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Why don't yu try a Linear Adjustable Regulator just after this SMPS ?? You may design your SMPS ( for instance 85-270VAC )then you can connect a variable regulator then.. SMPSs work still rectified line voltage so DC.flyback is a good choice..
I'm after making a low mass high voltage PSU powered from 10volts DC with up to 40A peak current availabilty. 25-30KV DC with a weight of 600 Grammes is my personal best achievement so far using a flyback. I'd be interested to hear any ideas the members might have for us to reduce the mass of the PSU further... Cheers, Steve C.
Hello! I am making a flyback transformer with input 33V output 12V using UC3842. So my flyback transformer have 3 winding: Primary, secondary, bias Volt bias = 18V (UC3842) + 1V (diode FR207) = 19V. I choose 20V I choose Te=0.5, inferred that Ns=Te * 12V = 6 Turns Np= Ns*Vin/(Vout +Vd) = 6*33/(12+1) = 15
Thank you both I've been thinking about the design all day and I think I should focus more on solving the problem as genovator says. As for the specific application it's for use in industry and it will be part of a sensing system. It Will be a series of five prototypes and if the result is satisfactory, proceed to do 100 more. I don't understand w
who knows the how much drop voltage flyback converter or curve current vs voltage when loaded......
hi u can make it very easily use a flyback transformer anda simple oscilator with two transistor or with a 555 IC then make a ac voltage with your battery with a frequency about 20khz(try the to find best frequency) then on the other side of transformer change your 600v ac voltage to dc with 1n4007 diodes.
The task is not as difficult as it seems. I have some experience with building flyback converters up to 150W so I would use flyback smps to power that LED matrix.
Forward or flyback convertors are your solution, but I think for your application Forward converter is better selection, thids due to high level of output current. also I think it is better to use integrated switchers available from International Reactifier : due to lower voltage and higher efficiency. another (...)
Hello Jav2xar, Sorry, but I didn't get any schematic. It seems that this monitor, or at least some batches of it, have a design problem in the high voltage/flyback Tr.... I have two of this an both failed in the same way. The representative here has repaired a lot of this, also failed in the same way. Best regards P.S. (...)
to generate high voltage i thiunk the normal flyback topology is not sufficeint as u will ned a huge number of winding in secondary but as in TV horizentalor as in Spark ignition there's a good ways to generate those hiugh voltages this way depends on resonance , wher the charged primary inductor in (...)

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