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When I connected a newbie LPC11u68 to USB port,it recognized in windows as an USB mass storage device.When I programmed LPCOPEN HID example by flash magic to it,after resetting the board,my PC can't recognized it.Only when I pulled down PIO0_1(ISP selection pin)it still recognized as a Mass storage device.???
Hello Ragi There are several things need to be taken care while programming LPC2148 over USB to Serial Converter using flash magic Tool. There are plenty of different board manufacturer and every board/kit maker keep some setting which he feel comfortable to work with. In Embedded system every engineer has his own technique to optimize/over
which tool are you using to download the firmware to chip??? if you are using flash magic then try changing the baud rate ..
Do you use flash magic for upload?
Hi, I am using a LPC2148 development board but when i am burning hex code into board through flash magic it is not burning and error message is: Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud-Step that what can i will do.
flash magic don't have P89v51RD2FN, it has P89v51RD2 does it make any difference while programming. Is it why programmer couldn't communicate with the hardware and ultimately with the chip. just try with P89v51rd2xx as select controller instead of P89v51rd2 might affect.
Hi, I am using LPC2148 and I am using flash magic to program the microcontroller. The problem is my board programs good for few times. But sometimes it not gets programmed even after resetting (pressing the reset button) the micrcontroller for number of times. But some of the board is programming good for number of times. And why the microcont
but i think for the both IC .. the flash magic setting will be same
How to program P89V51RD2 using flash magic with USB ? what are the peripherals its need?
Hey Guys, Attempting to write a small code for measuring your heartbeat through your fingertip. Now its been years since I've done any programming but what I used to do was write the code in Keil and create the hex file from there,then use flash magic to download the code to a 8051 chip.I think it was placed into a development board and connected
Hi, Currently, flash magic can be used to control the ISP mode by using COM port handshaking devices by automatically place into ISP mode and then automatically will execute the code at the end of the writing operation. The microcontroller used is P89C51RD2HBA and this operation was successfully done using the DB9 RS232 connector. However, now,
Yeah. sure.. But this error message mostly occurs only if there is any configuration mismatch in flash magic and controller.
hello.. I have problem with serial programming p89v51rd2, because the micro-controller what I brought from market is working properly only for 2-3 time programming, after that if i want to program it, the flash magic shows the message that "reset the device into isp mode now" then pressing the reset button, nothing happens... i had also programm
This is what you want. You can make it by your own. You need flash magic (it's an open source software for student purpose). So download it from here Do post here if you've any other queries. All the best :) (Updated) this circuit will work with at89c51 as well with p89v51rd2
by using flash magic it will better i think bcoz rs-232 communication is required to communicate and transfer hex file from pc to controller.
Hello niranjan23, Please try this: 1) open flash magic tool 2) go for Options menu > Advanced Options 3) click on Hardware Config tab > Uncheck all the options 4) click on Misc tab click (check) on "disable device signature checking" 5) connect everything properly (check all the hardware once more) 6) verify your device, com port, baud rate proper
I am using flash magic to program my controller and is was working fine with me until I programmed the controller with #include void main() { TMOD = 0x20; TH1= 0xFD; SCON = 0x50; TR1 = 1; while(1) { SBUF = 'A' ; while(TI==0); TI = 0; while(RI==0); P1 = SBUF;
You'll usually connect flash magic to the virtual port representing the RS232 over ethernet bridge respectively your ethernet enabled device.
i am having baud rate problems in connecting arm lpc2129 with pc. philips flash magic tool used to program code but there is connection problem in it .kindly help me in this
I am using flash magic for programming P89V51RD2. But when i connect USB to serial cable with circuit board then pins of max232 (pin13,pin14,pin1,pin2) are getting shorted and voltage level on PORT1 of controller goes HIGH (4.8 V). So when i am trying to load the code it gives error "failed to read device signature(unable to transmit/receive)
hai everyone, i am trying to download code to lpc2103 using flash magic, but every time erasing is getting displayed and after a while operation failed(erasing device) is getting displayed,i tried with lpc2000 flash utility also then it was not even getting connected, can any one help me to solve this issue
thankyou so much for reply!!!! when i connected 11.0592 crystal ,lpc2148 was being programmed using flash magic at 2800 baud rate but not able to program it with 20Mhz crystal using same circuit, i am not understanding why this is happening???????? please reply soon sir.....
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP flashER (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP flashER (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
Search for flash magic and ISP programming.
Hi guys, I am now trying to build up a minimal computer system with basic "wake on LAN" (WoL) function in order to realize remote power control. In case of losing data due to improper shut down I would also like to have a flash memory to store the computer memory data upon receiving magic package. Could you point out certain products available o
hi,i have a project on 8051.i have installed the flash magic but not able to burn the code on the controller.The message appeared in the dialog box was"try using decreased baud rate.Reset the hardware in ISP mode".I have tried decreasing the baud rate.But still it isn't working.What should be done?????????
Hi all , I?ve got a problem with flash magic Ethernet BootLoader . The original sample for LPC1768 works fine but with a little change I made in the source code of the bootloader program . Here?s the line I added : SCB->VTOR = 0x00002000; in the code below: void execute_user_code(void) { void (*user_code_entry)(void); SCB->VTOR =
If you are using AT89S52 then you need a different software/hardware for programming. flash magic can support only philips parts and not atmel parts
One problem is here... 79027 I have ISP programmer shown above, which I use NXP P89v51RD2BN MCu IC , I programmed this IC 40 to 50 times and it is working but now it is not working properly when flash magic show Reset the device in ISP mode and I hold the reset button then it is not reset at all...I mean what is the proble
hello, u can use flash magic for programming 2148 with ISP.
I've a 80c51 controller from NXP that I need to read out and reprogram in a new device. Does anyone have a idea how to do that? Apparently flash magic from NXP only supports 89c51 controllers. Are there any other possibilities (preferred with a DIY programmer)
Recently i bought an 8051 development board and i use to connect it with PC through com port but The problem occurs when i use flash magic.When i press ' start ' in flash magic it says 'Unable to connect at the specified baud rate,Try reducing the baud rate.Reset the hardware into ISP mode again.I tried the least baud rate (...)
I had bought the 8051 Interfacing board fom with P89V51RD2 microcontroller I selected the device P89V51RD2 in flash magic,kept the baud rate as 2400, selected the right COM port. Whenever i try to flash, I get the message "Reset the device in to ISP mode now". .... I am a total beginner. I am tryi
Hi all, I have a development board Blueboard lpc2148 from NGX technologies. I can program the board using flash magic in windows, but what to do if I want to program it in Linux Ubuntu? Regards, Shreyas.
Read flash magic guide it will give you answer to your communication problems. which chip are you using? lots of NXP 8051 chips works differently. Read 8051 Book by Mazidi.
hey guys.. i am using p89v51rd2fn controller.. but i am not ale to find a header file that i can use in keil micro vision 3.. please help with the correct header file and also if any1 could tell me the procedure to load it into the mcu using flash magic since i am using this for the first time.. thanks a lot in adv...
you can use #include or #include yes you can programmed the controller flash magic burner
Hi, I newly started working on this board. I am trying to flash a hex file onto my lpc2148 board. But even though I flash different hex files, I get the same output on the board. i.e. I see that the 2 LEDs glow on and off alternately. I am now confused whether my board has a problem or I am flashing incorrectly. I also suspect the Erase (...)
Hi, I am trying to burn a hex code to P89V51RD2 using flash magic version 6.01.2547 at 9600 baud rate, interface-none(ISP). All the check boxes in advanced options are unchecked and the hardware circuitry is fine. 'erase all flash' and 'verify after programming' are checked. When I press reset after the 'Reset device' dialogue box, nothing (...)
Hi, I want program AT89c51 Atmel IC, I don't have any programming software for this IC and flash magic didn't work for it and some peple says this IC not programed at RS232 uC kit.only AT89s51 ic is programe.. And also what is difference between them..?? Can any one help to how program this ic and there is any programmin
hi, I am using NXP 89v51rd2 microcontroller ic with burining software flash magic & i am using simple hardware uC kit with RS232 interface. i have problem with this problem is like this "Unable to connect at specified baud rate. Try reducing the baud rate. Fail to auto baud" can any one tell me what is the problem and giv
it is possible to download program in P89V51rd2 which is written in AT89C51 by using keil-uv3 software . and if i write program in P89V51rd2 then i found one error " P0 is undefined identifier " so which header file is required to include in keil software. when i download program in P89V51rd2 using flash magic then one pop up menu come " reset
hello, which P89c52rd2 Board ?? do you have its schematics, post it. and do one thing in flash magic: In flash magic and goto options -> advance options -> in hardware config tab uncheck use dtr to control rst :
i have made 89v51 programmer at home first time..but while downloading program through flash magic ,,it is shown message "Reste device in ISP mode" .. what does it mean??? i have connected RXD & TXD pins also... Hey, have you gone through the thread Link i had posted it your previous thread?? Here is the link :
Hello, You didn't mentioned about this step(this is very crucial step) : install flash magic and goto options -> advance options -> in Hardware config Tab, uncheck use DTR to control RST. 68545 Baud rate 9600. Interface None(Isp) Follow this link similar problem :
hi, My p89v51rd2 is not flashing but when I reset the IC it is executing the previously burned program. I am using flash magic software.
Despite the development board may be a commercial one, Re- check the Crystal, and all the voltages. Too confirm that the board is supporting 89S52. Coz most development boards use flash magic and are built arround V89C51 RD2. Cheers
New P89V51RD2 comes with bootloader loaded in to it. you can programe it using flash magic
ok tq, other question , after i write a program in keil thn build to get Hex file--> open flash magic --> select devices and other then start only? or need to program the p89v51rd2 with a firmware before i can use flash magic to program. Because i stil blur after reading those info of p89v51rd2. :roll: