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a lot of information related to your doubt are available in data communication and networking by forouzan.
you can refer data communication and networking by Behrouz forouzan second edition TMH publications..ofcourse i attached some ppt files for your cross reference...use it..use above mentioned book for understanding..since i don't have soft copy, i couldn't upload it..
another good book data Comminications and Networking by Behrouz A. forouzan ..Mcgraw Hill Pub.
Frame rely is layer 2 technology to send data consisting of layer 2 switches. Router is a device that works on layer 3 and select the best path to send packets. Pl look at my notes from Behrouz forouzan
Hi, I am a recruit and have some questions while resolving the exercises of Mr. forouzan's "data communications and networking 4th international edition". The exercises that I confused are listed below for help. Added after 32 minutes: -------- Chapter 3 Data and Signals ------- 40. A signal
FDMA is basically Analog technology and the oldst one. TDMA is digital and being used in GSM. CDMA is newest of all, whre all users are allocated a distinct code. Added after 2 minutes: For easy and basic understanding I will recommend " Data Comm and Networking" by Behrouz forouzan
Hi man! The best book for modem design is Digital Fundamental by Sklar, Digital Analog and communication by Lathi,,,and Digital communication by forouzan especially, which has the comprehensive material about MODEM. 1. Data Communications and Networking by forouzan Enjoy...............
try computer networks by forouzan,.... it is basic and simple...
HI, Data Communications and Networking 4e ? forouzan Computer Networks A S Tenenbaum Yeah.. Great textbooks dude.. Tanenbaum is like a story book... For proper exam preparation use forouzan.. But read both.. they're nice ones..
also u can refer Data Communications Networking by Behrouz A. forouzan
u can check the book written by forouzan with the title tcp/ip networking.
the very basic different is modulation schemes, anyways u can see book "data communication and networking by forouzan" ch # 4 and 5 of 4th edition,it will tell u with out involvment of ambegious mathematics
anyone can please upload solutions manual for data structures: a pseudocode approach with C" written by gilberg and forouzan,2/e
I am looking for full solution manual of Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz A. forouzan 4th edition published by mc-graw hill. Thank You very much.
i need full solution manual for data and communications and networking by behrouz forouzan {even problems}??
Data Communications and Networking Behrouz A. forouzan, Sophia Chung
Looks as though you received 6 data in one second. I like to call it a transfer rate of 6 bytes per second. In the book that I am having ( Data Communications and Networking by forouzan) he considers +1 0 -1 as one signal and it is periodic as you can clearly see from my question. So he says that the signal rate