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Any idea about implementing neural networks on fpgas?
Hi all, I am doing Image Processing using Matlab R14 (SP1). I use neural network Toolbox to recognize the object. After that, I want to embed the neural network in fpga because the equipment must be portable. However, I don't know how to do?? I intend to convert from Matlab to VHDL using commercial (...)
Hi, thanks in advance I want to implement a trained neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a neural netw I need some sample data Input,but the system after implementing is going to use the out put of ADC of board as the neural (...)
Hi, thanks in advance I asked this question in fpga forum but it seems hardware guys didn't know, maybe you software guys know it, or at least encountered such problem: I want to implement a trained neural Netw in fpga(Spartan 3E), I know it's not the first time but my question lies in hardware level. you know to train a (...)
I did my graduate thesis about neural networks Embedded fpga. Do anyone want to share docs about it? I used Matlab and Verilog HDL to design my Equalizer....
This is a NICE PROJECT ,,Years ago INTEL designed a neural network CHIP .. some RESEARCH product that was given to UNIVERSITIES .. Ok you have two ways to go .. neural networkS need a LOT of two OPERATIONS .ADDITIONS and MULTIPLICATIONS ... (and compairaisons ) and the (...)
Hello people, I'm trying to dive into deep waters. I'm trying to implement (more correct I'm looking for more information at this stage) some basic (for the moment) neural network with fpgas. I am very interested in how others are doing it. But found almost no free information - basically some IEEE transactions that are 1. paid (...)
fpga Implementations of neural networks By Amos R. Omondi (Editor), Jagath C. Rajapakse (Editor) Number Of Pages: 360 Publication Date: 2006-04-21 Publisher: Springer 3.8 MB MiRROR: Table of con
hey... i did a project on the neuron implementation on an fpga. the neuron is especially useful for implementation of back propagation algo on neural network. the vhdl code of the project is attached.... quite an interestin one....try it if u like.
I'm doing a neural network project on fpga implementation of stock market prediction.There's no error in my vhdl code but it cannot fit into any device because too many logical resources.Any idea how to solve this??
I found this link of using speech recognition using neural network and fpga. . It provides the main code in c as below : My problems are how to find out the values of normc and mins ??? As I can not find them to ask !!!!! #include
Whoa, that is one interesting challenge! What is the suggested environment? Because doing this in pure fpga is a really big project.
Hi all, Sorry for double posting. I am an electrical engineering student doing final year project on handwritten recognition. I am thinking of using wavelet transform for feature extraction and hybrid of fuzzy logic with neural network for recognition. May I know any comments on whether is it feasible to implement the (...)
I suggest making a neural network in fpga and have it run a simulacrum of the creative process. Then use the output to formulate a research subject, and then research that. and then after all that's done you can write a paper about the meta-research as well.
HI Madiha I really appreciate you choosing the fpga. For starters may be you can go for making a logic analyser or a protocol analyser. For a bit complex project, you can go for a tricopter/quad automation using the same. Or you can implement a neural network for some feature recognition. Possibilities with fpga are endless (...)
1) Automotive Embedded System 2) Computer Vision 3) CPLD/fpga 4) Wireless Systems
Hey... I'm going to implement a neural network by fpga. When i running the xise file that produced by matlab in synthesis message it show 1 error and 4 warning. I hope some body help me to solve them. thank you. WARNING : HDLCompilers:259 - "../IW_1_1.v" line 48 Connection to input port 'w' does not match port size. (...)
Can anybody please help me with the EDK tutorials for image preprocessing using MICROBLAZE(the soft core processor in spartan 3e starter kit).I need help for obtaining the chain code sequence of an image downloaded into fpga and give this sequence as an input to the neural network implemented as hardware in the (...)