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Hi, I first time try to work on AVRs(Atmega64). When try to program it with Bascom11173 and STK200. It looks it work only first time, when I do some changes in fuse bits it then never again be connected/detected. Now the device is no more detected by Bascom, also tried PonyProg2000 but could not succeeded. My question is that is there any po
Your problem is that your chip is waiting for the external oscilator to start working :D it doesn't work anymore from the internal oscilator. You can attach a crystal to the chip and program the fuse bits to internal oscilator again, then you can remove the crystal again. Shereef hi yes, your problem is external clock.
hi guys i am faced with this problem that after writing my code and after building the solution when i just move on to download it to my mcu through my setup of avrstudio4 with winavr as compiler and stk500 attached to comp via rs232 and to target via isp 6 pin cable ..... the interface do open for setting the various values like fuse
actually i messed up with fuse bits of atmega 32l and now they are not giving me the way..... how to erase and restore the mcu .. please comment.......... simple chip erase using high voltage seriel programming also is not working
well u can use BASCOM AVR to change the fuse bit so easy. try it as i show in the picture u can change what u need .
Do you know how to change the fuse bits in running mode I use IAR compiler. Thanks in advance
ATMega8 fuse Calculator AVR fuse Calculator for ATmega8 here you are
Every one when new to AVR got into trouble with fuse bits. You should be careful while setting fusebits. Double check before writing fusebits. If you messed up with fusebits then the avr wont behave as it should and you need a high voltage parallel (...)
needless to say the program did not work Your considerations are not plausible. In fact, by connecting an external clock source to XTAL1, you get the oportunity to access an ATmega indpendent of the presently set oscillator fuses. See datasheet, "Serial Downloading", Figure 112. The factory fuse configuration sets internal RC osc
Yes it is a nice front end to avrdude, I find it very convenient. It just doesn't have security fuses so if want to change them you have to use a different way like command line of avrdude or a different program like ponyprog or even AVR studio (ISP or JTAG) if your programmer is supported. Alex
I don't have any experience with this but you can check avr-libc: fuse.h>: fuse Support Alex
From the other thread, I've read that you used the 16F877A. Maybe you're referring to the configuration bits of the PIC. Here you can read about the fuse bits of the AVR microcontroller:
I am programming to send and receive data between PC and USART of atmega128 but my program isn't work! After considering this, I think that the problem is the fuse bits. I am new to this and I have no idea to do it, could anyone who has experience advice me about: 1) I am using AVR STUDIO 4, what software I have to install to set fuse bit? (...)
Hi, This was my only problem which I am always facing after moving from pic to avr. I am using usbasp programmer. Lot of avr chips are screwed due to fusebit problem. But the interesting thing is, it is getting screwed some time even if we are not doing any thing on the fuse. Just burning flash also makes the fuse bits (...)
No, you cannot use ISP for further programming if the RSTDISBL fuse it's clear. You have to use a parallel programmer to change fuse or programming
Dear all, do you have a schematic or know link of a project wich can be used for unprogramming rstdisbl and spien fuse bits ? cause they can be programmed by ISP prorgrammer but can't be unprogrammed by ISP any more so a high voltage programmer should be used ... i found a project for high voltage programmer, but if there is a circuit wich onl
SinaProg - AVRProg GUI for AVRDUDE 5.6 with AVR fuse or ____[url=htt
SinaProg - AVRDUDE-GUI with AVR fuse or ____[url=rapidsh
Hi guys, i need to restore a protected PIC to reprogramm only the fuses. Is it possible? Thank You.
SinaProg - AVRProg GUI for AVRDUDE 5.10 with AVR fuse or ____[
Hi everybody, how’s going. This one of my firsts posts. I’ve been working in a project and one of the problems or something a little bit difficult to understand (if like me it’s the first time using AVR’s ) had been the fuse configuration. Here i left some interesting and useful links.
SinaProg - AVRDUDE-GUI with AVR fuse Calculator * Download __________ __________ * Guideline __________* You can edit the file "fuses.txt", to add your comments for
I change the fuse settings manually to 99 E1, which is the factory default (atmega16 datasheet), as the programmer software does not have any reset to default option. You're correct that is the default setting for an ATMEGA32. Obviously, these correct fuse settings are not actually being programmed into the device. So
The project can be found Atmega HVPP fusebit doctor – napraw fusebity, fix fusebits >> Manekinen DIY It is also uploaded in a thread related to locked AVRs Alex ---------- Post added at 19:10 --
Page 25/26 of the datasheet The CKOPT fuse selects between two different Oscillator amplifier modes. When CKOPT is programmed, the Oscillator output will oscillate will a full rail- to-rail swing on the output. This mode is suitable when operating in a very noisy environment or when the outpu
If I just make the lock bits to lock the code can anyone else change the lock bits back to 3f and read the code ? This is reason I was disabling the serial programming.. I am confused here, I think I have accidentally wasted my chip, Now is it possible to completely lock the chip by just using lock bits , means no one can r
You can program the fuse bits using usbasp. If by any mistake you programmed wrong fuse bits, there is a chance that you have selected external clock instead of crystal oscillator and internal oscillator. I have faced a similar problem while programming an avr. In such case, you need to provide an external clock (around (...)
You can use this calculator You have currently set your mcu to external clock so you need to connect an external clock source in the XTAL1 pin to reprogram it. You can use another avr set to toggle a pin on/off as a clock or a crystal oscillator or even a 555 should do. - - - Updated - - -[/C
I don't see anything wrong with your fuse settings, they are set to internal RC 4MHz. Try to use which is a front end for avrdude. Use the settings to set the programmer to usbtiny and try to read the fuse to see if you have connection. If you can connect program the chip w
Jtag enabled etc There is no JTAG in ATMEGA8. @Rohi123 Looking at the attachment fuse for internal 8MHz is correct. Do you need bootloader which is selected for 1024 bytes in your attachment.
hey guys im using atmega 168A -pu im beginner with avr i have some basic doubts as to can i use 20mhz crystal and if so ive done the fuse settings can you please tell me if its right spien-programmed(logic 0) brownout programmed to 4.3V BODLEVEL1=programmed(logic 0) BODLEVEL0=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ1=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ0=
When you start the programmer, there are three tabs, use the third tab for fuse bit settings. If you wish to write those bits, use the check box and then write it. see the attached image. 89255 the value of fuse bits and lock bits can be calculated using the
Yes, your setting is fine, you can check using Note that for crystals >8MHz you should program the CKOPT fuse but for 8MHZ both modes will work
Setting the ISP fuse on an AVR can only be done via "High Voltage Parallel Mode". Search on the net for STK-500 or AVRISP schematics. Or maybe the words "AVR High Voltage Parallel Mode" Remember if you FSCK'ed up your internal oscilator settings you have to apply external clock to the AVR. /Bingo
u see fuse bits for it is some information about fuse bits !!! regards
Hello, I have a problem with programming Tiny13. When I disable reset pin (fuse RSTDISBL=0), further programming is not possible. The programmer doesn't detect the device. I use this - high voltage serial programmer. There is a errata in the datasheet about combinations of fuse bits that may lock
The above circuit will work (mine does). You don't need to enable/disable any internal clocks because all AVR's are configured to their internal 1Mhz clock source by default (factory set). Ponyprog will work immediately with any fresh AVR without setting any fuse bits. DON'T play aroud with the fuse bits unless you (...)
Hai What about watchdog it enabled by default.Or disabled.Or is there any configuration bits like PIC The WDT Initial state of AT90S4414/8515 is disabled at power-up and similar with Safety level 0 of ATMega8515 (fuse bit S8515C programmed "0" and WDTON unprogrammed "1"). If you're using PonyProg typing CTR
try to use ponyprog on it's a popular software. almost new avr device will use internal rc . if you want to use external crystal you must set fuse bit
the problem is tht ur jtage is enabled. You have to do fuse bits to disable it. Some examples of doing fuse bits are available on the book MY EXPERIENCE IN PROGRAMMING AVR MICROCONTROLLERS IN C USING WINAVR You can get the book from
I think it's better to use PonyProg instead of AT-PROG, because AT-PROG is a bit outdated now, and the free version is limited to 1k of program memory. I think I have AT-PROG and programmer schematic on an old CD, so I can post them if I will find them. AT-PROG was my first AVR programmer, but I don't use it anymore, because is size limited (free
AVRs have ISP capability, which means they can be programmed by an easier interface called ISP. But there are Some fuse bits that if you program them then the chip would not be programmed by an ISP programmer any longe such as Reset Pin/Oscillator/Etc. in these situations you will need a parallel programmer to erase the chip back to the defualt fa
Hi guys. I'm using ICC-AVR and i can't set fuses.How to set them? (I want to use crystal but the micro uses the internal 1M OSC) Thanks.
Yes,with JTAG you can do software debugging and programming of micro in both JTAG and in ISP mode. In JTAG mode you can program FLASH and EEPROM and fuse bits ,you can do this also in ISP mode of JTAG ICE.
hi friends Actually my problem is concerned with programming atmega32l (not atmega32) on stk500 . the tools i am using are: winavr with avrstudio4 (ide) version 1.3 build 460 I would like to state the problem in detail relying on the fact that atmega32l is supported on stk500. The bug is that when i try to change th
there's something called lock bits sometime called fuse bits i think that are used to lock the code.. give some details of your project and definitely someone can tell you exactly how to do it.. interestingly, on a sidenote, a hell lot of work is going into how to recover programs that have been protected this way, and people have (...)
What is your code ? Where is you code ? Have you set the fuse bits correctly ?
JTAG is a digital level interface only. There are no analog or intermediate level signalling. The typical non-isolated JTAG interface has pull-up resistors on most of the lines. If the PC side is driving the outputs as open collector, then you need to add pullup resistors to the PC side of TCK, TDI, and TMS. The output signal from the microco
Hai Selecting External clock should be done with programmer if you tell me what programmer are you using, then i can help you It is done by setting clksel bits in fuse bits Nandhu
hi all, i have made an avr jtagice clone from this site i try jtagice with atmega128. avrstudio is find the jtagice clone and connect it. i can erase atmega128 and read fuse bits. but i can't program a hex file or read chip. avrstudio is giving error message like this, ->en