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Hiiii,,,everybody... Please, I need the footprint/library of PF08109B for GSM Repeater. I'm using altium Designer to design the PCB. Is there anyone who can be of help to me, I will be very grateful if there is any helper out there. Thanks
Hi, I have a database library for altium and now i want to aad a new component group to it. i inserted a new table, then added the required parameters for the new part. Then i have created a new sch. symbol library and footprint library. I have now the new symbol and footprint for the (...)
Hi, All of a sudden my whole footprint library seems to be screwed up. I just added a new component to my company's altium footprint library. I then added the schematic symbol to go with it and inserted it into my project. Updated the PCB and everything looked just fine. I then added a few more parts (...)
Where i can get altium footprint library for 5mm pitch,2 pin connector (Male/Female)?
I am curious, Why can't you build the part using altium?? I believe version 6.8 and later has an integrated IPC footprint wizard that works really well. If you have the datasheet for CR2032 you can build part and be confident you are not violating IPC constraints. Granted IPC wizard does not have a selection for Battery holder but you should
The ORCAD layout foot print didn't support so many footprint. I already download ESPstarterlibrary on ORCAD web site. But I still need to create so many part's foot print. Anyone has footprint library solution.
Hi, If you a hobby,you will find this footprint library is very useful. Bye
how could i edit footprint library from build-in library. such as erase some pin and keep the same size of package.
Hello guys, can anyone recommend a professional OrCAD footprint library ?
Hello, Does anyone have or know where I can find an AMC Single-Width, Full Size Card-edge footprint for altium? If not, any ideas on an easy way to generate this footprint.
Hi. Does anybody have a ADM485 footprint for altium?
1> make a project of "Integrated library" type. 2>Add Schematic library 3>Add PCB footprint library 4>Add whatever other simulation,signal integarity details 5>In the componenet of SChematic lib, add all the other library references. 6>complie it That will result in the integrated lib. All the best.
Hi everybody. I need an altium DXP PCB library that contains VGA Connector right angle footprint. is there anyone that has this foot print library. If anyone has its footprint in other software such OrCAD, I can import it into altium DXP and use it. Thanks in advance. Alireza find (...)
Hello, Using altium Designer Summer 09, I am in the process of designing a custom footprint for a PCB library (file with PcbLib extension). Is there a way to print a 1:1 version of this footprint while I am designing it? I've noticed that when designing the footprint, the File->Print Preview and (...)
Hi, Anyone have footprint "LY530ALH" or "LPR530AL" for altium designer? I can't find in altium footprint library. Thanks.
Have you checked the design rules? Are you using the two different footprint in the same PCB design??
1) how i can copy footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure.. 2) can i edit footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure...
Hi, I need Sim card holder 6 pins library (shematic and footprint) in altium designer, here's a photo of sim card holder i reply ASAP! best regards...
Check the footprint library path assigned there could be a error in that also. Check for special characters(@#% etc.) sometimes this could cause an error. Also did you tried to open you file in some other system?
Hi, I have just changes a footprint in the library, then deleted the component in the scem , then replaced it with the new component, then "design updated" it through to pcb, but the footprint in the pcb is still the old footprint. do you know how i can change to the new footprint?
Hello, I've noticed that the components in my PCB have silkscreen which is too big and takes up too much room....i want to edit the components, make the silkscreen more smaller, and then update the pcb with the new footprints...but how do i go about this? Is it possible to just adjust the footprint in the library and then click a (...)
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Hello, I'm new with altium desing and i'm trying to make a footprint for Telit HE910 which in LGA package. I tried to make its footprint with the "IPC complaint footprint wizard" but in the end it named the columns with letters and rows with numbers which is the reverse of the device footprint. Is there (...)
How to add a footprint to schematic component without footprint and if some can give me a link for good protel book Thanks, regards from bulgaria
Yes, I found SO8 in the datasheet, but I can't find it in my ORCAD LAYOUT footprint library. The 8-SOIC footprint is in the SOG library. Unfortunately, OrCAD's naming convention for footprints is based on linear dimensions, rather than common footprint names (e.g. SOIC, QFP, SSOP, etc). (...)
hello, as we know, the altium designer 10 has been released, so i want to know the differences between the version 10 and the altium designer 6.9 at their library? altium designer 6.9 is according to IPC7351 Standard, then which standard is accorded to the v10? IPC7351 or IPC7351A or IPC7351B?? thank you !!
I guess, your problem is to get familiar with the altium tools and provided libraries. You just need to add the footprint to the standard chip resistor, provided in the misc. components library. footprints are named by metric sizes in this library.
Hi Sean, you have answered your question: "how can I place a one whole (just think it as a one pin header)" .... add one pin header. You can check the Axial 0.3 footprint in footprint library, or print the PCB in 1:1 scale and compare it with your real resistors. If you have problems to create the one pin header have a look at [url=www.fedev
Hi, i need Sim908 schematic and footprint in altium designer. please reply a link if available...:-| best regards...
hello, I wish to take an altium project home and work on it from my home PC. Which of the files that have appeared in the project folder do i have to take home.... is it just XXXX.PrjPCB XXXX.PCBLIB XXXX.SCHLIB XXXX.SCHDOC do i need the .REP or the .CMP files, or any more files. I havent got on to the pcb yet as im still load
Hello everybody, I am a beginner user in altium Designer program.:cry: Can anyone help me and give me some tips in how I can draw the attached footprint pic for ACS758xCB using altium Designer program? The picture of PCB layout is provided with the component datasheet. 80359 Looking Forward to hearing from you.
Good Afternoon , how's every body? I want to get your feedback on my first footprint drawing using altium Designer for Power MOSFET (Type: SPB160N04S2L-03) (Package:P- TO263 -7-3). In the attchement you will find the altium footprint file. I used the PCB Layout Reference View which was provided in the datasheet to draw (...)
In the altium schematic design is there a way to generate a list or report of what PCB footprint libraries were used for assigning footprints to the schematic components. I have a fairly large design and want to pull all the PCB libraries that were used into the project. There probably many libraries that I had installed that I did not use (...)
Hi, I am doing a schematic in altium designer. I needed a part which is not available in the altium library so I want to make a new component by copying existing component from the altium library. I have seen a video where a component is copied and pasted/renamed in the SCH library. But (...)
Why not make the footprint with the RJ45 data sheet? Because worst things to do are this which can be made by someone else :D :P Sorry ! Just kidding ...
Thanks :( Regards
Hi, I have uploaded a footprint library for OrCAD to elektroda. It contain a footprint for LED 7 segment. Search fot it or PM me if you didn't find it. Bye
You´re not alone (o; PADS comes with a good footprint library...and there are also more footprints on the web...but schematics symbol libraries are rare... I am gonna port some OrCAD/Eagle libraries to PowerLogic in the near future... Maybe we could split up the work a little (o;
Every license holder of Protel DXP is ENTITLED to a FREE upgrade to Protel DXP2004. All you have to do is call the altium sales offfice nearest to you and quote your Customer number and license code and they will arrange the upgrade CD to be sent to you and a new license file. DXP2004 is a different product to DXP and has a completely differe
If you are looking for Orcad layout footprint library, you may have to create it your own.
There isn't a special symbol for a ferrite bead, it's just an inductor. The PCB footprint will depend on what type of bead you choose to use. There is a footprint library for "Chip Inductors" that contains various size surface mount footprints. A thru-hole inductor would use the same footprint as a (...)
Need CLCC 48 pin footprint, in any cad or gerber format. all info in attached picture. thanx in advance. p.s. all measures in mm.
I did a ups here. uprev up date revisions and as other says it cannot downgrade. Though there is a way to a "backdoor". Doing the first part demands access to Allegro 16.x eg rent a licens for a short time. In a skill code run through the footprint library and select view all, and do a clipfile of each footprint. In v15.x in skill do (...)
hi i understood that the OLB files are orcad schematics symbol libraries, and I know how to add them to a project or make them visible. as i saw, in orcad, we can place a component either from the place>part or from the place>database_part. The place>partworks fine with the OLB files. What files are used by the place>databasepart (cis), an
you can download from Cadence support or call and ask them to send the standard footprint library for Orcad... you can only avail the supprot if you are genuine user.
Hi, I am new on altium since I moved from OrCad. I have created a footprint library with lot of different mounting holes (MH) (plated, non-plated, various diameter, and so on...) I have extorted this lib to altium lib. I used to place pcb MH from footprint library in OrCad, just (...)
Flow is exactly similar to any other CAD tool. -> Prepare the footprint library -> Create the Board Outline -> Import the schematics netlist -> Clear all Netlist importing errors -> Create Board outline -> Create Stackup -> Prepare the constraints in CMS (if you have the license) -> Enable online DRC and route the Card -> DRC -> clean up -> DFM che
hi everyone i am a newbie here... so i have a problem with pcb footprint issues...i want to find a relay pcb footprint and the crystal oscillator CR-H49U-20M - Crystal H49U 20MHz pcb footprint also..i hope
Hello Friends: i'm doing my circuit on altium designer 10 , and i found a problem with CD4053CN on my pcb , the figure shown in the picture also had an error while viewing my board in 3d view , the IC (4053CN) is shown on Vertical Axis (see picture 2 ) can anyone help me ?! i also want to know how to print out this pcb ? i need to mirro
When I am creating a custom PCB footprint in altium how do I specifiy a position and size for the reference designator when I create the component. I know the program will automatically put one when I place it on the board but I want to be able to define ahead of time a position and size. How do I do this?