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I need the fingerprint matching algorithm in simulink or Altera DSP Builder, can anybody help me to implement the matching algorithm in Simulink( matlab ) or Altera DSP builder
Hi my project on fingerprint recognition . Need help on the fingerprint image enhancement and feature extraction. Can somebody help?
Can any body help please to understand the minutiae based algorithm matching.I'm having some difficulties understanding the alignement based matching algorithm propsed in:Lin Hong. "Automatic Personal Identification Using fingerprints", Ph.D. Thesis, 1998. Thank you.
i am a 5th year engineering student. i want to do a thesis design about fingerprint matching using matlab but i don't know where to start. Can you help me? pls... thanks
Hi, can anyone help me to resolve a prolem in our matching code? we work on a fingerprint identification and implementation in javacard. in the fist step we developped our algorithm in matlab because is very performant than any other language when we need to do image processing. we did all steps until matching,and when (...)
Once I downloaded two papers for algorithm for fingerprint matching, It may be helpful.
Hi all, I have extracted the minutiae from the fingerprint and i need the Matlab codes for minutiae based matching or Neutral Network based matching. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks Pcteche
hiii...i am working on fingerprint identification..can anyone suggest me how to find core point in gabor filter based method in matlab...
Neural network maybe....can recognize the fingerprint using backpropagation network... Or try minutiae based matching...locate the location of every minutiae and match based on the location.
is there anybody recognize fingerprint using nural network? what kinds of nural network do you use? I want to use MLP and BP algorithm. Anybody can give me some command? thank you very much!!!!
Try to look for some papers on this. There's an algorithm to find the poincare index, then from the poincare index, you can locate the core points. Briefly is as following, - Compute directional field on the fingerprint image - Compute poincare index of every pixel from the directional field info - Poincare Index with 180 degree will be the c
1) For people looking for some MATLAB program with source code. visit There u will find a matlab code in zip format. 2) For people who needs fingerprint code to be used in their VB or VC application but don't have concern with the code, pl
hi everyone, i am doing fingerprint matching in matlab,can anyone help what algorithm can be used for this. and also i want to caprure prints on my own so i need a scanner which one i can get?