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Hi All, Found a couple of docs online which allow the user to calculate the footprint radius of a LEO sat in km^2 based on orbital geometry. This is fine. However, none of these take into consideration transmitting antenna 'gain'. Surely the footprint is determined by how focused the satellite beam is ? i.e. the 'gain' of the transmit antenna
I am looking for footprint(Land pattern) dimension datasheet of HD64F2638 , its a Hitachi part no. with FP-128B(128 pin QFP) package. I have the component datasheet and I made the footprint as per the dimensions given in component datasheet(page:1399) but I guess those are component dimensions and thus when I actually mount the IC on (...)
There is a standard for "Land pattern Naming Conventions". it is called IPC-7351-B. And there is a naming convention for the footprint of a switch in it. You can use 'Google' to find this naming convention. regards
hiii all, I am just stuck with designing of one footprint, Freescale's FXTH87xx IC. Datasheet did not mention about footprint dimension,only IC dimension. Even though I have completed footprint,doubt is there regarding pad dimension. If anyone have this particular footprint,please share me or else give me a (...)
I'm trying to add a footprint for a capacitor I found(AVX - ML03V11R0AAT2A). The manufacturer is a company called AVX. The chip size is 0603(inch). But I cannot find the footprint for this capacitor in the AVX capacitor library provided by (
Dear PCB123 users I tried to generate the foot print for the following footprint attached, but all ways i am getting distorted pattern like62541 Please help to generate correct pattern. I tried number of times
IPC-7351 covers any footprint you want to create, what IPC-7351 does is set up the tolerences and pad sizes required for heal, to and side solder fillets etc, placement courtyards, also the naming format for both the footprint but also the padstack. If you buy the IPC-7351 spec you get a copy of the calculator, worth the money.
I would recomend going for the IPC-7351 footprints, they are becoming the de-facto industry standard. The viewer is free and will give you all the information you want for nothing: IPC-7351 Land pattern Calculator and Tools
We are using Altium to do EE design. But I meet some problem about footprint or schematic naming. For example, each resistor has several different footprints. Some refer to different wattages or different land pattern. But since the naming rules of footprint we are using are only based on geometric, like lead spacing and (...)
Need CLCC 48 pin footprint, in any cad or gerber format. all info in attached picture. thanx in advance. p.s. all measures in mm.
kindlly find footprint Maker08
hello, can anyone suggest the footprint for MLF 32 Package?
SOT23 footprint
Hi Folks, I need information for the Pad Peel Off for the SMT Components from the Foot print,What are the parameters one has to look into.... Someone please refer links or send across some details regarding that. Thanx in Advance. Regards Ramesh
Hi, friends! May be anyone have an a expirience with Dallas semiconductor 6/TSOC case?
Have you dowloaded the footprint from TI site and compared to calculated values. Have you looked at the land pattern calculator available from
explain the problem a bit more. It seems like your pad has land pattern in both top and bottom plane. Check your footprint. Regards, mimoto