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I need cell library and layout in 0.5 or 0.6um process for an old design. Please PM me if anyone have a link to ftp. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! :wink:
You´re not alone (o; PADS comes with a good footprint library...and there are also more footprints on the web...but schematics symbol libraries are rare... I am gonna port some OrCAD/Eagle libraries to PowerLogic in the near future... Maybe we could split up the work a little (o;
Looking for Philips libraries for P*otel. e.g IC NE602 /Mast
Pulsonix PCB is a very good PCB design program but is let down by limited component libraies. Does anyone have any links to Pulsonix libraries? Thanks, okk :evil:
Does Anyone has the Protel library of pic micro? Thanks Gari
it seem library had better to be compiled cheer This is a popular are of confusion in DXP. There are source libraries, and integrated libraries Source libraries can be edit and modified. Source libraries only have single types in it, like symbols, pcb footprint, sim models etc. (...)
I have had the chance to look at P*ADS 2003 for a few minutes in the office of a friend of mine and I have seen that the libraries contains components from ten-twelve main constructor for a total of maximum 1000 components. Is this the full libraries provided with P*ADS 2003? It seems to be very poor. Regards
The footprint is around 500 KB. Vxworks is highly configurable. So as you go on ading modules the footprint will increase. With some basic components it will be around 500Kb
who knows which librarys can be used in Magma? From Front to Back..Thank you!!
Hello, I am evaluating and learning Q*II 4.0 with model*s**m_SE5.6*. It seems that I have not the precompiled libraries needed and that I must compile them. I would appreciate if someone could explain me how to do this. I have seen many docs in Alt*er@ and Mo*dels*m web but I haven't found how to compile these libraries. Thanks a lot and bes
Are there any libraries for pic and for hitech c to use pic's peripherals. It contains only one which is for eeprom reading and writing.
hi, doing homemade pcb is easy. with a bunch of cad tools, some common household equipment, some chemicals and stock pcb, from the local pcb shop, one can easily create pcb at home. i was just wondering, how can a reference designation be placed on pcb w/o the use of silkscreen? well, these ref des does not include the "letter-number" combi
Hello ... Can anyone how to add 0.18u TSMC libraries to Leonardo Spectrum ??? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Well Would you not be better to define your request a bit better? Have you any idea how many different footprint exist for PCMCIA? So you want eject? Do you want 1x or 2x connector? is it SMT or Thu hole? Is it top or bottom mounted (smt mirror) Is eject on left or right side? Is there a stand off height from PCB? Does it have
As I understand for optimum compatability with EDA tools compiled on RH 7 series requires the use of some specific libraries which can be installed a later version of a linux distribution i.e. RH9? Which libraries are needed for this? I assume they are available for download? How are they installed, and do they affect stability of the OS i
Each footprint is constructed in library editor using pads from padstack. In padstack you can define the holes diameters at "drillsize". If you use standard packages from libraries, you'll have to edit them to change drill sizes. /pisoiu
Hey, I have developed an Ultra low power 32 Bit adder using a new logic style and would like to compare it with a standard CMOS adder. Does Cadence have a built in ASIC libraries like the digitallib in TSMC 0.18u where they have a single bit adder cell designed. I am looking for it because I feel that will be an optimised design and will be a good
Hi I have no idea how to generate CASE 211?07, Style 2 footprint? it's for MRF171 transistor... Please, anyone help me :cry: Thanks in advance
has anyone here ever used the standard cells in tsmc libraries in high speed designs? tsmc libraries are characterized for a top speed of around 600 mhz but realistically these cells can run much faster some libraries can even run twice as fast as the rated speed. the trick is to simulate and check timing by some other method such as spice (...)
hello everyybody,when i open tanner sedit says unable to create directory..i dont know why this is happenning..also iam unable to add any libraries again gives the same error...(when i tried to add spice library)..does anybody have a solution to this...
You probably know that you can translate part libs from orcad to concept/allegro with transolb.exe. I think there is no similar translator for footprints. maranaza
I use the library of NCSU_Analog_Parts to perform H-spice simulation, the error displays: /bin/csh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Error please help to solve it. Thanks Benny16
Hi to all users at EDA Board! :) I want to know if there are developped libraries for Xilinx CoolRunner or XC95 series CPLDs to replace the standard 74 series TTL elements. Xilinx Offers a tool called CPLD Logic Consolidator located here . Unfortunatelly i didn't find any libr
hi friends i installed ncverilog .when i run simulation .everying going good.but when i launch ncsim it shows error message "ncsim: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" pls help to correct it thanks
Where can I find footprint for 7 segment LED in OrCAD 9.0? I really need your helps! Thank you in advance!
Where can I download libraries for SPECCTRAQuest Signal Integrity? I use PSD15.1 Help me, please.
Hi all, i got the following error on running RUN_NC script generated by the ncsim section. ncsim: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Please help me ..what is cause of this error. thanks, Gold_kiss
If you know sites with orcad libraries could you post these site addresses here.
if you use orcad 9.2 demo version,you can download the footprint lib from orcad ftp server.
i want 2 draw a smart card with iso7816 contacts pin to my pcb i can't find a libarary has that footprint :( any one have a libarary or drawing file has that footprint i try also 2 draw it as i have a datasheet at OrC*D 10 but i didn't know how 2 place a contact plats without a hole :cry: for more information about iso 7816 see txt file
I had some questions about how to use the ASIC libraries during synthesis (synopsys). I have a fast.db, slow.db and a tpz.db The fast and slow define the cell while the tpz has the pad information and some wire load models. The fast and slow libraries also have wire load models. Which wire load models should be selected and how do I use the p
i have been able to successfully setup all the variables for cadence ic 5.0. However i am trying to install NCSU libraries and I get following errors # perl Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /export/cds/5.00.33/red/tools.lnx86/perl-5.6.1/lib/5.6.1/i686-linux /export/cds/5.00.33/red/tools.lnx86/per
Hi again, In the example below, if my vectors contain 2's compliment numbers, what libraries should I use to make the code execute correctly? I don't really care about whether to use TO_SIGNED or CONV_SIGNED. I am just confused when to use which library (std_numeric, std_logic_artith, std_logic_unsigned, std_logic_signed)? signal
hello pic gurus, I practice the MPASM from Microchip on different models of 14-bit range.. just want to say, I can understand and program in MPASM 'OK', but there is a little problem : whenever i try to use some LCD (for example) in my project, I HAVE to copy and modify the cone from any of my old LCD project... just annoying.. I have rea
The Linux SPW 4.82 does not include the libraries for CDMA, GSM and WLAN. However, these libraries were included in Solaris 4.82 release. Is it possible to copy the libraries from Solaris to Linux?
There is someone that can upload the last libraries of P*o*el DXP2004 but translated for run on DXP2002 or 99se? Thanks I search for Microchip, Texas Instrument, ON semiconductor, Dallas-Maxim, National, Analog Device, Fairchild.
how i make footprint of amp in ads.then how i simulate it in ads momentum regards
how i make footprint of amp in @DS.then how i simulate it in @DS momentum regards
where can i find footprint and jedec list for download
Does anyone have the MSP430 libraries for protel. Thanks
Is anybody who has scan script with SMIC ot TSMC standard cell libraries? I have suffered some problem in scan inserting. I used 0.18um standard cell libraries form SMIC. I don't know why some problems are occured like that. This is my first time that I have suffered these kinds of problems. Please let me get another scan insetion script. I c
Hello: i need Minipci type III connector footprint to do the minipci card. can anybody help ? Protel based is better. Thanks.
hi, here we can shere our footprints..... if anybady has the falowing: 1) 10 lead MSOP footprint. 2)SSOP footprint. 3)SOP footprint. 4)LCD footprint. 5) keyborad footprint. 6) TSOP footprint. and so on...... thank's alot ..... :)
Talk to the people who are going to assemble your design. They will tell you what can and cannot be assembled and how much the price may differ with a smaller footprint. Also make sure it can be probed without shorting it to its next door neighbor.
i have a reference chip which is a SOT-23 package. and i am using UltiBoard and i found a package in SMT> Transistors > SOT_23_3. I am a newbie to PCB layout and was not clear which dimensions of the footprint in the datasheet should I verify with the footprint in the layout. I am attaching the footprint as in datasheet and in the software (...)
I am just begining P&R, and totally have no idea with so many physical libraries. who can tell me the information contained in these libraries. thanks by the way, my p&r tool is astro
i want o add new ic to proteus, how could i do so and how could i add new libraries
from where could i download new pspice libraries? and how could i add them
hi, Are any physical libraries(lef,pdb) available freely on the net along with thier gate level libraries? any chance of finding them for synopsys tools design compiler, physical compiler.. rgds rogger
Hi everybody! I have installed on my computer Red Hat Linux 7.3 and Cadence IC 5.0.33 USR2. For a design I also need the AMIS libraries which came embedded with the adsArtist design environment. Of course adsArtist works only for SUN or HP-UX :(. My question is if anyone tried to work with the libraries without adsArtist. I'm trying that already