after confirming it.
Hi All, Which type of filler cells should add in soc encounter,I have fill 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 sized and for well tap and end cap also the same values. Which size should i add ?? also while adding end cap cells,it is asking for precap cell and postcap cells ?? What i shud specify among the (...)
Hi all, Please can me someone explain differences between these terms? macro cell filler cell ECO cell all are taken from TSMC 90nm PDK documentation. Thanks a lot.
Standard cell Site & Unit Tile: is the minimum width of the small largest cell, generally the smallest filler. The terminology difference could comes from different backend tool (Astro-ICC versus SE-SOCEncounter). Placement grid: the grid is generated by the backend tool based on the unit tile.
when i finish route in icc,use the insert_stdcell_filler command to insert filler cell, the tool reports : Error: cell *** was not placed on row also in the log it says there are 52 cells are overlaps or not placed on row,is anyone meet this error before? how to fix it
Hello Guys, Recently I studied some where regarding filler cell like this can any one please explain the following statement in detail. filler cells also provide decoupling capacitance to complete the power connections in the standard cell rows and extend N-well and P-well regions. Previously I (...)
well, normaly the std cell library provided some filler cell to fill the n-well and power rail between two std cell. but this step should be done by the PnR tool, not in virtuoso, or do you made a small block in the analog tool env? The filler cells are here to respect the DRC between two (...)
The filler cell are required to have a continuous n-well between each std cell, and certainly fix this latch-up DRC.
hi friends, i have one doubt. we are using filler cells in between physical design flow right, and metal filling is used at the final stage. what is the difference in between these two?? can any one explain on this
Hello people! I am trying to do floor planning for my design for the first time. Actually I have done the basic fllorplanning and have placed the i/o pads as well but not the macro cells ( placement in the core area) yet. I verified the geometry after this step and found a lot of spacing violations and short violations at the corner pads. I cor
Normaly the pad library should provide a filler for the smallest grid possible in the relatede technology. Same idea for the std cell filler.
what is pad cell? what is the difference between filler cell n corner cell? though they both used for continuity
Hi what is seal ring ? what is SR_DPO ? how is it different from normal PO. i saw a filler cell layout and i find DPO running over OD with its source and drain unconnected. Can we have such unconnnected transistors??? Please help me out of this confusion
I need to delete some filler cell black box in GLS. Command used was: delete black box filler* -module y804lf -revised The Problem is: // Error: Module 'filler*' is not found in Revised. // Error: 'y804lf' in Revised is not USER black box. Any idea why i cant delete it? it says the cell is not (...)
Hi All, I would like to add my points here. Spare cell : ( Placed before the Placement to avail the uniform distribution) These cells will be used if any Timing/Functional ECO has to be performed after the Tape-out. Generally these cells will be a bunch of universal gates and placed uniformly all over the chip. Lets say your chip is
Only attribute I can think of in this case is crosstalk. You may have unintentionally added shielding to same of the nets or cells by adding these filler cells HI Jeevan, Can u pls elllaborate here. I am not getting ur point. why shielding while adding filler cells ???
hai, Endcap is placed at right or left most boundary filler cell for isolation of routing . Route is not beyond endcap does not allowed to routing come out side beyond endcap. i think the name itself its defintion. Add endcap.tcl modified script enable to add a double coloum of tie fillercell (dummy poly gate for (...)
Hi Guys. why do we need to add filler cells first before Routing ? Thanks!
In our stdcell library, most often we satisfy diffusion density rules by first filling with decap cells. Otherwise, I have also seen filler cells that contain tied off "spare" transistors. Both these types of cells add to the leakage current, which is something we want to control. Has anyone had (...)
Hi, >>But why it is better to insert filler cells after routing? Still P & R tool might be optimizing the design to meet the timing by moving the cell here and there, that is why filler cells will inserted after routing. Regards,
hi, I'm using soc encounter with faraday/umc130. I'm getting IO-filler overlapping violations (attached gif of layout). I executed these commands addIofiller -cell EMPTY16LB -prefix if16 addIofiller -cell EMPTY8LB -prefix if8 addIofiller -cell EMPTY4LB -prefix if4 (...)
filler cell is also dummy poly/OD in 40nm cell library, which is used for process uniformity.
When is the good timing to add the core / pad filler, after routing or before routing?
I am doing P&R of my design with help of ami05 tech file and ami05 Std cell Library present in below site. i have no scan chain in my design. I have only one problem filler cell. I am not able to find filler cell in ami05 Std cell library vcag.ecen.okstate.e
Can you explain the function of the filler cell in P&R process. And what is the physical construct of the filler cell, thx
What is the difference between core filler cells and metal filler cells?
Hi, We have filler cells in stdcell layouts. Can we fill OD inside those filler cells. Generally fillers will be with out OD, POLY layers. What will be the effect of the filler cell if we add OD layer inside and how would the functionality change? (...)
Hello, Can anyone please comment on the difference between welltap cells and filler cells used in PnR? Thanks, Prasad
gdsStdfillercell FILL16MTH FILL1MTH FILL2MTH FILL32MTH FILL4MTH ...... ..... all filler cells gdsStandardcell ADDFHX1MTH ADDFHX2MTH ADDFHX4MTH ....... ........ all standard cells. Thanks Regards Shankar
Instead of antenna "filler" cell it sounds more likely to be "spare" antenna cell. The reason why insert these kind of cells might be prepared for the coming metal-layer-only changes ECO.
The filler cells usually have widths that are given as 1x,2x,4x,8x,16x and so on.. The next bigger filler cell always has its width doubled wts the reason behind it???????????????
Yes, it's correct.. for PAD ring continuity, we use IO filler cells. But we also use filler cells in the std cell region(inside core area). The reason is to fulfill the continuity of N-Well throught the std cell area. Some of the small cells also doesn't have the bulk (...)
The filler cells comes in netlist because u did not define the filler master cells as filler cells i .e, markcell type. U need to mark them as filler cells. by default it will be standard cells. U mark the (...)
HI, I have been implementing a design with Astro.After CTS my design meets timing and I tried to add filler cells before routing the design.But once filler cells are added the utilization goes to mode than 100% resulting in an there any command to stop adding filler cells after a certain (...)
Add I/O filler cells, encounter> addIofiller -cell filler cell_name> -prefix pfill
Hi Pandit, Decaps are used to provide the power, to meet the power requiremnets when the dynamic switching happens. Decaps are placed similarly how u place filler cells. Normally put where there is more switching activity .
you question means nothing... ECO :engineering change order is lteration process. there is no similiarity or difference between this dummy cells.. there are just filler cells.. just to increase density. after final tapeout if any change in netlist or stuck at 0 or 1. then using spare cells.. some process will be (...)
you may insert themwhen you layout your chip. after the place the cell, You may insert the spare cell as same as the insert the filler.
hi friends, i have a problem in connecting filler cell ports with pad cell seems they dont get connected.the asic tool i use is is it possible to stitch filler cell ports with pad cell ports similar to stitching pad cells with external outputs?
Hi, Under the pad library fromTSMC we have 9 feeder cells.Are they same as filler cells.I am asking this question as in magma tool we have toput a propery called model_type on each cell and only pad_filler is available nothing like feeder is available. Regards Vicky
What does "Add filler" mean in Encounter? Why we should add them to design? thx
Can anyone tell me more about filler cells used in layout design .. why used ? advantages disadv if any