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Well can you please tell me the advantage of usinga phone over a GSM module for SMS alarm system? the advantage of the GSM modem is the small footprint - the aerial tends to be larger than the modem these days! if it has a TCP/IP stack one can send UDP datagrams, connect to TCP servers (e.g. use ftp to download and
I use the Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack Xtend FXT009 it supports a TCP/IP stack so can be used for embedded microcontrollers to log data to TCP and UDP servers (also supports ftp, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, etc)
hy there, i have a project iin which i have to setup a adhoc network in opnet... i know how to setup a scenario but i dont know how to put ftp or WEB or Email services in my scenario. like we do in Wireless LAN (using servers in WLAN). as we cant use separate server in Ad hoc network so i m confused how to make my work station to perfom as serve
Hi, everyone: pure-ftp and wu-ftp are ftp servers, which one will be best? I would like to port a ftp server onto Embedded Linux, where can be obtained the open source? Must I pay for its copyright or GPL? Anyone encounter a similar issue? pls give me some advices. Thanks a lot!
Hi ftp Content Maker makes complete list of contents of ftp servers