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How can I generate orthogonal spreading sequences in Matalb in frequency and time domain? What properties a set of spreading sequences should have ? e.g in time domain x=randi(, 10,1); % time domain signal SprdSeq= rand(20,20); %% HOW to GENERATE ORTHOGONAL ? Spreadedsignal= SprdSeq *diag(x); In (...)
Hi, get a square function in the frequency domain Yes, it wasn't clear to me that you want the square function in frequency domain. And yes, this makes a sinc function in time domain. But with your problem ... I can't help anymore. Klaus
Hello there, May anyone thankfully recommend a good reference to learn FDFD (finite difference frequency domain) for electromagnetic scattering problems ? I need a reference with matlab code examples (especially for 2D geometries) ! I would also be grateful if any one can send me a basic "1D or 2D FDFD scattering matlab (...)
Hi forum. I am using AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel) software defined radio to receive the 10.7MHz RF signal. Bandwidth of a signal is around 2KHz. Does anybody knows a way do directly pass the downconverted RF signal in frequency domain to the matlab or .csv/.txt file for the further post-processing? I have tried to use the record (...)
(i think we did not need to convert angS11) just first and second column need to convert.Completely wrong. Rather you don't need first column, that is, frequency. You have to make s11 complex conjugate symmetry. I assume even period frequency sampling. angS11_rad = (pi/180) * angS11; s11_org = 10.^(dbS1
as i get s-parameter from vector network analyzer which is in frequency domain now i want to convert it to time domain using matlab tool.please tell me the code for using inverse Fourier transformer on it.
Hello! I am working on Speech recognition using GMM and MFCC. I am having problem in finding DCT to transform log Mel scale cepstrum from frequency domain into time domain in matlab. Can any body help me? waiting for your kind responses.
Hi Dear all I have wrote a FDFD code in matlab. But, it doesn't work fine and there is reflections from the right and upper PML. The program is very simple and can be understood with a glance. Please, if you can, have a look to my code to see what is the problem. I have checked my code many times but I don't know what is the problem. Tell me if yo
Hello In my OFDM system, I need to apply a Hamming and Blackman window in frequency domain. My simulation is on matlab. I've done a FFT of this window and did its convolution with my data in freq domain, but I'm not getting the desired results. :-( Can anyone help me to do this the correct way ? Thank you.
If u have a matlab, u can simply type "help " and get all details of the command. For frequency domain, u need to use FFT. A simple radix-2 FFT is good enough for understanding and implementation. All the functions are already given in matlab. Usually during design, i use z-transform to find the TF of filter. (...)
Hi; I need to display the power of the wave sorrce block for an RF systeme with simulink/matlab by using blokcs of how i can found this block that display power . I'm so gratefull
Dear All I am lookinf for matlab code of Alamouti coded OFDM
hello friends... i need your help for making matlab code that is 2d channel estimation using two 1d channel estimation concept: the principle of channel estimation algorithms are introduced when a one-dimensional to two estimates (time domain and frequency domain) instead of frequency two-dimensional (...)
Hi, I have some channel measurement data obtained in the frequency domain using vector network analyzer (S21) and I need to obtain the time domain impulse response. The simplest thing that I tried is to take IFFT from my data (X). If someone can share with me some helpful templete of octave or matlab code in this regard. (...)
Hello all, I would like to implement single carrier-frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) in continuous time in matlab. In particular, I have the following: 1- The channel is given by: h(\tau)=\sum_{q=1}^Qh_q\delta(\tau-\tau_q) 2- The transmitted signal is given by: s(t)=\Re\left\{e^{j2 f_c t\pi}\sum_{k=0}^{K-1}s
In the OFDM the signal is built in the frequency domain, that is subcarrier by subcarrier, then you'll take the IFFT of the whole subcarriers assembly. Just don't assign the subcarriers you want to be off and put them to zero.
Hello all, Can anyone help me implementing single carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) in continuous time in matlab, please? I have the math, but I don't know how to do it in matlab!! Thanks
You need amplitude taper to reduce sidelobe levels. It is the same as using a window function in a Fourier Tranfsform to reduce side lobes in the frequency domain. Many antenna books cover taper function to get low side lobe levels. Search for Dolph and/or Chebyshev together with sidelobes This will lead you to other info. You may try to get a c
Hello, I have voltage waveform in time domain. When I did fourier transform of the voltage, will I get power or PSD with respect to frequency?.
Hi,how we can import cst microwave studio frequency domain solver results to matlab for plot curves?
I need a matlab code for my project on Implementation and analysis of adaptive filter for noise cancellation in frequency domain using LMS algorithm..please help!
hi all, I want to see what are the frequency components present in my audio, I will use FFT operator to convert time domain to frequency domain and I will plot to see frequencies. please suggest how to sample the audio(say no' of samples are 1024 so that I can use 1024 point fft) in matlab
Hi, I have post this question to matlab but no one answer :(. Hope someone help me in here. I have tried to plot the chirp signal from 20MHz to 70MHz in time domain and frequency domain. The target time and sweep time is set to 3 ms. Normally I see slew rate =1s, dont know why?. Sampling time = 140 us and samples per frame (...)
Q: Is there a transfer function (in laplace domain) for a band-pass butterworth that is parameterized with respect to the center frequency, order, and quality factor? In matlab words, can I use tf() where in a for loop (for example) I change the order, the quality factor, and center frequency? Thanks
It is not clear for me if the signal has a sinx/x shape in the time domain or in the frequency domain. If you wish attenuate the side lobules with a low pass filter use y is you signal in the time domain fl=100; % LPF length fbe=; damps=; % design of LPF parameters, analyze
I have one problem. I have a data vector. for example : data=rand(1,n) ; n=100; I want to obtain discrete fourier transform of it by DCT command. and then,by a low-pass filter,remove unwanted high frequencies of larger than f1. f1 is determined. and finally , again convert filtered data from discrete frequency domain to data vector (that is
I have one problem. I have a data vector. for example : data=rand(1,n) ; n=100; I want to obtain discrete fourier transform of it by DCT command. and then,by a low-pass filter,remove unwanted high frequencies of larger than f1. f1 is determined. and finally , again convert filtered data from discrete frequency domain to data vector (that is in
Hi all, I am now doing single-channel acoustic echo cancellation project in matlab. I have tried NLMS and frequency-domain algorithm. However, the performance is not satisfying. During the converging process, the echo is clearly audible. How to eliminate residual echoes during the converging process? Is a post-filter necessary? Also, the (...)
Hi Friends, Please help me how to sample a signal in frequency domain using PIC16F877A. as like we sample in matlab giving a input signal and sample. I need how to frequency sample a signal using PIC 16F877A. Thnx in Advance are you? i need to help... anyone does have 2D FDTD (finite difference time domain) or FDFD (finite difference frequency domain) matlab code for solving mawxell equations in a dispersive medium ba ABC PML? my antenna has cylindrical configuration with medium dispersive. if you have this code,please help me. (...)
Say h=/9 then how to graph the H(jw1,jw2) in frequncy domain? by using matlab? are you? i need to help... anyone does have 2D FDTD (finite difference time domain) or FDFD (finite difference frequency domain) matlab code for solving mawxell equations in a dispersive medium ba ABC PML? my antenna has cylindrical configuration with medium dispersive. if you have this code,please help me. i (...)
Hello, I'm working on a steady state/frequency domain simulation. I'm simulating a simple 2D structure which consists of 5 rectangular slabs: vacuum waveguide-A vacuum wageguide-B vacuum Now I solved this structure using matlab and I know what are the propagation constants and the electrical fields associated with them. My (...)
i have some polymers characterized by transmission terahertz time domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS). i have saved the time domain data into Excel, with column A being (Delay ps), column B (Amplitude nA) as following shows. 78532 was told that matlab has the FFT command to transform the time domain into (...)
Hi, I just built a matlab PLL behavior model. I got the time domain clock waveform from the model (including the exact clock edge transition time information). Does anyone here know how I can plot its corresponding phase noise curve? Thanks in advance!
Some of you may be interested in the lecture notes I have posted to my website. I teach a short course on finite-difference frequency-domain which includes codes, a semester long course on finite-difference time-domain, and another semester long course on computational electromagnetics. The CEM class includes detailed descriptions of: (1) (...)
I just want to plot a orthogonality pulse shape in frequency domain of ofdm. But i do not know how? I generate a sinc pulse shape. And ifft with it. ..but it does not work...
Hello , I'm new to matlab , and I wanna solve an assignment the question is to generate 4 windows and compute their power spectral, then generate a 4-by-2 plot where the 1st column has windows plots in time domain and the other column for frequency domain , i wrote this code but i have few problems, I hope you can help, (...)
I'm working on frequency domain analysis of HRV. I need to find out the power spectral density of rr interval series with FFT using matlab. After finding out FFT of the linearised rr series, i am unable to plot PSD. I am confused regarding the frequency Vector. plz help.
Write your solution in pseudo code using English For example: 1. Generate 20 cycles of a sine wave with a peak value of 5 units and a frequency of 1kHz 2 Perform FFT 3 Scale amplitude and frequency 4 Plot frequency domain signal Now study the different matlab functions ans translate your pseudo code to (...)
Use the matlab FFT command Scale / calibrate the frequency data with the sampling rate data and number of time domain samples Scale / calibrate the amplitude data with the number of time domain samples
Hi all, Please help me answer this question. How can i represent my rayleigh multipath channel in FD (frequency domain) when i have it in TD(time domain). I created it using raileychan in matlab, but obviously i cannot directly apply fft here since it is a structure. Please help me... Thanx in advance!
Hi, I wanna convert cutting force in time domain to frequency domain by using matlab codes. I have tried but Unfortunately I could not actually get good results, Any help or idea Thanks
hi, I am trying to take inverse fourier transform of a bandpass reflection coefficent data available from VNA into distance domain using matlab ifft function. Kindly suggest how to do it as the given data is specified for some frequency range only. in this procedure some method of converting the band into low pass form will be required.
linear convolution and circular convolution can be easily calculated in matlab and other math packages similarly FFT and IFFT . convolution of two Sequences in time domain is Equal to multiplication of their Fourier transform Generally in the case of filtering The input signal is transformed into the frequency (...)
Hi; I think this will help you (you should inrease the range of w and plot in logarithmic domain); clear all, close all, clc R=100; %Resistance C=6*10^(-6); %Capacitance L=.1; %Inductance w_0=1/sqrt(C*L); %Resonant frequency w=0.1*w_0:2:10*w_0; Z=abs(j*w*L+(1./(j*w*C))+R); %Input impedance as a function of frequency loglog(w/w
Hi, I'm new in DSP and I'm trying to build my own spectrogram matlab function. I don't want to use the built in function in the matlab since it doesn't give me the required output. I will use the spectrogram to plot my (non-stationary) signal in the time-frequency domain usnig the tfsa toolbox. the reason i don't use the (...)
Hello, does anyone has a matlab code for single-carrier frequency-domain equalization (SC-FDE) for the simple linear case? Thanks in advance
hello! has anybody have a simulation of transmission line in both temporel and frequency domain ?? best regards
Hi guys , i need some advice/tips/guidance. Pls share. So , i am supose to design a low pass filter with a certain cutoff frequency and i'm suppose to filter those high frequency component of the sound in time domain(convolution) and freq domain(multiplication). So , i am not sure how to do it..i took a snippet from (...)