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hi everyone...I am having a problem regarding with my project. I am using the fpga spartan3 kit, and i have made a program that controls the speed of a three phase induction motor control through varying its frequency. The program simulates successfully and the output waveform we expected was right. The problem is, when we (...)
Is there anyone who implemented current loop PID for BLDC motor control in fpga.
Hi All, Can anyone give me circuit schematic of interfacing single phase 12V DC stepper motor with Spartan 3 fpga. Let the circuit be simple and efficient. May use Opto coupler IC's for protection. Also all the components in the circuit should be easily available locally. Thanks, Gold_kiss
Hi, i am a electronic engineering student and i have been given the task of building and progamming in VHDL an fpga to control a dc motor water pump, the problem is i am inexperienced with VHDL and fpgas and really dont know where to start...... i need to interface a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor to a (...)
hi, im working on a project in VHDL where an fpga takes readings from a temp and pressure senror, when the readings reach a preset level then they should turn on a DC motor pump and then switch it back off when the reading go back below the treshold. I am not experienced in this and need help, any code examples or links could help me in my studi
Ok, First of all you have to specity what you mean by high-speed, high speed in ADC terms can be anything from 1MSPS to 1GSPS, then it all depends on what you want to do with the data after you captured them. Any fpga is good for 1MSPS ADCs but there no fpgas as I know who can support an ADC at 1GSPS without some very special PCB tricks. Bes
hi friends i m going to control the speed of stepper motor on fpga chip by using vhdl code .plz send me vhdl code to contrl the stepper motor and help me in my work.thanks
hello, i want to implement direct torque control theory using microcontroller or dsp with fpga.can any body give me data related to this subject(software,hardware data)... thanks......
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hello sir/mam i m doing project is implementation of RISC on fpga and then control stepper motor. can i use any other application of RISC ???? and how can i proceed to control stepper motor after downloading the ISC code on fpga???? thank you sir/mam amit gangwar (...)
The fpga I/O pins tolerate relatively low voltages and currents, around 3.3V and 25mA (see the data sheet). You need a separate 24V power supply and some interface circuits to switch the motor's higher voltage and current.
oh sure...there's a lot of examples in this forum that will help you. You can use then. Go in Search and try control inside this (fpga,PLD,etc) forum....good luck Breno
Use fpga and use sliding mode control instead :D
hi,, i want to implement Kp Ki Kd calculator on fpga ,,,, how can i proced
Is anyone working on this new control strategy which is known as Hybrid control. My aim is to use this control algorithm to run a permanent magnet dc motor. And the DC motor is driven by a converter say buck or boost. i am attaching a pdf which describes the control algorithm. I also want (...)
If anybody can tell me how to measure the speed or rpm of a DC motor. if i m giveing the digital PID controller output to PWM and then driving DC motor TO control i am stuck at giving back the feedback to the controller. i have few ideas: :idea:1. use LDR and LED circuit to measure pulses (...)
I HAVE A TOY motor(DC). can i use it in "implementation of pid controller on fpga for DC motor speed control"? HOW CAN I FIND ITS DATASHEET? so that i may get its parameteers like: RPM, Kt, Ke, R, etc...... I hope to get some answer soon from u intelegent people.... Added after 47 seconds: <<<
Thanks for your answer, mrflibble. Now I want to ask you another question. How can I connect stepper motor to fpga? I couldn't find an interface circuit for fpgas. It should be different from the circuits using with microcontrollers. Thanks again...
Hi, I am doing a fpga Model for speed control Of Dc motor using PWM technique. Anyone can help me for the source code for generating the PWM signal using Verilog.
PmodJSTK and your Nexys 2 will communicate via SPI. Nexys will be master and PmodJSTK will be slave. You should implement SPI controller in Spartan 3E. fpga will send 5 bytes, first to light leds, the remaining four bytes that are shifted in will ignored by the PmodJSTK. PmodJSTK will response with 5 bytes X (low) X(high) Y (low) Y(high) Buttons.
I want to spin a BLDC motor using fpga. The overall setup will look something like there ICs that have gate driver and h-bridge in one package? So all I would have to do is provide this IC phase high and low command signals from the
Hi all! I have the following problem , I want to make a servomotor turn like i tell it to from the inputs(switches) of an fpga for example if I have the number 30 i want the servo to turn to the 30 degrees position.I have done this on the arduino however on the fpga the servomotor does not go like i want it tics no matter (...)
What are the industrial applications of fpgas & Micro-controllers ? Difference between Microcontroller & fpga ? thanks
Hello, Has someone from this forum implemented a BLDC motor controller using an MCU or fpga ?
Hi i need help the Verilog programming supernew to Xlinx...but i already started my research abt the verilog program...i just really confused about where to start with the code.. My project is Using a Digilent BASYS fpga board: Make a motor spin both directions with variable speed that can be set with switches SW0 - SW7. The L298 Hbridg
For ordinary asynchronous 8N1 and low speeds, use a EIA-485 transceiver, microcontroller, and an Ethernet controller. All dependent on serial protocol used and speed demands. Higher performance can be achieved with 32-bit (ARM) or fpga with PHY. Microcontroller suggestion: AVR ATmega Ethernet controller (...)
Hello, I recently received a new SuperVexta U1215GA motor controller with no documentation or manual from a garage sale. Also picked up a Speed control motor M540-201 and a "Permanent Magnet Servo motor (Part No:R505-1621). I am fpga developer and have limited knowledge of (...)
Brushless motor controller can be implemented using a microcontroller, or may alternatively be implemented in analogue hardware or digital firmware using an fpga. If you want to know more you can refer to Microchip's AN857 Application Note. Here's a basic
Are you dealing with a motor where you have access to the stator coils, or are you just using a fan (or similar)which has its own controller within its package? Frank Hello Frank I am using H-Bridge to drive the motor coil directly. PWM is also generated by fpga and used to control the switches.
please help me down the paper Title: Implementation of the digital current control system for an induction motor using fpga Author(s): Oh Yang Source: Journal of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea C vol.35-C, no.11 : 21-30, Nov. 1998 i will appreciate it very much.
Hi guys, I'm looking for a digital PWM generator operating from -55 to +125°C. It can't be a fpga or MCU (or anything programmable) for certification reasons. Does anyone have a chip able to deal with my needs ? Hope so ! Have a nice day! Ze_DIB
Me too! i concern to this. I want to control a brussless motor whith 2 loops, vontage and current, but with ?P, it can't work in real time so i want to design it with fpga,a PID in VHDL, have some one help me?
I am an electrical engineering student and working on the speed control of PMSM motor using fpga kit SPARTAN 3E. I need sine wave generator code for 2-3 phase converter application ia = sin θ. iq ib = sin (θ-2Π/3). iq ic = sin (θ+ 2Π/3). iq iq= 8 bit input and θ is also a 8 bit input ia,ib,ic are all (...)