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Don't have RH, cause it's commercial. And how about HFSS ? 8-O You can try to use eda software on unsupported operating systemens. It might work, or it might fail. That is why the eda software vendors provide a list of supported and tested platforms. If you want to use a free Linux, you can try (...)
I dont think Hspice is available for free of cost. Tanner eda will give power estimate.
LIST OF free CAD Programs 2D/3D CAD Systems Electrical CAD Systems Ship CAD Systems Architectural CAD Systems CAD Management Systems free Mechanical Engineering: CAD software Draw schematics online DrawSCH is able to create schematics online for free,You don't need to install the software. Jus
Try freePCB. It's not great, but it's free. Maybe it's improved since I used it years ago. There's also an add-on autorouter for it.
Just asking anybody in this forum that knows somebody or any company that is willing to donate free software/applications and/with hardware to government schools/universities having programs on EE/ECE/IT. Even second hand hardware and/or lower versions of software will be very much appreciated. This will be for my students' learning (...)
If you need a free verilog simulator, try: Also, you can get a free, but restricted, version of ModelSim from Altera:
tanner is PC windows base eda software . as I remember , PC base only Tanner Ledit mycad mychip Magice and some textBook have LASI( I am not sure) LASI is free layout for Tspice you can use freeware Spice tool or geda on Linux by the way , some eda tool (...)
Hi, LEdit (commercial tools from Tanner) and Magic (free tool).
Sunstone Circuits provides a free software, but I have not tested it. You may visit or you may visit Has anyone tested this? S. H.
i need a software for simulation for systemverilog. please give any link to download it...... No free ones I'm aware of. Try contacting any major eda Vendor, they may give you eval version Ajeetha, CVC
The latest djvu reader can be downloaded from website, just download the DJvu browser plugin v.6.1, it is free, small, simple, easy to use. But I really hate djvu format, and always try to convert into PDF if I can. nguyennam
it make a good circuit analysis and it's free, what do you want dud? it's not enough for you?, is software libre.
Thought this might interest some of you - although this is not top of the line - it includes 8 schematic pages, 16 layers 16000 pins - not very limited, and capable of doing mid complexity jobs. SiGiNT
There are a few free packages out there: PCB Xcircuit geda Hope this helps. Anyone got any more?
Hi all I've heard that geda is a free software for eda. It runs on Linux platform. If someone used it, gives the coments and advices to me, please. Regards
You can use the SystemC library for simulation and a free waveform viewer.
Use Centos, it is free and compatible with eda tools. Bastos
You can request for a free evaluation software of FEKO (Method of Moments) Electromagnetic Simulation software on: h**p:// or h**p:// Cheers!
MSG RECEIVED THIS DAY for : Simon Clark wrote: > You can download the beta from my website right > now and in return for your valuable input (as well as free use during > the beta test program) I will offer a substantial discount when the > software is finally released. Not on your bleeding nelly. You want us to REGISTER
you can also look at for their free (now) quickroute software but it's a really older software...but free...
The Lindows is based on the linux kernel (SUSE) and uses the Wine to run the Windows application in the Linux environment. It cost $99 to download. You could download a Redhat 8.0 for free, why bother to pay Lindows $99 unless you really need Windows-Office runing in the Linux.
A must see for great links, something for everyone in the eda field. Have fun. cad2pcb
You can also download it for free from CadSoft's german site:
freshmeat is a nice "fast" resource to gain access to free eda software.
Hello All I need a tool convert my vhdl files to vlsi asics... which program is best and have a free linux version ? best regard