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Usual way for a PLL would be a dual modulus prescaler such as divide by 10/11 used with a fixed divide by four. That would provide division ratios from 40 to 44. A VCO on the output would then remove the jitter. But this would have to be be a constantly running frequency divider, not a resettable static counter which is a very different thing.
hi i want to implement frequency divider 2 with d flip flop i write this code x1 vdd 0 vd 1 NOT x2 vdd 0 1 vclk 2 and x3 vdd 0 vd vclk 3 and x7 vdd 0 3 vq 4 or x8 vdd 0 2 vqbar 5 or x9 vdd 0 4 vqbar NOT x10 vdd 0 5 vq NOT but when i want to attach vqbar witn vd, hspice give error. i don't know, please help me
Can anybody give me the verilog code for fsm based frequency divider? i need to use it for dpll Am I missing something? Isn't this just a counter? - - - Updated - - - Why would anyone do that, when clock enables are far safer? They ar
I need Verilog HDL to Design a digital component that receives a main clock signal (clk) and generates four other clock signals out of it: clk8, clk16, clk32, and clk64. The frequency of these clocks is the division of the frequency of the original clock by 8, 16, 32, and 64, respectively. The circuit also has an active-low reset signal. Can anyon
hello an example for 16F84 2 ranges of measure extended range use a special divider by 256 for VHF ; 30 mars 2013 ; Bug decouvert dans sub Delays lors de la compile par Milan Karakas (croatie) ; alors que je n'ai AUCUN WARNING ; Project ; build options ; wct8_LCD_16F84A_2_Ranges_1x16cars_130329.asm ; MPASM
Hi all! I would like to create a ferquency_divider i write this code but it doesn't work, if anyone find a error. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- library ieee; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all; use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity diviseu
Hello everyone. I'm new to the FPGA world and a got a little problem. I wanted to make a simple frequency divider with changeable frequency rate. The first part works good (there are lot of tutorials), but the second... I have 8 buttons, with them I wanted to change the frequency between 0 and 255 Hz. It seemed, that (...)
Hi, I'm trying to write a VHDL code for frequency counter count 2 seconds ,I using Altera board DE2 frequency 27 MHz. I need a 2second count as the output of clock divider. I write the code but I'm not sure if is right or mot so please Can you verify and correct my code? library IEEE; use (...)
Have you tried the user manual? FOSC: the frequency from the crystal oscillator/external oscillator FCCO: the frequency of the PLL current controlled oscillator CCLK: the PLL output frequency (also the processor clock frequency) M: PLL Multiplier value from the MSEL bits in the PLLCFG register P: PLL (...)
Dear mithunnath Hi As i understood , you decided to use an AC , voltage and current meter . so , how much is the variation of your frequency ? If it isn't high , your way is very simple . Best Wishes Goldsmith
this is the code for frequency divider but i am not getting the output wave for divided clock..... also is there any rule or formula for dividing the frequency from 50mhz to some other value? like how many bits of counter to use ??? module clockdivider(clkdivout,reset,clk); input reset,clk; output (...)
Hi harerama, For your reference see the small example below... Which is a code for frequency divider.. see the comparison.... library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED.ALL; ENTITY Fdivider IS GENERIC ( div_num : integer := 50000000 ); PORT ( c
hi all, i want to divide the o/p freq of Quad-VCO i.e. 4.8 GHz into 2.4 GHz. for this purpose i need a freq divider ckt. i saw the freq divider from RF library in cadence. it is containing 4 pins (pin, pout,nin, nout). how to apply stimulus to this pins & check the o/p what does nin & nout stands for????????????
Dear jianhuachews The purpose of declaring it as generic or constant, is to make component general purpose, so that you can use it in future for any other frequency value Regards Preet
You can use frequency divider. Write a free running counter and use the LSB of it. It has half the frequency of the clock.
I'm a new on VHDL and FPGA. I need code frequency divider from 50MHz defaul to give 1ms. Pls help me. Thanks !
HI all. I have some problems with frequency divider. I have divider 5MHz -> 2Hz. signal CONTENT: std_logic_vector(21 downto 0):= "0000000000000000000000"; begin process (CLK5MHZ_IN) begin if rising_edge(CLK5MHZ_IN) then if CONTENT(20 downto 0) = "111111111111111111111" then CONTENT <= not CONTENT(21) & "000000000000000000000"; else
its nothing but simple counter and depend on factor with you want to divide your frequency...
Except for an actual divider ratio of 177 the code should work. The usual suggestion is to use a clock enable of divided frequency rather than so-called "ripple clocks". A 153kHz clock enable would be set to '1' only for one sysclk period and used together with the sysclk. For a simple example design, the difference between ripple clo
Hi I need to divide my frequency from 1MHz to 38kHz, will this code help me do that? entity test is port( clk:in bit; clkout:out bit); end test; architecture behavior of test is begin process(clk) variable cnt : integer range 0 to 26; begin if(clk'event and clk='1') then if(cnt=26)then cnt:=0; clkout<='1'; else cnt := cnt+1; clko
Using resistors the motor now turns 360 degrees (not just a maximum of 180). I need a frequency of 1KHz to rotate it clockwise and 2KHz for anti-clockwise. Doesn't seem to refer to a standard RC servo.
Hi. Set up and hold violation is discussed a lot in this forum. Its a good approach to minimize clk frequency to over come set up violation, and inserting clk buffers to overcome hold violation. Suppose i cant reduce my clk frequency in FPGA (not ASIC), is there any other method to overcome Setup and Hold violation
hi all iam new to VHDL and FPGA. someone plz tell me how to write a program for frequency divider in VHDL.From 100kHz ,i have to reduce to 50Hz.should i write a test bench for it. also plz tell me how to generate Ramp pulses using VHDL code. Iam badly in need of these two programs for my seven pulse generator program to run a (...)
Use PLL to double the clock frequency. Then divide it by 3.
Thanks in advanced! I need divider for my thesis job! Details is Fixed point, Dividend = 32 bit Divisor = 16 bit Quotient <= 30 bit Reminder = 16bit frequency minimum = 70 MHZ RTL code sample Xilinx FPGA VII 6000 -4 Thanks again
I will need to implement the Fraction-N frequency divider using ALtera or xilinx FPGA.Can someone give me some vhdl source code and aritiles about Fraction-N frequency divider.I donot understant the principle until now. THX?
Can someone give me some vhdl source code about Fraction-N frequency divider.