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Feeding the pll output to reset input makes no sense at all. What do you want to achieve? Using clock as data (e.g. connecting a pll output to logic) is possible with most recent fpga families but usually involving timing issues and should be avoided.
hi what do you mean synthesize clock generator in verilog? on which platform do you want to synthesize your code? if you use fpga you must have a physical oscillator anyway such as an external crystal oscillator or so,and you can use pll or prescaler code in verilog to increase or decrease of clock frequency. "always (...)
You can't build a pll without respective dedicated hardware, particularly a VCO. It can't be described by verilog, because it's an analog function. Programmable logic devices as fpga mostly have vendor specific pll hardware blocks and specific libraries to configure them.
hi,, is it possible to design pll(VCO part) using cadence virtuoso tool and then extract a verilog code of the VCO design for a fpga implementation... i read in 1 paper the same way a vco design was done and then a VHDL code was extracted from some analog design tool for fpga implementation..
i need verilog code for any of the following projects...plx share... 1. Linear Predictive Codes 2. fpga Based pll 3. Digital Oscilloscope On fpga 4. Implement a Processor (DLX, MIPS, RISC) In verilog HDL (16-Bit Processor, 8 Registers) 5. Accumulator Based Architecture Processor 6. Implementation of (...)
pll is fpga internal resource Timer is VHDL/verilog code what you need to write
Hai, I am doing a DLL design ,can anyone send me some fully/all digital DLL circuits or papers,and websites which show the entire simulation and layout flow for DLL circuits. I am going to use the verilog HDL simulation tool (fpga ADVANTAGE PRO)..

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