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I need this paper Multiband folded dipole antenna for mobile phone Ishimiya,K.Takada,J-I Dept.of Int.Dev.Eng.,Tokyo Inst of Technol this paper appears in:antenna Technology:Small and smart antennas metamaterials and Applications 2007.IWAT'07.International Workshop on Publication date :21-23March 2007 (...)
hello everyone anyone have any paper for folded dipole antenna please send to me i am need to study that paper to do my project. hope i can get that paper that relate for GSM BAND frequency 880 960mhz and 1710-2170mhz
Hi, I have designed a folded dipole antenna 200 GHz. I have increased the number of turn and checked the S11 parameter and expecting a narrow bandwidth. But I am not getting expected result. However, Impedance curve seems ok. Can anyone tell me please which parameter contributing to this problem and how ca I solve this provlem? Thanks (...)
hi,i am currently working on the mobile phone antenna in my university research.i have some question while in my progress. Below is my questions, do you estimate the geometry of the built-in folded monopole antenna??? to fold the is based on what teory? do you estimate the length of every side of the (...)
hi, can you please recommend good readings or articles that may help me design a slotted folded dipole antenna or any suggestions thanks
I have designed and built up a folded dipole antenna for 145MHz frequency.I have designed a 4:1 Balun for it also which is based on coaxial wire only. Now I want to test this dipole only,before I put it on yagi boom. Anyone please tell me what are steps involved in testing folded dipole on (...)
anyone know how to design folded dipole antenna with single feed the band frequency : 880-960MHz 1710-2170MHz any idea please help me
Hi, I am new to ADS layout simulation. I have simulated the folded dipole microstrip antenna suggested by TI(Texas Instruments) for transreceiver chip CC2500 to work for 2.4GHz frequency in ADS (whose datasheet is attached) but I am not getting the desired output. I have attached the method that I followed with the datasheets (...)
Hi All, Thanks for looking. To clarify, I meant a folded dipole antenna. A Reference to the Odd/Even mode is found here: The Hairpin Monopole antenna Why is the Even mode the radiation Mode?
Hi everyone, im trying to design a folded dipole antenna in cst. In the feed center there are a horizental arm and vertical arm i want to coonect them by discrete port but it gives me an error that the discrete port is inside the perfect conducting material. i checked the locations many time. Can anyone help me with this,plz thanx
I need to draw a folded dipole, which forms part of a Yagi antenna. I thought the best way to draw the rounded ends of a folded dipole would be to start with a torus, then remove unnecessary parts. But unfortunately, the plane of the dipole is almost (but not quite) horizontal along the (...)
yes it is about the folded dipole pl give some tips thank you
and another kind of small demantional and effective antenna is "folded dipole antenna" if you fold a dipole antenna once its ampedance is muliply to 4 and if you fold it n time it ampedance is squr n times grow
To simulate LPDA, this is same with yagi antenna (non folded), But all element is driven and is connected by transmission link with cross link connection. The transmission line have impedance can build with two parallel boom. LPDA Book can load in
Hello! There exists many antennas that differs in their radiating resistance. But can we say that a 50 ohms p@tch antenna is less sensitive to e.g. the hand than a 300 ohms folded dipole antenna? To enlarge the issue, what antenna characteristic (-10dB bandwidth, environment (...)
I am using cst at work during my lunch hour to model a folded dipole antenna, and have a weird problem which I cannot see. On a folded dipole I created a discrete port, but when I run the transient solver, I get the following error. "The discrete port is inside a perfect conducting solid". I have (...)
hi, my design is to match a folded dipole to a chipcon-based differential RF ports (86.5+j43) since the radiation resistance of a folded dipole is about 300 ohms, then i need to match this to a differential line of 86.5. my question is: is it possible for me to use a coplanar line designed with an (...)
Hi everyone, would anyone tell me why we have VSWR variation if we change length of a folded dipole antenna... if u have any useful paper regarding this issue, i'll be very thankful thanks in advance
i have been made microstrip folded dipole antena for TV reception, it very good for reception.. the method to make it only trial and error used microwave office.. i not found the formula to syntesis the width or the length.... i assume only when it need more bandwith and lower frequency it need more length so i make it paralel... ma
I'm simulating a multiple fold dipole antenna for 200 GHz (lamda_g = 597.2 um). The antenna is folded 4 times (has 5 poles) for very high impedance. The antenna width and arm spacing is 0.02*lamda_g. The feed gap is 24.5 um. So I made the wave-port 24.5 by (s + w) um. Is this acceptable? Or is a lumped port (...)
Hi, I newbie in antenna area. Currently, I'm trying to design a folded dipole antenna. Thus, I need some ideas on how to design that antenna such the dimensions, length and others. Please help me. Thanks.
Hi Everybody, I need an example project or tutorial about designing a pcb antenna in HFSS. Regards
I was reading about this Yagi Uda antenna and I came across this-- "If the distance between driven and parasitic element is decreased the it will load the driven element, irrespective of its length. Thus input impedance at the input terminals of driven element reduces. This is why a folded dipole is invariably used as driven element so that r
i desgin folded dipole for FM band using cable RG11 which is 75 ohms is no problem SWR is less than 2 but i trying to bulding with 50 ohms cable which i got SWR greater than 2.5 if any one have ideas how to improve it thxs just a big hint ... .you should be using 75 OHm feed on 88 - 108 FM band anyway ... so
This antenna is of the family type called "folded dipole" and the two parallel wire portion performs an impedance transforming function. If the wires are of equal diameter the transforming ratio is 4 times which makes the feed impedance 300 ohms. For the monopole over a ground plane the impedance is 150 ohms. To keep the unwanted loop (...)
Hello everybody, Here is one question about differential antenna, e.g. dipole, folded dipole, etc. In order to measure properly such an antenna using a network analyzer, one has to design a balun dedicated to single to differential signal conversion. Then a TRL based calibration is used to get the (...)
antenna Impedance Technically, antenna impedance is the ratio at any given point in the antenna of voltage to current at that point. Depending upon height above ground, the influence of surrounding objects and other factors, our quarter wave antenna with a near perfect ground exhibits a nominal input impedance of around 36 (...)
i came to know that phased array of loop and folded dipole antenna is not possible even the yagi antenna case also i want to know either it is true or its a joke
I have seen an phased array composed of folded dipoles in a paper in IEEE transaction.
dipoles: Gives E-field parallel to the dipoles axis Loops: Give E-field normal to the loop axis folded dipoles: same as dipoles but have a higher input impedance (4 times for a regular folded dipole) you are right concerning their usage, but I think this is because (...)
If your dipole is folded on a dielectric material without ground plane, you can use a lumped port placed inside the gap. It is like placing a voltage source inside the gap, with its positive terminal connected to one leg of the dipole and the negative one connected to the other leg. Your dipole must be enclosed into an (...)
If you are talking about a FM radio receiver, then just about any piece of wire will do. Typical 1/4 wave whip antenna is about 30 inches long. However, most radios use a shorter whip. For the radio included in your MP3 player, they often use one of the headphone wires as the antenna. That is why radio reception will vary as you move aroun
4:1 balun it will match 50 ohms to 200 ohms. The usual impedance of a folded dipole is somewhere between 200 and 300 ohms. In your simulation you get much smaller than this.
folded dipole and yagi
Hi all, I am a beginner in using HFSS. Need your kindly advice and assist if you don't mind. Currently I'm designing a printed antenna using HFSS, this figure show the antenna structure and problem is the simulation give a negative gain as the result. I
For more information about the radiation of folded antenna you can use antenna book written by Balanis (capture 1, page 18, Edition 3). any flared transmission line could radiate.
You will discover that it is relatively low compared to a dipole. This is why it is frequently the case that a folded dipole driven element is used to 4x the impedance.
hi i am sorry but i think i should say some thing about the basic of antenna for all because many time i saw this question "Do you think that i need a ground plane?" every one know that the magnetic charge has dipole structure so every antenna imitated this and ground is the part of antenna which u connected it the (...)
I can make an antenna at any length and with low VSWR as long as required efficiency is in parity with antenna length relative to lambda. Not too long ago did I make a bottom feed folded dipole with total length lambda/8 and bandwidth in similar range, 60% efficiency, but that was for 2.4GHz At antenna (...)
hi all! can anyone tell me about TE and TM modes in antenna. i am designing a patch antenna in hfss 11. how these modes are related to antenna radiation or resonant frequency .i dont know anything about it. plz help thanx
hye all, as title above...i would like to know if anyone have idea on how to feed the folded antenna for this design in HFSS, actually this was taken in one of journal and it was used for my study purpose. here the
I believe the HFSS antenna Design Kit (ADK) can be extended by adding your own code, but does anyone have any instructions on how to do this? For example, lets assume I want to be able to design a folded dipole to have a specific impedance. One can achieve this by having the two sides of the dipole of a different diameter, (...)
Dear all, I have a question about matching a printed folded dipole. I am working at 2.45GHz My antenna is connected to a 50 ohms /50 ohms balun, then connected to a 2-ports VNA, for s11 evaluation. At the frequency of interest, the impedance is Z; is this the impedance of the antenna seen from the VNA? Because I need (...)
@Bob60: My First impression, based on the image, is folded dipole. If so there should be some impedance transform and balun function. As I can't guess the actual length in combination with the thick patches at left and right side,, is this antenna really operating in a half wave resonant mode? Regarding the ground plane: I think (...)
Why you want to use a full wave loop instead of a folded dipole with 1:4 balun, or just a half wave dipole with a 1:1 balun (ferrite bead/tubes around coaxial cable)? No matter the balanced antenna, I would consider a balun. You can connect the center of the coaxial cable at the connection of the telescopic (...)
The geometry design is more easy than the construction. Design: There are lot of software, from freeware to expensive, professional packages. I useed YAGIMAX2, it's freeware. Query on google. in negative case i may upload a copy. Of course, in the case of wire antennas, the NEC is the mather of all software. Construction: Great attention
Hello everybody! Considering a typical FR4 substrate, the characteristic impedance Z0 of a microstrip transmission line grows as the line width decreases. It is thus mecanically more complicated to work at a much higher impedance level than 50Ω. No doubt with this. But assuming you can connect a high impedance antenna (e.g. 3-wires fold
Please find the radiation pattern of folded monopole in attachment.
Hi, All: 1. I noticed a paper using IE3D for the design of Kock Monopole: G. Tsachtrsiris C. Soras, etc. "A Printed folded Kock Monopole antenna for Wireless Devices", Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol 40, No. 5, March 5, 2004. Please check it. 2. Regarding generating the model of the structure from Matlab or other general
The thickness of Yagi?s elements affects the beamwidth of the antenna and indirectly the gain (narrow beamdwidth increase the gain). Gain Factor (dBi) = 41000 / The beamwidth is affected by the length, diameter, and spacing of all the individual elements. The thickness of the driven ele

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