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hi everyone...I am having a problem regarding with my project. I am using the fpga spartan3 kit, and i have made a program that controls the speed of a three phase induction motor control through varying its frequency. The program simulates successfully and the output waveform we expected was right. The problem is, when we (...)
Is there anyone who implemented current loop PID for BLDC motor control in fpga.
Intelligent Remote Positioner (motor control)
Hello, I would like to know more about electronics for motor control (DC, brushless, etc). Any link, ebook or recommended book to buy? Thanks in advanced, mimoto
Hello, Could someone recommend me a good book for motor control (Brushless, DC..). I would like to know how to design the electronics for motor control. Any recomendation? Best regards, mimoto
Does someone know How to drive IGBT for Digital motor control using 3.3V DSP Output? Some IGBT circuit drivers require a 15V CMOS input level; I´m interested in the circuit needed to interface the DSP to such drivers. Thanks in advance...
Hi all I have a problem control DC motor . I want detail control motor with PICMCU. thank you
I need some information on the AT89C52 based DC motor control for the antenne positioner system. Its feedback control circuit to drive the motor . I will be gratful if some useful links can be provided with some circuit diagrams.
Do you know any forums (good forums) related to motor control?
Hi there, I have a couple of car power window motors. All of them are for 12 V. I would like to control them using solid-state devices(not using relays). Can anyone tell me how can I do this efficiently. Thanks in advance Ashfaque
hello guys i need your help in designing a dc motor control. the motor should function forward and reverse. thanks
Please tell me about the bipolar stepping motor control method.
i must design a motor control board my board must controls 4 motors and counts (down or up can be programmed by user) them turn and display it the speed of each motor can be controlled freely i think i need 4 PWM 4 ADC( to convert voltage in to digital and send to PWM ) (...)
hello every my brothers, i want to know how to control DC motor (with sensor or sensorless) for steering,forward ,reverse and braking system. i want to help my systems. my email is i lookout come in. thank you.
hello friends i want to know circuits and theories. thanks help me
As for my study, i want to know how to use fpga to control ATA hard disk with the Ultra DMA mode 5, help me ! if u have some reference ,send it to thank u very much
motor control in C++
hi guys. im trying to do a project. the last project i tried to do failed and didnt work due to my lack of understanding the 8051 and missing a lot of things. my last project was something like this. i wanted to communicate between two cars, which would communicate with each other and the lcd display in each car would show the distance be
I would like some documentaion about H bridge or some other possibiities to drive 2 DC motors., and how can I realize how the motors are controlled by a PIC16F877, given the scheme? Thank you!
i want to control the 240V AC single phase motor by using 8051.. i want to control the direction of the motor and the swithcing on the motor POWER~~ my concept is when a switch i press, the direction of the motor will change.. waht i want to know is: -do i need a relay for the direction (...)
elsalam alykom, Do any one know any thing about MCC ( motor control centers ) i need good pdf or books or any thing...? thanks alot
I built a scheme that controls the speed of DC motor through the PC, see the circuit. Everything was fine with power supply of the motor up to 30V. When I applied 200V everything burned. I didn't understand what happened - the two MOSFETs IRFP260N, the MOSFET driver L6384 and the uC are out of order. I didn't apply a load but this couldn't (...)
Hello I have a project that required AC motor which is control by using PIC16F84.. Can anybody guide me with : a) Idea to connect this two device - PIC and AC motor. b) If possible, can anybody to attach a website link that can help me to solve the problem.
Hi I am looking for a project based on motor control using PIC . If they are any ideas or any sites from where I can get a theme to work on it will be great help Thanks
hi i want to use 18f4410 for DC servo motor control application. 18f4410 has four PWM o/p in Full Bridge mode. in this application we required bidirectional motor control . can i use this kind of PWM for DC motor control. regards qmriso
i am using l6206 for dc motor control and designed my circuit exactly its given in the datasheet of l6206.but i am getting very less current in the output pin though giving full current as input.what's wrong
Currently I?m doing a project by using a PIC microcontroller 16F877a series to control a DC motor (angular position). the shaft of motor is connected to potentiometer as position sensor. the input is entered by user (keypad). Can anyone help me on this?
im trying to control a 48V 24A c motor(pemanent magnet) using mosfets ,can any one guide me ,ill b giving PWM using ?c ,i want which mosfets to use drivers and any problems that can arise thx in advance
i m in my final year BE & planed to do a project on AUTOMATIC PATH FINDER. Thats purely based on stepper motor control. I m confused wheather should i iuse PIC or ATMEL microcontroller & why. Please help me...............i have vewrry short time to decide mail me @
I have a few questions regarding a motor control design I am trying to accomplish. Elements of the design have been 'scooped' from various places, ie. the h-bridge design I basically copied from an old radio-shack RC truck I had kicking around which had similar power specs to what I am trying to do now. The posted schematic in PDF format is no
i am using IR2110 and 740 for motor control in my circuit i use 100ohms resistor and 1N4148 in parallel HO,LO to Mosfets Gate. 47ohms at VS pin. inputs volts is 280v. the mosfet gets heated more 80 deg. but the motor runs well. what can be the problem ? did i need to change the resistor values if this is the problem please tell me (...)
Can somebody help me out with this 80C196MC microcontroller-based inverter motor control and IR2130six-output IGBT driver Tang Yiliang; Cui Wenjin; Xie Xiaorong; Han Yingduo; Man-Chung Wong Electric Machines and Drives, 1999. International Conference IEMD apos;99 Volume , Issue , May 1999 Page(s):655 - 657
Hello, I'm attempting to modularize a Highpower/Voltage motor controller for electric vehicle motor control. I'd like to build a isolated PWM circuit powered by 12-15vdc, and have that module control a Highpower/Highvoltage IGBT type of circuit which will have a battery bank of 96-144vdc powering a DC (...)
is it feasible to used a microcontroller-based in a motor control like for example a dc motor?...or could you suggest other aside from programmable logic controller?...This is project proposal...
what type of microncontroller can i use by applying it to a motor control?
I am having my research proposal this semester about a microcontroller-based 3 phase induction motor control. But I'm confused what shall i do first?...could you help me?...I'll be using the at89c2051 microcontroller, supposing this is the only microcontroller available....
Hi, Is there a use for Sigma Delta DAC for motor control applications. I know PWM is widely used but I would like to know why Sigma Delta is not used? If used what is the problem(s)? Similarly is Sigma Delta ADC suitable for motor control applications? If not why? Any relevant information will be appreciated. thanks.
1. any ram will be useful, but remember you need interface, if you use ddr, you'll need a ddr controller etc. the modules are available but that needs more space. Maybe you can use internal memory (some fpgas have it) but not to store 25 seconds of 24 bits sampled audio. 2. N?AudioSeconds*SampleRate*NumberBitsUsed (number used in memory to store
Is anyone dealing with motor control based on arm7 micros ? there some few appnotes from nxp kit from st for motor control, analog promoting aduc's. I am interested in reliability these micros can show under hard conditions EM temperature mechanical . Thanks
hi everyone...can i use 89c4051 mcu to correct a power factor of a 3 phase induction motor control?....
hi, friend are you working in fpga based control system. could you please give me some ideas about that... i`m working in fpga based power electronics field . i`m a beginer thank in advance
hi guys I built a motor control software under linux but now I want my computer just run my software only ( i mean when you open the my software run) so my software seems to the OS not Linus ( I don't need kde or gnome to be my GUI) i want my softwar to be the GUI
Does anybody has a motor control circuit using logic gates?
Hi, I am currently doing a design with an fpga to control a bus signal in a control board industry. What the board can be updated easily by the client and can be adapted to different teams. By this I mean that you can turn on or off certain signals, as well as for other industrial board, has a different processing of signals. I used the (...)
hi, i have a project that about dtmf based stepper motor control via 16F877. when i pressed 4, the stepper motor turn anticlockwise. 6; turn the clockwise and 5 is stop the motor. how can i do this? anybody help me?
Hi guys, i want to design a system for my motor control,such that when i give missed call from my mobile to the mobile at receiver end it blinks with the light .THis light is detected by LDR which gives appropriate signal which is fed to microcontroller and it generates signal to stop the motor. I need help in designing (...)
Can anybody plz help with some links or info regarding sensorless AC motor control using DSC. Basically i m new to both. I have spent much time on microcontrollers and sensored motor controls but the stated topic is quiet new to me and i want to learn about it. I have googled the topic but couldnt find (...)
Can anybody please tell me a software in which digital motor control algorithms can be simulated
Does any body know in which software digital motor control algorithms can be simulated
hi i try to make the simple DC motor control by trsnasistir but the motor will not work but if i put the LED in place of the DC motor the circuit will work and the LED will flash in the attachment is the circuit can you tell me what is the mistake in the circuit