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Full Adder Using Decoder

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the image below showing how to implement a full adder using a the image F1 is Sum and F2 is Carry If the input is 011 that means A is 0, B is 1 and C = 1 If we add 0 0 1 in binary it will give 1 as carry and 0 as sum so a
Hello every one i need your help in VHDL . actually i need a code to design a full adder using a decoder .. and thank you for such great forum ...
sorry for misleading u... i am using the HDL code n do on CPLD/FPGA... the hardware generated(synthesis output) is just basic gates.... only OR, AND, XOR gates are use(like in my code).... no decoder required for ur the output of decoder there are alwasy single '1' and others are '0'... input (s1,s2) output (q3,q2,q1,q0