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This is my own vesrion. There is a bit more to it than just a standard meter is uses a MAX7219 chip and a 16F876 but use any pic. It reads 0-50V and 0-10amps, It be be a daul amp or voltage meter. Some where I have a big font glcd meter also a wireless meter that uses RF this version is work in progress all working but in the proccess of trying a 1
Hi, just to let you now that a new glcd font Creator has been released. A free fully functionnal version is available The shareware version is at a very low price. Best regards Octal
Hi, just to let you now that a new glcd font Creator has been released. A free fully functionnal version is available The shareware version is at a very low price. you can find there also a Xglcd Library (free Xglcd and XSPI-glcd libs) that let you use BIG font sizes with all (...)
hello, I'm glad to annouce that I have published glcd font Creator 1.1.0 - mikroElektronika Edition free of charge for anyone using mikroElektronika compilers. I also published with it Xglcd Library 1.0.0, an extention to mikroElektronika glcd Library that let the compilers handle BIG fontS of any size on (...)
hi, I can't say I've seen many 128x64 lcd's with the T6963 controller, there are some, but the more common IC for 128x64's is the KS108/9. Unlike the T6963 it doesn't have a built-in font generator, which means you'll have to store the bitmaps for letters/numbers in the memory of your contorller (microcontroller?). I've had real troub
Hi my friends I have a header and lib file that let me to use t6963 in 6x8 size font. But i have a problem when I use the function "lcd_set_pixel" in my library, I set x for LCD Width for zero but plotted two pixel in width=0 and width=160. And some problem likes that. Please tell me what is the error in my files? You can see lib and header
Hi dear friends I have a glcd240128 (240*128 graphic LCD). I need CodevisionAVR program for draw line, curve and simple English font. My ic driver is ATMEGA128 and header file and library exists. Thanks a lot
hi friends i need help, in normal lcd(16x2) we can send the data as binary +30 it will display the character llly in glcd where sent the font as image code like using fontcreator or normal hex value?
Thank you for your advice. But it seems that the minimum family supported to work with glcd is pic 18 family. Right? No, I do not believe so. The limiting hardware factors are pin count and flash memory capacities. The pin count due to the fact, if you do not have enough free pins on the MCU to drive the inter
Check ; is there something useful.............. Pial's (We)Blog | 8x8 Dot matrix font generator based on javascript and HTML LED Scolling Dot Mat
hi all i want a font generator software for tft me expecting your comments
use custom font memory of glcd and make fonts as you want (i.e. inverted)
Hi, Is anybody using Fa*st*AVR Compiler? I want to know if you can use the KS0108B glcd function. Thanks Eze
You can't! That is the same font used since Pads was originally written, and was hand drawn by the author of the original version. SiGiNT
Hi I hope this is the right place to post questions about autocad used from *e*l*p*r*o**c*ad (like *E*P*L*A*N*). I searching for a software that has a script or can make one that change the font in many files at the sime time. So if anyone know of any software or have any script for changing fonts in dwg files or know how to write one plea
LCD font generator
The MS WinXP's character map is not so bad but if u want a professional tool google the following tools: fontmap fonteditor fontographer I think they r the most powerful font editors which can used for your perpuse too! BEST!
Hello all, I am using PSD 15.0 now, but I can not find a way to change the font of TEXT string, I just want to know is the PSD doesnot allow different font for TEXT? Thanks
even in redhat 7.2 if u u use some themes and apply them to other tools than KDE tools u will see some waring about fonts! I THINK it is a problem related to linux configurations and not the release of it; as u know, it is possible to add new fonts or even "alias" them to your linux without changing the OS! BEST!
Hi all, I had a problem in IC5, running on RedHat8, Please help. After i transfer/copied the cadence's library files from solaris to linux, some of the cell view in the library has change the font from big-init-cap to small-cap letters. (Not all the cellview is change and also not all libraries are affected.) This causes the major link error
When I start my cadence IC5 with command icfb,the main windows load finish and in the log windows comes a Warning:Cannot convert string "-adobe-helvetica-medium-normal--0-100-75-75-p-0-iso8859-1" to type,and then when I open Tools\Library Path Editor..\Edit\Add Library ..." comes waring: Warning: Name: newLibDirText Class:XmTextField
Hi all If you want to create font and symbol like in the attachment a stand along exe for pic basic available from link given below this will generate data tables for T6963 graphic lcd driver chip
can anyone tell me how to use font (bitmap or ttf) in embeded system to display in graphic lcd ?
Dear all: I found the unicode font bit map in the below website through the google search. or but I can not access this website in my computer. Anybody can help to check if this w
Just installed the FPGA 6.2 on my laptop running RH9, when fpga starts up it complains about charsets not being able to draw with the adobe helvetica font, anyway it looks OK and only when I start modelsim is when all the fonts are way too big and they look really poor. I tried adjusting the size but the quality is still poor. Iam using the MS Tr
Hi all I use graphic lcd 128*64 any one have english font or arabic "as bmp pic" S 8O krat
Salam, I search for very cheap glcd (any resolution > 128x64 ) with standard controller. Thanks very much
I execute the mathlab 6.5 version in my PC. But, there is a strange font appearing in the frame. Please refer to I have tried to change the setting of font, but useless. Does anyone know it?
The above link on Bahri's page is not working anymore. Could somebody provide new link or upload fontGen v2.0, please?
Hi Have anyone done C programming with 8051 and 128*64 Graphic LCD module before? Maybe with AT89C51 or AT89C52. Maverickmax77
The default font is hard coded into the software. You cannot download it, or use it outside of the Pr0tel edtiors.
I am doing a project which uses KS0108 based 128x64 glcd as the display device. I would like to know if anyone knows how to make CUSTOM fonts for using with the glcd? I'm in need of a 5x5 font for FastAvr . There are plenty of posts suggesting the use of FASTLCD application. But somehow nowhere its written HOW to use the (...)
hi guys for the Vim editor under windows, how can one change the default font so as each time the editor runs it automatically starts with this font ?
Hello, I met a pdf file but I can't search text in this document (char display is good and right). I found two fonts were embedded . I only have the ArialUnicodeMs in my PC system , where can I get the MotorolaRegular? Or How to replace the font in this pdf? the aim : search the text and copy the text to notepad. Thank you!
in similar situation i have used this font:
Hi All I am interfacing PIC with SID13305 in 320X240 glcd display. I use ccsc compiler with PIC18f6722. I am using the driver file sed1335.c. I am able to initilize and write to the LCD. But the reading the display memory is not proper. I think I need to use a pull down for datalines!! Is my assumption is correct? Or any other
I've posted a 7 segment LED font under updates on my site. Free, enjoy make sure you note the special features.
Anyone know the font type (see below) used to create equation in IEEE
hello every, I would like to use "roman" character as my default font when I put a net name in cadence but I don't know how to set it up. so everytime, I have to do it manuualy. Does anybody know how to set it to default? Thanks
ANybody can give me the command to set font size and type of an Epson dot matrix printer?? I need it to complete my printer interfacing using avr thanks
I´m working in a project , and need interface a graphics LCD 128x64 (KS108 controller) with an 8051 type microcontroller. Somebody have a C source code that interface this type of glcd with an 8051? TIA
How to change font type on Orcad PCB Layout..? I want to change font type like: Ariel, Courrier, etc... Thank's
Hi all, Anyone has experience in running Astro under Debian either locally or remotely? It seems to have problem with the fonts under Debian. It has no font problems when I remotely connect from Windows laptop with X-win. I tried to include all the truetype fonts from windows in my debian and it still didn't work. For those that run Astro (...)
Hi all, Anyone has experience in running Astro under Debian either locally or remotely? It seems to have problem with the fonts under Debian. It has no font problems when I remotely connect from Windows laptop with X-win. I tried to include all the truetype fonts from windows in my debian and it still didn't work. For those that run (...)
Hi all, I need the datasheets for WD-G12036 glcd module. It lloks as 120 X 32 pixel, but I am not sure, unfortunatelly, no controller number is available except this glcd module number, I have searched the net, but no results at all. Thanks in advance
Hi If you don't use WordPerfect, you may not have the WPMathA fonts used in some of the PDF documents provided on the web (which may result in various equations being unreadable). You can install the needed fonts from Corel by going to WPfonts.exe , which sh
well, thanks for ur reply, i browsed the library that u set to me, and i didn't find any header files that communicate with the driver that i told u about, it'sall Graphic LCD Modules 1) KS0108/HD61202 Controller 2) T6963 Controller 3) LCD fonts and Symbols and not 1335-1 driver board.. so i still have the problem... and i still n
Hi All i need to interface to glcd {lm1095s TOPWAY TECHNOLOGY} which is 192x128 based on SED1335 "EPSON" i am programming with BASCOM8051... can any one help me even by ASM to initialize and graph or write to the glcd thanks a
Hi, here r many posts about glcd and KS0108B, but I didn't found many about 192x64 glcd. I'm trying to writte somenthing on that glcd using ATmega32 in asm. I'have never use any glcd and I feel litle confused. I wrote a short programm and i think I can't controle it:/. Could You tell me what is wrong in this : .include (...)
Hi, everybody I have a 128x64 glcd and want to put it on pictures so I need to convertor bitmap to bin file for 24LC256. I found some convertors on the net but they output C or basic codes. I can know C and asm programming but program memory isnt enough for showing pictures on glcd so I'll use an eeprom so I need to convertor bitmap to bin fi