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Hello! I am doing a project which involves frequency demodulation, I am using the CD 4046. I have connected it in frequency demodulation configuration. However my ouput and at any carrier frequency I am gettting a triangular waveform at less than 20mV and at about the 10 - 100 Khz (...)
if ne one has QAM modulation and demodulation code in C/C++ plz send me
Please help me about BPSK demodulation code. I have face many problems at working time. If problems are incurred during working the speed of output is very slow. physical therapy billing coding
I am using avrstudio to program atmega8. I know that the clock frequency can be changed in the fuses settings, but How do I change it in the code? Do I need to change anything in the fuses setting if I choose to specific it in the code?
i try to generate pwm signal using pic18F4431 how i would get requiered frequency ccs code pls? thanks
please can any one help me by providing matlab code for frequency demodualtion using phase locked loop
i managed to implement Dynamic reconfiguration of DCM. That has solved my problem. The inclk frequency can very from 165-250Mhz.
hi all plz help me out i need the c code for bpsk demodulation which works on code composer studio.... to interface with dsk kit c6711..... ...... or give me the guide lines on how to do this. thanks in advance.
can you explain the program to me.... I am new to matlab..... please explain what does each statement in the program mean... Thankx ---------- Post added at 10:40 ---------- Previous post was at 10:25 ---------- The flow of my program for BPSK modulation is as follows: 1. Mention data sequence 2. Conv
Hi, up until now i only know how to implement M-QAM with the help of matlab toolbox, however is there any kind soul who can share modulation and demodulation code without the use of communication toolbox from matlab? i tried writing in function, however i only know how to used "if/else loop" to implement which does not suit M-QAM where my M is a va
can anybody send me the frequecy multiplier code in vhdl,i know that it can be done using PLL.
hellow , i am in need of pulse position modulation demodulation code in Verilog, i wil b thankful to those who help... regs, sunil
Hi All Can Any body send me the LE, DFE and other Equalizer implemented in frequency domain code of Matlab Thankful to U in advance Regards
hi to all .............. im doing my project in frequency demodualtion using pll our project has been strucked as we are not able to correct the error in this program we r getting frequency modulated wave same as carrier wave i request u all to solve my program i will be thankful if u provide any other example i would be workin on it............
hi i need help in writing the demodulation code for the FSK system below any help would be appreciated. cause i have no idea how to move forward with this function bfsk_project(g,f0,f1) if nargin > 3 error('Too many input arguments') elseif nargin==1 f0=1; f1=2; elseif nargin==2 f1=2; end val0=ceil(f0)-f0; val
Please share with me BPSK and QPSK mosulation and demodulation code if u have. I need it quite urgent. Thank you.
hiz. i have not much code skill. im using PIC16F877A after reading many codes, i make a code of CAPTURE module to calculate the frequency. my code is giving me some value regarding the frequency (having direct result from Capture Low and High register CCPR1H and CCPR1L). now i stuck to (...)
Hi Vickyuet, W=1 corresponds to Fs/2 (half of the sampling frequency) i.e. Nyquist frequency. Your code ir right. Regards Z
Hi all, I wrote a code for frequency modulation in matlab. I'm getting weird results at frequency domain, if you please look at the code and comment where i did wrong. By saying weird, i get wrong number of harmonics vs. beta. Also, for small values of Kp I don't get any modulation (maybe very small deviation?). (...)
I need BPSK demodulation as per the attached reference paper for Stratix III board in Altera Quartus II. I can pay reasonable amount for this activity to some expert developer. Following is some information from my developer: ==========================================================================================================
Hello, I have written 3D FDTD code with Mur ABC which gives correct results for time domain data. Now I want to compute the resonance frequency of a rectangular cavity using this 3D FDTD code. I donot know how I will do that. Would someone please advise me the steps I need to follow now to calculate the rectangular cavity resonance (...)
Hello, I have written 3D FDTD code with Mur ABC which gives correct results for time domain data. Now I want to compute the resonance frequency of a rectangular cavity using this 3D FDTD code. I donot know how I will do that. Would someone please advise me the steps I need to follow now to calculate the rectangular (...)
hello everybody this code is a part of frequency counter code but i cant under stand these lines (if (--tmr0_cnt==0)) and tmr0_cnt==0 initialized by 100 void interrupt() { if(intcon.f2==1) //if timer0 is overlfowed { if(--tmr0_cnt==100) //decrement and check tmr0_cnt until zer0 which means a second { intcon.f
Very strange program..! you measure frequency by Timer1 counting or by CCP1 capture mode ? you can not use both . Entry pin is not the same ... What about your hardware connections ? How do you initialize variables (count, flag,tmr ) ? what must be the exact frequency input ? Timer1 counting .. use software to pick up values of Timer1, no exac
I am trying to write a code with macros that is independent of the crystal frequency. I am trying to write delay routines such that by once specifying the crystal frequency like Xtal EQU 8 I get MPASM do conditional assembly to select the right type of subroutine that would give me the desired delay. I would like to get MPASM d
Hi Here is my simple example of using struct: struct motor { amplitude; frequency; } // Need to control four motors: struct motor m1; struct motor m2; struct motor m3; struct motor m4; // Simple calculation to determine amplitude - function prototype void amp(int size) { ... .... } // For example, motor 1 need to calcul
hi. i have to chose an FPGA for an application. The application would contain: -a PCI target -a CAN controller -some dual port memory (1-2kB) -GPIO, up to 32 -soft processor, running on low frequency + ROM code -2 whisbone buses, to separately switch on/off clocks for low power. fast/slow buses, because i want to disable some functions on
DMA stands for "Division Multiple Access" T: Time F: frequency C: code Those techniques are used to allow "Multiple" users to "Access", and communicate over the same channel TDMA: Time sharing. Time is divided to slots, each user is assigned a slot or more each user 'transmit or receive' in his/her own slot of time only, so the user can
I maybe do not quite understand what you are asking. Do you want to calculate the propagation constant of a waveguide mode? If so, is there a reason you want to do this with FDTD? I would suggest looking at a frequency-domain tool like the finite element method (FEM) or finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD). A frequency-domain
Hi friends, how can i make the 555 timer IC work as a PLL, do somebody have a circuit diagram for this job? Thanks Take a look at There is a circuit for PLL Application – frequency demodulation I hope it is helpful Regards
HI PLEASE HELP ME I am an engineering student trying to learn SPI communication using pic16f877a and mikroc compiler.I wrote 2 codes one for pic spi master that continuously sends digit 3 and another code for pic spi slave that listens to master and makes the RB0 pin high if digit 3 is received.When i simulated it on proteus7.1 i could see the
Hi I want to build a receiver for this remote control. can you any help to build receiver for learning remote control with avr microcontroller base? the remote Description is: 1. Self learning remote control 2. Many uses including car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc 3. Copies most radio frequency
if (result <50) { // Pwm program CCPR1L=0b00001100; CCP1CON=0b00101100;//20% duty cycle, frequency 1000Hz } else if ( result < 100) { // Pwm program CCPR1L=0b00011001; CCP1CON=0b00001100; //40% duty cycle, frequency 1000Hz } else if ( result < 150) { // Pwm program CCPR1L=0b00100101; CCP1CON=0
Hi, I need to apply the Doppler effect to a music file, I invoke the music file by using the waveread command, How do I proceed next (frequency spectrum, apparent frequency etc.)?
hello Have a look on my web page you will get 2 examples one in mikroC with 16F877 one in C18 with 18F262 2 ranges of measure .. 4.8Hz up to 25000Hz tested with a Quartz generator but it's could be fine, if you know what is your range of RPM (aproxmaively) to apply the best solution frequency
I am using PIC 18f452 and CCS compiler with its built in RTOS, which is not Pre-emptive. I just want to increase the count on the GLCD when a button is pressed. I have written the code and it works fine. But if I press the button continuously, it misses some inputs. I want to make it smooth and need help doing that. Here is the code:
Instead of this: i=0; for(i=0; i <123; i++) { CCPR1L= sinetable; TMR2=0x0; PIR1.TMR2IF=0; T2CON.TMR2ON=1; while(PIR1.TMR2IF ==0); } PORTB.F1 = !PORTB.F1 ;//RB1 voltage = ADC_read(0); // when adding this switching frequency reduces } try this: i=0; ADCON0 = 0x01 + (0 << 2); // set the a/d converter to sample
Hello , How to calculate the time used for each setup of the program as following program (example program) If Crystal frequency 12MHz while (1) { P0 = 0x55; // what time take here ? P2 = 0X55; // what time take here ? delay(250); // what time take here ? etc ? P0 = 0x55; P2 = 0X
Hello, I want to know how to build an IIR filter function if the filter coefficients got form matlab are available. The lowpass IIR filter designed in matlab is shown below with fc=4Hz,sample frequency=100Hz = cheby1(2,0.5,4/50,'low'); filter_output=filtfilt(b,a,signal); I used the below filter function to filter my AD
1.Did you simulate your design? 2.What's the PWM frequency that you're trying to generate? I know that hobby grade servos work at around 400Hz - not 10KHz...
Does any one have a working Verilog code/ algorithm for envelope detection, phase discriminator and/or frequency discriminator? I already have a working code for demodulation of ASK and FSK but i dont think they'd work for their analog counterpart. Thanks.
i need matlab code for filter in fm demodulation. the basic problem is dat i could find codes but nowhere they were using the modulated signal foer filteration. they just took the specifications as sampling rate and cutoff frequency etc. but as is the case we have to pass the I and Q componens of the signal through the (...)
Hi, I have a matlab code here it acquires FM modulated signal from sound card can perform FM demodulation however, i don't why it set vcok (VCO K constant) at 0.176 anyone can explain to me how and why it is set to 0.176? Fc = 2144; %select VCO carrier frequency vcok = 0.176; %select vco constant Fs = 40000; %select sound (...)
Dear friends, I modified the following matlab code for QPSK to use it in frequency offset analysis code ==== %N=100000; % number of bits N = 2*100000; F_Offset =; % multiple frequency offset values for x= 1 :length(F_Offset) % frequency Offset % Input Data Generation (...)
i have made this after all by myself ... some help from some respectful source.... here it is ... %Single SideBand Modulation %By Naveed Ahmad Chughtai N = 1024; fs = 2048; ts = 1/fs; %t = (0:ts:1); t=(0:N-1)/fs; fc = 600; %Carrier frequency !! Limit fc<800 to avoid freqdomain aliasing fm1 = 200; Em1 = 1; m = Em1*cos(2*pi*fm1*t);
hello, I have written a matlab code for fsk modulation...the explanation of my code is first I have generated a random sequence. Then i have compared that with threshold. If the number is greater than or equal to threshold then we assign that number to 1 else we assign the number to 0. Thus we get a binary sequence. If the bit is equal to 1, the f
XAPP028 - frequency/Phase Comparator for Phase-Locked Loops (12/96) XAPP Note
Hi at all I have to descrived in vhdl a rate generator with a NCO. I have a phase increment (2^32)*fo/fi (where fo is the frequency I want and fi is the core frequency), 0
Navid do you know any diveces for converting frequency to voltage? or frequency to digtal binary code? thank you
Hi Somia, I tested your signal, it had a small bug. sampling frequency to symbol rate ratio must be integer. e.g. if you want to keep sampling frequency in 8000 you can specify 8000/6 = 1333 or 8000/5 = 1600 to symbol rate. Hope these helps. Regards.