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137319 Hi, It is a ISRO question in 2015. Can somebody give a clear understanding of fpga resources and where actually the board keeps the combo logic and sequential logic after programmed.
Hi, I got a task of merging netlists of 3 vhdl programs into one netlist using graph merging algorithm named clique. The steps to my understanding will be 1 converting each netlist into graph 2 match graphs of each netlist and apply clique algo to merge similar portions. 3 convert back final graph into a netlist and map on fpga. I can co
Hi I got a task of merging netlists of 3 vhdl programs into one netlist using graph merging algorithm named clique. The steps to my understanding will be 1 converting each netlist into graph 2 match graphs of each netlist and apply clique algo to merge similar portions. 3 convert back final graph into a netlist and map on fpga. I can co
The way I translate your post: "I did something, or maybe I did not do something. This process results in a .sof file. When I program that .sof file to the fpga the programming in itself is succesful, but the design does not do what I want. When I program an older .sof from somewhere this also programs succesfully, and as a bonus the led goes
Hi everybody, I am working on fpga virtex5 and EDK xilinx 12.4. I look for a tool which can transform the executable.elf (generated by the microblaze execution) to a mem file ( extension .mem). Thanks in advance.
Hello, my final year project is fpga Implementation of Hamming far as I know, I need to write seperate programs for Hamming Code, ROM, RAM, Clock Divider, Encoder, Decoder, Syndrome, Transmitter , Receiver and Main.The fpga I'm using is Actel ProASIC 3 A3P250.The problem, I couldn't get the block diagram clear in my head.And I'm not gettin
Hey I have designed a median filter in fpga using verilog. I have given the input in this programs using readmemh command in test bench. The problem is that For my input A,B,C,if i want to assign A=first value B=3rd value n C = 7th its giving xxxxx in output thus its unable to read unsequential data from my input file . Please Help Regards
Hi I have a problem in SDK. I create example programs such as Hello world, memory test and peripherals test with SDK for ML605 board (after creating hardware platform) . Then I try to program the fpga from "Xilinx Tools-> Program fpga". In the next window I should select the elf file of one of those programs. isn't it? But
1) For the same reason you'd use any microprocessor. You can write and debug programs for it in a high level language. In an fpga context, you can also attach it to high speed HDL peripherals. Development using a high level language is typically quicker/easier than developing using an HDL, so for applications where you don't care that much about hi
You might want to read up on state machines to see how they're used on fpgas. In pseudo code, State 1: (at power up) - wait some time for the CC2500 and other peripherals to finish powering up. Then go to state 2. State 2: Send register address 1. Go to state 3. State 3: Send register value 1. Go to state 4. State 4: Delay (if necessary). Go to s
Use Design Software provided by fpga vendors (like ISE, Quartus, Diamond) for the complete design flow.
If you aren't biased towards any other field, I recommand: "digital systems and logic design" This will cover both fpga and ASIC design.
If you're a beginner in fpga, why would you want to go the route with schematics (and presumably make some board yourself)? As opposed to buy an evaluation board for $50 that actually works, and comes with programming software that actually programs it? Or maybe I don't understand your question... Could you elaborate why you'd need a schematic, an
I'm currently using the evaluation version of the Cortex-M1 and my program size has exceeded the 64kB allowed for the evaluation version. Therefore, I want to load my fpga config file with a bootloader that executes instructions starting at external SRAM or Flash. Unfortunately, I'm very new to this and there happens to be almost no example inform
It works now. The GND and VCC pins of the PROM chip where not correctly soldered. But I have a new problem now. The code runs fine if it is programmed directly to the fpga but if it is start up in master serial mode via the PROM, it doesn't work. DONE never goes high and the CCLK keeps clocking. Any thoughts? Added after
hi.guys.i m going my final year project on imple. cdma chip on fpga. m goal are... 1.generating .m file in matab for multi-channel users(only binary data sequnce). generating .m file for analog speech signal,too...,change hadamard code sequnce in proper time delay,for better sequrity of ds-cdma. 4.add noise before my datas are tran
Anyone has information on howto setup an fpga system with multicore and installing an operating system on it. After this I want to develop C programs for this architecture. All information points are welcome. Thank you very much
All sorts of signal processing and communication applications need bulk data storage. You could also use the SDRAM for storing ordinary computer programs and data that are run by a microprocessor core implemented in the fpga. For example, I've seen Linux running on fpga boards. High-speed DSP algorithms typically use many coefficients (...)
Hai friends, Now i am working with EDK tool, in this we need to write some C programs to generate the bit stream to downloading in to fpga. Now i need the syntax for accessing the peripherals in the BASE SYSTEM BUILDER that is how we use GPIO's in the program. kindly help me. Immeditatly Regards V.Nandan
fpga design tools also can be used. They have free versions which can be downloaded: ISE of xilinx : Quartus of Altera :
B4 checking on hyperterminal of a host PC, first try to check your functionality of UART within the fpga And then check the voltage levels at the output of the fpga by sending rs232 data. It must be 3.3V compatible to detect it on PC. IF not then convert your voltage to 3.3V level.
What are your speed and latency requirements? The easy ways are not fast. If you just need a few bits you can use a USB microcontroller such as a PIC 16c745 Velleman make a nice kit that comes with a programmed PIC a PC DLL and a visual basic example program. You could use a USB<-> serial converter and implement a simple serial UART in th
Xilinx ISE (Integrated Software Environment) is a package that contains the suite of programs needed for the entire fpga development flow. Includes design entry, synthesis, P&R, device programming. Also simulation via modelsim, as an option. Xilinx EDK (Embedded Development Kit) includes tools for embedded processors supported by Xilinx. They
When I look in to the Xilinx ISE I can saw many different programs. Like fpga Editor, fpga Floorplaner, XPower etc. Were can I find more info about what I can do with the previously programs?
Short answer would be yes, if you fpga has serial interface, in which case you can use Hyperterminal or any other terminal emulator program.
Salam, Yes, if you are going to program the prom (XCF02s). But if you want to configure the fpga (XC3s200) only , you will need the bit file only. Bye
any good sites?
Can all jtag programmable devices be connected to a same chain? For example Can i connect msp430 microcontroller and xilinx fpga to the same chain? thanks
Just got Xilinx fpga & CPLD Devel kit , the ones from the xilinx webshop Now im looking for examples (Small beginners projects) I saw some other users also have this. Do you have some small examples for those ??? I would like to start out by just to get a led to blink or something like that. Is there a Xilinx Devel board forum somewh
The largest Xilinx Virtex II fpga chip is available in a 1704 pin BGA. I wouln't like to route it, but anything is routable given enough layers. Git
View RTL Schematic after synthesis, you can understand more how you design is implemented on fpga.
"VHDL Programming by Example"
Who can tell me? Thanks! :?: