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Hi All Sometime Back i read a comprehensive paper that described about 10 Best ways to code an fsm in Verilog and vhdl for time /Area Or both. It is like 3 Process/ 4 Process/Huffman style coding .. I forgot the name of the paper or the chapter or book. Anyone has similar document pls upload it . Thanks in advance Vipul
Hello All, I have a simple question regarding the following vhdl codes: -- first code when state_0 => if input = '1' then output <= '0'; end if; ---------------------- -- second code when state_0 => output <= '0'; if input = '1' then next state <= state_1; end if; when state_1 => output <= '1';
hello, I'm designing my first code in vhdl to create one UART. The principal CLK works at 60MHz, and I need divide the principal CLK for decrease the speed of the UART. It's normal create one process with one divided clk (signal COUNT(1))? or exist other designs more efficients? architecture fsm_sencilla of UART_TX is type estado is (
Hi! I want to programme a fsm (finite state machine) and the only problem left is, that I have to distinguish a certain bit pattern. How can I do this in vhdl? I only want to distinguish the first bit and in the next step the following 5 bits (in 2 steps) For example: My register holds 011010 first step: distinguish MSB (0 or 1) second step:
Hi folks What is the best way to code nested fsm states in vhdl ? .. i.e. when we have a parent state (say X) that has more than one child states (say Y,Z, etc) that are all encapsulated inside it.
Usually, multi-step protocols are implemented with finite state machines (fsm). It is like the state diagram - every state represents current step of communication protocol. When you receive new data, you just move to another state of fsm and probably send some bytes as a response. This way you can implement quite sophisticated protocols.
the correct coding style for an fsm with async reset in vhdl: process (clk, reset_n) -- for fsm begin if reset_n = '0' then state <= IDLE; elsif clk'event and clk = '1' then state <= next_state; endif end process; process (clk, reset_n) -- for registerd logic begin if reset_n = '0' then (...)
In vhdl, the states of a fsm can be defined as enumerate types, so that in ModelSim, literate state names can be shown. How can I do the similar thing in Verilog HDL?
You could try the using comparators and a fsm to emulate a cycle. This would of course be slow.
No I dont have to put it on FPGA....jus code this in vhdl...but am nt getting how to design a chirp generator and fsm. the description for fsm is as follow Create a State Machine that interprets the commands from the CPU as follows: command 1: START. The START command creates an ultrasonic chirp with the following characteristics:
For code readability, I prefer to place the counter operation in the fsm code. Don't see, what should be "weird" in this respect. Generally, any meaningful synchronous counter construct can be expected to be minimized by the vhdl compiler to a similar hardware structure. Thus, it's mostly a matter of taste where to place the counter.
Hi, I´m trying to interface a DAC converter in vhdl,in order to send a pulse, but i´m new in this type of design language. so i need some help. I´m interested in the vhdl code if it would be possible. Thank you very much. most DAC interface is SPI procotol, you can get a SPI core from OPENCORE website, and design a fsm t
hi there..i post here verilog code for fsm. i could not make the state machine transit from one state to another state. i ran this on simulation platform.please help me \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ `timescale 1ns / 1ps module fopen(); reg clk; /* Declare a array 4 word deep 20 loca
Hi friends; How can I display states of fsm in my vhdl testbench example: type type_test_state is ( IDLE, STATE_TEST, SEND_FINISH ); signal current_s, next_s : type_test_state; regards
Hallo all, I am writing interputs for a fpga and dsp need to interact with a dual port memory shared dpram control in vhdl. I have External IOs coming from the SPI bus on oneside to the fpag to be communicated with dsp and on the otherhand have a camera to the to the dsp. So my intrups are like Havinf a FIFO being reset after everytime a fsm r
it's not recommend to use loops in vhdl because it leads to hardware duplication but will make the design run faster, it's better to use state machine, resource sharing, this will improve the area cost It all depends on what's in the loop. Sometimes the parallel implementation is exactly what you need and the loop contruct a straig
At least In real hardware, timing violations can easily cause "illegal" state transistions. Popular candidates for timing violations are: - asynchronously released reset - external inputs (buttons and sensors) that are used in the state machine without previous synchronization to the fsm clock.
Anyone has a DSP core in vhdl or Verilog? Prefer TI but anyone will do. ASIC
all, I am a newbie when it comes to making a clone of an old 16 bit uP in vhdl. I know there are a lot of gurus around here so here is my question. I am looking for a feedback or hindsight on what to expect when undertaking such a project. Are there any good books written which might help me in tackling this kind of problem? I know that
I need 64 point FFT RTL in vhdl or Verilog. Can anyone help me out. Thanks in advance
A behavioral PLL. Specification in vhdl-AMS the_penetrator?
Anyone have the vhdl /Verilog Code for Amba Ahb master/slave interface thanks smartkid
Hi to all, how I can build in vhdl an integer divider with both quotient and remainder outputs? I would like to divide the dividend by the divisor to produce the quotient and remainder. Regards gnomix
Hi, I search a 1553 bus controler core in vhdl, or all information whiwch could help to design this core. Regards, Ze_DIB
Hi guys, I need to implement a simple 1 to 4 demultiplexer in vhdl...please help me ithis is the my first time in vhdl !!!!! The input and output are a byte and the selector are a line with 2 bits... Thak you
:?: Any body knows of FFT algorithm written in vhdl (or other hardware languages used to program FPGA's)? :?:
:?: Any body knows of an FFT algorithm written in vhdl (or other hardware languages used to program FPGA's)? :?:
Is there any way to trigger off of a 'event in vhdl that isn't the clock? Like a input from another module? jelydonut
i need a 2to1 decoder with dual clock in (rising edge!). (or another one with this true-table: RESET A_CLK D_CLK OUT 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 x x 0 ) i've a little problem with this because i
Hello, Is there any way foer conditional compilation in vhdl? Pankaj
Dear friends. I'll appriciate if smbd sends me vhdl text for parallel division algorithm in vhdl. I need to divide exmpl 22 bits word by 12 bits word. I made the same in Altera LPM_DIVIDE. Now I have similar task in XILINX ISE WebPack. Thanks all in advance.:)
I want star to program FPGA's, and i dont kwon, how to program in vhdl or Verilog, plz someone help me. :?:
As we knwo, in Verilog HDL, we use $time/#stime to return the current simulation time, In vhdl, how do we can get the current simutation time. or are there system functions?
hi all may be this is a very simple question ...... i need to know how to trace signals manualy without using any programs in vhdl code and put them in a table like this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- time delta delay signals --------------------------------------------
Hi.All! Can anybody tell me how to find out a frame code, 6 bytes, from a 77MHz, 8 bits parallel data streaming which not allied. I would rather apreciate an source code. 8O
Hello I am searching for a SSB (single sideband ) Demodulation routine or core or whatever in vhdl!!! pls answers ich u know something
hi anybody have any idea how can i implement wavelet compression in vhdl or verilog
As someone before me has already explained, Variable and Signal are used differently (in fact specifically) depending very much on: 1. Are you doing it for simulation for you to validate the functionality? 2. Are you doing it for synthesis and optimise your design to meet timing? These questions determine which to use. Here are some rules o
Hi, If I have designed several architectures i.e., (same function with multiple styles) within an entity, how does the Xilinx ISE 6 pick the architecture in the design file? The documentation says it should pick the last one compiled. However, how do I know which one it compiled last? Further, if I use "configuration" statement in vhdl to h
Hello, I am looking for a way to implement a simple BPSK modulator and demodulator in vhdl, but could not find any prewritten code to learn from on this topic. I need some example to understand how modulation can be implemented in vhdl. If you can provide any help on this topic, that would be great. Thank you in advance
It`s possible to organize full valued file IO (with reading/writing by offsets) while vhdl simulation?
Hi! Could you help me, please! I need HDLC bit stuffing in vhdl example or link where can I find this. Thanks
when I use SRL,ROR,... operator in vhdl modelsim5.8sb shows # ** Error: ./rtl/SPI_Model.vhd(136): No feasible entries for infix op: "srl". # ** Error: ./rtl/SPI_Model.vhd(136): Type error resolving infix expression. # ** Error: ./rtl/SPI_Model.vhd(146): vhdl Compiler exiting # ** Error: C:/Modeltech_5.8b/win32/vcom failed. which package
hi all what is look up can i use it in vhdl reduce a "case statements"........................ thanks for your help
anyone know how to implement random number generator between -1 to 1 in vhdl using Quartus II software. thanks
anyone got integer multiplicartion examples in vhdl such as multiplying 16bit by 8bit or any helpful link thank you guys .
I've been loking for a vhdl tutorial about Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks in vhdl, but I I haven't been successful. I need some help.
Hi If i want to perform multiplication of decimal numbers (like 22.75 * 3.142) in vhdl, then how it is possible ? For performing such multiplication, I cannot use floating point type as they are non-sysnthesizable. If i use Booth algorithm, then it is for whole numbers, not for decimal how can i do it.
I have several questions regarding type matching in vhdl. 1. If one component outputs signed signal (i.e. 5-bit wide) and the main code accepts it as input port, how do I declare the port? can I do it as: DATA_IN : in signed(4 downto 0); or should it be inputted as std_logic_vector and then converted to signed format as: [code
can anyone tell me how to generate VALUE CHANGE DUMP FILE in vhdl not in command line operation.