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thanks for the help, bt i want the footprint pattern for the PCB Layout. What kind of layout software are you using? Different software packages use different library formats.
Hi I have no idea how to generate CASE 211?07, Style 2 footprint? it's for MRF171 transistor... Please, anyone help me :cry: Thanks in advance
If you don't want to, or can't, make your own footprint, attached is a Pr0tel 98 library with a footprint that will fit your device. The one you want in the library is named QFP14X14-80(N).
Search for the IPC-SM 782A footprint standard & you cannot go far wrong for this. Or the newer std from the IPC website, it has a downloadable viewer to help you.
Hello, I am new to Eagle and I want to make a footprint for a connector whose recommended mounting pattern shows a through hole shape that is a rectangle with semicircles on the smaller sides. This is a wierd drill shape that I have not handled before. Any suggestions/ideas on how to do this ? Just in case .. I have attached a snapshot of the
Need CLCC 48 pin footprint, in any cad or gerber format. all info in attached picture. thanx in advance. p.s. all measures in mm.
We are using Altium to do EE design. But I meet some problem about footprint or schematic naming. For example, each resistor has several different footprints. Some refer to different wattages or different land pattern. But since the naming rules of footprint we are using are only based on geometric, like lead spacing and (...)
Dear PCB123 users I tried to generate the foot print for the following footprint attached, but all ways i am getting distorted pattern like62541 Please help to generate correct pattern. I tried number of times
Introducing footprint Expert Lite In response to the current economic hardships, PCB Libraries, Inc. is responding with an even more affordable ?cannot pass up? PCB library solution! Whether you already have a high-priced library solution, found a comprehensive one to be out of your budget and still hoping something good comes along ? th
Does anyone have info about commercial footprint biometric sensors?
In case someone is still looking for this book: Orcad Layout footprint Libraries book
I think it is not uncommon to draw your own footprint and library.
Hai Is there any program to calculate the land pattern size(foot print) as per IPC-782 standard? has a online calculator.But I am looking for indepentant one. rishab
Demo Version of SMD Land pattern calculator available at DrBELL
Video pattern Generator with PIC16F84 and MC1377
I use IE3D to design a two patch antenna and find that the beam pattern slightly offset to one side. I use ensemble to verify it and the results are same. For my question, how to adjust the pattern to center? thx
with what, I must simulate an Yagi antenna and Design of a microstrip patch antenna thaks
Program Test Monitor for Windows: Video pattern Generator for Windows
If you are newbie in Protel you should try to create your own pcb lib. Is conveniente for you learning. Is very easy and with time you will acquire many experience with Protel. "Es muy facil solo necesitas un calibre o bajarte las hojas de datos del componente y ver el footprint recomendado por el fabricante". Try to download libraries to the manuf
Hi, does anyone knows wich is the footprint for a 7-segement display? If, not I´ve herad that anyone can make its own footprint, how can i do it? Thx[/quote} ***************************************** well just read HELP file !!!
in microstrip antenna design, if microstrip line edge-fed is applied, the pattern will be largely affected by the feedline. how to reduce this effect or which type microstrip antenna has the characteristics of low effect by feedline?
hi anybody has matlab code or any program to plot radiation pattern of different types of antennas (dipole,...) both 3d and in the planes xy,yz,xz,... or any other plane thanks
I have designed a board with RCM2200. I have the footprint of this module in Protel99 format, if any need this I can share. Regards.
hello, i want to design a pcb on which is a spartan II (bga456) too. where can i get the schematic symbol for orcad capture and the footprint for layout? any ideas? thanks in advance, hqqh
If I have E field and H field. How can I plot an antenna pattern? Anyone can provide a matlab code to do this ??
Hi, I'm trying to use IR emitter and receiver as safety device to detect a object. Should I use some kind of signal pattern? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, ltg
hello everyone: When I design usb2.0 phy's logic part and read UTMI spec of Intel,I have two question: 1.the first bit of SYNC pattern is synchronizd with 60M clk?? 2.the SYNC pattern that device received is no less than 12bits?Can 11 or 10bits?
How I can find a collection of pictures of footprint?
In the old Orcad 9.2 - how do one go about creating a new SMT footprint - they all seems to be circular/donuts - how do I make those rectangular pad?
Hi all, I need help from all you guys out there. I am designing some very closely spaced antennas. These antennas needs to appear as operating as diversity antennas. The requirement is to create nulls in different angles in the azimuth plane for each antenna without any external device but only changing the feed position, antenna placement posi
Hi guys, I am a newbie with Orc@d :roll: and I was wondering how you normally set the "PCB footprint" property. 1) When a place a component in Capture from the libraries the PCB footprint is empty, is that right? 2) Is there a way to just add the component from the library with the PCB footprint set 3) Is the UPD file the (...)
break apart an existing lib part and make one using the design rules if you need read the manual on how its done its that simple other than this for lazy people or complex footprints there are several companies allow download of pcb dxf files these will happily import {via orcads import pcb dxf file} you need to
Hello, I am going a bit crazy looking for a good land pattern for the TQFP 44 pins package (PIC18f448). Any link where I can find it or information about how to design a Land pattern. I am junior with footprints design. Thanks a lot and best regards, mimoto What s/w will you use the land pattern in, Orcad, Pads, Pr
1. use random generator , create a pwl signal with gittern (period ) and use the follow command in hspice .param width=3*period phase=6ns .probe tran time_x=par('time+phase-int((time+phase)/width)*width') .probe tran diff=v(usbdp,usbdn) phase is delay , and use time_x as X , then select signal diff , then you can get hspic
The ORCAD layout foot print didn't support so many footprint. I already download ESPstarterlibrary on ORCAD web site. But I still need to create so many part's foot print. Anyone has footprint library solution.
Why not make the footprint with the RJ45 data sheet? Because worst things to do are this which can be made by someone else :D :P Sorry ! Just kidding ...
What website have new footprint and board outline lib for power PCB 4 or 5 update ? Thanks in advance
I have been reading specs for compact flash, and i am not sure to make Compact flash footprint for OrCAD as the way it should be, so I ask if anyone could share it or now in what library i can find it. I have seen that Eagle has it on download section (good job for cadsoft as support), is there anyway to export it that to OrCAD ? Thanks !
I'm designing a DSP board based on TMS320F2812, this is a 176 pins LQFP component. I'm working with ORCAD 9.0 and I haven't got any library with this component or similar (nor symbol neither footprint) :( . Could somebody help me to find an ORCAD library with this component or another similar. The most important for me now it to f
Anyone know where to find smart card model/footprint to Orcad (capture cis and Layout plus). Info about smart card connector what im looking Thanks! .K
Hi I have a question, let's say I've designed a patch antenna in ADS/Momentum and saved the 3d field pattern. Is there any software which will allow me to see the field pattern generated by many of these patches in an arbitrary arrangement and orientation? Something for example where I could place different patches at (x,y,z) and
What do you mean exactly? Do you have a package where pins are connected internally? This wouldn't normally be handled by editing the footprint, but by connecting the appropriate nets on the schematic. If you want to route signals into and then out of the device that's usually a bad idea. When you've placed the footprint you could edit the
dear fridends: now I am looking for the pcb land pattern standard. who could tell me the standards(except the IPC-SM-782) or share with me? thanks! :P
Hi, If you a hobby,you will find this footprint library is very useful. Bye
Hi, I have uploaded a footprint library for OrCAD to elektroda. It contain a footprint for LED 7 segment. Search fot it or PM me if you didn't find it. Bye
Check out these links: w
explain the problem a bit more. It seems like your pad has land pattern in both top and bottom plane. Check your footprint. Regards, mimoto
Learning and mstering the art of making footprints is a very important discipline in any EDA workflow. I would recommend you try this yourself. Also, please advise for what device you need the footprint as the generic description above is not sufficient to make a footprint for you anyway. What is the part number of the component you (...)
The footprint is around 500 KB. Vxworks is highly configurable. So as you go on ading modules the footprint will increase. With some basic components it will be around 500Kb
Hi, I want to find an equation which can describe the radiation pattern of an arbritary monopole. I want to use this equation to plot the 3-D radiation pattern in Matlab. I also want to investigate the difference in radiation pattern when the monopole is in different orientation. Could anyone tell me what should the equation be or (...)