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please can any one help me by providing matlab code for frequency demodualtion using phase locked loop
can you explain the program to me.... I am new to matlab..... please explain what does each statement in the program mean... Thankx ---------- Post added at 10:40 ---------- Previous post was at 10:25 ---------- The flow of my program for BPSK modulation is as follows: 1. Mention data sequence 2. Conv
Hi at all I have to descrived in vhdl a rate generator with a NCO. I have a phase increment (2^32)*fo/fi (where fo is the frequency I want and fi is the core frequency), 0
Hi Somia, I tested your signal, it had a small bug. sampling frequency to symbol rate ratio must be integer. e.g. if you want to keep sampling frequency in 8000 you can specify 8000/6 = 1333 or 8000/5 = 1600 to symbol rate. Hope these helps. Regards.
hi everybidy, i have simulated a code in matlab for the demodulation of ofdm signal (dab). In the synchronisation process, i found the clock offset of 13.035 khz in the spectrum after downconversion. i used a nco to remove the frequency offset. Now when i differentially decode the symbols, i get 5th and 6th symbols (...)
Hello, I am writing a BPSK demodulator using VHDL for a Xilinx Vertex2 Pro FPGA. I will be getting IQ data on which I'll do the demodulation. However, the IQ data has varying phase and frequency offsets which need to be corrected before hard decision decoding can be carried out. Has anyone implemented frequency and phase offset (...)
Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ASK and FSK but i dont think they'd work for their analog counterpart. Thanks.
i need matlab code for filter in fm demodulation. the basic problem is dat i could find codes but nowhere they were using the modulated signal foer filteration. they just took the specifications as sampling rate and cutoff frequency etc. but as is the case we have to pass the I and Q componens of the signal through the (...)
My Friend, If you have matlab installed on your computer you can search with its help, for example see the following: fmmod frequency modulation Syntax y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev) y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev,ini_phase) Description y = fmmod(x,Fc,Fs,freqdev) modulates the message signal x using frequency modulation. The carrier signa
Hi, I have a matlab code here it acquires FM modulated signal from sound card can perform FM demodulation however, i don't why it set vcok (VCO K constant) at 0.176 anyone can explain to me how and why it is set to 0.176? Fc = 2144; %select VCO carrier frequency vcok = 0.176; %select vco constant Fs = 40000; %select sound (...)
hi i need help in writing the demodulation code for the FSK system below any help would be appreciated. cause i have no idea how to move forward with this function bfsk_project(g,f0,f1) if nargin > 3 error('Too many input arguments') elseif nargin==1 f0=1; f1=2; elseif nargin==2 f1=2; end val0=ceil(f0)-f0; val
Find the matlab code below: %FSK Modulation bit = round(rand(1,10)); % bit stream of random 1's and 0's bitperiod = 0.01; %bit period fs = 15000; %sampling frequency fc = ; % carrier frequency % create the FSK signal L=length(0:(bitperiod/1500):bitperiod); transmitted = zeros(1,L); for k = 1:length(bit) f = fc(bit(k) + 1); t
Guess your frequency deviation (50 in the fmmod call) is too little at GHz range for it to be detected, if you increase it to a a few 10s of Mhz, then it'll work. 50/2Khz = 2.5%, In comparison, 50/2Ghz is nothing - b
i am having problem in plotting the demodulated signal, graph shows nothing, can anyone help.... and further , How to calculate BER? Here is the code...... clear; % Clear all stored variables Ns=100; %Number of data bits data=randint(Ns,1); subplot(3,2,1); stem(data,'filled') title('Samples'); ylim(); NRZ=2*data-1;% Converts 0 t
Dear friends, I modified the following matlab code for QPSK to use it in frequency offset analysis code ==== %N=100000; % number of bits N = 2*100000; F_Offset =; % multiple frequency offset values for x= 1 :length(F_Offset) % frequency Offset % Input Data Generation (...)
Hello everyone!!! I have a problem. I would like to perform phase demodulation using PLL. I have some matlab code that do that in the case of FM. Here is the code: %This m-file demonstrates a PLL which tracks and demodulates an FM carrier. clear all; close all; f=1000;%Carrier frequency fs=100000;%Sample (...)
i have made this after all by myself ... some help from some respectful source.... here it is ... %Single SideBand Modulation %By Naveed Ahmad Chughtai N = 1024; fs = 2048; ts = 1/fs; %t = (0:ts:1); t=(0:N-1)/fs; fc = 600; %Carrier frequency !! Limit fc<800 to avoid freqdomain aliasing fm1 = 200; Em1 = 1; m = Em1*cos(2*pi*fm1*t);
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement an Amplitude shift Keying ASK modulation and (synchronous)demodulation in Matlab,I have to use a PLL at the receiver end for demodulation.The task is to read a hexadecimal file (attached) and convert it to a binary stream. the binary stream is the modulated with a carrier frequency of 30,000 Hz. The (...)
what is cpfsk fsk frequency shift kaying cp ?
hello, I have written a matlab code for fsk modulation...the explanation of my code is first I have generated a random sequence. Then i have compared that with threshold. If the number is greater than or equal to threshold then we assign that number to 1 else we assign the number to 0. Thus we get a binary sequence. If the bit is equal to 1, the f
Hello, I have written a matlab code for fsk using bandpass filter but I m not getting correct code is as follows: clc; close all; clear all; no_of_bits=1000; M=100; no_of_samples=5000; threshold = 0.5; snr=; Tb = 1; % Bit duration fc = 3/Tb; % Carrier frequency t1=linspace(0, 1, no_of_samples); f1=cos(2*pi*1000*t1);
Hello, I have written a matlab code for ask modulation and demodulation. I have taken 1 bit at a time, modulated tat bit, added noise to it and demodulated that bit to recover the original data bit. I need to modify this code for all the bits present in the data sequence.... I have to repeat the above steps for 10 bits... How to do tat.. (...)
It depends on the ADC. If it has an SPI interface then u need an SPI on the FPGA which u could find ready in EDK or on the internet ( If the ADC will be connected to the FPGA in parallel, then u don't need an interface u can just read the inputs directly. Other details on the operation of the ADC should be in the datasheet, like the
hi the PLL is a phase locked loop , it has many application and many configrations , it may used in demodulation of FM and FSK or it can be used in clock and data recovery circuits it consists of 1) phase detector 2) loop filter 3) VCO and may contain a divider the frequency Synthesizer is a ci
Hi, My code is as follows: Fs=100e2; T=1/Fs; L=10000; t='/Fs; fm=10; fc=48e1; ka=0.1; %% 0demodulation =butter(5,fc*2/Fs); z=filter(b,a,y); NFFT=2^nextpow2(L); f=Fs/2*lin
In the case of DS-CDMA you have a single signal and it is already spread over the entire frequency so if there is any small frequency shift, the signal integrator will be able to pick up the DS -CDMA signal without any issue, which is not the case for OFDM , MC-CDMA.