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In a Parallel Plate Capacitor, if effect of fringing is taken into consideration, would the capaciatnce increase? Why?
Hi, fringing fields are always due to the fringing effects and it is always bended. It is like the coupling fields between two microstrips. It is something like that always exists and you can not answer why it exits!!!! But it is there and it does all the magic. Also, the better way of explanation is electromagnetic lines extend (...)
As the gate length becomes very narrow, the fringed electric field area along the edges of the gate (at the source and drain) become the majority of the electric field between the gate and channel. The level 1 mosfet model used to do hand calculation does not account for the fringing effects, it assumes the electric field is straight up and down be
"as far as I know my calculations for p@tch dimensions are correct"=>did you use some simple formula to calculate the dimension for the patch so that it "should/would" resonate at 10GHz? If so, then cosider that there are various assumptions involved with the formula. for example, the loading effect of the feed is not accounted for; fringing (...)
Hi electronics_kumar, I didn't really find anyone who dealt with this problem, but I can propose you a method of thinking about this problem. If you don't want to neglect the fringing effect try to draw the field lines using any graphical method (eg. Curvilinear squares) and obtain the capacitance from there. A very comprehensive approach to
Hello all, I am glad you read this topic. And I will appreciate if you give me any suggestion. I was wondering how to simulate the RF input matching correctily if you want to do a good RF input matching on PCB. I simulate some matching circuit but I found the simulated circuit had bad performance on PCB. Is it because I don't have correct pass
Hi, SagSag: I am not sure whether there are serious guidelines for it. I would like to make a few comments. 1. Aperture coupled antennas are too complicated for a good analytical solution. It is not easy to give some simple guidelines based upon analytical formulas. I think you do need EM simulators for them. 2. The guideline should depend
this kind of antenna is based on microstrip line and uses the fringing effect as a radiation mechanism. you should open an antenna boolk (balanis, pozar) for more detailed explanation, or google it :-)
1. If you understand how the microstrip antenna work then you also know the answers for your questions. So first try to understand how a microstrip antena radiate. ANd how is the electric field oriented inside and just outside the antenna? What happens with the electric field if you increase the height? The electric field is normal to the surfa
normally the parasitic capacitance can be modeled by the parallel-plate capacitor model (also called area capacitance) and fringing capacitance, the total capacitance is the sum of pp capacitor and fringing capacitance for detail, you can study Digital intergrated circuits:a design perspective a design perspective Jan M.Rabaey by the way, no
well, of course. If you have a microstrip patch antenna, for instance, you must forshorten the patch length x width to compensate for the fringing capacitance along the patch edges. Otherwise it resonates lower in frequency than desired.
Hello People. First, I have to say that I'm very happy with the return of this GREAT forun! I need some help about Skin effect. Does anyone have experience or some good hints about how to compensate Skin Efect on coaxial cables? Some parameters (those are real values :') ): Rise time ~ 200ps Pulse duration ~ < 1ns Lenght ~ 100m t
Could someone explain me the following in short: I have a layout of my 4-layer PCB. The traces should carry relatively high-speed digital data (up to 80MHz) from onboard FPGA to the edge connectors. The trace's routing on the board is really dense so I have to put some vias in order to complete the routing successfully. Which "via" effect should I
effect of an Image Plane on Printed Circuit Board Radiation
in microstrip antenna design, if microstrip line edge-fed is applied, the pattern will be largely affected by the feedline. how to reduce this effect or which type microstrip antenna has the characteristics of low effect by feedline?
how can i take into consideration the effect of the plating to microstrip circuits? :?: is soldermask advisable? thanks
in layout. if there is a float nwell, what kind of effect it will arise?
Has anyone worked with lakeshore's hall effect system?
Hi all, Here is some more work from me working with hall effect or magnetic sensor with example how to used them with your application a complete article, hope may help full for the friends and lover of elektroda.
Can anyone explain me what does the proximity effect depends on ? (in flyback transformer) As far as i know it has the influence on Rac/Rdc ratio in the windings. I made 50W flyback SMPS; it works very well, windings temperature is about 57 C. It is acceptable value, although i'd like to calculate copper losses more precisely than using only RMS cu
i want to kown the effect of the roughness to the microwave in the shieded structure.for my aplication ,the frequency is 900MH,and if the roughness is 0.0125mm,is there any large effect to the mw
IEEE paper required: The effect of Quadrature Modulator and Demodulator Errors on Adaptive Predistortors for amplifer linearizaion Author:James K.Cavers,IEEE 0018-9545/97.pp.456-466. The paper is about how to cancel the dc offset and IQ imblance produced by the AQM process. Does anyone help me get the article? Much thanks.
hi can any one tell me what is the effect of removing the signals from the sensitivity list in a vhdl code. below is the code for it. intially only signal a is mentioned in the sensitvity list and then later both a and b are mentioned in the sensitivity list. Can any one tell me the diff on c output and the hardware generated in both the cases.
Hi: I am trying to do some radiation effect simulation with Pspice. My intention is to study the potential effects of heavy ions on CMOS transistor and photodiode. If anybody have done such work before, if you did, would you please give a hint. Thank you so much!
Hi, there, The AMR magnetic sensor shows about 1%~2% cross-axis sensitivity. I just wondered if there was such thing for Hall effect sensor as well? I searched the internet, but could not find related infomation. Also, what about the GMR sensor? Many thanks
Is spectral frequencies related to doppler effect shift.For example. the doppler shift effect will be positive if the recever (mobile phone) is moving towards to the base station. :?: Thank you,..
Based upon the characteristics of floating body in SOI, history effect seems to be a trouble maker in circuit designs and simulations. Does it seriously impact on the circuit performance?
What is the so called miller effect of the collector base capacitance of bipolar transistor. would some body explain how the common-emitter common base connection cancels the miller effect, please explain in an easily understood manner.
Does anyone know a good site or stuff about "cross strapping effect"? Thanks in advance. Lupin
What is a tunnel effect? Can somebody explain.
Hi! I know that aircraft navigation is based on DME equipments which provide a measure of distance and VOR equipments which provide a measure of angle. DME measure is done by measuring the time distance between pulses generated by aircraft and echoed by DME. I've heard that the measure of the angle is achieved by Doppler effect of RF signal gener
what is the physical significance of skin effect? how it applies to a waveguide? the em wave tries to penetrate into the conductor? will it not lead to powe dissipation if the wave travels within the conductor? what is the gen requirement---should the sigal flow along the cond surface or should it be confined within the con
Hi guys, In many PCBs i have seen a small part of a trace is routed snake-like (as shown in attached picture). I am wondering what it is for? what is its effect? for which type of signals it is needed to be routed like this? I would be grateful if a professional clarify this matter for me. Alireza :roll:
Can somebody tell me how the Hot carrier effect is minimised when the channel length is increased. I am interested only on the dependence of Hot carrier effect and channel length.( and not on the introduction of LDD)
Hello, Has anyone realized constant-temperature cell by "peltier effect", I found it used in laser field to control temperature, but how to realize it by the cheapest cost? Regards, Davy Zhu Add by Myself
for my design LNA at 5.2G, the post-simulation tell me that the resonat has shift to 4.9G. It maybe for the long lines between devices, how to consider the lines' effect? any help document?? thank you!
Loss of ?strip depend by the conductor loss and dielectric loss. In most cases the conductor loss dominate the dielectric loss. As the current is more distribuited as the metal loss, of course, decrease. So larger is the W as the dissipative loss is low. ... but... as large is W as large is the fringing capacitance, so... pay attention to the
How to reduce hand effect to handset antenna? 3x!
Hi, I'm aware that current mirror circuit is effected by early effect voltage, Va. I only know one method to reduce it, which is applying emitter degeneration into the circuit. Is or are there any other way(s) to reduce this effect?
Hello everybody! Here is a new topic about antenna. The input resistance of an antenna is divided into a radiating part and losses. Furthermore, the losses are composed of a dielectric part and a skin effect part. I found in the literature that the skin effect losses can be modeled using a so called HF resistance whose value is: Rhf ≈ 1
Hi, I'm writing a board test spec. I have difficulty to specify how to measure the effect of ripple on analog stage. Can someone help me or indicate theway to measure those effects. Faithfully, Ze_Dib
From the EM wave equation solution in conductors, we find that EM waves cannot propagate in a conductor since they are attenuated heavily and in a distance of the skin depth attenuated by 'e'. So how can they traverse in a transmission line. At first I was satisfied since I interpreted that the EM wave does not travel along the line instead it tr
What is quantum-mechanical effect in an atom ? Regards drdolittle :)
Hi All, I would like to ask about the effect from plastic holder on antenna performance. Practically, i put ABS plastic under the planar antenna, the resonance frequency shifted slightly. However, if i assigned ABS plastic (RELATIVE Permittivity = 3) in HFSS, then frequency shift severely. I am so confused. I would appreciate if someone coul
Does anyone have good idea to simulte hall effect with hspice circuit siumlator?
Hi Guys: It was understood that large metal trace leading to the gate results in Antenna effect which results in oxide breakdown. What is the rule of thumb in selecting the metal width to the poly gate?. It was also highlighted that metal jump helps to overcome this problem, How does this work?. Thank You Rgds
in MLEF the end effect of the open line (fringing capacitor) is taken into account but in MLOC it isn't.
Inspite of my contionous efforts to learn biasing from almost 3 books and a number of online tutorials ,i am not yet completly clear about it. Can i ever be ? If i can please tell me what are some good practical notes to read for this purpose. What is the purpose and effect of collector resistance ? Does it effect the gain ? If i know biaisi
when we simulate cascode amplifiers using HSpice, With body effect: connecting body to ground Without body effect: connecting body to source Is it right? Thanks a lot!
Hi I want to know what effect does temperature has on cmos layout design. As per that what all considerations shld be taken while designing the layout. If any one has any info/material/links on Thermal analysis on cmos layouts kindly let me know. Thanks in advance. tama

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