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Hi guys can you please help me i am simulating an fm system here is the code below I am having a problem on the demodulation side I am trying to demodulate using pll desgning (Phase Lock Loop). But it is giving me an error at last line R has to be positive number I think its R please help I am giving up = mp3read('jem.mp3'); s
Hello everybody, a need to produce a Digital FM demodulation in matlab but i am a bit confuss, because i have always studied that fm is an analog modulation so why digital? how can implement the digital fm demodulation? where can i find the code? thank you very much
Can someone explain or point me to the right link on how a pll is used to demodulate a FM carrier? Every book I read tells me it can be done but not specific enough on how it is done. I have read Horowitz & Hill: The Art of Electronics 2nd edition and RF Engineering for Wireless Networks by Daniel M. Dobkins.
For FM demodulation: If modulation index is low (max. phase deviation less than 1 radian), you could use a narrow-band pll as a phase demodulator. The output is the ouput of the phase detector, that after derivation gives the frequency. This can work for low-index FM but not for FSK. Why do you need a method other than take the control voltage o
Hi All, I have a project on designing FM receiver 88-108MHz Basically it will be a superheterodyne receiver (with quadrature mixer) and i need to digitized the IF signal (I & Q) to pass onto the DSP (where i will perform demodulation, digital filtering, etc). And finally connect to the PC via USB. My question is: 1. What is the recommende
hi the pll is a phase locked loop , it has many application and many configrations , it may used in demodulation of FM and FSK or it can be used in clock and data recovery circuits it consists of 1) phase detector 2) loop filter 3) VCO and may contain a divider the frequency Synthesizer is a ci
pll is used for demodulaion (mostly in FM and PM systems).
I am making a modulation FM in to digital signal of 5v and 200kHz. - When the level is of 5v the modulated signal is of 10'58 MHz - When the level is of 0v the modulated signal is of 10'81 MHz I have tested with demodulador TBA120, and works correctly, but this component works until speeds of 56KHz. Somebody can indicate to me I can demodul
Hi, Just found some schematics * by t
I have to design a FM pll demodulator. Any circuts? Any practical Ideas?
in practical systems the if = 10.7 MHZ or 455K 10.7MHz for FM and 455K for NBFM or AM , it can be also 70KHz
the pll has many application about ur question u have a VCO with 2 GHz , and the phase detector to detect the phse difference between thr VCO and Xtal oscillaot "there is no Xtal oscillator running in 2 GHz" but between the VCO and phase detector we usually insert a frequncy divider and this called Frequncy synthizer there are alot of
Hi Do you have any idea about this title? An FM Modulator/Demodulator using fpga The modulation may be fsk or Xpsk!
hello what is 455khz QUAD COIL in FM receiver design with ICs like as MC13135? Do you have any datasheet link from TOKO or others?
We using FM pll demodulator with a data slicer as FSK demodulator, my question is what is it a coherent demodulator or non-coherent demodulator? And FSK demodulator has two another method: 1: general band pass filter and envelope comparator 2: match filter BPF and envelope comparator What 's 1 and 2 coherent demodualtor or non-coherent dem
Hi u can use communication tab in simulink and FM. MATLAB HELP is the best ref for MATLAB use. BR
hi to all, i have to implement delay lock loop in matlab/simulink for fm demodulation.if you people can please guide me from where to start. i ll really apreciate your help thanks alot!
I guess it might be a reason AM and FM demodulation were (are) easier to handle: AM can easily demodulated with an envelope detector, FM with the help of a pll
In my opinion, the correct topic is FM-demodulation rather than spectral analysis. The problem can't be solved however without considering the characteristics of the baseband signal. As another point, the demodulator should be almost invariant to a varying carrier level. The most promising FM-demodulation methods are based on a pll tracking (...)
No, this type of FM demodulator will not work properly as a PM demodulator.
Hello everyone!!! I have a problem. I would like to perform phase demodulation using pll. I have some matlab code that do that in the case of FM. Here is the code: %This m-file demonstrates a pll which tracks and demodulates an FM carrier. clear all; close all; f=1000;%Carrier frequency fs=100000;%Sample frequency N=5000;%Number of (...)
Hi everybody, I am not very familiar with video standards. I need to know if I can demodulate an FM modulated video signal with TDA9886. On the datasheet of TDA9886, it claims that it is a demodulator for FM TV. However, the block diagram given in the datasheet looks more like an AM demodulator for video and FM demodulator for sound. I attached
Hello there, The pll can be used to multiple up the clock input to make your device run faster – of course this also means it uses more power. A phase-locked loop (pll) is a closed-loop frequency-control system based on the phase difference between the input clock signal and the feedback clock signal of a controlled oscillator. Phase-loc