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because there is no other library. if you wanna use both the sch and pcb lib you must create integrated lib. if you you work just sch lib you can add pcb footprint using 'TG' shortcuts.'it means footprint menager'
.max is Orcad file.Schematic to PCB LAYOUT transport information only PART REFERENCE netlist and PCB footprint, you can change footprint NAME on it.
There are a lot of connectors in the libraries, grouped by manufacturer. Also check the cadsoft web site as people upload their additions. If you need to create it from scratch, you may still be able to use a schematic symbol from another library with the same number of pins. Then you need to create the footprint by putting pads of the correct s
The 2N3904 is a "part" not a symbol. It sounds like you are adding them wrongly, do not think of adding "symbols" but instead add "parts". (A part contains the symbol, the footprint and additional information that ties them both together). You will find it in the Transistor library under the PNP folder. If you use the slide out library
I need to create Altera Arria II GX 780pin footprint and schematic symbols for Altium Designer. I have found the below Mentor and Cadence libraries but I'm unable to import with Altium Designer (Summer 09). I'm using the Import Wizard but none of the files can be recognized. Any help is appreciated since i would not like to create (...)
Hi All, I designing some footprints (quite a few actually) in Altium for a PCB that I'm currently designing. A quick and simple question: If i'm given dimensions in terms of tolerance (i.e. an upper and lower limit) (but no mean value), what dimension should I take for my pad size, chip dimensions etc? The particular chip that i'm currentl
Hi. I'm quite new to ADS, but I think it's great. Sadly I want to use transistor models that are not in the ADS lib. So how can I create an ADS model for simulation from a netlist file, that the transistor companys offer? I know how to do that in PSpice, but how to in ADS? The second question is how can I create footprints for the new mode
i have tried to update it but when goto pcb doc to import the changes, it shows that "footprint not found" message and when i check back my schematic, the changes i have made in library was not update in my schematic. Why is it so?
Hi, I am new on Altium since I moved from OrCad. I have created a footprint library with lot of different mounting holes (MH) (plated, non-plated, various diameter, and so on...) I have extorted this lib to Altium lib. I used to place pcb MH from footprint library in OrCad, just inserting a new->>component , sellecting a footprint (...)
Greetings, I am examining a case for a new RT/embedded OS in today's situation. I would like to get a simple YES/NO answer from embedded developers. Suppose that you are starting a new project. You are considering to use embedded Linux and you offered an RT/embedded OS by a vendor John Doe Inc. The RTOS is proposed in complete source code, us
seems your problem is with IC MCP4822. 1. You are using footprint TSOP-8 for the same but the symbol (or footprint) has 14 pins. 2. second thing .PSM file for 'SOT23-5' is not available in your mapped libraries. By correcting above errors you may successfully load the netlist to Allegro (PCB editor)
In the "Component Tool", maus right click, slect "New.." - "footprint" - in "libraries" select "JUMPER" and insert the jumper from "footprints".
Hello, 1st to say I'm new user of Altium, I've been using OrCAD ~5 years. I converted my OrCAD *.LLB libraries to Altium and see that every footprint has text strings .Designator in Top Overlay and .Comment in Mechanical 1. I would expected that this kind strings are symbolic and will be replaced by specific designator and value when I place my co
you ask about footprint of wireless module , first you must search for footprints libraries and compare the dimension of the one you found by the real dimension on the data sheet module (footprint) if it the same use it . if you not found , you must create footprint for your module. about software for PCB (...)
You need to take care of the difference in the cell size and metal routing coordinates. Not easy unless you have a mad scripting skill. If not placed and routed yet, it's easy to replace the cell names and pin names provided the logical footprint of the cells are the same between two std cell libs.
Sim900 PCB footprint package is not one of the standard packages that can be found in libraries of most of the PCB design tools. You will have to make its PCB decal yourself.
".......Again it made a *.brd file.... I need it to be a library file so i can use it as a component. I have made it this far but am stuck to what to do next" From *.brd file you can export the footprint symbols. In Allegro (PCB Ediotr) these are called as .DRA. Use File>Export>libraries in PCB Editor to do this. Hope this helps.
OrCAD Capture CIS Demo ■ You cannot save designs that have more than 64 nets, including the hierarchical blocks in the design. You can still view or create larger designs. ■ You cannot save a design with more than 60 parts, including the hierarchical blocks in the design. You can still view or create larger designs. ■ You cannot h
Guys, help! I want to build a board EPD + Allegro, but I don't want to spend a lot of time on schematic symbol and PCB footprints. How can I get them? Does anybody have efficient way?
lebronic could you upload the footprint for the DIP-16. It seems the 3d body has the wrong orientation.
Dear all , i had drawn my simple schematic in capture cis . & created netlist for allegro. but it says can't locatae sysmbol file. But i hav already assigne footprints in capture CIS . that is i hav typed footprint name which are located in share->PCB_lib->symbols. but still not able to get components with ratsnets in allegro PCB editor. i
Orcad is a good tool for schematic design & simulation. In fact it is the best, but when it comes to PCB this software really becomes a frightening nightmare. :shock: If your schematic is working & you have tested it by all means then go for Eagle Cadsoft software. It's free version is working upto 2 layer PCB design & having largest commun
Hi I'm trying to convert an Altium component database (.DbLib) into an integrated library so that guys can take it offsite to work on designs, etc. I'm using Altium Designer 10. I'm using the wizard as shown in the Altium wiki, which seems to be doing fine, but most of the output files are blank. This database is comprised of 28 different she
Hi. I am using a MSOP-8 PCB footprint. I can see the Pads are very close where Top Solder of Pad are touched with other Pad. I am worried ... will it make problem (Pads will short together) after production of PCB??? Please see the attached image. I am took this footprint from Altium Microchip Lib. Thanks in advance. Regards.
yes it is, but it is not uptodate.. footprint is ok but schematic is poor..
Hi Thunaivendan, Drill size, pad size should be determined based on the footprint information in datasheet. Post the part number you are using.There is no specific trace width as is based on the requirement. Follow your stackup. For 6A current you need to use solid shape instead of trace.IRF540 seems to be a SMD part not through hole.