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Using the ECO flow is kind of advanced design technique. You are still struggling with really basic concepts. I can bet your restoreDesign command is pointing to the wrong thing, and your eco.v netlist is not "physical", therefore does not contain filler cells, welltaps, etc.
I'm using Nangate Open Cell Library 45nm for my design. I have been trying to translate my design from Encounter to Virtuoso for a couple of days but with no success and there are no documentations available for this library. Here are my steps: **Exporting my design as GDSII in Encounter 1) I didn't find a map file in Nangate 45nm l
1. To check filler, please check your library level LEF file. There for filler's you will define a particular CLASS eg: MACRO FILL1 CLASS CORE SPACER ; ... You can go through the different classes to understand the Category of the cells in the design Adding from Comments @ThisIsNotSam : 2. Spare cells. Terms might differ. In some context, these
I got exact answer as follows, Main difference between Endcap cell is they have dummy poly. which Dcap or fillers does not have. SO it prevents any stress or DRC violation on actual circuit and design while fabrication. Have not seen actual layout of standard cell, will reply again after confirming it.
Hi All, Which type of filler cells should add in soc encounter,I have fill 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 sized and for well tap and end cap also the same values. Which size should i add ?? also while adding end cap cells,it is asking for precap cell and postcap cells ?? What i shud specify among the cells differently ?? (same fill 1 2 4 8 16 32 64) Ho
Hi all, If I add the metal filler in the region of core whether the metal filler are added on the top of macros(e.g. sram or other analog circuits). I have asked my friend, he said the metal filler would be added all over the region. But it was added all the region except the top of macros, I want to confirm the problem. P.S. There (...)
Microwave ferrite has much lower permeability and more conductive oxide filler. <30MHz ferrite has the highest mu with cobalt doped iron oxide with much less conductive metal particles as beads around conducting wires. But high permeability and lower resistance SMD in a ferrrite power may use silver oxide with iron oxide and is more expensive. Bu
Did you add filler cells?
End cap cells usually go at the end of each row and contain decoupling capacitors. filler cells are used to fill unused spaces in each row (i.e. where there are no logic cells) and just have metals to connect the horizontal power rails.
Hi, filler cells are added for n well, pwell and metal 1 continuity. Why should n well p well be continuous ? I understand that Metal 1 should be continuous for min density reasons and EM reasons. What exactly is power continuity ? Thanks in advance. :-D
Hi all, Please can me someone explain differences between these terms? macro cell filler cell ECO cell all are taken from TSMC 90nm PDK documentation. Thanks a lot.
As from the definition of ESD you can understand that uncontrollable current flows between source and drain which only stops when transistor breakdown happens . So that means ESD can destroy your whole chip. This ESD is also known as Latchup. so to overcome this we add filler cells which make the n-well continuous this means we get a continuous
Standard Cell Site & Unit Tile: is the minimum width of the small largest cell, generally the smallest filler. The terminology difference could comes from different backend tool (Astro-ICC versus SE-SOCEncounter). Placement grid: the grid is generated by the backend tool based on the unit tile.
when i finish route in icc,use the insert_stdcell_filler command to insert filler cell, the tool reports : Error: cell *** was not placed on row also in the log it says there are 52 cells are overlaps or not placed on row,is anyone meet this error before? how to fix it
Hello Guys, Recently I studied some where regarding filler cell like this can any one please explain the following statement in detail. filler cells also provide decoupling capacitance to complete the power connections in the standard cell rows and extend N-well and P-well regions. Previously I thought about filler they will pr
well, normaly the std cell library provided some filler cell to fill the n-well and power rail between two std cell. but this step should be done by the PnR tool, not in virtuoso, or do you made a small block in the analog tool env? The filler cells are here to respect the DRC between two std cell not abuded.
Hi, Yes of course this filler and capacitors are needed to be included in the design is used for device encapsulation and to avoid uneccessary effects of fields that causes the chage in Bulk(silican die) properties... and you can route to VDD and GND using place and Route tool.. Thanks,... - - - Updated - - -[/SIZ
The filler cell are required to have a continuous n-well between each std cell, and certainly fix this latch-up DRC.
hi friends, i have one doubt. we are using filler cells in between physical design flow right, and metal filling is used at the final stage. what is the difference in between these two?? can any one explain on this
Hello people! I am trying to do floor planning for my design for the first time. Actually I have done the basic fllorplanning and have placed the i/o pads as well but not the macro cells ( placement in the core area) yet. I verified the geometry after this step and found a lot of spacing violations and short violations at the corner pads. I cor
Normaly the pad library should provide a filler for the smallest grid possible in the relatede technology. Same idea for the std cell filler.
what is pad cell? what is the difference between filler cell n corner cell? though they both used for continuity
The power pad ring should be made by the pad and the filler pad inside the row pad and also corner elements. Normally no special route should be added by the designer.
Hi i want to simulate patch antenna in matlab. To generate mesh, i need some technique. Using mom filler . Thanks in advance:!:
HALO cells are like filler cells. Though I am not particularly sure about it.
Hi what is seal ring ? what is SR_DPO ? how is it different from normal PO. i saw a filler cell layout and i find DPO running over OD with its source and drain unconnected. Can we have such unconnnected transistors??? Please help me out of this confusion
I need to delete some filler cell black box in GLS. Command used was: delete black box filler* -module y804lf -revised The Problem is: // Error: Module 'filler*' is not found in Revised. // Error: 'y804lf' in Revised is not USER black box. Any idea why i cant delete it? it says the cell is not USER black box. in the lec gui it sh
hai limitless_21, ? What are the various factors that need to be considered while choosing a technology library for a design? The technology lib should have all the cells which u are having in the RTL. Additionally It should have the filler,Tie, endcap and decap cells. Then the cells should have information of proper timing information, pin
Hi, After I insert stdcell filler in my design ( insert_stdcell_filler -cell_without_metal {mv07fill8 mv07fill6 mv07fill4 mv07fillvcc1} -cell_with_metal {mv07fillvcc8 mv07fillvcc6 mv07fillvcc4} ), I run detail routing with incremental option. But the result is that ICC routed these filler cells and remove my previous global routing. (...)
Hi All, I would like to add my points here. Spare Cell : ( Placed before the Placement to avail the uniform distribution) These cells will be used if any Timing/Functional ECO has to be performed after the Tape-out. Generally these cells will be a bunch of universal gates and placed uniformly all over the chip. Lets say your chip is
Only attribute I can think of in this case is crosstalk. You may have unintentionally added shielding to same of the nets or cells by adding these filler cells HI Jeevan, Can u pls elllaborate here. I am not getting ur point. why shielding while adding filler cells ???
The filler cells do not contain any devices - just M1 power rails and NWELL. So, nothing to compare during LVS.
o.k but why tool is adding filler and routing clock nets? the tool can route nets without adding also right.why to add and then to delete. please clear doubt
Hi Guys, Are multi Vth filler cells only Nwell implants or are they full PMOS devices with VDD and VSS taps? As threshold voltage gets mentioned, I assume they have a gate and diffusion regions. If they are just Nwell implants on P substrate i.e. diodes, what is meant by threshold voltage? Thanks.
hai, Endcap is placed at right or left most boundary filler cell for isolation of routing . Route is not beyond endcap does not allowed to routing come out side beyond endcap. i think the name itself its defintion. Add endcap.tcl modified script enable to add a double coloum of tie fillercell (dummy poly gate for isolation) & en
... what is the use of the capacitor? Decoupling (decrease noise) of the power supply. If you need filler cells in order to comply with the necessary layer coverage, you could use standard (or any other) cells, which you possibly could use in a redesign. In this case make sure you can access their I/Os by top
Hi, there is an idea to improve EMC by layout fill with dummy decoupling caps (poly1, M1, ...). There is a patent describing the idea: Optimized decoupling capacitor using lithographic dummy filler Do you know a free or payed tool that could do layout filling automatically? Thanks in advance!
IO cells form a ring around the core. IO cells are usually connected by abutment. Like filler cells for gates in the core area, there are filler IOs to fill any gap between IO cells.
Hi Guys. why do we need to add filler cells first before Routing ? Thanks!
Hi. I am very new to the field of physical design and its still my initial days. I have frequently come across concepts like n-well continuity and power continuity in relation to filler cells and corner pads. I am unable picture these concepts and cannot really understand what they are all about and how they are achieved in a chip. Could anyone
but infact, in many process, the filler will be add in, it may also go through the device. if i don't use first metal, but use metal 2ed above, is it better
hello dudes My application needs to detect the presence or absence of filler cap of fuel tank. anybody help me how to detect this,if any sensors available for this type of application let me know please. Thanks
The + normally refers to the filler, I think. So your example would be made with a 2 layer PCB, a filler, a 4 layer PCB, another filler and finally another 2 layer PCB. The fillers are simple blank PCB material. Keith
In our stdcell library, most often we satisfy diffusion density rules by first filling with decap cells. Otherwise, I have also seen filler cells that contain tied off "spare" transistors. Both these types of cells add to the leakage current, which is something we want to control. Has anyone had experience using a filler cell that includes float
Hi, when I add iofillers ,using the geometry check in soc encounter, there are some short errors in 1.8v VDD pad and VSS pad. and the error show that there are short between this pads and adjacent filler cells, I checked in the Virtuoso and find nothing unnormal, So why ? please help me,thanks!
Hi, >>But why it is better to insert filler cells after routing? Still P & R tool might be optimizing the design to meet the timing by moving the cell here and there, that is why filler cells will inserted after routing. Regards,
filler cells are used generally to fill up the gaps in between the std cells to have continuity in the nwell or it can be sparce cells which can be used for ECOs.
hi arnab, I was there in W.B at haldia for 2.5 years, i've just started working on weighing scale application. I am designing the batch filler with ADS1232 but the support from TI is pathetic. I've already designed a 10bit adc for 500gms filler with mega8 avr & PLC too. The kit itself is a weing scale capable of measureing 0.001μg, too good a
hi, I'm using soc encounter with faraday/umc130. I'm getting IO-filler overlapping violations (attached gif of layout). I executed these commands addIofiller -cell EMPTY16LB -prefix if16 addIofiller -cell EMPTY8LB -prefix if8 addIofiller -cell EMPTY4LB -prefix if4 addIofiller -cell EMPTY2LB -prefix (...)
Hi, Actually, you need paste only signal io instances into netlist. It should be done to get actual timing. Evently, you donot need to paste Supply/Cut/filler/Decap ios into netlist as SOC does it automaticaly during DEF/io_file reading. So, You have two way to include io pad ring into Encounter: 1. reading DEF file (you should have DEF file alr