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In Step Width Junction discontinuities the effect of the fringing capacitance associated with the wider line of the step discontinuity is similar to an increase in the length of that line. The discontinuity capacitance C that appears due to the discontinuity has the effect of an increase in length of the wide line (2.8mm in your case), and (...)
this kind of antenna is based on microstrip line and uses the fringing effect as a radiation mechanism. you should open an antenna boolk (balanis, pozar) for more detailed explanation, or google it :-)
In general, the effects of fringing for parallel plate capacitors can be neglected as long as both the width and height of the capacitor are significantly larger then the plate separation, a condition that is easily achieved here. However, the presence of etch holes contributes additional fringing that will a
in MLEF the end effect of the open line (fringing capacitor) is taken into account but in MLOC it isn't.