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Hello every one i need your help in VHDL . actually i need a code to design a full adder using a decoder .. and thank you for such great forum ...
the image below showing how to implement a full adder using a the image F1 is Sum and F2 is Carry If the input is 011 that means A is 0, B is 1 and C = 1 If we add 0 0 1 in binary it will give 1 as carry and 0 as sum so a
sorry for misleading u... i am using the HDL code n do on CPLD/FPGA... the hardware generated(synthesis output) is just basic gates.... only OR, AND, XOR gates are use(like in my code).... no decoder required for ur the output of decoder there are alwasy single '1' and others are '0'... input (s1,s2) output (q3,q2,q1,q0
Your problem can be solved easily indeed. All you have to do is first build a 1 - bit full adder and connect 4 1- bit full adders to make a 4 - bit full adder. Connect the Carry_OUT output of the adder to the next adder's Carry_IN input.
I need halp. 4-bit full adder which can add two (4 bit) binary numbers and produces a (4-bit) binary sum plus carry out. i want to Use switches for inputs and decodes (7 - Segment display) for output. The carry should be shown by an LED.
hi the full adder is an IC having no 74LS83 or 74LS283 this IC has 3 types of inputs the first is the first no u wanna insert to add to or subtract from it , the second is the no you wanna add or subtract the third input is the input carry which is equal 0 in case of first operation And the full adder has 2 types of (...)
Can any one post the viva questions and answers for digital electronics lab. The experiments are 1.half adder and full using NAND 2.binary to gray code converter 3.gray to binary code converter 4.BCD to Excees3 code converter 5.binary adder/subtractor and BCD adder using IC 7483 (...)
Hi. I have recently purchased sp605 evaluation kit. I have performed the BRD demo and bist demo . till now i have not worked on fpga boards and know almost nothing about them so i am finding it really difficult to implement my designs on the board. I have made a viterbi decoder and all the process till generating .bit file is done but