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I need this paper Multiband folded dipole antenna for mobile phone Ishimiya,K.Takada,J-I Dept.of Int.Dev.Eng.,Tokyo Inst of Technol this paper appears in:antenna Technology:Small and smart antennas metamaterials and Applications 2007.IWAT'07.International Workshop on Publication date :21-23March 2007 (...)
hello everyone anyone have any paper for folded dipole antenna please send to me i am need to study that paper to do my project. hope i can get that paper that relate for GSM BAND frequency 880 960mhz and 1710-2170mhz
Hi, I have designed a folded dipole antenna 200 GHz. I have increased the number of turn and checked the S11 parameter and expecting a narrow bandwidth. But I am not getting expected result. However, Impedance curve seems ok. Can anyone tell me please which parameter contributing to this problem and how ca I solve this provlem? Thanks (...)
Dear all I have to design folded dipole antenna in ADS, can any one provide ma dipole antenna designing manual/tutorial???
Hi, I am new to ADS layout simulation. I have simulated the folded dipole microstrip antenna suggested by TI(Texas Instruments) for transreceiver chip CC2500 to work for 2.4GHz frequency in ADS (whose datasheet is attached) but I am not getting the desired output. I have attached the method that I followed with the datasheets (...)
Hi: I think one more reason people use folded dipole is for matching. A typical dipole antenna with normal radius has a Z = R + j X = 75 ohms at the resoance defined as jX = 0. A folded dipole's impedance will be about 4 times as big. It is close to 300 ohms and that is why many old TV (...)
hi, can you please recommend good readings or articles that may help me design a slotted folded dipole antenna or any suggestions thanks
I have designed and built up a folded dipole antenna for 145MHz frequency.I have designed a 4:1 Balun for it also which is based on coaxial wire only. Now I want to test this dipole only,before I put it on yagi boom. Anyone please tell me what are steps involved in testing folded dipole on (...)
anyone know how to design folded dipole antenna with single feed the band frequency : 880-960MHz 1710-2170MHz any idea please help me
Hi All, Thanks for looking. To clarify, I meant a folded dipole antenna. A Reference to the Odd/Even mode is found here: The Hairpin Monopole antenna Why is the Even mode the radiation Mode?
Hi everyone, im trying to design a folded dipole antenna in cst. In the feed center there are a horizental arm and vertical arm i want to coonect them by discrete port but it gives me an error that the discrete port is inside the perfect conducting material. i checked the locations many time. Can anyone help me with this,plz thanx
Deborah, Please see attached file. This was a Yagi-Uda antenna array I put together for optimization but never got around to it. The Yagi_uda is driven by a folded dipole antenna which was optimized in its own design in the file for the given frequency. Have Fun
Hi jsp, r u talking abt a folded dipole? Cheers, Element7k i have some question about the dipole antenna design suppose u have tx output 50ohm and matching 50 to 300 at that point two lamda/4 line then what should be the imp of the elements of just for electrical length it should be quarter wave thanks in (...)
To simulate LPDA, this is same with yagi antenna (non folded), But all element is driven and is connected by transmission link with cross link connection. The transmission line have impedance can build with two parallel boom. LPDA Book can load in
hi, my design is to match a folded dipole to a chipcon-based differential RF ports (86.5+j43) since the radiation resistance of a folded dipole is about 300 ohms, then i need to match this to a differential line of 86.5. my question is: is it possible for me to use a coplanar line designed with an (...)
Hi everyone, would anyone tell me why we have VSWR variation if we change length of a folded dipole antenna... if u have any useful paper regarding this issue, i'll be very thankful thanks in advance
i have been made microstrip folded dipole antena for TV reception, it very good for reception.. the method to make it only trial and error used microwave office.. i not found the formula to syntesis the width or the length.... i assume only when it need more bandwith and lower frequency it need more length so i make it paralel... ma
I'm simulating a multiple fold dipole antenna for 200 GHz (lamda_g = 597.2 um). The antenna is folded 4 times (has 5 poles) for very high impedance. The antenna width and arm spacing is 0.02*lamda_g. The feed gap is 24.5 um. So I made the wave-port 24.5 by (s + w) um. Is this acceptable? Or is a lumped port (...)
Hi, I newbie in antenna area. Currently, I'm trying to design a folded dipole antenna. Thus, I need some ideas on how to design that antenna such the dimensions, length and others. Please help me. Thanks.
I was reading about this Yagi Uda antenna and I came across this-- "If the distance between driven and parasitic element is decreased the it will load the driven element, irrespective of its length. Thus input impedance at the input terminals of driven element reduces. This is why a folded dipole is invariably used as driven element so that r
i desgin folded dipole for FM band using cable RG11 which is 75 ohms is no problem SWR is less than 2 but i trying to bulding with 50 ohms cable which i got SWR greater than 2.5 if any one have ideas how to improve it thxs
and another kind of small demantional and effective antenna is "folded dipole antenna" if you fold a dipole antenna once its ampedance is muliply to 4 and if you fold it n time it ampedance is squr n times grow
Hello! There exists many antennas that differs in their radiating resistance. But can we say that a 50 ohms p@tch antenna is less sensitive to e.g. the hand than a 300 ohms folded dipole antenna? To enlarge the issue, what antenna characteristic (-10dB bandwidth, environment (...)
I am a newbie in using HFSS. Could anyone guide me how to simulate a printed dipole antenna in HFSS. My target resonant frequency is 900MHz. It is the best if someone has a sample file. My points now maybe is not enough, hence my email address is Thank you.
hi, I am required to simulate a microstrip dipole antenna on Feko. I have found a reliable design but am having problems with feko. is there anyone out there who is able to help me. it doesnt seem to give me the desired results thanks cheers Alvin
hi, I am required to simulate a microstrip dipole antenna on Feko. I have found a reliable design but am having problems with feko. is there anyone out there who is able to help me. it doesnt seem to give me the desired results thanks cheers Alvin
Hello; Please teach me the concept of dipole antenna with figures to understand better.
Hi, everyone does anybody know how to measure S parameter of a dipole antenna with a network analyzer? This is the first time I have used a network analyzer, so I hardly know what to do. For i want to know the equivalent impedance of the dipole antenna, is that the only way I can get it? Somebody help me out! thanks in (...)
Please help with design dipole antenna in HFSS 9.1. How can I make antenna for 1 GHz. Dimensions are 150*300 mm or about this. sigma=infinity (ideal conductor). Please write in details
Hi, I am a relative newbie and as part of a project I want to construct a dipole antenna at 800 MHZ using a coaxial cable of dia 0.085 inches. I want to know if anybody has any experience in constructing dipole antennas from coax. How do I feed the center conductor of the dipole using a SMA (...)
Hi, I am a relative newbie and as part of a project I want to construct a dipole antenna at 800 MHZ using a coaxial cable of dia 0.085 inches. I want to know if anybody has any experience in constructing dipole antennas from coax. How do I feed the center conductor of the dipole using a SMA (...)
I am using a freescale ZigBee transceiver which has a differential tx and rx port in matching the dipole antenna to the port, what impedance of the dipole should be ? because i am confused by differeential impedance. is it also a 50Ohm matching? but in the case, a differentiial impedance with 50Ohm?
hi, everyone, who has the experience of meander line dipole antenna? i am looking for the publication of "resonant frequency and radiation efficiency of meander line antenna", "impedance characteristics of small meander line antenna", and "input impedance increase of a very small meander line antenna". (...)
Hi, I have a simple question about calculate the dipole antenna induce voltage for plane wave incident. assume that the half wavelength dipole is terminate with its radiation resistance 73 Ohm, and I want to know what is the voltage value at the port when 1 V/m plane wave incident. And I also want to compare it with the theoretical value: (...)
do any one know how i can add two signal receving from cross cage dipole antenna before tuner or preslector help needed thanx
please help me out..i am designed a dipole antenna and i desire top excite it by dint of coaxial cable..please help me how i can connect the coaxial cable with it detail................thanks
I'm currently studying on the collinear dipole antenna for WLAN at 2.4GHz. I had found one website called wirelessgrumph. It taught the way to construct the antenna but nothing about the theory. So, does anyone has technical paper or notes about collinear dipole antenna and radial waveguide slot array (...)
I need an HFSS tutorial about a dipole antenna design.
Hi, I'm interesting to know if it is possible to measure the impedance of a dipole antenna with a VNA. I'll appreciate if someone can suggest me any link or reference where I can read about this topic. Thanks
I am using cst at work during my lunch hour to model a folded dipole antenna, and have a weird problem which I cannot see. On a folded dipole I created a discrete port, but when I run the transient solver, I get the following error. "The discrete port is inside a perfect conducting solid". I have (...)
I am very new to the use of ansoft hfss. I have v10. I am trying to model a simple dipole antenna, but so far I seem to be having more difficulty than I should. I modeled a dipole with a short feed and tried to setup a gap source with a lumped port between the feeds, but I keep getting an error about port refinement. Any suggestions? (...)
is this a printed folded dipole? need more details. a picture might be very helpful
Hi 433.92MHz printed folded dipol antenna design ,Has any one design this type of antenna and can show me the way All the best Bobi
Hi all, I met a question when I want to test a dipole antenna. I print the dipole on glass, but I don't want to drill a hole through it. So I want to feed the dipole on top of the glass. Can anyone give some advice on it? For example, what structure I should use to feed it. How to connect the SMA to the feeding (...)
hi, analysis of mutual impedance between straight dipoles are readily available. but can anybody help me in finding mutual impedance between folded dipole and straight dipole? is there any paper or reading material where i may get general relations of mutual impedance between folded dipole (...)
Dear friends, can anyone send me the detail theory of folded dipole ? or is there any paper/book where i'll get the mutual impedance between folded dipole and straight dipole? thanks mns (
what is dipole antenna?
Hello All, I need an example on FAT dipole antenna using HFSS... ---manju---
Hi all, I would like to design a mutliband printed dipole antenna which in the ranges of 880-960MHz and 2.4-2.5GHz. I am newie on this printed antenna technology. Anyone can gives me some suggestion? Any ebooks that provides these information? May you gives me the link? Thanks. Best Regards.
Dear friends Can anyone of you make a comparison of LOOPS Vs folded dipole Vs Simple dipole Vs Yagi's in terms of directivity , Gain , Bandwidth and what if Phased array are fromed of above mentioned elements. I need application wise comparison that where to use which type more suitable? Plz its a request that