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hi every body i was simulating an FM circuit i have a problem in the antenna shall i make it a load 75ohm or i shall not but it in the design i use orcad in simulating but when i but the antenna as a load the oscillator dies
Hello every body I want to now how can I build my own Fm circuit , I now there is a lot of prepared circuit but I want to build my own . I will be glad if you have any book or link that can help me , I already finish my electronics course and one communication course , but unfortunately I'm not able to construct this kind of circuit in (...)
Do they still use a piezo mic in India? I haven't seen one for about 45 years. An inexpensive biased electret mic should be used instead. My FM transmitter circuit uses a 2N3904 transistor as its oscillator and another as its RF amp that isolates the antenna from the oscillator so that the frequency doesn't change when something moves toward and
hi all, i want ask you about ... 1. how i can transmit my message in narrow bandwidth ?? 2. how i can reduce a noise " i want clear sound " ?? for example circuit is working ,, if you choose C3 and L1 Properly thanks
Hello, I need a simple circuit schematic of two analog modulators. Modulator FM and AM. I have to perform simulation of this in pspice. I search on web any schematics with values of elements, but I can't found working. Anybody help me? Sorry for my english. Thx for help, othername.
In typical FM transmitter topology, the modulating signal directly modulate the VCO and the VCO are locked by a PLL. The DC component is 'absorbed' by the PLL. So it is always an AC-coupling FM. Any body know how to make a DC-coupling FM circuit? Or any chipset to do it?
Hi, Look there * by t
in fm transmitter circuit , i found aproblem in it as one of it's componants is 2 coils each one 0.001?H but there is no IF i sold the 2 coils and connect the circuit but it didn't work i can't solve this problem if any body know about the matter plz tell me thanks alot
HI Dear Members I wish to design a FM circuit as follows 1) two frequencies that I use are 1 KH and 250 Hz The FM circuit will have a output containing 750 Hz, 1kHz and 1.25 KHz 2) A circuit that can extract the 750 Hz signal 3) Another circuit extracting the 1.25 Khz signal Please help me out. Thanks and (...)
I'm a newbie with multisim and was trying to see a FM circuit posted by E-design. I got a curios behavior . The circuit alone doesn't oscillate until I add a Spectrum analyzer instrument and a probe (probe1). Taking out the SA the circuit oscillate around KHZ . I really don't understand what happen. Here is the circuit
Please help me! compute frequency and transmitting power of circuit
Hi, I'm new here, I have a little problem, I'll be grateful for the help. It happens that I want to modify the circuit of an FM audio transmitter, so that instead of transmitting audio can transmit a signal to turn off or turn on a switch, and the switch on and off an LED, the idea is to communicate using Morse code using the FM frequency. What co
I think both these links have the same content: Could someone please upload the papers?
Yes you can use a ceramic resonator as in the example attached for the TK83361 FM
Are you looking for a receiver RF amplifier, or a transmitter linear amp? What freqency band are you trying to amplify? Is it for FM broadcast frequencies, and if it is - what country?
Here is an example:
Examples of FM microphone transmitters:
For FM you do not actually need AGC. Limiters in the IF strip are usually used. There is the rare case when you need to reduce the gain befor the first mixer but this is rarely done. The Amateur Radio Handbooks by the RSGB and ARRL are full of information for radio electronic designs. These are frequently available at city libraries.
how to design a wideband FM dem? someone give any suggest.
Hello people, I hav constructed one DTMF based Fm transmitter circuits successfully.. Now for de-coding it i need a Fm reciever.. I tested my transmitter with a commercial radio.. Its working pretty well at around 99 MHz.. I want to construct a reciever circuit myself.. So if u hav good working circuit or any link to a good Fm (...)
Hi, Please give me circuit diagram of FM TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER for the range of 1 KM having good quality reception of sound. Thanks, Sangmeshwar
You can find many fm transmitter circuit here, choose one that suits your need.
maxim also hv one chip FM transmitter.
How to design SQUELCH circuit in FM voice receiver?!! what it do ? Is it necessary to plcae this circuit in the design?
Im doing on my FM transmitter to transmit an audio input from a microphone to a radio. But i still cant find a suitable circuit. Is there anyone can help me out with the circuit? What is the different between nowmal microphone and electret microphone? How can i know what is the exact radio frequency for the output? Urgent..pls help....
hello can anybody give me an fm receiver circuit that receives 134-174mhz. with a front end amplifier for good sensitivity. please help me.
hello can anybody give me a FM (rf) preamplifier circuit to increase the sensitivity of an ordinary store bought fm receiver? please help.
hello can an RC oscillator be used to build an FM transmitter instead of LC tuned circuit ? if so, please tell me how.
Hi All, I use USB type FM headset with USB shield as antenna, and USB shield and PCB ground is connected by a big inductor (0.1uH or 1uH) to provide FM RF match. Other than this inductor, I have match network outside the FM chip(Silabs). I met a issue that poor FM wireless Sens by using a new headset where headset ground connect to a bead
hi all, i'm doing IC Modulators. in that i'm implementing FM modulator at transistor level in an IC. can any one give me circuit of fm modulator realizable in an IC and the technical details with specifications. thanks and regards,
The datasheet for the XR2206 shows how to make a variable frequency oscillator that is controlled by voltage. Maybe it can be used for ultrasonic FM.
RDA5800 FM Tuner
i have purchased fm,mp3 player with remote control as in picture from Chadhanichowk ,Delhi .printed circuit diagram was missing can any body help me
If I understand you intentions correctly, you would like to activate a relay from an FM-Receiver .. One option to “attack” this issue is to employ simple “sound-activated relay” (see attached PDF) and fed it from, for example, pocket-size receiver .. see attached picture .. Rgds, IanP
i'm doing a project on FM transmitter but i want a circuit without an inductor
You can also try this simple FM transmitter TX200
OK you are listening to TV sound only. Probably receiver operates in I Band where you can hear up to 3 TV channels and they are all FM. If you changed variable capacitor of receiver hopefully the same type you need to tune it because channels are shifted on scale. Find schematics of your receiver and tune it.
hi suggest me fm transmitter circuit for data transmission santo
The oscillator tank circuit should stay as close as possible from the IC, and not to a different board. The circuit needs a connection to Vcc at pin 14 to enable FM operation. To see if the FM detector is working (at least) connect and disconnect pin nr. 8 (IF inp) and there should be an increase/decrease of the audio hiss noise. Ideally would be
hi i need fm receiver with usb connection and remote function circuit diagram with part list anybody have pls give to me.........
There are hundreds of simple FM transmitter circuits on the internet that use modern parts. Some use ordinary diodes or junctions of transistors as varactor diodes. This circuit uses the C-B of a 2N4401 transistor as the modulation varactor diode and uses two in parallel for tuning:
Dear friends, I am in need to find one good & simple FM Stereo encoder circuit... If you have any working circuit, please share with me... Please i am not looking for BA1404, NJM2035, BH1415-7... Thank you
Hi everyone, I need some help to describing walkie talkie circuit diagram. I know where is the oscillator, antenna, one or two filters... But some components I don't know theirs functions. For instance: In the transmitter. We have C4 and R4 in parallel. Is a filter or not ? transmitter:
You can use any amplifier configuration as a limiter. All it has to do is clip the signal beyond a certain voltage (limit it's range). The idea of a limiter in FM systems is to eliminate as much variation in amplitude as possible so the classic methods are to use a voltage clipping circuit (two diodes in anti-parallel) or an amplifier with such hi
It looks too simple to be an FM receiver circuit. Is it the horrible TDA7000 or newer and also horrible TDA7088 IC? An FM "radio" with it, headphones and a battery are sold for only ONE DOLLAR at The Dollar Store. Its performance is awful.
More modern FM receivers are available. Look at the other products too..
A Varicap is a variable capacitance diode where the amount of its reverse voltage determines its capacitance. When it is parallel with an inductor then the LC in an oscillator can be an FM modulator. A simple transistor can also be used as a varicap and the transistor is the oscillator. You can find FM demodulator circuits in Google. The latest ch
TW523, 2way x10 module datasheet uploaded to FM, directory arturt134. This is version for 110V/60Hz. For 220V/50Hz try to search Regards
You have TDA 7010T for FM receiver, and SA 604AD for FI FM. I know them by name, it is everything. If that can be useful for you... Regards and Bonne journée :smile: