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thanks for the help, bt i want the footprint pattern for the PCB Layout. What kind of layout software are you using? Different software packages use different library formats.
Hi I have no idea how to generate CASE 211?07, Style 2 footprint? it's for MRF171 transistor... Please, anyone help me :cry: Thanks in advance
Hi all, I am looking for a PCB footprint of the dsPIC30F6014. The datasheet defines it as 80 Pin TQFP. I use Protel 98 for my schematic and pcb development. Regards Rahul
Hi, friends! May be anyone have an a expirience with Dallas semiconductor 6/TSOC case?
Hi Folks, I need information for the Pad Peel Off for the SMT Components from the Foot print,What are the parameters one has to look into.... Someone please refer links or send across some details regarding that. Thanx in Advance. Regards Ramesh
Search for the IPC-SM 782A footprint standard & you cannot go far wrong for this. Or the newer std from the IPC website, it has a downloadable viewer to help you.
Hello, I am new to Eagle and I want to make a footprint for a connector whose recommended mounting pattern shows a through hole shape that is a rectangle with semicircles on the smaller sides. This is a wierd drill shape that I have not handled before. Any suggestions/ideas on how to do this ? Just in case .. I have attached a snapshot of the
Need CLCC 48 pin footprint, in any cad or gerber format. all info in attached picture. thanx in advance. p.s. all measures in mm.
We are using Altium to do EE design. But I meet some problem about footprint or schematic naming. For example, each resistor has several different footprints. Some refer to different wattages or different land pattern. But since the naming rules of footprint we are using are only based on geometric, like lead spacing and (...)
hi, I use OrCad PCB Editor 16.3 I create footprints all the time. I do not love it. I am very good at it. Can anybody direct me to: 1) downloaded libraries specific to OrCad PCB Editor 16.3 2) Free 3rd party software tools to create footprints. LP Wizard cost money. LP Calculator not downloadable, only get it with purchase of IPC spec.
IPC-7351 covers any footprint you want to create, what IPC-7351 does is set up the tolerences and pad sizes required for heal, to and side solder fillets etc, placement courtyards, also the naming format for both the footprint but also the padstack. If you buy the IPC-7351 spec you get a copy of the calculator, worth the money.
Dear PCB123 users I tried to generate the foot print for the following footprint attached, but all ways i am getting distorted pattern like62541 Please help to generate correct pattern. I tried number of times
Introducing footprint Expert Lite In response to the current economic hardships, PCB Libraries, Inc. is responding with an even more affordable ?cannot pass up? PCB library solution! Whether you already have a high-priced library solution, found a comprehensive one to be out of your budget and still hoping something good comes along ? th
I think it is not uncommon to draw your own footprint and library.
explain the problem a bit more. It seems like your pad has land pattern in both top and bottom plane. Check your footprint. Regards, mimoto
it's said that the coilcraft model is not a global type. see Q&A list below from coilcraft. I am afraid for different type of devices (note: capacitor model is not avaiable in coilcraft), so we need to build our own spice model.Maybe the most important problem is how to choose the model type. ///////////////////////////////////////// Q: Why do
Have you dowloaded the footprint from TI site and compared to calculated values. Have you looked at the land pattern calculator available from
at first i will comment concept of pcad's attributes "type" and "pattern". "Type" - it is component description, which contains mapping between pin numbers of the component and the land pattern. "pattern" is graphical description of land pattern. originally, orcad has only "PCB footprint" attribute, and, if (...)
some PCB manufacturers firstly examine the CAMs of the PCB, if there is something wrong or exceeds their manufacturing ability, they warn you, for example, if a TSOP footprint's pads to close , they warn you and they changes pads , they make them thinner. after the manucturing, E-test (shortcircuit etc.) is applied to PCBs , with special equ
kindlly find footprint Maker08
Dear Frnds, Is there any IPC Standard document available for footprints specially for smd packages like PQFP, LQFP, DFN etc.How much should be length more than actual pad e.g. 5 mils, 10 mils or 20 mils etc. Also for 0402 & 0603 components how much should be pad length & width more than the actual component size 0402 -- 1mm x 0.5 mm so what
Hi I am new to Protel, i want to create new footprints and for that somebody told me to read datasheet and you can make it.... but i dint exactly know whcih info to pick from datasheet and how could i use that info in Protel PCB footprints????
you have 3 classifications to IPC footprints. Least, nominal and most. they refer to manufacturing levels.
Hi All, I designing some footprints (quite a few actually) in Altium for a PCB that I'm currently designing. A quick and simple question: If i'm given dimensions in terms of tolerance (i.e. an upper and lower limit) (but no mean value), what dimension should I take for my pad size, chip dimensions etc? The particular chip that i'm currentl
Hi, I am using coilcrafts transformers in my design. The footprint of the transformer is given in the file attached (sorry, the website was not letting me add a weblink of the same, as this is my first post. Only from the 2nd post I can add links in my posts.) You can see that the pads are hexagonal in shape. How can I create this shape in OrC
IPC-7351 I have 64 pin and 144 pin devices but no 80 pin. With the IPC-7351 format this footprint would be : QFP65PxxxxXyyyy-nnN where: QFP=Quad Flatpack with Pins 65P = pitch between pins, 65=0.65mm 80=0.80mm etc xxxxx and yyyy lead pitch x and y axis nnN=number of pins Gives a more descriptive name for footprint as TQFP is such a gener
Hi guys, I'm strugling through the IPC-7351 standard and there is one thing (well, many actually) that bugs me. The component courtyard is defined as: "Courtyard ? The smallest rectangular area that provides a minimum electrical and mechanical clearance (courtyard excess) around the combined component body and land pattern boundaries." OK, great