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Hi all, I want to implement a simple communication system with digital FM using vco, but Igot confused about using vco for modulation in matlab! Also, after modulation there are limiter and discriminator blocks, is it necessary to use demodulation matlab function in this system? Finally, for this simple system, can I use (...)
vco : voltage controlled oscillator is a kind of oscillator, that is enable to change its frequency due to some external voltage applied across it. A probably most important component is a varactor diode. You can refer a book about varactor diode. If you apply a varying voltage across it, the capacitance of the diode will change in it r
I 've got task to transmit audio ( voice signal ) using vco then the output connected to infrared. I still confuse how to demodulate it. Input for receiver (the sensor is photodiode) is Square wave which its frequency change according the amplitude of the voice. If i using F to V, it will convert the base frequency ( F0, i set Fo=100khz, the (...)
Hi everyone I need to design FM MODULATOR BY using PLL but without using any IC or Chip. I need to build the circuit and examine it on the oscilloscope only. thank you in advance for any help..
Hello everyone I am trying to build an FM transmitter with PLL that can broadcast on 88.0Mhz to 108.0Mhz in 0.1Mhz increment, but I am not sure how to start building it. Some questions that I have; 1) Is there any link or book that I can read about how to design this kind of project, or give out schematic? 2) Do I have to build an FM tran
i'd like to ask something. Is this vco very stable??? mean quick stable time from the on time of the power supply and after a long time (eg. 6hours or more) i've playing with FM TX for some years using vco with ordinary HF transistor and it not so stable :|:| considering using pll, but it
lm 311 using vco : can anyone give me the freequency of oscillation expression,better derivation,please.................
Hi, I want to design a Rf signal generator for the Frequency range: 5GHz to 10 GHz. I have chosen the following Ic's: Hittite HMC587LC4B wide band vco, which works from 5 GHz to 10 GHz. PLL LMX2492 from Texas Instruments which is well within the frequency range. I have designed a loop filter and also an op-amp to amplify the PLL output suffic
FSK ... FM ... same principle. An F to V converter would work fine. Another method is to lock onto the modulated signal with a PLL. The loop control voltage becomes your demodulated signal.
desperado1, In the US, the FM stero broadcasting scheme uses a suppressed carrier signal, which is a form of amplitude modulation, to transmit the "L-R" information. The suppressed carier "L-R" signal is frequency modulated along with the "normal" monaural signal. To extract the stereo left and right components, the suppressed carrier signal mus
is anyone can explain detail working of generation of FM using Phase Modulator..?
Amount of the frequency drift depends, I have used minicircuits' ZX95-520+ vco, I was able to make a narrowband FM modulation demonstration which uses 10kHz BW, I was listening with my amateur radio, it was fine for 2-3 minutes. If you would like to control your circuit via a simple parallel interface, I think you need to look for older chips and p
can anyone tell me difference or compare between analog and digital phase locked loop. by digital i did not mean all digital pll. only the phase sensitive detector part is digital the system still using vco.
how to build a pll frequency synthesizer using 74HC4046, thus i need to achieve the frequency range up to 10Mhz and output voltage range 0-5v...... sorry if i asked a stupid question i'm using this IC for the st time... and it's still difficult to understand how to produce these pll by using vco and N divider...can someone (...)
hello can anyone suggest me how to control quasi resonant buck. I had designed the power stage for 2MHz switching operation (resonant freq is 2.7 MHz). In my feedback loop i am using vco and Eamp with type 3 compensation. I had reffered ON semiconductors appl.nte for the compensator design. The problem is my output is settling at required voltag
I am having a bluetooth and an FM radio on the same 65nm die, but it seems ther FM loses channel whenever the bluetooth power amplifier is switched on.. What kind of temperature change can one expect from the switch on of PA? Is that kind of temperature change well known or design dependent?
Hello ,, I am designing an integrator using fully differential amplifier in cadence ....i tried modeling the opamp using vco's ....and it worked as an inverting amplifier ...but when replacing the resistor with a cap ...the cct is not working I need help please
Before you go further, I think all the NOAA transmissions are now digital and encrypted. They used to be FM using simple audio tones, rather like a FAX signal but as far as I know they were all switched to digital a few years ago. You can still receive them but you need a license and key to decode them and of course some special software. Brian.
PLEASE anybody help me to design atmega micro controller based mp3 decoder,and interfacing fm ic using bk1080.actually i want complete design of usb mp3 player and FM using micro controller without mp3 decoding chip.
88MHz to 108MHz is for the FM broadcast band. No FM radios are TRF type, instead they are mostly super heterodyne type, although there are a few extremely simple Mickey Mouse super-regenerative radio receivers that are actually AM receivers that are tuned to one side of an FM radio station to decode the FM using "slope detection". You need to lear
Hello: I have build a FM radio using STR TEA5757, according Philips Application note AN99041. I have a problem with FM vco alignment. If you align vco coil the tunning voltage should change between 0.8V(88MHz) and 1.9V(108MHz), but in my PCB this isn't happen. If I align my vco coil the tunning voltage is constant in (...)
how to modulate a signal (FM) by using a PLL+vco system?
The maximum frequency of the 74ls124 vco is about 30MHz. So if you need a transmitter in the FM broadcast band, you need a bandpass filter tuned to a vco harmonic. As an RC oscillator, 74ls124 is not very stable and may be very noisy to use as an FM modulator. The control and power voltage should be very well filtered, else the power supply noise
you plz go to matlab central forum..file xchange.. in comm. section fm rx design is available...
Hi! I am using MAX2606 as the vco of my FM modulator project after I got lot of suggestions to use it from edaboard members. :smile: For frequency stability there is a PLL in this modulator. But this vco has a single fixed oscillation frequency which is determined by the external inductance connected to pin #1. Since my FM modulator has (...)
Hey! I'm designing a system in FM, in 1.000 Mhz to 2.000 Mhz (yes Mhz 1000Khz), to modulate audio. In first time, i used the vco of a CD4046, so I connect a potentiomenter to it in a way to set the frecuency like this: +-------+......VCC |...CD...|....... \ |..4046..|---->/--------| |------ Audio in |...........|...... \ +-------
Dear friends, I would like to have some directions as system arrange, pertinent literature, development boards, software, chip set, etc... to design a FM modulator using FPGA. The modulator should have the following specs: Output frequency range: 11MHz to 11.5MHz Deviation capability: 12.5KHz Analog Input signal: Band limited to 100KHz
hai, i thought of doing a remote using the principle of sound waves by adopting FM Modulation. But, the problem is designing the receiver set. i am not prepared to set it mechanically. the receiver is to be plkaced inside the main box or regulator. as the push button switch is pressed, a frequency of sound generated gets modulated and detected b
Currently i'm doing a project about RF vco design, working frequency is 5.5G. I have designed the circuit, and transiant analysis can be done correctly. But when i do pss, the error message "Zero Diagonal found in Jacobian at N* gate1"; i really don't understand what's the error about. Anyone who knows this, can kindly help me? thanks very much!
:D What should be my IF in designing vco at 868 MHz CMOS Tech, using Superheterodyne Transceiver? Thanks!
hii guys i hav made my first bot and want to make it wireless.i hav a PIC controller board for controlling motors and the bot is controlled frm a computer. now for making wireless i hav 2 use some RF modules but i cannot afford i was thinking of using FM modules because that is is it possible 2 control bot frm a pc usin FM?can
Hi Please elaborate ? what do whant to do : 1) use the pic to control a PLL ? - search google for PLL + PIC you will find many circuit 2) Use the pic to crate the FM signal (DDS alike )- to slow to do the job regards bobi
Hai I am RFIC beginer. i would like to design vco using saranade 8.5 and I have to increase tuning range can any one help me thanks
Hi! i'm new to this forum,can any1 help me at designing a vco using ADS
I've designed a 10GHz vco(LC tank) in TSMC 0.18um, however, phase noise is very poor, -85dbc at 1Mhz, can't meet specs. Does anyone know it's possiable to design such vco with TSMC 0.18um process?
Hi I m working on remote controlled car where I requires FM modulator & Demodulator IC. Can anybody suggest IC no's that requires less hardware or a ckt that can be used in remote controlled vehicle.
The loop will try to remove the FM. Therefore the loop bandwidth should be lower than the lowest modulating frequency. Add your audio signal to the vco frequency control pin.
how to get vco voltage-frequency transfer curve by using ADS? i used to do the simulation using Hspice, sweep the control voltage and save the freq (by using .meas function), and handle the data by using origin. i want to know how to do that in ADS, thanks!
This operation requires knowing the modulating frequency and the maximum frequency deviation of the transmitted carrier. Carson?s rule yields: B = 2Bm+2Δf. Use this example to calculate FM bandwidth: Now my question: what kind of "audio" signal will occupy 4MHz? Regards, IanP
how to design a vco using a microstrip resonator?could it be simulated using ADS? regards
when simulating a vco using Harmonic Balance in ADS, what should i do with the vco input? i have connected it to a term ,put a Harmonic Balance Block,put an OscPort, named the output wire Vout and plot HB.vout, but there is no output. is there anything else i forgat to do? regards
HI all, I need schematic and reference about vco that using Op-amp??? please help me. thanks.... ELits
hi, i need help to design fm transmitter using BH1414K. Also i got a problem to find 7.6Mhz xtal. actually what it does mean by xtal?? how to buy it. Then can Bh1414K working with PIC'84? How to program?
Are there any tutorials, or step by step guides that can be of help designing, or rather putting togheter a LC vco? I would like to make a vco with as good as possible linear characteristics, low jitter, and preferably low power consumption. I sort of know how to apply different analyses to circuits(using cadence), but to get there, i (...)
HI,... I've made an FM transmitter at a frequency 87.8MHz using LC oscillator, I'm asking if I can get a crystal oscillator instead of the LC one. Is it possilble.?????????? Yes possible.. If you design harmonic oscillator that will work at frequency of interest which is exact harmonic of crystal frequenc
can i make a simple remote using FM receiver/tx, thanks
I am looking for material on ultra low distortion (< 0.05%), wide-band-analog FM modulation techniques, that does not involve any digital processing. I have done a lot of searching but could not really come up with anything useful. I am doing a project on a high quality FM Stereo broadcast exciter and want to see how low I can get the distorti
Look this: And here are schematics of tuner and PLL.
I was wondering how far a FM signal generated by a vco will travel without an antenna or anything else connected to it. I am asking since I want to know whether an antenna is needed for very short ranges. Thanks,
Hmmm, 10 KHz is a little low. Most FM audio radios have a lowpass filter at more like 15 KHz. This is because they fold the band over at something like 19 KHz and use frequencies above that for the other side of the Stereo audio. So if you do not LPF the baseband stuff, you end up with one channel L+R spreading over into the L-R other channel,