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Convenient collection of engineering equations, conversions and references. Math tables, standard resistor values, periodic table, SAE & metric bolts, solder types, filter equations, coax cable specifications and many more. Over 150 windows. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner.
hai i need your help in my project i.e disease detection using gabor filter . i dont know any thing about gabor filter. initially i want to know what know what are input of gabor filter ,equations and code . so, please help.
hallo, I have a problem with max281 IC; this is a 5th order bessel filter IC. I find values of R an C (input signal of IC) for a 10 Hz filter. and for a 100 hz filter? and the CLOCK frequency? Thanks. Andrea. ps. excuse me for my poor english! :oops:
is a free online waveguide filter designer.
Do you have any idea of how to make transmission zero? I reallize the best way is using CQ filter to make TZ, but in papers, most authors list the useless equations to realize correct filter pattern. Is there anyone have experiences in it? Please share me that. Thanks.
what is CQ filter?
I have a RFIC for handphone. There is a PLL filter exteral to chip. how can i caculate this filter , such as bandwidth , etc. Is there some reference for it. THKS in advance.
this one shows the use of wienner filtering in image processing: As you know matlab provides complete m files, easy to use and ready. Also this one is interesting: Also you know that there is a famous book Adaptive filtering, which is a fam
How could I get an arc 2D for exciting with wave port a ustrip filter with a circular sustract? Thanks for all and Regards.
hi, gentlemen. i am designing a 8th-order lowpass cheby1 filter for my first career, i've got the transfer function(i call this function one) after approximation and denormalization based on the specification. i wanna choose the Gm-c type for my realization and i am looking for some proper topology for that. could u tell me how to get the coefficie
Hi I am designing c cupled Chebyshev bandpass filter using equations in Hunter's book. by simulating this filter using MWoffice I found that this filter is very sensitive for element variation How can i reduse this sensitivity? Many Thanks
Most books about filters or about transmission lines written prior to 1960 will have this as one of the chapters. Also, general handbooks on radio in this time period will have information. If you have any specific questions I can help.
is a discussion of this filter. It appears to be an ad hoc type. From the graphs and the use, a parabolic filter would also work. It has the fastest rise time without overshoot for a given noise bandwidth. There is a graphical method (in the S plane) to obtain the pole locations whi
Hi all, I would to measure the S parameters of a saw filter. Its input is single and its output is balanced. Is it possible to measure it without using balun. Any materials??Thanks for your help. RFCMOS
the component of vector input is alway assumed equal zero. My question is if the input vector is not equal zero, what is the influence on the equations of Kalman filter. Um..I'm not quite sure what your question is but...The purpose of Kalman filter is for estimation of states from observations. Usually, if the input is not somet
Hi there, I've grasped the idea of an ordinary Kalman filter and created a program that tracks a noisy signal. However when it comes to modifying the program to an EKF I'm at a total loss. I've spent weeks reading up on this and searching for examples, but I'm still unable to figure how to calculate the modified equations (especially the J
Hi, I'm doing Fingerprint Recognition System and I plan to use Gabor filter to enhance the fingerprint image. Do anyone have idea on this? Is Gabor filter effective in fingerprint image enhancement? What other enhancement methods I can use? Can I have any resources about Gabor filter theory and its Matlab Files? I'm doing this using (...)
I'm interested in the advantages and disadvantages of the analog "leapfrog" filter architecture. Any references, design equations, sensitivity analyses, etc would be helpful. Thanks, Kral
Someone can show how can i calculate the transfer function of the attached filter circuit (transfer function in frequence domain H(ω)) tks
what governs the dimensions of the aperatures between the resonators in a combline and where are the equations
Hello, information here could be helpful: Calculation gives R~10KOHm and C~several nF These are reasonable for board level implementation.
Hi all, Can someone help me with this design question, i have worked out the steps to do the problem. Can someone help me scanned through it and see if i missed out anything. Qn) what should be the reasonable value which i should choose for 'fp in "step 2"? steps: 1) Required to find the prototype lowpass cutoff frequency for 'f
how to obtain discrete time state equations for kalman filter
Hi: It is stated in oppeheim's book that, if we know the exact location of "r" alternations, and we decided the number of taps of the filter, then we can settle the coefficients of the filter by solving linear equations. My question is that how we know the exact locations of those alternations? thanks, Neoflash
I want to resample an audio file from 44.1khz to 48kHz , and I will use a fractional delay filter , who can tell me how to design a fractional delay filter of farrow structure , an example will be a great help.
i have down the sourcecode of a digital pll,which is a second order pll with a pi loop filter, but ,there are some puzzle ta =sqrt(2)/2; theta =2*pi*1/100; Kp = ; Ki = ; d_phi_1 = 1/20; n_data = 100; why Kp = ; Ki = [(4*t
All analog continious time filters have a transfert function that can be written as N(s)/D(s) where N(s) the numerator is a polynome of degree n D(s) the denominator is a polynome of degree p s the laplace variable and real filter have p > or = n in reality a fiter is defined by a differential equation betweet input and output ( due to kirsch
Hi, I need to design a OTA bandpass filter. I derive 2 equations but got 4 unknowns.... fc1 = sqrt(kn(w/L)Io1)/(2*pi*C1) fc2 = sqrt(kn(W/L)Io2)/(2*pi*C2) where fc1 is 4250Hz and fc2 is 17000Hz. Unknown Io1, Io2, C1 and C2. Can give me some advise on how to do it.... Thanks in advance. I am attaching a schematic diagram of the circui
How do we derive the formulae for various resistances used in the filter ? I referred many books, but all of them give only the formulae for resistances in terms of quality factor and center freq??
hi guys I designed a bandpass filter with a new type o capacitive coupling for my project. The problem is how do I associate the filter response which I got with the common filter response types such as Butterworth, Chebyshev and Gaussian? How do I determine the type of my filter's response? What are the characteristics of (...)
Hi. I need to use a lag-lead filter. The configuration of this filter can be seen on page 8 of the following datasheet: (on the top right hand corner). I need to work out the values for C1, C2 and R2 if the cut off frequency is 1kHz. What equations can i use? OR What would the values for C1, C2 and
In the kalman filter,how does one define the matrices .such as R(n) is said as covarince of the nosie vector.OF what size should this be and do u determine the element values of the matrix.Can anyone pls help in the implementing the equations of the kalaman filter.I have the input vector and the state vector with me,I am not sure how to (...)
First you should try to make a program using the equations given in any filter book. If this does not work them try looking on Matlabs "File Exchange page". You can find it here.
one of analog filter technic is state equation that can be implemented using opamp, but you must transform tour equation into state space equation i think
Hi All, i want to design a PLL,now i have met with some problems.i'd like to use an active filter,but don't know how to caculate the filter's parameters.can u help me?thanks a lot!
I want to simulate a PLL and the loop filter parameters need to be calculated automatically according to bandwidth and phase margin. The loop filter is a 3rd order passive loop filter. The attached is a good tool to calculate the loop filter. But I need to do calculation in my program. So does anyone know the (...)
andrew257, "Practical Analog and Digital filter Design" by Les Thede contains equations for determining filter order and Gains for the Butterworth and other filter types. Regards, Kral
hi, i want to design a bandpass filter with round rods can any body help me to by sending design equations completely. thanks in advance
hi i need design of interdigital filter with round rods. i have one paper from this site only but the equations for capacitor values are not there. can any body give me the whole design equations for this filter plz. thanks
Hello mallelauma, Attached are the requested documents on Combline filter design... Design equations for Tapped Round Rod Combline and Interdigital Bandpass filters ---manju---
hi all, i want to design interdigital filter with microstrip withn design equations any 1 help me .and suggest any good book for the microwave filter design using microstrip or round rods. thanks to all
hi im sorry so much of matter is missed here , i want to know the relation between coupling band width and coupling coefficient in combline filter design which mentioned in thsis article i got this from the forum ift seems but i couldn,t understand how to calculate ke, cfe,cg,ze,zo values and also i calculated the k(i.j) valu
Generally, you can tune the filter in the S parameter, otherwise you can use shorted_circuit tunning techque and reflected group delay tuning techqiue.
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this is a causal system as y(n) only relies on it's past values y(n-1) and x's present and past values...transfer function is y(n) = y(n-1) +2*x(n) + x(n-1) Y(z) = Y(z)*z^-1 + 2*X(z) + X(z)*z^-1 H(z) = Y(z)/X(z) = (2+z^-1)/(1-z^-1) => 1st order low-pass filter..
Hello, I am designing a 5 pole combline filter. The problem I have been facing is that whenever I simulate a combline filter of order more than 3, the S11 response always shows lesser no of resonances and hence getting the required bandwidth and ripple levels is very hard. I tried to use both peter martin's equations and also the eigen (...)
Hello, Can any person tell me the definition of the Ladder filter? Thanks.
hi : I want design a charge pump pll. But the process (SOI CMOS) does't provide resistor device. So , any one can give suggestion on the design of resistor-less filter and bias ckt of cp pll ?
how to calculate the parameters of square open loop resonator.plz specify the equations.