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Hi, I am facing problem in finding the input impedance of a unit cell fss in cst with fss unit cell template. BY applying unit cell boundary conditions and floquet ports and then simulating with frequency domain solver, I get the S parameters but the input impedance is not calculated. BY simulating simultaneously with floquet ports and (...)
hi I I want to simulat a fss on a Cylinder,but i dont know how to draw it...!!! Do you know how to draw it? do you have any example of curved structure in cst or Hfss?
Hi to all; I want to design conformal fss. so in this regard i need to know which tool is best for conformal design either Hfss or cst:?: Actually i am use to with Hfss, if Conformal fss could be designed in Hfss then Please share some tatorials with me. If cst is best (...)
Why cant you try cst or Hfss.
Hi all, I am trying to simulate fss in cst.Basically my structure has of slots and the structure on the fss is NOT planar. So i am confused how to apply ports. Please do let me know any suggestions or ideas regarding this. Thanks in advance.
Hi , I want to know how to Simulate fss unit cell in cst MWS.That is how to provide excitation ant setting boundary conditions? I have build a unit cell and now its time to simulate it. Plz help me!
I am using cst Microwave Studio for Frequency Selective Surface (fss) design. In the unit cell simulation setup i can change only the incidence angle. The solver generates output only for TE and TM polarization. But how could i simulate for polarization angles other than 0 or 90 Degree. (Ex: I want the Tx,Rx response for polarization angle of
Hai, I am interested in fss and very new to it . I could able to simulate pre designed fss with cst software . Please tell me how the unit cell the designed and its dimensions decided. Ex: What should be the dimensions of the unit cell fss (of jerusalem cross shape) which have the passband at 1-1.2 GHz. How it (...)
Hi everybody ... I have simulated an fss structure with no unit cell boundary condition, to make a real simulation ... and used a waveguide port to make a plane wave ... there was no problem for my structure until I made the fss structure total size bigger than the area of waveguide .... I mean you can feel some thing blunged out of waveguide
Hi everybody ... I work on an fss structure and confused with designing TE(0,0) and TM(0,0) modes using Wave Guide Port ... Is there any body to help me to design such ports???? thanks :)
Hi there, For an fss unit cell designed in cst MWS, X-pol. and Y-pol. E-field probes can be used to check the cell's X-.pol and Y-pol. response. Now, if I want to check whether the designed fss unit cell is producing any circular polarized response, how can I check that? Thanks in advance for your reply!
I m simulating the Xin Ma, Guobin Wan, and Ning Ren paper which is related with fss. Paper's title is Study on the Duality of Frequency Selective Surfaces with Rectangular Complementary Elements. i am new in cst can you explain boundry settings. i don't know what i m doing wrong please help me. best regards
Hi, I'm trying to simulate the attached structure on cst using the fss template. I don't really know how to assign the excitation signal (wave port), can you please take a look? I tried creating a wave port at Zmin, but received an error "Port 1 is defined on the Floquet port boundary at Zmin, and will be ignored" 87637[/
hai !! i need some1 to help me in step by step designing of a customised structure of fss in cst microwave studio. some1 plss help me !! thanq :)
Hello everybody, I'm student and I am trying to simulate an EBG in cst. Actually, I want to get the reflection phase of fss in cst for mush-room design, but I don't know how to set port and mode simulate for fss. In my design, reflection phase 0 frequency is 2.45 ( I refer it in a paper ). Could you help (...)
Hi KaakTus. Have you completed the fss design or still u need more help. I Am ready to help, since am verymuch intersted in fss.
Hi all can anyone help me understanding floquet port, what's it and how can I use it to simulate AMC or fss in cst? please guide me,:sad: Thanks
I am simulating the reflection phase (angle of S11) of a fss under different incident angle. I set the variable 'theta' and made a par sweep for it. However, the graph cst provided me is something like this. 75869 How can I make a plot of refection phase vs. incident angle (or other variable)? Thank you.
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a frequency selective surfaces in cst MWS. I am using Frequency solver with floquet mode boundaries, meaning I choose unit cell for X,Y and open (add space) for Z. Right now I'm only interested in transmission coeff. for zero incident angle, so I select only the first 2 floquet modes TE(0,0) and TM(0,0) for excitatio
Hi, i am studying fss design new. How i can calculate only s11 parameter with the different incident angle at once? I try frequency domain solver parameter, parameter sweep. But error occurs.
Hello All I want to simulate fss(frequency selective surface) in cst MWS, and till now i design the unit cell, and run frequency solver using floquet mode but the results were terrible8-O I must confess that, i do this using cst's help example(but with my own cell design) without any understanding!!! Can anyone help me understand & (...)
hi i am trying to do some simulation in cst . but when i try to use fss template which automatically set up floquet port in zmin and zmax. but when i try to run the simulation it shows that it can not run the simulation as it contains disprsive material at zmin and zmax. how i can shift the floquet port to nodispersive material. the substrate and
I think simulating a semi-infinite substrate that is different from the background (eg vacuum) is trivial since cst automatically recognizes what you want to do. Just set up a finite thickness of the substrate beneath your structure, eg going down to Zmin. In the x and y direction use the unit cell boundary conditions and in z direction use the ope
Just want to make sure I'm on the same page with cst. But, when using periodic boundary conditions, in the template for fss, TM refers to p-polarization efield along x direction while TE refers to s-polarization E field along y direction? Where y and x directions are referenced to cst. Also, when using wave guide ports, is it possible to (...)
Hi, I'm using cst 2009 Microwave Studio. I have a couple of questions. First, involving the fss (Frequency Selective Structure 'Periodic Unit Cell') template. So, the template sets up the boundary conditions as 'unit cell' in the xmin,xmax, ymax,ymin. I assume this is simulating a so called 'infinite' array of unit cells. And a plane wave is inp
If you do some search in this forum, you will get many threads discussing about characteristics of fss. In cst you can use unit cell boundary conditions to get the desired frequency operation. Look at the examples in cst. There is one with fss. Regards
Hello friends, I am trying to design a fss lens array with cst. My aim is to have a Planar fss array sheet which can focus an incident wave from one side to another side of fss. Does anyone have any idea how to proceed? It would be helpful if someone share some papers/cst models in similar area. I'll (...)
in simulating fss , I know how to simulate a plane wave incident fss by different angle. BUT how can i simulate TEM TM TE wave incident fss arrays with Hfss?? thank you for help
Hi everyone, I ve read many topics in this forum about reflection phase in cst. But now i' m so confused, there are a lot of methods: planwave and macro, waveguide port (which is said to be faster and easier) I'm using cst2007. Ive tried the first method, the results are not good meanwhile the seconds does not work. I posted my model here. pleas
I'm simulating the fss using cst 2007. But i cant get the reflection phase. I ve read the topics about this in the forum, there are 2 methods for this: using macro with plane wave and using waveguide port. Both are in transient analysis. I wonder if the later can be used in cst 2007 or not. Anyway I ve tried the first and they get errors (...)
Hi, I not sure, what is fss cell, but so you have TEM mode, you probably use coax waveguide as source. In set of port you can set number of mode, the TE or TEM will be set automaticly. For exemple, for rectangular waveguide the port will in TE mode automaticly, you can set number of mode.
Hi everyone, I have a problem. I am simulating a fss cell in cst Studio and I want to calculate the reflection coefficient in a frequency range with a plane wave (TEM mode). I am using a waveguide, but I am not sure which mode I am exciting with a waveguide. Any of you can you tell me how to excite a TEM mode with a waveguide port. Thanks in
Hello, I begin some simulations under cst in order to simulate some frequency selective surface. I've test with very simple fss like tripole and dipole and for a tripole i've good results. My big problem it's the background material properties and the size of the box calculation When i change this size i've very different results for the dipo
I would appreciate If somebody shares some experiences, I need it for my project at school. Thanks I have to design ONE patch with fss ground plane
hi lychree.. Periodic conditions are mainly useful in simulationg the periodic infinite structures such as PBG and EBG.. also like fss .. Regards Praful
try to use periodic walls as example in cst about ring fss.usinf frequency transient in ur simulation regards
Hi i am simulating fss in cst mw studio. First i am using the example discussed in PDF document "frequency selective surfaces " by REmsky in which we have an annular ring on a dielectric substrate . They have simulated it with hfss and got minimum transmission coefficient at almost 9 Ghz but i am getting it at near6 Ghz. i dont know why (...)
Hello: i wanted to ask if fss can be simulated in cst MW studio version 4
How can simulate periodic structures (for example: fss or EBG ) in FDTD?
hi all,i look for any tutorials of cst simulating fss,nothing ,pls can any buddy help me in simulation by any tutorials or examples here,what kind of port,planewave or waveguide? thanks alot
hi all,i look for any buddy interested in simulation of plane wave under cst to solve frequency selective surfaces pls help
hi,i try to search about tutorials of fss examples under cst or XFDTD .any buddy help pls? regards
EBG is PBG in Microwave! fss can be uesd for UCPBG.cst and Hfss can solve it very good!!! I am engaged in them!!!
eirp's point is absolutely correct. I used hfss and mws designing a cell phone antenna. Hfss took 4 times in time than mws. Some complex problems may widen the gap. Like eirp said, to use more friendly is what an enigneer needs especially to new guy in terms of RF aspect.