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Hi guys. I need all the papers. please help me. I will appreciate whom send all the papers to me. (form ) thanks. 1- fuzzy Linguistic PERT Jin-Hsien Wang; Jongyun Hao fuzzy Systems, IEEE Transactions on Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2007 Page(s):133 - 144 2- New fuzzy GERT method for re
ST have more advanced microcontrollers, the ST FIVE subfamilies: ST52x400, ST52x410, ST52x420, ST52x430, ST52x440, ST52x520, ST52x521, ... with hardware support for fuzzy control. A new IDE called Visual FIVE allow to design, compile, debug your project and to download it into ST FIVE devices. Visual FIVE can be downloaded free of charge from th
hi there 'm the new one in Edaboard right now choosing a project in fuzzy logic controller .i need the details of any good project exept tempature controller (cause everybody is doin that ) using 8051.If any body have details or doing it Plz mail me the one . :?
Hi, We are discussing about designing fuzzy logic controller for undergraduation thesis between 4 ee students in my department. I think i can be good project. But i wonder that we can archieve it. Is there anyone studied on this design? for which complications we must prepared? i am open every idea everytime. regards,
Hi I'm also interessed in the subject. After a search in the internet I reach the same conclusion. There are many ppl developing theoretical fuzzy applications but is hard to find a control project beased on it. The program "Fudge" from Motorola with libraries for the 68HC05, 68HC11, 68HC16, 68000 and ANSI C is an alternative to the (...)
Sir I want to do a project regarding restoring the blurred image using fuzzy logic or neural networks. Send me your idea on that project
Hi, Currently i'm doin a final yr project for my honours, designing of a fuzzy logic controller using the MATLAB toolbox. However, i do face problems in linking the fuzzy logic controller with the simulink, and it cannot be run. Thus i can't test it before linking it to the hardware. Is there any resources which i can refer to? I've (...)
My final year project is to control the Robotic Arm from position A to position B in a 3 dimensional situation by using fuzzy control. But I so confuse about how to start my program, should anyone could help me to solve this problem? As my project is very urgent. Hope you could help me, thanks!
i have been assign to do a project base on fuzzy logic on process anybody can assist me to do this project..i'm facing difficulty to do it.. or can anyone suggest any other project base on fuzzy logic on any process control with GUI.. i will appreciate ur help..thanking u with full of anticipation..
i have been assign to do a project base on fuzzy logic on process anybody can assist me to do this project..i'm facing difficulty to do it.. or can anyone suggest any other project base on fuzzy logic on any process control with GUI.. i will appreciate ur help..thanking u with full of anticipation..
why dont you go for fuzzy logic controller using matlab thats a good project and had its worth too and will help students to learn a lot related to electronics and electrical
I have read books on fuzzy logic and fuzzy control, but not any idea on how to really control my plant using the PIC micro. I mean how can I write code for the PIC to behave like a fuzzy controller? Using MATLAB and Simulink just for simulation. Anybody please help me on this, or give me some link on implementation fuzzy (...)
I want to use a fuzzy logic control in my project to control dc motor but i don't understand algolithm of it.I want to implement it on pic mcu. Please,who can discript or have example code for it please help me. Thank you:D:D:D:D:D
hello; can you help me in image segmentation or edge detection BY fuzzy Logic? if enyone of you has "fuzzy image processing " book by tizhoosh ;please share it . please help me ; i have a project about
hi... It ll be a good work if you enhance your robotics by some artificial intell..or fuzzy logic concepts.. When your sensors should work.. when the robot must locomote.. wht should it detect or whatever should it ignore.. RTOS will also be a major play.. Wish you all the success for your work.. visit for robotic
hello my friends; I am a beginer in image processing and my final project is fuzzy image proccessing; if u have any experience or idea about this field please help me . any article ,paper or note can be usefull for me . don't forget that I am Beginer in this field; with best wishes for all that share knowledge
hi everyone.... i'm doing my project in dc motor drive with fuzzy controller..could anybody help me with this. specially with the programming part that related to fuzzy controller. i'm using pic c language.'s really make me fuzzy right now.... thanks in advance...:D
Hey, I am a final year student and, going to do project in fuzzy (or neural networks). can any one suggest good topic , which is currently in research and very interesting...?? Thanks in advance, hi can do noise removal in image processing using fuzzy logic. or pattern recogination using fuzzy logic. [co
My final year project is Intelligent Antilock Braking partner and I decided to use an RC car for the order to make the system intelligent, a controller (fuzzy Logic or Neural Network based) will take inputs of steering angle and slip value (calculated from the measured speeds of the body and wheel) to modulate the applied bra
Need help with a project i am currently doing fuzzy Power Quality Meter. To design and implement a fuzzy power quality meter. This meter when attached to the line under test given the device to be powered should describe the power quality in linguistic terms. It should be able to say how it arrived at that description, for example, (...)
Need help with a project i am currently doing fuzzy Power Quality Meter. To design and implement a fuzzy power quality meter. This meter when attached to the line under test given the device to be powered should describe the power quality in linguistic terms. It should be able to say how it arrived at that description, for example, (...)
hi i study fuzzy logic for my final project and i'm searching for an application to study , but i'm confused i need suggestions :?:
I've downloaded fuzzytech 5.71f demo version but I didn't recieve any password by e-mail,can anybody help?
Hello guys, first of all this is my first time, and i wish to help me for my subject. actually i am thinking to implement fuzzy logic controller on FPGA but i have no idea about FPGA i am familiar with matlab, fuzzy and idea is implement fuzzy controller in FPGA to control robot so pleas advice me what tools and language i have to
In the past i used to teach i will advice projects to my students that they could use in their professional life a FPGA based plataform design .It's always a good idea .Now there are plenty of things to do .Depending on what is your main interest. Some nice areas are fuzzy logic controllers , Algebraic computation has a lot of uses in tel
thanks hugo. its really very helpful site. i am now interested on speech recognition security system. but it seems very fuzzy to me. i do not have the mathematics knowledge that required for this project. what can i do now? please help
Hi all, I am doing my final sem project on extended kalman filter based adaptive fuzzy equalizer if anybody knows abt it or have a code in matlab please respond.........i am in big trouble here :cry:
hi, all i am in my final year and want to make a project. i want to build a solar tracking device which tracks the sun for maximum output. i wanna use FPGA and fuzzy logic... please help me on this topic...
useing fuzzy logic is easy in fuzzytech pro but to use it in pic16 u soud use mickro biasic so that ur code from fuzzy tech can be converted to hex Added after 8 minutes: mikro baic for use here
Can any body help me with matlab code. My project is Digital Image Watermarking in Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain, using fuzzy Logic. Thanks in advance. Suggestions and Matlab Code help is higly appreciated. Jampi
A controller can be either PID or "fuzzy" logic, but not both at once. However, cynics say, that a fuzzy controller may need a backup PID to achieve stable application behaviour. :smile:
PLZ SELECT FOR ME FOR FINAL YEAR project ME DOING ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING Here is the list of FPGA based VLSI projects ideas for experimenting with VHDL and Verilog HDL, for final year projects of electronics engineering. ? VLSI Design Of Two Wire Serial EEPROM for Embedded Microcontrollers Specification ? VLSI Design of (...)
Hi, currently i am doing a project which required me to develop a fuzzy controller in mfiles. I have search online for some help and here is the rule's matrix use in the code. can anyone please explain to me how it works? and is it possible to write a rule matrix for two input single output? Thanks:-D %rule set with one input variable, one outpu
Hi I am Eng Shahad from Iraq- computer Eng. Dept I am now studying and my project name is "Design fuzzy neural controller based genetic algorithm for congestion avoidance in computer network" program: NS2 and MATLAB if any one have codes for ns2 or m-file codes please help me and i will be so thankful to you Regards
hi frdz............ kindly send me the code(c or assembly) for "A fuzzy AUTOTUNING PID TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER",i selected this topic as my project.....the processor i used is ARM processor.please send the code to my mail Well, Here we do not have such re
hi... i'm planning to do a project related to the fuzzy Logic... but i'm totally know nothing about it.. i'm not sure what controller can be used for it, how's the programming, what devices should?? what i plan to do is where the car will stop automatically when the ultrasonic sensor detect the distance relative to the speed of the car and automa
What is the latest trend in adaptive cruise control technology (ACC) ?Currently, Im studying about ACC using fuzzy logic and TTCAN bus.Thanks :smile:
Hi I am doing project on speed control of BLDC motor using fuzzy logic...i have to design PWM gates and fuzzy logic for triggering of universal bridge... Anybody help me to design the PWM gates and fuzzy controller pls... Thankyou
Hi.. I would like to know how to write a fuzzy logic based C program for PIC18F4431 microcontroller ? I am using MPLAB IDE for programming the PIC18F4431 microcontroller and i am using mplab-C18 compiler with it. My project is to control speed of BLDC motor using fuzzy logic. So, Any sample examples will be helpful for my (...)
hi.. I am doing a hardware project based on fuzzy logic. Now I want some idea regarding the code which has to be written in microC. Now do any one of you have any idea how to write the code. with regadrs
we are using lm35d sensor to sense temperature,a lcd 16*2 display ,with a change in temperature,we want to change motor speed which drives a fan for cooling .we are using dc 12 v motor.for this we are using fuzzy logic.we dont know how to buid instructions in mickro c language.we dont know how to change speed of motor automatically when temperature
Hi, I am doing project related to comparison of ECG anaylisis signal using fuzzy logic toolbox and neural networking.please suggest me related links as well as books related to soft computing using fuzzy toolbox and neural anaylisis. As early as possible.:-(
hi image compression ???? is much beter to perfom a edge detection algo end the store oly the cordinate of some of specific edge :smile: then whit some fuzzy logic you must perform the reconition reconition of the whole image let the chanche of mis interpretation .... due to variation of position or else .. whit oly cordinate
Im using the MPlab, which is an assembler. I must use the floating point for my fuzzy logic. OK I see you might try your luck here: best regards
Hi, actually i have some problem to choose the best controller for my balancing robot. I consider that i can't build this balancing robot without a correct controller. This is my under project balancing robot specification: - I only use the X axis of ADXL 202, to measure the tilt from my balancing robot. - I only use 1 DC motor for my balanci
Senorita, Maybe i can help. Tell me what do you like ? Eletrical Machines, Control, System Identification, Neural Networks, fuzzy Logic ... I guess you need to define your actuation area and then choose the project. If you need help, contact me! ATLAJ How do I contact you ? Do you know well about Wav
hi i`m a student doing a project on the servo motor speed controller using fuzzy logic. i`m required to build the controller on matlab and i have no idea on how to go about to do this. can somebody give me some tips on far all i`ve got are some examples from the matlab website. currently i`m looking on how to create the transfer function fo
Hi ! Id like to receive a mail with PID flowchart. :D ---- Theres also something i found : hope you will find it useful. ----- Btw. At the moment im doing a project that consist pid control. Im using very simple floating poin
See the microchip web site under application have 9 app notes on servo brush motor control AN531 Intelligent Remote Positioner AN532 Servo Control of a DC Brush Motor AN600 Air Flow Control Using fuzzy Logic AN696 PIC18CXXX/PI