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I am curious, Why can't you build the part using altium?? I believe version 6.8 and later has an integrated IPC footprint wizard that works really well. If you have the datasheet for CR2032 you can build part and be confident you are not violating IPC constraints. Granted IPC wizard does not have a selection for Battery holder but you should
Hiiii,,,everybody... Please, I need the footprint/library of PF08109B for GSM Repeater. I'm using altium Designer to design the PCB. Is there anyone who can be of help to me, I will be very grateful if there is any helper out there. Thanks
Hi, I have a database library for altium and now i want to aad a new component group to it. i inserted a new table, then added the required parameters for the new part. Then i have created a new sch. symbol library and footprint library. I have now the new symbol and footprint for the (...)
Hi, All of a sudden my whole footprint library seems to be screwed up. I just added a new component to my company's altium footprint library. I then added the schematic symbol to go with it and inserted it into my project. Updated the PCB and everything looked just fine. I then added a few more parts (...)
Where i can get altium footprint library for 5mm pitch,2 pin connector (Male/Female)?
How to add a footprint to schematic component without footprint and if some can give me a link for good protel book Thanks, regards from bulgaria
1> make a project of "Integrated library" type. 2>Add Schematic library 3>Add PCB footprint library 4>Add whatever other simulation,signal integarity details 5>In the componenet of SChematic lib, add all the other library references. 6>complie it That will result in the integrated lib. All the best.
Hi everybody. I need an altium DXP PCB library that contains VGA Connector right angle footprint. is there anyone that has this foot print library. If anyone has its footprint in other software such OrCAD, I can import it into altium DXP and use it. Thanks in advance. Alireza find (...)
Hello, Using altium Designer Summer 09, I am in the process of designing a custom footprint for a PCB library (file with PcbLib extension). Is there a way to print a 1:1 version of this footprint while I am designing it? I've noticed that when designing the footprint, the File->Print Preview and (...)
Hi, Anyone have footprint "LY530ALH" or "LPR530AL" for altium designer? I can't find in altium footprint library. Thanks.
Hi, I created a footprint In altium Designer Summer 09. In the footprint i created an 'L' shape using 2 pads, the 2 pads are touching each other with a measured gap of 0mm. I gave the 2 pads the same designator and used it in my PCB design. When i run the design rule check it reports the 2 pads as being a short circuit. The pads have (...)
I guess, your problem is to get familiar with the altium tools and provided libraries. You just need to add the footprint to the standard chip resistor, provided in the misc. components library. footprints are named by metric sizes in this library.
1) how i can copy footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure.. 2) can i edit footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure...
Hi Sean, you have answered your question: "how can I place a one whole (just think it as a one pin header)" .... add one pin header. You can check the Axial 0.3 footprint in footprint library, or print the PCB in 1:1 scale and compare it with your real resistors. If you have problems to create the one pin header have a look at [url=www.fedev
Hi, i need Sim908 schematic and footprint in altium designer. please reply a link if available...:-| best regards...
Hi, I need Sim card holder 6 pins library (shematic and footprint) in altium designer, here's a photo of sim card holder i reply ASAP! best regards...
hello, I wish to take an altium project home and work on it from my home PC. Which of the files that have appeared in the project folder do i have to take home.... is it just XXXX.PrjPCB XXXX.PCBLIB XXXX.SCHLIB XXXX.SCHDOC do i need the .REP or the .CMP files, or any more files. I havent got on to the pcb yet as im still load
Check the footprint library path assigned there could be a error in that also. Check for special characters(@#% etc.) sometimes this could cause an error. Also did you tried to open you file in some other system?
Hi, I have just changes a footprint in the library, then deleted the component in the scem , then replaced it with the new component, then "design updated" it through to pcb, but the footprint in the pcb is still the old footprint. do you know how i can change to the new footprint?
Hello, I've noticed that the components in my PCB have silkscreen which is too big and takes up too much room....i want to edit the components, make the silkscreen more smaller, and then update the pcb with the new footprints...but how do i go about this? Is it possible to just adjust the footprint in the library and then click a (...)
In the altium schematic design is there a way to generate a list or report of what PCB footprint libraries were used for assigning footprints to the schematic components. I have a fairly large design and want to pull all the PCB libraries that were used into the project. There probably many libraries that I had installed that I did not use (...)
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Every license holder of Protel DXP is ENTITLED to a FREE upgrade to Protel DXP2004. All you have to do is call the altium sales offfice nearest to you and quote your Customer number and license code and they will arrange the upgrade CD to be sent to you and a new license file. DXP2004 is a different product to DXP and has a completely differe
Anyone have QFN-32 5x5mm footprint for PCAD2002 or PROTEL99SE? Thanks,
Lets say you want to conect SMA Panel Mount or surface mount connector. Like the one in attached figure, then simply find its footprint measurements from manufacturer datasheet and Make your own PCB library, Goto Component wizard , Select DIP and place Vias and Pads. with distances according to footprint mentioned. Then from your (...)
This is a bit of a noob question, but hopefully someone will know what i'm talking about and be able to direct/redirect me. Just wondering how do i create a footprint for a component (NUP2105L component - SOT−23 footprint to be exact) from multiple components
A script is definitely the way you'll need to go. Unfortuately, I don't have the time to write one for you - I have enough of my own work to do. For what you want to do, you'll need to write an iterator for the library. Probably using a temporary file to store results. You'll need to write the reference designator special string to each footp
I can't find any way to move components / footprints to the bottom layer in altium Designer except for double-clicking each pad in order and specifying the new layer. There surely must be a much better way to do this (shortcut meny etc)? Ideally, i would like to use a directive already in the schematics since i already know at schematics capture
There are very easy-to-use library editors for both PCB footprints and schematic symbols. If the included libraries don't have what you want, it only takes a couple of minutes to make a footprint or symbol. The Holtek 12E series are small 18-20 pin devices - it would take very little time to make schematic symbols. PCB (...)
Do i need to think about anything related to assembly when i create my own SMT footprints in AD? I'm particulary interested in knowing how the pick and place machine will know how the components should be rotated (parts can be drawn vertically or horizontally in the footprint editor for example) and if i need to do anything special to tell the pick
Maybe because my poor english, I can't manage placing 3D bodies onto a footprint. There are some detalied support for this job?
Anybody know where or how to get PIC10Fxxx & 12Fxxx Schematic & footprint?
You would have to make a symbol with at least one pin in the Schematic library, and a corresponding single pad as a footprint in the PCB library. You would then enter the pad footprint in the schematic symbol as the footprint model. Now when you use your symbol in the schematic, DXP will use the PAD as the (...)
im using protel 99 se for my pcb design, i need usb type A connector footprint...can anyone help me out there plsssssssss....
I am using altium Designer, and can't find where to get a symbol for the SIM card, or the SIM card holder and their footprints. Any suggestions on where to look for ? or ideas on what should I use as a substitute ??
I am building a circuit that includes the SIM300C module. I can't seem to find a footprint (or symbols) for the SIM300 module, SIM card holder, and the other connectors for the module. Where can I get the footprints/symbols for the above mentioned parts ??
Hi, If you want new component to be stored into your design library than open your library >> tools> new blank component. Now from datasheet create the footpeint and in tool>>component properties assign the footprint name and hieght. now save the library. Now you can use your new symbol for placement on the board. (...)
I have tried to import my PCAD library into altium but it only imports the first component. It also imports a footprint for another component but nothing else for it. The information appears in the schematic for the component but no footprints and library appears empty if i try to place a component. Can (...)
sorry for asking here... I have same problem as the thread maker... so if I want to use 6-way terminal block, then i put 6 PLUG-components??? thanks... No if you have the connector Libarary the look for 6way header, Then you will have to create your own footprint to suite that's the way I do it. The header spacing is 2.54mm and
Je, Help/Tutorial isnt overall the best, but you are asked for "in schema footprint & symbol to couple..." It is to make if you creates the component, & as I wrote: its not in schema to do_in PCAD not_ but its not exactly altium:-(... Did you drwoed your symbol? In the same environment must be a coupling/installing with patterns possible...
Hello, I'm an electronic engineer student I have to work with protel dxp 2004, in fact it's not matching with my competencies ( software development) so my questions will be silly :) but I need soon answers: I have to make a circuit board (38mm*38mm) , but I didn't find many component in the standard library (offering by altium), I read many tut
absolutely agree with eda3. has it been an Autopan adjustement problem it would show to each footprint not just two. So as eda3 check for the origin of the footpints anf update them into PCB
I have a problem generating protel library report. In my report footprint images are not good. I can see only the upper left quarter of my footprint. Please help :cry:
Hi guys, Can u describe the steps to make a new component in the library. I already made the footprint and the schematic of the component. Do I need to compile it when its finish? Kind regards, Jo Added after 2 hours 49 minutes: I made a new schematic component. But the pin names are shown out
because there is no other library. if you wanna use both the sch and pcb lib you must create integrated lib. if you you work just sch lib you can add pcb footprint using 'TG' shortcuts.'it means footprint menager'
even if you donot find the footprint for RJ45 it is very easy to create footprints in altium, if you have datasheet try to create footprint rather than looking for it because i think it will save your time (if you are not getting footprint easily).
I have a altium layout file. I want to extract all library footprint from the altium layout file. can anyone help me out?
Probably the best thing to do here is to build the footprint yourself. That way you can be 100% sure it is the right component. Eda
Hi, I'm trying to do a non-template PCI card and I would like to know how is the process to create a specific PCI card connector footprint linked to schematic in the altium Designer. Thank you!
altium TRAININGcenter for the pcb footprint altium TRAININGcenter for the schematic