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Hi guys can you please help me i am simulating an fm system here is the code below I am having a problem on the demodulation side I am trying to demodulate using pll desgning (Phase Lock Loop). But it is giving me an error at last line R has to be positive number I think its R please help I am giving up = mp3read('jem.mp3'); s
I have to make Fm demodulator pll (70-150 MHz), and i need circuits with NE568.
hiii all can u help me by sending to me where can i get a complete description of different techniques of fm demodulation i will use it in writting a comparison between the different techniques of fm demodulation. thank you
i need matlab code for filter in fm demodulation. the basic problem is dat i could find codes but nowhere they were using the modulated signal foer filteration. they just took the specifications as sampling rate and cutoff frequency etc. but as is the case we have to pass the I and Q componens of the signal through the filter which is nowhere happ
Hi, I have a matlab code here it acquires FM modulated signal from sound card can perform FM demodulation however, i don't why it set vcok (VCO K constant) at 0.176 anyone can explain to me how and why it is set to 0.176? Fc = 2144; %select VCO carrier frequency vcok = 0.176; %select vco constant Fs = 40000; %select sound card sampl
Hello everybody, a need to produce a Digital FM demodulation in matlab but i am a bit confuss, because i have always studied that fm is an analog modulation so why digital? how can implement the digital fm demodulation? where can i find the code? thank you very much
Can someone explain or point me to the right link on how a pll is used to demodulate a FM carrier? Every book I read tells me it can be done but not specific enough on how it is done. I have read Horowitz & Hill: The Art of Electronics 2nd edition and RF Engineering for Wireless Networks by Daniel M. Dobkins.
Oh... I read a topic here about soft radios dated 2 years ago... i cant believe its still proprietary. perhaps there are public algorithms ^_^ Added after 4 hours 58 minutes: I have done some research (inside and outside of the forum), some have implemented FM demodulation using all digital plls and FIR fil
For FM demodulation: If modulation index is low (max. phase deviation less than 1 radian), you could use a narrow-band pll as a phase demodulator. The output is the ouput of the phase detector, that after derivation gives the frequency. This can work for low-index FM but not for FSK. Why do you need a method other than take the control voltage o
Hello, i have downloaded a code from matlab file exchange but i do not understand how it works, can someone explain it to me? It is used for demodulation FM. thanks function x = FMdemod(y,beta) = size(y); if r*c == 0 y = ; return; end; if (r == 1) y = y(:); len = c; else len = r; end; Fc = 40000; Fs
Hi All, I have a project on designing FM receiver 88-108MHz Basically it will be a superheterodyne receiver (with quadrature mixer) and i need to digitized the IF signal (I & Q) to pass onto the DSP (where i will perform demodulation, digital filtering, etc). And finally connect to the PC via USB. My question is: 1. What is the recommende
Hello everyone, i don't have much experience in RF world but now i have to design some method of FM demodulation. Although i have read a few things on this topic, i still have some problems and would be really grateful for some help from somebody with bigger experience. So... I have this FM signal with parameters: Carrier frequency: fc=
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement an Amplitude shift Keying ASK modulation and (synchronous)demodulation in Matlab,I have to use a pll at the receiver end for demodulation.The task is to read a hexadecimal file (attached) and convert it to a binary stream. the binary stream is the modulated with a carrier frequency of 30,000 Hz. The (...)
AM demodulation : an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit FM demodulation : cut off slope of bandpass filter converts change in frequency to AM signal and then an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit
You should try using a FM discriminator with passive parts. Follow this by a comparator to get the logic levels.
Hi I want to use digital techniq to implement AM/FM modem for a transceiver. Now I need some help about it such as the best scheme for designing or ADC, DAC and DSP selection. The IF signal is 1.4MHz. Another import thing is the MIPS that these modulations/demodulations need. Thank you. Agha
You will need to build or buy a portable FM broadcast receiver. Then there should be some output from one of the IC pins that is the log of the signal strength. Then makd a digital volt meter with an ADC.
ADF4360-8 from analog device is an almost complete FM transmitter pll system. You need to add only the audio part.
As I understand from your post, u have a cosine FM wave and want to convert it to sine wave. my suggestion that is not efficient: 1) first derivate the rx : cos (x) ---> x'. cos(x) 2)find the envelope of the above. 3) now integrate from the envelope to reach to the x. 4) take the sine of the x () now u have sin(x). PLZ do inform me if t
hello what is 455khz QUAD COIL in FM receiver design with ICs like as MC13135? Do you have any datasheet link from TOKO or others?
yeah , most of the FM demodulation is carried out with the pll in the phase a frequency domain , and the DLL in the modulation is new , so it is hard to find these things , but really it is an interesting work . u need to analyze the DLL in the phase domain , so u need to convert the voltage control delay line to a phase relation , and then a
1.Signal-to-noise analysis of FM demodulation in the presence of multiplicative and additive noise Source Signal Processing archive Volume 80 , Issue 9 (September 2000) table of contents Special issue on current topics in adaptive filtering for hands-free acoustic communication and beyond Pages: 1895 - 1907 Year of Publication: 2000
I have seen many satellites using FM for uplink, PM for down link? Mainly geostationary or geosynchronous, why this scheme is preferrd. I donot get convincing answers for this. What I know is FM demodulation becomes simple onboard, due to non-coherent receiver and FM provides more modulation index and BW? where as PM reduces transmitte
I guess it might be a reason AM and FM demodulation were (are) easier to handle: AM can easily demodulated with an envelope detector, FM with the help of a pll
Can anybody kindly provide me the links or upload simulink models for AM/FM demodulation. Thanks in advance
In my opinion, the correct topic is FM-demodulation rather than spectral analysis. The problem can't be solved however without considering the characteristics of the baseband signal. As another point, the demodulator should be almost invariant to a varying carrier level. The most promising FM-demodulation methods are based on a pll tracking (...)
I have to write program using C++, which can demodulate AM and FM signals saved in .wav files. ( signals are saved using PC sound card ) What kind of alghoritm will be the easiest to implement in C++? Is someone who wrote simmilar apliccation?
No, this type of FM demodulator will not work properly as a PM demodulator.
Your setup is fine and the noise that appears at the demodulator output (due to added WGN moise at the input) is normal. The level of the noise at the demodulator output is so high because the WGN noise at the input is very high (-3dBm), which is unusual for a normal FM communication. If you reduce the level of the noise you will see that is lookin
The transmitter is closed in a housing which is the hest sink for the final transistor. The housing contains the individual modules (each board was made separately): Seiler generator on BF199 (+ separato
hi i need vhdl code of fm demodulator.if anyone is having it plz mail me at ( i have to burn that code on fpga kit spartan 3e vertex 5 can any one tell me how can i do it becoz i am new to fpga's kit.plz inform me asap i have to do the project in one week
Hi I'm working on my thesis for B.Sc. I must creat a PLM with dsPIC33F microchip. I'm in first steps, my problem is in receiver. how I can create BPSK receiver? for BPSK demodulation pll is needed,but dsPIC not have DLL. I wand create C
You can use any amplifier configuration as a limiter. All it has to do is clip the signal beyond a certain voltage (limit it's range). The idea of a limiter in FM systems is to eliminate as much variation in amplitude as possible so the classic methods are to use a voltage clipping circuit (two diodes in anti-parallel) or an amplifier with such hi
For FM demodulation you need 75kHz bandwidth. Ordinary crystal is too much narrow. Ceramic discriminator is designed for needed bandwidth and you can preciselly tune it. It is actually paralel resonance circuit.
I am working on fm demodulation and would like to work on this using a software radio. Could someone please give me the example of this. The example I need would work on the demodulation using bandpass sampling for sampling down to baseband and then make some operation to demod the baseband FM signal. Thanks
what is the impulse response of the hard limiter. I was looking for demodulation techniques for FM where I encountered this. thanx purna!
Your question is unclear. Two different signals (carriers) can be modulated using any modulation you want and I do not see why not in the same time. If you are talking about using something like double modulation (AM and FM) on the same signal (carrier) with the same modulations signal there are some restrictions, but it is possible. Explain
sharp FM demodulation IC but I can't nothing from sharp web.
Hi, 1. Why FM is better than PM for analog communication? Which is better depends on the characteristics of the signal to be transmitted. For FM transmission of speech, it is usual to use preemphasis before FM modulation and deemphasis after FM demodulation. This is equivalent to use PM (if the cutoff frequency
hi to all, i have to implement delay lock loop in matlab/simulink for fm demodulation.if you people can please guide me from where to start. and how to model it. i ll really apreciate your help thanks alot!
Hi guy, I want to share this site to you that has a lot of hobby projects or DO it yourself projects which involved electronics in different applications... Here are some of the Lists of Projects: Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier 20 Watts Automotive Power Amplifier Car Parking Sensor Wideband TV Amplifier 300mW FM Transmitter pll F
Hi guy, I want to share this site to you that has a lot of hobby projects or DO it yourself projects which involved electronics in different applications... Here are some of the Lists of Projects: Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier 20 Watts Automotive Power Amplifier Car Parking Sensor Wideband TV Amplifier 300mW FM Transmitter pll F
Hi,all: I want to know how to simulate output SNR in the environment of Cadence.The circuit to be simulated is FM demodulation circuit. THanks in advance.
Hi,all: I want to know how to simulate output SNR in the environment of Cadence.The circuit to be simulated is FM demodulation circuit. THanks in advance.
With carrier and one sideband there will be a FM component. See if the receiver set to FM demodulation has an output.
My Friend, If you have matlab installed on your computer you can search with its help, for example see the following: fmmod Frequency modulation Syntax y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev) y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev,ini_phase) Description y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev) modulates the message signal x using frequency modulation. The carrier signa
Hello I have some data saved in a .wav file. It is modulated in FM consequently i need to demodulate it but i do not know how to implement a FM demodulation. There exists any models of FM demodulation in wav files? toopen the wav file i should use wavread? I do not know how to start.
i find difficult in understaning foster seeley aswell ratio detector..pls throw some light so taht i can understand it
Dear all, I would like to transmit an Audio file over the Air and Receive at other end... for this Purpose, I just took 1. a simple audio file from computer => Up-sampled to 8 KHz and then=> Re-sampled to the device frequency (USRP i.e 200 Khz) => FM modulated and transmitted via USRP, 2. at RX Usrp, downsampled, FM demodulation and FIR decimat