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Hi I want to design high voltage source. I need to obtain source with variable frequency output of high alternating voltage. The most desired circuit is this one: flyback Transformer + 555/MOSFET Driver = high voltage but here are the questions: (...)
Hi,all,can you tell how to design a linear voltage regulator in high voltage(40V) CMOS process? thanks.
Members, I am in need to design high voltage Power supply, input is 230V Ac, then converted to +24V DC by rectifier. and then I need to make DC DC Converter from 24V DC to 1500 V DC. total power will be about 25 to 30 Watts. Is there useful circuit is available for this type of requirement? Please send me some references. (...)
Hi everybody I want to design a high voltage power supply ( around 50KV DC or more :P ). would you please give me an information about that ( any books or links that are useful )? thanks in advance
Hi, I need to design a low-voltage to high-voltage level shifter. Is there any recommended ebooks or papers on the designing of low-voltage to high-voltage level shifter? Any recommendations on the architecture for level shifter? Thanks in advance.
any idea ,how about feedback
I do not know how to design high , Medium, and Low voltage construction? could you tell me any book related to that? Thanks in advance
What is the main cause of reflected voltage in flyback design
hi u can make it very easily use a flyback transformer anda simple oscilator with two transistor or with a 555 IC then make a ac voltage with your battery with a frequency about 20khz(try the to find best frequency) then on the other side of transformer change your 600v ac voltage to dc with 1n4007 diodes.
The CMOS process I am using has maximum 6V supply voltage, I'm going to design an op amp using this process plus high voltage protection circuit (18V). Can anyone give me some idea. Thanks a lot!
Hi, For the 200W use a half bridge forward converter and for the 1000W one use a full bridge forward converter. A flyback design is just possible for the 200W but this is on the limit so I would not recommend it for a first try. Start here for downloading the magnetics design software: Then follow this link or the
HI Any one can guid me on how to design a mosfet high voltage AC swtich - or AC mosfet soild state relay The switch should handle 250V@20A Any ideas,application note,ref design are wellcom. Thanks Bobi
Hello. I have a question on high voltage MOS design Rule Guide. Especially, distances between Active layer (for Guard-Ring) and Source/Drain layer of MOS. In my opinion, P-Active layer of P-well (Guard-Ring or Bulk) keeps close to Source/Drain of MOSFET as possible. Because bulk that too far from the source/drain of MOS cause (...)
Hi everybody. I am using 18V bipolar process to design a opamp which Power supply can be as high as 36V. How should I design it. Thanks.
92349I am intending to design a CMOS current steering DAC to deliver a maximum of 1mA current to drive a load typically of the order of 10kilohms (max). I am using AMIS library for the design. As the output load dictates, i am in need to switch over to a high voltage process. But I decided to keep design (...)
Hi everyone. I m working of Variable input and variable frequency flyback Switching Power Supply. since it is variable input form 130VDC to 850VDC, it has transient of high voltage on Mosfet (Drain). which can go 1000 VDC. I feel that it is dangerous for Oscilloscope to view high voltages. I need help in (...)
I would like design a 3-phase filter,I need to find the high voltage capacitor for it. and suggestion/ link to find it. It is DC rated capacitor also fulfil my requirment (Non Polarity)
The breakdown voltage of ESD is larger than 20V. But the Vgs of process is smaller than 5v. And the Vds can afford 20V. How to consider or design ESD I should? What is the difference of MOS ESD structure and DIODE ESD struture, and what are their advantage and disadvantage?
How do they obtain low voltage (5V/3VDC etc) for control circuits, in high voltage (220VAC) power applications in professional products?
I had a question related to high voltage pcb design. I have a compact size board of which I'm trying to increase the functionality withouth increasing the size. I'm looking for an equation that relates the voltage on each trace, the distance between the traces, the dielectric constant of the material (or any other material (...)
I need to design a high voltage opamp with 40V supply, We know that in low voltage opamp design we need to worry about things like input range, output swing,etc. In high voltage opamp design, what should we take care ? Could someone recommand me some (...)
Can any one give me an advice or paper for designing high voltage bandgap reference. The technology is 0.35lv. The bandgap voltage has to be at 4.6 volts VDD=5V. I tried circutit shown in file bandgap, but bandgap voltage is lower from the desired level-VBG=4V. Another approach, is to use the (...)
I have to design a high voltage amplifier for an input signal +/- 10 volts p -p, 1KHz to 1MHz. I need almost flat voltage gain of 20 with the circuit. The amplifier drives a capacitive load of aprrox. 10 pF. I guess i could use an opamp with very high slew rate , but i can't find any? Does anyone has an idea (...)
hi can i use optocoupler for high voltage switching? if yes then how to use it?
Dear Engineers, could you recommend an Analog Switch that has at least 16 channels, with high voltage at least 100Vs. a problem of our project is need to manually switch between two bundles of 8 wires. with high voltage of 100v. as simple as that. ... the reason we are going for analog switches is to avoi
Hi, I need to design a high gain receiver that must be able to withstand (block) high voltage (350 V) pulses (the receiver must amplify the very small signals that follow this pulse). Any idea on how to block the high voltage pulses in order to protect the receiver? Originaly I used a (...)
Hi Folks, Can someone give rough trace thickness for 7 kv input with 2.5khz frequency,electro magnetic fast transient test with fr4 laminate,what are the other precaution measure one need to take.... Best Regards, Ramesh
When layouting the mixed signal system containing the high voltage and low voltage sections ,what should i pay attention to in order to decrease the noise?
is there specilized books dealing with the high voltage mixed signal designing ,especionlly for noise shielding? thanks very much?
has anybody here worked on high voltage smps power supplies (8kV, 5mA).
what should I pay attention to in design of high voltage layout(18v,0.5um cmos)? thank you!!
Can anyone tell how to design high speed up level shifter ~1GHz,
I want to make a high voltage low current fence to protect my farm from animals. Any suggestion circuit for the design. I dont want to hurt the animals.
I am looking for the the high voltage fabrication process more than +100V and - 100V because I want to do high voltage pulse generator IC design. In MOSIS, CXZ 0.80 HV CMOS(austriamicrosystems) has 50 volt only. I2T100 AMIS 0.7 has just nominal voltages (100V). Actually, I guess (...)
If you mean flyback transformer, i think is impossible, cos fbt only generate high voltage aprox 12.000 volt but very smalllll curent
How can one design a high-voltage (0 to >100V) Square Wave ( OR Bit Pattern) with frequency form DC to many KHz I Found this paper but it is not for public use : Something like this :
The power supply delivers all voltgaes correctly so the +B es good. the secondary voltages in the flyback are corect too however there is no high voltage nor audio. In the power supply there are two transistors Q805 and Q806 and in the emitter of Q805 should read 20.5v but there is only 8 v. This (...)
there is a digital input signal to control the turn on/off state of the chip. SPEC of the control input circuit: power supply +5V logical Input high voltage 1.5V (min) logital Input low voltage 0.6V (max) delay time <10ns (best <5ns) a conventional Schmitt (...)
Hi gurus, Attached is the schematic of a high voltage comparator. The reference voltage is 10v, the Vin changes widely from 4V to 10V. All the transistors are high voltage transistors which means that the Vds can sustain as high as 40V. However, there is serious reliability (...)
Hi, I want to know why there are more than one design kit for each technology node? For example, for 0.13u there high voltage PDK, MMRF PDK, LOGIC PDK. Can't we have only one design kit that includes all the available features in the process? I think Analog layout designers can clarify this point to me. (...)
hello, Could someone please give me some insights on high voltage mosfets layouts and why they are drawn that way? Thanks
HI Any one can guid me on how to design a mosfet high voltage AC swtich - or AC mosfet soild state relay Any ideas,application note,ref design are wellcom. Thanks Bobi
what the difference between symmetric high voltage devices and asymmetric device. if a design a nand, then the nmos is always need symmetric devices? or one nmos is asymmetic connected to gnd and the other is symmetric and how to layout this two devices in series? and any other circuit use symmetric devices?? thanks
Hi If we want to control our a high voltage system or big mechanical devices, electric motors by using microcontrollers or PCs., how must we design it so we can protect our low voltage microcontroller based boards. I am trying to learn is there a specific(or conceptual) name that i can look up whose job is making (...)
hi.. im woking on the design and fabrication of a dc to ac inverter without using a transformer.the design involves first steping up the dc input to a high dc output.this output is switched using a bridge inverter to produce a square wave ac. A voltage has to be provided at the gate of the IGBTs equal to the required (...)
Hi - I'm working on designing a board that will have a high voltage DC input. The voltage could be anywhere between 0 and 5KV. I'd like an indicator LED to light up when the voltage is at a dangerous level. Say - 50V. The high voltage is generated on a different board and it (...)
Hello, I am trying to design a high voltage Charge Pump circuit by using the I2T100. The nominal breakdown voltage is 100 V? Does anyone here know, if the actual output voltage of the charge pump circuit can reach about 120 V??? Thanks a lot!!!!
I Want to have the high voltage input protection( 285~300 Vac) for my design. Can anyone help me?
hi guys: i use a simple Vbe reference circuit to bias my circuit,but it need a start-up my process both high voltage nMOS and high voltage Pmos have a limited gate-source voltage Vgs<5 V, though the drain-source voltage can be 30V. what kind of circuit should be a solution.Thanks.
I have to design a high voltage regulator for 1300V-2300V.I have input DC 2500V.I am not getting transistor of VCE upto 1200V or above in stock in india.Can anybody help me in finding such high voltage transistors or dealers for them. :sad: