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Iam Rita Dyana. I am Brawijaya University Indonesia's student and post graduate in Management Construction.. I get the task of fuzzy logic, GA and neural network, in operations research courses. Can you help me about everything about fuzzy logic, GA and neural network, (...)
Hello guys, does anyone know how to determine the input and target for backpropagation neural-network?? my feature extraction data were the vector of Mel-Frecuency Cepstrum Coefficient (MFCC)
I would like to know in details what is neural network and the difference between it and the fuzzy logic? how to implement fuzzy logic and neural network on a microcontroller, is it possible or I have to implement them on a Digital Signaling Processor? Thanks in advance
Dear all, Now i am doing palmprint recognition, but i am facing some problem.. Can somebody provide me the ebook which related to the palmprint recognition + neural network ? You may email me... Thanks in advance...
hi, i want to implement an lpc-10 speech coder by means of a self organizer neural network,in this work i want to use lsf parameters instead of lpc coefficients. i want some matlab codes for this project please. my email is
Hi, I'm doing ECG signal classification using Generalized Regression neural network in Matlab and I'm totally new to the ECG signal and neural network. So, could anyone tell me what should be the input parameters of ECG signal for GRNN? How the GRNN work? Thank you.
hi all. i am new to neural network. my project is to control a system by both pid controller and neural network controller and compare both.. can anyone plz tell me how can i replace a PID block by a neural network block so that it does the same control (...)
Hi all, I am doing Image Processing using Matlab R14 (SP1). I use neural network Toolbox to recognize the object. After that, I want to embed the neural network in fpga because the equipment must be portable. However, I don't know how to do?? I intend to convert from Matlab to VHDL using commercial (...)
Hi, thanks in advance I want to implement a trained neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a neural netw I need some sample data Input,but the system after implementing is going to use the out put of ADC of board as the neural (...)
Hi, thanks in advance I asked this question in fpga forum but it seems hardware guys didn't know, maybe you software guys know it, or at least encountered such problem: I want to implement a trained neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a (...)
I am doing a project on implementation of neural network using backpropagation algorithm in fpga. and i have developed a general purpose design in VHDL and i need one application for this. So please help me out with the application.
Any idea about implementing neural networks on fpgas?
Hi there, Sorry if this is wrong place for such question. Which book do you suggest to learn the basic concepts on this topic. Thanks
hi i need to learn neural network and Digital image processing from the basic please can any one have e books for that.
hi can anybody please tell me how can i implement neural network in matlab for number and alphabet recognition. thanks in advance amit gangwar
hello frnds... Am new to this forum...kindly help me. Am a final yr student doing project on brain image using neural network and rule based... Kindly help where i can get the matlab source code r books,r papers related to that. plz help me
I am currently working on backpropagation neural network in face recognition and I have done with my feature extraction part (eigenfaces). The problems is how would I define the inputs and target of the NN in order to create NN? Let say, I have a folder of training set consists of 20 images of 10 people where 2 images per (...)
hi all, can anyone tell me abt the computational and memory requirement in neural network and its impact. thks n advance.
i am doing a project on home automation based on voice control. i have to use words GO, FAST, SLOW, STOP. i want to perform MEL SPECTRUM analysis of these words and gather information about them such as peak, frequency, and other parameters. Then using neural network for speech recognition for pattern recognition. i will use (...)
Can anyone please forward the link to the textbook 'neural network for RF and microwaves" by Q.J.Zhang mail
I am trying to design a fuzzy neural network. Anybody has source code written in C/C++, *.dll, ... especially *.dll, please help me. Thanks a lot.
Hi all, I am a beginner to neural network, so going over ART networks. Is it possible if someone has tutorials on ART networks that can be uploaded (moreover tutorial on ART2A would be appreciated) ? Also, can anyone pleaseeeeeeeee help me with the explanation and use of the two gain controls in this (...)
Hi, I wanna implement a mult layer perceptron neural network in a fpga, Some one have this implementations in VHDL Code? Thanks in advance.
Hi all, Just a question, while designing a neural network, how does one go about deciding on what particular transfer function to use for the network. I did go through some literature, but I could not find a document, that explains this. I mean, having a look at the transfer functions supported by matlab, how does one know, that "tansig" (...)
Hi all, The concept of noise for training a particular system for signal classification. I am implementing a system, whereby the signals can and cannot be drowned in noise. From the network designed so far, I get excellent (well, almost excellent) results out from both training and simulation, when I have no noise to the inputs of the (...)
Hi all, For pruning algorithms (OBD, OBS, Autoprune, Lprune and etc), has anyone in this forum, tried any of these methods in the past projects perhaps (esp using MATLAB) ? If, not the MATLAB software for NN design, which other software is a good recommendation to be used for neural network, any suggestions ? Kind regards
Hi all, While going through some examples given by the neural network toolbox in matlab. I came across an application with deals with character recognition. For those intrested, the scrip is named appcr1. (To view the code, edit appcr1) It shows that, network trained with noise performs better with network trained (...)
HI all, While going through the code written by experts for the "neural network" toolbox, I came acorss, this DOUBT of code for training the network using Levenberg marquadt Algorithm. B'coz I was using "trainlm" function to train my network, so I decided to have a look into the code using "edit trainlm" (...)
Hi all, I am trying to understand the concept of Bias - Variance Tradeoff in neural network, I can understand the maths and the way they derive the equations, but I am not unable to understand when literatures, try to explain the tradeoff issue. E{MSE} = Var{Noise} + Bias? + Var{Output (...)
hello every body, I need some help with my work. I am trying to implement APEX (Adaptive Principal Component Extraction) it is a self organized neural network that extracts the principal components of the image i and using it for image compression All i need is how to implenet it with analog circuits if u have any online free (...)
I'm doing project on Fingerprint Recognition using neural network. I'm using Backpropagation neural network. I try to train the network, but it's stuck where the error is constant after some time during the training. I put the whole fingerprint image as input. If you have any idea on this, please help. (...)
hi all, i have selected 'self adjust PID Controller using neural network' as my project. please help me to write a program in matlab for it .or if you know any links about that please send the link. thanks veryh much. :cry::?::cry:
Can anyone tell me how exactly can one apply the concept of neural network and improve the system performance of an ad hoc network?I really need some good info on this aspect, since it is related to my project work
hi frnds, i am doing project in currency detection. i segmented the latent(indian currency), then i got the image as binary image. it is just like the rigid image in finger print. now i ahve to match with the reference image. how to do this in neural nework toolbox in matlab? can anyone send the neural network sample (...)
I'm interested to develop an application to forecast the share market using artificial neural network. Do anyone has idea on this? I plan to use backpropagation algorithm, anyone has suggestion or opinion? I'm not sure what should I put as the input of the neural network.
Hi, i have a set of measurements(about 1000) about the intensity of the wind and these are taken at intervals of 10min on the same place. I need to predict the intensity of the wind for the next 2 hours(the new 12 measurements). I don't know how to model this as a neural network. I mean, that i don't know what to use for the (...)
What does it mean when after a few epochs the training is stopped with "Minimum gradient reached". It happens with neural network with 2 or 3 hidden layers (20-30 neurones in a layer). I make a training in Matlab with trainbr-function. After such a short training ANN is not good at all (a lot of errrors more than 50%).
Anybody guide me how to do fingerprint recognition by using Java?? I don't know to do about the image processing. Please help me!. Thanks
system algorithm 1. Image Acquisition 2. Local Ridge Orientation 3. Segmentation 4. Singularity and Core Detection 5. Enhancement 6. Binarization/Thinning 7. Feature Extraction/Minutiae Detection 8. neural network (Classification) I have to using all the pre-processing as stated above?? Or just choose few of it? Can anyone give
Hi, my friends dear: I needed e-book learning neural network. it should have basic principles teortical neural network. because , I start learning neural network afew days.
hello, Im abeginner in using MATLAB codes , and i have a fingerprint recognition project to do, i need your help to extract features from images specially for features as bifurcations by using neural network and putting these features as NN inputs. Can you Help me!!:cry::cry:
hello plz i need any book about newral network using MATLAB thanks
hi i am new in neural network.and ı have homework with thıs subject ''Pattern Association with an Autoassociative Memory neural network" but how can ı do ı dont know could you gıve me a sımple for example for 7x5 number 1 recognize ı realy neeed thıs
i need code to building neural network and training it to recognize the speech
hello there.. i am doing a research about our thesis entitled echo cancellation in communication by a neural network.. i really need your help.. please help me how to delay a voice signal in matlab.. and also what is the best filter for echo.. and please provide some examples using the LMS and for other (...)
Me too friend, you r right i replay late but duto the setuation in my country isnt stable that i dont havee internet connection in daily base, any way i have work with block ram to store the feature from the cofficient file of wavlet that filter the sound with matlab and so on i have write VHDL code for each MLP level to do the work oof this net, n
Hi guys, can any pro & expert help me out in this character recognition using neural network in matlab? I would greatly appreciate if there is a sample source code for this project title..Please, I seriously need guide and help.
hi dud z i want to make a project on automatic automobile control using neural network plz tell me subject that i have to study and software that i need for simulation for this project. plz help me i m confused
Here I have searched and studied a lot regarding my system and i designed my system as: 1. Image Acquisition 2. Local Ridge Orientation 3. Segmentation 4. Singularity and Core Detection 5. Enhancement 6. Binarization/Thinning 7. Feature Extraction/Minutiae Detection 8. neural network (...)
hi, i’m doing my final year project using neural network and matlab. I have to predict an equation using mlp backpropagation and rbf network. In my project, i use demi span as input and the output is height. I really need the source code for my project.I have search everywhere but (...)