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hi everyone,I'm a new student,I have to build a fire alarm circuit using ionization chamber, anyone have this? thanks sorry for my English :( :D
fire alarms using ionizations chamber uses radioactive materials in them. Better just use IR reflection detection.
Does anybody have a book related to this subject? I appreciate if you upload it here. fire alarm System Design book regards, lkuzu
Most of fire detectors will have just a relay "Normally Closed" which can be easily connected to 0-5V system with PIC. Some industrial fire detectors will have 4-20mA output but the also support a relay option (example: ). If you design an input that if required will support termination resistor to convert
Hi all i want to design fire alarm system using AT89c52, but i dont know how smoke detector works, or what is its behavior when it detect smoke, to enable me to know that there r fire at any place. what its out voltage in normal state and in fire state?? plz help ahmed
any one build a wireless fire alarm system>??? im trying to do one... maybe iwe could share some ideas... thanks in advance
Hi . website about fire alarm You can be find from GG ....................................................... <>
HI Guys, i have a problem on this circuit.. it is a fire alarm circuit with a heat sensor lm35... i want to connect a relay in to it, so that if a heat is detected the relay will be trigger is it possible.... please i really need your big help..
hi K, Sorry No, you cannot directly replace the Therm with a LM35 The thermistor is resistive device the LM35 is a 'voltage' generator, 10mV/C E EDIT: I would not recommend a 'heat' sensor for a fire alarm circuit, most deaths in fires are due to smoke inhalation, long before any significant rise in temperature... IMO a Smoke detector
To make a fire alarm using microcontroller such that the system should also sense the environmental temp, and the user gives it a temprature value as a barrier , and when the environmental temp exceedes that barrier the alarm should be switched on.The useof microcontroller is must. bcz it
There are many type of security system are available in markets. Home security Door lock system Thumb based lock system image processing based security system fire alarm system etc
Daylight and even more incandescent lamp light has a considerable IR content. So an IR measurement is very unspecific. Far UV sensors are more specific and have been used as flame detector in furnaces as well as for fire alarm. They are particularly good for distance sensing where an optical or ionization smoke detector doesn't work.
There are then some DTMF codes like ContactID (Ademco) or Scantronic Fast and some FSK like Silent Knight or SIA. Spending some extra time I could find some more information if you really need it . I really need some more info on home/fire alarm system transmission protocol, like the ones you had talked about so much time ago :)
I want to isolate the ground within my fire alarm system so that the detectors ground will be isolate with the PIC ground since these detectors used 24Vdc and PIC required 5Vdc. I think ground isolation would reduce the fault within system.
i have this idea to build a wireless fire alarm, in wicth i need lot of help... i already have a discusion on this... ill post the link.. pls help me...
hi, i have a experience of the above situation. the project was a building fire alarm system which has a master control unit at the ground and 6 to 7 floor control unit. the communication was bidirectional. they all connected via just 2 wires. i used rs485 and at89c52. the communication is mode 3 serial communication(interrupt driv
Dear all, I am doing a fire alarm controller panel. In that i want to do, if there is any event comes, then we need to dial mobile or telephone number automatically. Is it possible with 8051 microcontroller with GSM or CDMA module. If possible means pls give me the GSM and CDMA module spec and how to interface to 8051. Thanks, (...)
am doing a home security alarm. the top part is a alarm by using a remote control. the below part is the fire alarm.. pls help me check my connection all this pls... i am very not sure... i tried from the datasheet (link below)... i don know how to connect some of the connection..
hi dear! is it possible to put the fire alarm (1.5mm2 UC/PVC wire) and the telephone cables (2pair UTP) in one conduit??? Do this situation will not interfere on their corresponding signals? Please help. THanks a lot.
I've also seen a lot of Freescale (formerly Motorola) 68HC08 and 68HC16 microcontrollers on fire alarm control panels ...
Hi. I am looking for documentation on the supposedly "open" Apollo network protocol. It uses RS485 to read various sensors and operate devices in buildings, usually controlled by a fire control system panel. Several companies produce Apollo compatible hardware. I can't find any info on it at all. I might resort to just sniffing the bus but th
help me pls.. we are assign to work on the fire alarm using zigbee... when the end user sense that there is a hot temp it will send data to the coordinator and the coordinator will determine if the device will alarm or not.. asking for the program to the end user.. any reply would be great.
Catching fire is a rare failure mode, but it does happen. One thing to always look for in old gear is the condition of the electrolytic capacitors. When in doubt, recap the device (if economically feasible). Replacing Capacitors in Old Radios and TVs
Smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke within a protected structure. In a properly designed fire alarm system, they are strategically placed in all occupied areas. System smoke detectors are designed to be connected to a fire alarm system, or as an option to an intrusion alarm system. (...)
Hi Artem, Beware if you are trying to design a fire alarm panel or something like that. You could be required to conform NFPA 72 or equivalent regulation. Regards
This is quite a common thing to do, it's used a lot in fire alarm systems where you have the alarms and sensors powered and controled by two wires. You can get ic's to do the transmission and reception. An easy way to do it is to use a telephone DTMF encoder and decoder, just decouple the micro supply with a nice big inductor and cap.
This is quite comonly done on fire alarm systems, then you can have your detectors all connected to the same two wires. Saves wiring! You can use telecom DTMF chips (dual tone multi frequency) for the encoding and decoding. They are cheap and widley available. You just have to write your own protocol.
Hi, guys Anyone of you know how to use this component, DF005? It is a device convert from AC to DC, am i right. Then, could it support DC input? This is because i saw a fire alarm control panel used this IC to connect the detectors. Thank you!!!
Hi all i want to design fire alarm system using AT89cxx, but i dont know how smoke detector works, or what is its behavior when it detect smoke, to enable me to know that there r fire at any place. what its out voltage in normal state and in fire state?? how they are connected??? plz help ahmed
SA Mostafa, Well I'm not very good at business, I'm an academic guy "till now :D" But I do have a friend that had your same thoughts and ideas I suppose. He started by designing circuitry for a private office first, and while that he searched for the type of market he could work for. Then he just took his chances and started on his own. He
fire alarm using such sensors are already available in market. You by get one from there.
Why don't you use DTMF frequencies codes :idea: It is slow, but fire alarm don't requier high speed!
Is there anybody can tell how the electronic siren module builded? The one used on security/fire alarm systems. And how they control the tones?
Hi friends.I wanna do project that there are two alrm and first alarm is fire alarm,second alarm is thief alarm.When alarm is active,PIc will send messager a cellphone.How can I do that.Pls help me.I dont know how to do it.Thanks
Hello, I have serious "time" problem!!! I need your help about a project for PicoBlaze. in this project i have firstly to write assembly code/program for picoblaze describing a kind of fire alarm system which then i will use it in Xilinx ISE 9.2 program into an older program/system as a component. -= AIM=- The determinatio
I need your help about a project for PicoBlaze. in this project i have firstly to write assembly code/program for picoblaze describing a kind of fire alarm system which then i will use it in Xilinx ISE 9.2 program into an older program/system as a component. -= AIM=- The determination of parameters will become via a terminal program which
thanks for the reply....... i did consultacy job most of the time..... i already worked on 8051, AVR, PSOC with C and for desktop interface JAVA Swing, i did mainly industrial work ie different weight scales design, temperature controller, scanner,distributed fire alarm system, cold storage management system, color mixing machine, S
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( ) has rolled out a voice development board with rich features (GAO ISD3340). This voice development board supports a maximum of 32 minutes voice recording and playback by connecting to one or two uplinked DIP ISD3300/4003/4004 series 3V chips. The board is well-suited for applications like such as edu
Can anyone explain how a fire alarm Addressable systems works? & what is loop powered? I'm thinking of design some addressable devices for Addressable fire alarm Systems but don't know where to start with. As I know it use only 2 wire to connecting devices & communicate with each other with a specific protocol. But (...)
Hello, Why don't you try using a window comparator circuit. fire alarm circuits work as a "short" for alarm and an "open" is circuit trouble. Using a LM339 Quad comparator would allow you to build 2 complete comparator circuits. If the micro you are using has comparator inputs then they should be able to be setup as a window (...)
please help me how i can connection the smoke detector or sensor i have series 60 optical somke detector ?? The Detector required fire alarm Panel to you have Panel?? P.Ashok Kumar
The Circuit Diagram of fire alarm | Alex ---------- Post added at 18:51 ---------- Previous post was at 18:47 ---------- Here is another
Hie guys i am working on a fire alarm projects and i need to communicate with the PC. I am using a for the GUI and PIC 16F877. Temperature, water level and smoke presence conditions are captured by the PIC and the information is displayed at the GUI. I need help on the serial communication please
Hi everyone It's been a while since I was last on here.. In regards to my previous post (months ago) I have got no further. Basically I have an S19 file that contains a number of WAV audio files (or other format audio files) for a fire alarm sounder. Basically this sounder links up to my PC and I use TTY to connect and run a series of tests o
hello I'm mohammed ( student ) please I wanted to help me I want to build circuit of wireless fire alarm to send and receive to (gsm module Interfacing With microcontroller) anyone can you reply by email very thank you
Sir, My humble suggestion is that - for better and serious application use both main types of smoke detectors- ionization detector and photoelectric detector along with a heat detector to warn of a fire. This is the only way to make a better fire alarm. In either type of detector steam or high humidity ( condensation on the circuit (...)
hi everyone,, i want to ask for my project my project is fire alarm by using lm35 sensor and pic16f877 that will send output from sensor to pic then to serial port and i will recieve it in visual basic 6 program i draw this circuit in " ISIS 7 Professional " i want anyone help me and tell me if this circuit correct or not an
published a list of various latest electronics mini projects circuit diagrams in their own blog. All of them are latest and very useful for engineering students. Following are some of the electronics project circuits details: 1. Water Level Indicator Project: The Water Level Indicator employs a simple mechanism to detec
Normally Relay takes some seconds for switching which is ok for camera.But not for fire Control and Access Systems. Relays usually have around 4ms switching. Can you explain more fire Control and Access System, what speed in this you need ? Best regards, Peter
my project is doing a fire alarm system. we are using mikroc compiler. in our project, we use 4 lm35 sensors that will light up 4 leds and sound the buzzer when the temperature is higher than 40 degree. besides, we are connecting our system to pc using max232. however, we are facing some coding errors that influence our process. i hope that anyone