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To meet FCC standards and certification in the US for license-free FM transmitters using the standard FM radio band the output can't be more than about 15-20nW, yes it reads nano-W. According to them; it should give you a range of around 200' from the transmitter.
Hello everyone, I need to make 24 to 48 volts; 3 amp maximum from a 12 volt battery. Variable frequency Thanks for helping up
i think the circuit just does not work for such high frequency Most of your parts values are for a low frequency because your calculations are wrong. My FM transmitter uses the same transistor as you and works perfectly at 100MHz and higher. It is a modified Colpitts circuit.
I was watching videos about AM and FM on YouTube. I saw a video and can't find it now. In that video was a block diagram-like circuit. It was a physical, actual block circuit. All the blocks like LPF, VCO,BPF etc were built in little metal boxes and these boxes were connected to each other with a coaxial cable and all this system was fixed on a bo
Hi All, I found this interesting video about converting the FM Tx as Rx : I tried to do the same concept to my FM Tx : tried to simulate the circuit , if R2 resistance is low the circuit doesn't oscillate. Lets assume I used a high inpu
Hi All, I checked some FM circuits over internet and all seems to miss the band pass filter at the last stage. This make circuit transmits on all radio channel which is not something nice from my point of view This circuit operates at 27 MHz and you can see the frequency domain and harmonics on the side of the middle peak www.p
Hi, I am just playing with an FM transmitter, I took a simple single transistor FM modulator circuit from online. It is basically the same common base configuration for 88 - 108 MHz oscillator and a mic coupled to the base of same transistor. I added two stages of amplification for the 91MHz signal generated by the above mentioned circuit. I a
i implemented a 3V fm transmitter circuit from the site but iam getting constant 60Mhz frequency no matter how much i change the value of trim capacitance. i used 6.8p instead of 5.6p......will it make much difference?
Hi all, I have a question about PCB. Pls help me. How to integrating 5 Watt FM cỉrcuit (100Mhz) with 0.5 Watt driver in circuit board?
20pF is a capacitor, not a resistor. In the video the coils are not coils but instead are simply half-loops of wire, a yellow one and a white one. The distortion is VERY high. There are hundreds of circuits if you go to Google Images and enter: FM regen radio circuit
An FM stereo radio is supposed to have brick wall filters to attenuate the 19kHz stereo pilot tone but pass audio frequencies up to 15kHz.
Hi to all... I am interested is there a way to build transistor or LED circuit which act as varicap diodes? We all know that transistor with shot connection between emiter and colector (NPN) respond on reverse voltage and act as varicap. Is there anyone with experience in this area? Or someone who already build such a LC tank in first place
A high quality hi-fi FM receiver already has a high gain RF amplifier to be extremely sensitive. If another RF amplifier is used then the receiver simply gets amplified noise. I agree that a high gain Yagi antenna can increase the signal strength.
Hello. I would like to ask one question about AGC (automatic gain control). I need to design the LNA with AGC for the FM receiver. As I know, digital AGC require many control bits and switches which complicate the design, analog AGC has higher resolution than digital ways. Except this point, could you please let me know the pons and cons of
It is the hopeless circuit that I fixed 9 years ago. 1) It oscillates at 106MHz in LTspice IV program but only when it has no antenna. It produces many even harmonics so it causes interference. It stops oscillating when it has an antenna connected to the collector of the oscillator transistor. 2) The 10nF capacitor from the base of the oscillator
You forgot to post your schematic. The simulation probably does not include stray capacitance that together with circuit resistors form lowpass filters. The resistor values need to be fairly low and the currents fairly high to work at the very high frequency. Why not use an RF transistor that is used in an FM radio?
An LM386 IC is cheap so its has low output power and is noisy (hiss). It can drive a laser diode up to its maximum output power. The low power and noise might cause a problem in a receiver. If you simply modulate the light with AM then there will be interference from many things so high fidelity systems modulate the light with FM.
Which receiver concept do you try to implement here? Zero IF? What kind of output do you expect for AM and FM modulated signals? Besides general conceptual problems, the present design will suffer from these: - no RF is passing the "Low pass filter 3" - the VCO has a square wave output, so if it's output would be mixed with the antenna input,
hi iam new to this forum, and am in search of a good circuit of ba 1404 as an FM transmitter. can anybody help me?
A Varicap is a variable capacitance diode where the amount of its reverse voltage determines its capacitance. When it is parallel with an inductor then the LC in an oscillator can be an FM modulator. A simple transistor can also be used as a varicap and the transistor is the oscillator. You can find FM demodulator circuits in Google. The latest ch
I used a tunnel diode about 50 years ago to make an FM transmitter. I have not seen a tunnel diode since then.
I would guess in this case 'quad' is shortened from 'quadrature'. Is is part of an FM discriminator circuit? Brian.
I want to make a powerful FM radio/ receiver without any noise. It's for my electronis project. I learnt that TDA7000 is a bulit in IC for FM Receiver. But I need more information and specific circuit diagram for a noise free high amplifier radio device. help me for making it. Thanks in advance.
It looks too simple to be an FM receiver circuit. Is it the horrible TDA7000 or newer and also horrible TDA7088 IC? An FM "radio" with it, headphones and a battery are sold for only ONE DOLLAR at The Dollar Store. Its performance is awful.
Hi I bought an Fm receiver kit recently. It has two ICs. The first is a TA8127N which is the front end of the receiver and includes the stereo decoder. I assembled the kit and it works but I am not sure how to align it. There are two coils and two transformers. The instructions that came with the kit are in Thai. Is it possible to
You can use any amplifier configuration as a limiter. All it has to do is clip the signal beyond a certain voltage (limit it's range). The idea of a limiter in FM systems is to eliminate as much variation in amplitude as possible so the classic methods are to use a voltage clipping circuit (two diodes in anti-parallel) or an amplifier with such hi
Hello every body I want to now how can I build my own Fm circuit , I now there is a lot of prepared circuit but I want to build my own . I will be glad if you have any book or link that can help me , I already finish my electronics course and one communication course , but unfortunately I'm not able to construct this kind of circuit in (...)
There are many applications of ganged capacitors. Many of them used in circuits that now became obsolete. May be you can post a link to the specific circuit. For example. Ganged capacitors were used in am and fm radios. One section of the capacitor is used to tune the RF input circuit and the other to set the local oscillator frequency. More (...)
Hi everyone, I need some help to describing walkie talkie circuit diagram. I know where is the oscillator, antenna, one or two filters... But some components I don't know theirs functions. For instance: In the transmitter. We have C4 and R4 in parallel. Is a filter or not ? transmitter:
am trying to simulate FM transmitter circuit that is using BC547 but I got strange current waveform ! am i missing something? heard that BC547 cant handle the current that mentioned in i
I think you will use the 555 as Pulse Width Modulator and put modulation into pin 5 of the 555, and yes you could do it with small fm tx/rx or maybe infra red or any analog transmitter from any audio source..just have to couple pin 5 and some level adjustment
I am not so familiar with Lt spice simulation tool but all the engineers are recommending this tool for simulation.... Is it possible to do any FM transmitter circuit simulation with Lt spice? I tried it at once but it doesn't work. What's your advise?
The LC tank circuit of the second tank is parallel resonant which produces a fairly high impedance. But the antenna load is a fairly low impedance that widens the resonant peak to cover the entire FM broadcast band without re-tuning.
What will be the covering range of MAX2606 FM transmitter? I am going to transmit my TV signal to my cell phone FM radio & i'm expecting maximum 10Meters range without signal interrupt... Is it suggested for my purpose... Regards Udhay
Hi, I'm new here, I have a little problem, I'll be grateful for the help. It happens that I want to modify the circuit of an FM audio transmitter, so that instead of transmitting audio can transmit a signal to turn off or turn on a switch, and the switch on and off an LED, the idea is to communicate using Morse code using the FM frequency. What co
hello there! is there RF transmitter and receiver on Proteus Isis? if there please .....what is the key name of these parts? thanks!!
Dear friends, I need to build a stereo fm transmitter using BH1417 chip. Before starting my design, i have some doubts.... 1. Is it the crystal 7.6Mhz or 7.68Mhz...? some of the website shows schematic with 7.68Mhz. is it acceptable...? 2. How to select equivalent varactor diode? Can anybody give me the part number available i
I need to find the equivalent replacement of mv2109 varactor diode.which parameter i should consider while selecting the replacement? I am looking for component in digikey & mouser. So please help me to find the available replacement from the supplier. I need this varactor diode for my FM stereo transmitters circuit (BH1417)... Thanks & re
Hello, I need a simple circuit schematic of two analog modulators. Modulator FM and AM. I have to perform simulation of this in pspice. I search on web any schematics with values of elements, but I can't found working. Anybody help me? Sorry for my english. Thx for help, othername.
I recently bought a 'simple FM transmitter kit. I've assembled and soldered the circuit. It totally works. It can transmit the signal up to 300 m. I have to submit it in my school as my electronics project. But I'm unknown about the working of the components and the circuit. I searched all over the internet but I couldn't find the circuit (...)
I have a ciruit diagram of an AM RECEIVER (118Mhz-136Mhz) in which the IC CA3075(FM IF AMPLIFIER LIMITER) and CA3012(FM IF WIDEBAND AMPLIFIER) are being used. I dont get it why are FM ICs being used in an AM receiver.Please help.
hey this is the circuit o FM encoder, i have simulated this circuit on proteus, got the required results. but doing on hardware cause problem. the modulator is not producing the required output. the FFT of the signal before the bandpass filter sho
I found one FM Stereo encoder circuit from the internet. I believe it's a working circuit. I choose this circuit because of easily available parts & specifically 38Khz oscillator... when i start the hardware design i struck with two doubts... Q1. They pointed as the 4066 IC is operating at +12v & -12v, but the maximum operating vol
Dear friends, I am in need to find one good & simple FM Stereo encoder circuit... If you have any working circuit, please share with me... Please i am not looking for BA1404, NJM2035, BH1415-7... Thank you
hii friend i want to buy oscilloscope for fm transmitter circuit. what is the features of oscilloscope to buy .
82683 Hi, I'm using this schme for study, it's used to transmitt audio signal to vhf band 120 Mhz FM modulation to receiver (the receiver is SDR radio in the our lab). it's works very good, stable frequency, good voice quality, and low power consume. but the transmittion dist
The following is FM radio reciever circuit from: I do not intend to implement, but Surprised by the way the two transistors T1&T2 connected. The tuned recieved FM signal inter the col
i desgin folded dipole for FM band using cable RG11 which is 75 ohms is no problem SWR is less than 2 but i trying to bulding with 50 ohms cable which i got SWR greater than 2.5 if any one have ideas how to improve it thxs
Most (if not all) FM radio receivers work with an IF of 10.7 MHz. You may try to adapt one IC meant for FM and adapt it (at least the IF and demodulator section) to 10MHz.
Hi, all. If you want to transmitt voice through power wires of the building, you should couple your speech to the house wiring. you cannot couple using a power amplifier or limiter or anysuch thing,if your voice quality is to be good and reliable. use LM566 type tone generator and use it to FM modulate the voice, and couple to house wiring. On the