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hi every body i was simulating an FM circuit i have a problem in the antenna shall i make it a load 75ohm or i shall not but it in the design i use orcad in simulating but when i but the antenna as a load the oscillator dies
This paper should help you through the design process.
In typical FM transmitter topology, the modulating signal directly modulate the VCO and the VCO are locked by a PLL. The DC component is 'absorbed' by the PLL. So it is always an AC-coupling FM. Any body know how to make a DC-coupling FM circuit? Or any chipset to do it?
Hi, Look there * by t
in fm transmitter circuit , i found aproblem in it as one of it's componants is 2 coils each one 0.001?H but there is no IF i sold the 2 coils and connect the circuit but it didn't work i can't solve this problem if any body know about the matter plz tell me thanks alot
Do they still use a piezo mic in India? I haven't seen one for about 45 years. An inexpensive biased electret mic should be used instead. My FM transmitter circuit uses a 2N3904 transistor as its oscillator and another as its RF amp that isolates the antenna from the oscillator so that the frequency doesn't change when something moves toward and
You are right ... FM modulation is an analog process.The demodulation can be done in both analog domain and digital domain. The received signal is in analog form. We have two options here. 1) Get the analog received signal and process it using analog electronics to demodulate it. 2) Get the analog received signal and convert it into digital doma
hi all, i want ask you about ... 1. how i can transmit my message in narrow bandwidth ?? 2. how i can reduce a noise " i want clear sound " ?? for example circuit is working ,, if you choose C3 and L1 Properly thanks
HI Dear Members I wish to design a FM circuit as follows 1) two frequencies that I use are 1 KH and 250 Hz The FM circuit will have a output containing 750 Hz, 1kHz and 1.25 KHz 2) A circuit that can extract the 750 Hz signal 3) Another circuit extracting the 1.25 Khz signal Please help me out. Thanks and (...)
I'm a newbie with multisim and was trying to see a FM circuit posted by E-design. I got a curios behavior . The circuit alone doesn't oscillate until I add a Spectrum analyzer instrument and a probe (probe1). Taking out the SA the circuit oscillate around KHZ . I really don't understand what happen. Here is the circuit
Please help me! compute frequency and transmitting power of circuit
Hello, I need a simple circuit schematic of two analog modulators. Modulator FM and AM. I have to perform simulation of this in pspice. I search on web any schematics with values of elements, but I can't found working. Anybody help me? Sorry for my english. Thx for help, othername.
as far as i know, here are some notes: 1. in above FM circuit, the C5 and L1 making tank ckt oscillating to generate carrier frequency, now to change the o/p freq, either C5 or L1 or any other external reactive component in vicinity of tank ckt needs to be changed to change the resonant frequency. 2. The change should be fast enough to settle for a
TW523, 2way x10 module datasheet uploaded to FM, directory arturt134. This is version for 110V/60Hz. For 220V/50Hz try to search Regards
You have TDA 7010T for FM receiver, and SA 604AD for FI FM. I know them by name, it is everything. If that can be useful for you... Regards and Bonne journée :smile:
Hey! I'm designing a system in FM, in 1.000 Mhz to 2.000 Mhz (yes Mhz 1000Khz), to modulate audio. In first time, i used the VCO of a CD4046, so I connect a potentiomenter to it in a way to set the frecuency like this: +-------+......VCC |...CD...|....... \ |..4046..|---->/--------| |------ Audio in |...........|...... \ +-------
Hello: I have build a FM radio using STR TEA5757, according Philips Application note AN99041. I have a problem with FM VCO alignment. If you align VCO coil the tunning voltage should change between 0.8V(88MHz) and 1.9V(108MHz), but in my PCB this isn't happen. If I align my VCO coil the tunning voltage is constant in all the FM band. Could
I want to make UHF & FM antenna booster. Both will be seperate circuits. Please guide me where can i get good schematics\circuits.
hello please introduce the manufacture of 50-100W fm UHF transmitter/receiver modules that have high quality. or if you a circuit sch about this I need it. It should have the capability to change its frequency by embedded software. bye
for a low/medium power FM radio station preferably a stereo one
I am looking for a hardware clockrecovery circuit that is able to derive the clock from a 300 kbps datastream. The datastream is the output of a FM detector. Anyone with expierence in this field?
Seeking to construct circuit transmitter fm estereo pci with modules rf of 1w at 5w for my music mp3 Something of this
Hi venus Also RFM ( ) has single-chip solutions for your problem. Bye
Hello, I need to modulate an audio signal for transmitting by optica fiber. Somebody knows some circuit to modulate and demodulate audio in FM, PWM... Regards!
Hi, In fact the coil is part of the PCB. Here is the pcb layout
hai everyone, i am looking for circuits which can capture sound very clearly even at very low volume - eg: a very soft sounds of birds at a distance of 3-5 meters very low volume amplifier which can capture and amplify soft sounds clearly with this a fm module will also be of help please help i am in need of one very soon thanking you i
which standard do you want ? Analog FM 8O 8O Thanks
Ya, thanx for all ur replies. I want to transmit digital 8-bit serial data through FM. For this i will use D/A Convertor at transmitter end & A/D Convertor at receiver's end. The range could be Some within 10 metres. and plz tell me if i want to extend the range should i change the carrier Frequency or what else..? With Best reg
there is maxim max2606, which is a simple FM (75-150Mhz) vco, but it's not a pll...
Hii All, Im trying one transistor FM modulator with demo version of MicroCAP. The circuit makes two functions at the same time one is osc. The other is to amplify audio signal. This kind of a two function circuit had been named as reflex circuit. Amplified audio signal changes the voltage-dependent-capacitor between the collector and (...)
Dear Friends i am in need of single chip fm demodulator IC. and associated circuit to design the FM receiver in 88 - 108MHz thanks in advance.
Hi all, I would like to implement FM radio chip with TEA5757 for a portable system with a fixed base charger. My question is regarding how to implement the antenna. Is it possible to use an inside-the-device antenna? I mean, no external wires. Is it possible to integrate the inside antenna with and external one in the fixe
Hi, If You are lucky enough, You can get an MC2833. That is an FM transmitter chip. Regards, probert
hii guys i hav made my first bot and want to make it wireless.i hav a PIC controller board for controlling motors and the bot is controlled frm a computer. now for making wireless i hav 2 use some RF modules but i cannot afford i was thinking of using FM modules because that is is it possible 2 control bot frm a pc usin FM?can an
Are you looking for a receiver RF amplifier, or a transmitter linear amp? What freqency band are you trying to amplify? Is it for FM broadcast frequencies, and if it is - what country?
Have you considered a single chip transceiver? One manufactuer's data with a schematic can be found at: You could also combine a simple FM transmitter, such as one found at: With a simple FM reciever, such as found at: htt
Anyone can suggest circuit on FM video modulator and demodulator (TTL levels) :?:
Hi Please elaborate ? what do whant to do : 1) use the pic to control a PLL ? - search google for PLL + PIC you will find many circuit 2) Use the pic to crate the FM signal (DDS alike )- to slow to do the job regards bobi
Assalam O Alekum ! Following attachment contains FM Definition Explanation with Figures A circuit diagram for FM Modulator Demodulation Concept Several methods of Demodulation circuit diagrams of different Modulators Mathematical as well as theoretical explanation of each circuit Interference in FM Causes Remedy I hope (...)
This PLL circuit can be easily used to demodulate FM signal with deviations in the range of several MHz; no setup here. Deviation has to be determined at the modulator end by adjusting the level of the signal that will be Frequency Modulated (kHz or MHz / Volt)..
Hi, I am constructing FM transmitter to work in radius of 100 feet. For the frequency multiplier section I used BF494 with voltage divider bias (R1=15k, R2 = 4.7k). The colector has LC tank circuit with 4.7pF capaitor between collector and emitter. Varactor diode is used for frequecy modulation which is coupled to the tank circuit using 22p
hi dear the block diagram and pin configuration of 4046 in FM modulator/demodulator exist in its data can download its data sheet and see its block diagram.
Examples of FM microphone transmitters:
dear sir ,i am an engineering student . i have to do a project wherein i have to design a fm transmitter and get the dtmf tones modulated at 10.75 mhz , here 10.75 is the carrier frequency and i have to get the dtmf tones modulated at this frequency . i have tried lots of ccts but getting the frequency modulation done at HF range is still a problem
For FM you do not actually need AGC. Limiters in the IF strip are usually used. There is the rare case when you need to reduce the gain befor the first mixer but this is rarely done. The Amateur Radio Handbooks by the RSGB and ARRL are full of information for radio electronic designs. These are frequently available at city libraries.
Hi I m working on remote controlled car where I requires FM modulator & Demodulator IC. Can anybody suggest IC no's that requires less hardware or a ckt that can be used in remote controlled vehicle.
The book is very good, but i just want to make a simple CDMA transmitter receiver demonstration for my project and there is no restriction to comly with the stadards. it could use the frequencies for fm radio. the data to be transmitted is sensor temperature ineed 3 or 4 transmitters and one receiver. could any one help.
Im trying to design an FM transmitter to operate at a higher frequency than that of fm radio range. I found some circuits on wireless mic. Is it possible to tune these circuits to about 900 Mhz without compensating the audio quality? Are there IC's able to transmit within this range?
Sensitivity of your FM receiver is in "normal" range so you can use better antenna and/or antenna preamplifier.